Big Shot

Author – Cheyenne

We always get to school early and Monday we were sitting on the bleachers waiting for the bell and I was talking to a new girl it was her first day and a guy sitting below me said can I see your boot I looked at him and said what he said I like those can I see them I said in a minute a few minutes later he asks again I said in a minute after the fifth time I stuck my foot up and said see he ask are they padded in side. I Looked at him and said pull it off and look at it if it will make you happy. So he pulled my right boot off I turned around and started talking to the hot girl again sitting wearing one boot and just my sock. I never wore one shoe in public but she was so flirting with me I wanted him to go away About 10 mins later she had to leave so I turned back around and he was gone and no boot. The bell rang so I headed to my locker missing my boot walking down the hall hoping I would see him no luck. I went to class with my socked foot at lunch He came over and sat down with us I ask him where is my boot he said I left it by you, the same girl was eating lunch with me she laughed and said O the cowboy going to pout about his little socked foot. I got pissed but did not want her to know it so I looked at her and lifted my shoeless foot and said no I don’t need it’s not a big deal. I was thinking in the back of my mind what now I don’t have anything for my right foot but socks. The bell rang and I finished the day missing my boot. I got home we have a no shoes in the house rule so nobody noticed I was missing a boot. The next morning, I got up and dressed and put on my only boot thinking I’m going to be in so much trouble cause my mom was taking me to school instead of me riding the bus I got to the truck and got in she said you Know you’re missing a boot I said yes mama she rolled her eyes and said ok long as you know. I got to school early and looked for the guy but he didn’t come so I went to the gym and that same girl came up and sat down we talked awhile and she finally said O let me see your feet I said what she said let me see your feet so I lifted my left foot up and showed here my booted foot she said you know what I mean so I lifted my feet up and of course there was a left boot and a white socked foot. Me not wanting to admit I tried to get it back and he was not even at school She laughed and ask what are you going to do you can’t go with one boot missing. I said why not what’s wrong with being different.  She said so you just going to have one boot and a socked foot 24/7 I said I may I haven’t decided yet Thinking in my mind I don’t have a choice The bell rang and I went to class.  So tomorrow will be day three of this new look. I hope that kid is at school with my boot.

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Food Court Blues

Author – Joey

Back when I was first getting into shoe playing and feeling comfortable about Doing it in public, I had a crazy experience one time when I was at the mall. I would go to the food court to study a lot of the times with friends and we would get food and help each other with homework. On this particular day I went alone and say in off to the side a bit toward the back of the food court. I sat there doing some homework and as I did I dipped in and out of my loose shoes. I love to wear dress shoes or boat shoes with thin socks and leave them unlaced so I can slip in an out . Some of my Freinds tease me and take my shoes at school because they are so loose. But On this day in the food court i sat getting the thrill of playing with my shoes in public and wondering who was watching me. I always wondered about other people looking for shoe players out there. So anyways so I got a little to excited and slipped my shoes completely off. Soon my shoes had gotten a bit under the table and I couldn’t quite reach them. It was the middle of the day and although it was busy, the mall wasn’t to busy and I was sitting in the back of the food court around a lot of empty tables. I sat there excited in my thin white socks lol I stopped working on my paper for a split second and started putting my work in my back pack. I looked around and saw a few people sitting down and a couple people walking past shops shopping. No one looking at me or At least what it seemed like . I got up out of my seat and thought about looking under the deep table for my shoes and looked down at my grayed white socks. I was even more excited now and was getting hungry and new I wanted to hit one of the food places in the food court, I decided to play a game and see if I could walk to the McDonalds and get my food and get back to my table all in my socks while leaving my shoes at the table . This excited me to the max and i started to walk down the food court. It wasn’t to busy but I still caught some glares from people staring at my stocking feet. I had made it half way down the food court when I stepped in something wet and noticed someone had dropped punch because my sock turned yellow and it was sticky . I couldn’t believe it but I knew I was to far to turn back. I stood in the line while a young girl stared at my damp socks . I waited a bit longer and started to look back now at the table every couple of minutes and realized I couldn’t even see it from where I was . I got a bit nervous and as soon as I got my food started to power walk over there . As I got closer i couldn’t believe I saw two men going to sit at the exact table I was sitting at . Literally all the tables were free around them and the one they pick was the one I was sitting at. I started to blush because I was super embarrassed and did not know how I was gonna go up to them and ask to search for my shoes under the table, not to mention in my stained sticky socks. I instantly new I had made a mistake by trying this. I held off for a few minutes and waited at a near by table and hoped I could just wait it and they could get up and I could just go back over there. I waited for about 20 or 30 minutes which was also a mistake because before I knew it one of the men’s feet tipped one of my shoes sitting lingering under the table and realized there was a pair of loafers there. I saw the men look under the table and one of them picked up the shoes. at this point my heart dropped and I new I had to go over there so I rushed over and as I got there they were both getting up, one of them holding my loafers. They saw me walk up in my white socks and I asked them politely for my shoes and the man said he didn’t know what I was talking about and that they were his spare shoes he had brought with him. I tryed to tell him they were mine and practically begged but they walked off and he stuffed my shoes in his back pack. I couldn’t believe it . I stood there in stained white socks in the middle of the food court. It was a very embarrassing day to say the least.

Shiny Whites

Author – Rico

I went to the movie theater with my Friend one evening and was wearing a pair of old trashed loafers. I had on very worn thin white socks. My feet sweat a lot so my socks get stained by dirt and the inside of my shoes so I get embarrassed when I have to take my shoes off in public or for anyone to see. I’m in the movie theater and I’m up all the way up top in the last row and I prop my feet up on the chair infront of me. A girl from school I recognize comes in and sits with her boyfriend in the row directly infront of me but a seat down from where my feet are propped . It was kinda embarrassing at first because my feet were really close to there face  but they didn’t say much. Didn’t really even acknowledge I was there. I never was very good Friends with this girl in school and that’s probably why she didn’t say much. But The movie started and as the theater got dark I suddenly heard the girl and the guy make comments to themselves about  my feet being to close to them. I let it slide and didn’t move my feet because I didn’t feel they were close enough to be bothering them. I kept on watching and the girls boyfriend joked about my loafers and how raggedy they looked. I didn’t mind much but i got uncomfortable when the boyfriend began pointing to them. She looked back at me and finally decided to scoot closer and look back at me and make a comment along the lines of “it’s rude to have your feet up in people’s faces like this” during the movie while it’s super loud . I didn’t feel like arguing so I ignored her and didn’t like that very much. I went to finally put my feet down and she grabbed one of my ankles and quickly and discreetly pulled off one of my loafers and scooted back over to her boyfriend. They both laughed historically as quietly as they could in the theater . I didn’t wanna make a Scene so I left it alone for a couple moments and was furious that she would take my shoe off my foot. My white sock was filthy jus sitting there on the sticky damp movie theater floor . She looked back at me several times and I could see her boyfriend clenching my loafer watching the movie. She had evidently handed it over to him…. He was pulling the shoe apart practically … I literally couldn’t believe it. I ended up waiting a couple more minutes before whispering to them to give me my shoe back because I was tired of being in public in one stocking foot. They joked and said that they don’t know where it was and that maybe I shouldnt have lost in first place. Finally as the movie was ending they got up right before the credits and hurried out.. Carrying my shoe … I tried to catch up to them but by the time I made it to the lobby they had left kus i couldn’t find them . People stared at my dirty white sock . I asked the girl about my shoe when we went back to school on Monday but she denied being at the movies.

Lily White Foot

Author – Joe

I once saw a very attractive girl in a library I was sitting at. She was sitting at the computers and I took a seat directly on the other side of the table where she was sitting at so that there was a wall infront of us but her legs were literally right were mine were. I had never seen her before and she didn’t look like someone from school. She was a cute brunette with a white polo and very tight blue jeans on that were cuffed at the bottem. She wore worn black loafers with buckles and what seemed to be very thin, ribbed white trouser socks. U could see the outlines of her ankles in her shiny white socks and that really turned me on. I wanted to see her feet so bad and to my liking she started slowly slipping her feet in and out of her loafers. Never leaving the loafers completely I was getting excited jus seeing her heel pop out . It was a sight to see. I’m sure her feet were practically wet in those thin socks and probably smelled just as pungent as they looked! Finally she slipped her shoes back on and crossed her legs. She began to dangle her right shoe. Slowly in and out and I could tell she was focused on her work because the shoe would get farther and farther down her foot to the point where her shiny white socked foot was practically fully out of the shoe except for the fact that it was hanging for dear life by her toes. In one swift motion, I stared as the loafer dropped to the floor. I wanted to bend down and sniff her foot personally it looked so tempting. Caress her arch.. Anyways .. Wat was even hotter was the fact that she either didn’t change her socks for a long while or her worn shoes were so worn that they made her socks filthy. The exposed white sock was so dirty and sweaty on the bottem and around her toes  that it was practically black. I was in heaven and I didn’t want it to stop haha. I noticed her shoe had dropped closer to my feet then hers and I quickly dragged her loafer with my foot towards my backpack that was perched next to my chair on the ground. Luckily she kept her filthy socked foot and leg crossed and didn’t think about her errant shoe for the moment. I opened my bag and neatly placed the smelly loafer in the front pocket. I got up and repositioned my self to another seat to watch her look for her loafer. I knew I wasn’t giving it back to her and that excited  me so much . Long story short she looked and didn’t find her shoe. She ended gathering her things and walking out toward the bus stop with one loafer and her shiny dirty white socked foot . As I left I strolled around the building to where the parking lot and the bus stop is and I saw her jus sitting at the stop reading a book while a young boy sat next to her . I could only imagine all the looks he gave her and her worn sock. By the time I left I saw her sock one last time; she must of walked a bit before getting to the bus stop because she had worn a whole on the tip of her toe . It was very attractive 🙂

Too much to drink

Author – Kingston

It started last weekend when I went to my first party. I had way too much to drink and passed out. While I was passed out some guys decided it would be funny to pull off my right boot and set it on fire. Somehow everyone’s parents found out about the party and my parents showed up and took me home. I woke up the next morning not feeling real well took a shower and got dressed put my socks on and put my left boot and started trying to find my right boot I had no idea where it was at. I looked for a while and finally walked into the living room and asked my family if they had seen my boot. My dad said that’s the least of your problems and proceeded to explain to me everything I had done wrong. After having explained to me how long I was grounded. I asked him what about my boots since it’s the only footwear I have he said it was probably best not to discuss it right now so I’ve been having to do everything missing a boot. My sister started making fun of me by creating a blog about me going with one boot. So I don’t know how long I’ll have to stay without it.

In the tree

Author – AJS

Today I was with some friends in a park messing with eachother. At some point we got tired and sat down at this picknick table. We got bored quick and one said what to do next? We all lifted our shoulders like we don’t know. Then one boy started untying the lace of my right shoe. I was sitting on the table with my feet resting on the bench where he was sitting. I pulled back my foot saying what are you doing? He laughed and said can’t you see I’m untying your shoe. I said why? Because I’m bored he said and laughed again. He  grabbed my left foot and untied that one too but now he started taking out the lace and I tried to pull back my foot but I felt my shoe sliding off my foot. He noticed that and he took off my shoe and ran off with it. A few yards further he stopped and said if you want it back you’ll have to get it. The other boys were just laughing as I sat there with one socked foot. Then one of the others grabbed my right foot and started unlacing that shoe too and said laughing you can’t go with one shoe , it’s all or nothing and he pulled the shoe off my foot. I said come on guys give me back my shoes but they just ran off with them. They were throwing and kicking my shoes around and got further away from me. The two boys that were still with me said we’re afraid you will have to follow them. I said yeah I think so to. I finally got up and started following them in my grey socked feet. I could still see them throwing my shoes to eachother. They stopped by some trees and they were doing something I couldn’t see. Then I saw my shoes tied together flying through the air and they were laughing again. I came closer and asked again for my shoes but they kept tossing them around and I ran after them. At some point one of them said okay now it’s enough. He held them up like he wanted to give them back but then he tossed them high up in the air as I came closer. I watched them go up and when they went down they got hooked in the tree. I only thought at that moment oh no. I looked at the tree if I could climb it but the first brenches were too high, there was no way we could reach them. We searched for stones and stuff to throw up and try to get my shoes down but nothing worked. We finally gave up because we had to go home. The boy who threw my shoes said he was sorry. I said it’s okay, shit happens. We’ll try tomorrow to get them down. We went home discussing how to get them down… I guess we’ll see tomorrow…