Big shot 4

Author – Cheyenne

This will probably be the last story because this has been going on so long.
Saturday came around and we have a traveling carnival in town my friends called me and wanted to go, it’s my friends from around where I live, not from school I decided to go ,we all met at the parking lot where the carnival was, of course I walked up wearing my left boot and just my sock on my right foot. one of them ask why I was missing a boot I told them It was stolen. They laughed forever, about 9:00 I seen the kid that stole my boot so I cornered him and said I want my boot back He said sorry I lost it, his friends walked up so I left. Its Wednesday night and I still don’t have but one boot eventually I’ll get another pair.  Till then I’m not going to let him get to me

Big thanks

Hey everyone.

A huge thanks to everyone who has been posting their stories. Sorry for the slight delay in them going live but I’m doing my best. Please keep sending them in 😊

Big shot 3

Author – Cheyenne

Day five I got up and got dressed as always put my left boot on and today a white sock I had been wearing black because it wasn’t as noticeable but all my black socks where in the washing machine last night I remembered I had a pair of Adidas addisage super cloud slides I had got for Christmas a couple years ago so I started looking for them and of all things I could only find the right one.  So I have a left boot and right Adidas sport sandal so I was trying to decide if I should go to school wearing my left boot and my right sports sandal. I never wore the sports sandals much because I always walked out of them I guess it’s a redneck thing.  I’ve finally decided a sandal was better than the socked foot as I was getting ready to leave my mom said I don’t know what this is all about but if you’ve lost your boot you better be ready to come up with the money are due without.
I just look at her and said yes ma’am she laughed and said kids and their phases.  I get to school walked into the gymnasium wearing my boot and sports sandal a little bit later the two girls came up and sat down the hot girl reach down and lifted my leg and said what is this and slid the sports sandal off my foot then she lifted my other foot and said well you got one of them right and smiled.  A little bit later the kid that stole my boot came up and sit down. After the girls left, I ask him can I please have my boot back.
He looked straight at me and said that I like the way you look without your boot.  I’m not sure how to take that.  So I went on to class except today my white sock and sports sandal stuck out and everybody started giving me a hard time.  At the end of the day I seen the kid that stole my boot again and told him if he didn’t bring it back on Monday like he said there was going to be a problem.  He said I gave your boot to that hot girl that likes you.  It being Friday I tried to find her after school be couldn’t find her it’s going to be a long week end.  I go to a private school so I don’t see my normal friends during the week so none of them know I only have one boot.
I post again if any kind lets me vent lol

Stuck shoe

Author – Ken

I had a crazy experience once when I was walking home from work. I work at a desk job all day so my walks are my core excersise for the day so I always try and make an adventure out of it haha. On this particular day I was walking home a little later then normal and wanted to get home quick to relax. It had been the longest day it felt. I could either take the long way or cut through an apartment complex that was private property. I try to keep my head down because it’s a small complex and unless u live there security can be a real dick and call the cops and report u for trespassing. I decided to cut through there and take my chances. It’s not the shortest walk but it definitely beats going the long way . I made it about half way and decided to stop for a ciggerrette. I leaned forward on a railing overlooking a parking lot. I knew I probably shouldn’t be there long but I needed a break. I rested and propped my foot up on the railing inbetween two bars. It’s was a tight fit for my foot but the squeeze practically massaged my foot. My feet were aching from the walk. I kept my foot propped there and kept smoking when I heard a keys and a Walky talky. I knew instantly security was a around and was not tryin to stick around . I really wasn’t sure what direction it was coming from but before I could move I realized I had wedged my foot into the bars in the railing that I couldn’t pull my foot out; Atleast not with out leaving my shoe Behind. I heard security coming closer and I started to panic. I threw my ciggerrette and tryed my hardest to pull my foot out with out compromising my shoe. I tryed and tryed and new I had to try something different. The Keys were so close i practically thought security was right behind me. I finally jus tore my foot out of my shoe; leaving it still stuck in the railing. I picked up my back pack and looked down at my bare tan nylon socked foot. I hated the thought of leaving my shoe behind because I didn’t kno if I was going to get it back. My socked foot was practically soaked in sweat from the walk but the breeze felt good on the soul of my foot. I quickly patted down the hallway and stopped around a corner and waited until the security guard appeared. He realized someone had been there when he saw my shoe stuck. He looked around and I hid my self the best I could and prayed he wouldn’t take it back with him. He called something in but I couldn’t hear him from where I was. I waited a couple more seconds and he knelt down and un pryed my shoe from the railing bars and held it. He looked around as if trying to see if anyone was around to claim it. He looked at the shoe one last time and walked off around the corner clenching my shoe as he went. I felt so stupid leaving my shoe behind and now I had to walk Atleast 2.5 miles home in my thin nylon sock . I slowly crept out from behind the wall I was hiding behind and tryed to see where he went but he had gotten out of sight and no sign of my shoe. At this point I had come to terms I wasn’t gonna get my shoe back and continued home. I ended up walking back along the street and still taking a last cut through the woods all while missing my shoe. My nylon sock was ruined and torn by the Time i got home. I wonder Wat  the security guard ended up doing with my shoe ?

Big shots 2

Author – Cheyenne

On day three I got up and got dressed for school hoping the kid would bring my boot like he said.
I guess I should explain here that I go to a private school that is very lenient on dress code and that’s why the school hasn’t said anything we technically don’t even have a dress code
I get to school go to the gymnasium and wait for the kid to get there, that same girl walks up and sit down and has a friend with her and said see I told you he was cute I turned bright red her friend said what about the other stuff you told me.  she reached down and grabbed my right ankle and lifted my socked foot up and then reach down and grab my left ankle and lifted my booted foot up and said See I told you he was weird. The boy that stole my boot walked up and sat down.  I wanted to ask him if he brought my boot but didn’t want to ask in front of the girls, we all sat there and talked until the bell rang.  After they left I ask him if he brought my boot he said no he forgot he was sorry.  At lunch the girls came over and sat down with me and the new girl asked if I lost my boot are did someone steal it or maybe my foot was hurt.  The hot girl looks at her and said he likes being different she asked me is that true I said I guess, the whole time thinking I want my boot back and I’m going to be in so much trouble if I don’t get it back.  I couldn’t think of anything else to say and she just looked at me like I was a weird. 
On day four I get up and got dressed got to the front door and put my one boot on open the front door and it was raining my mom walk up and said I don’t know what this new style is you have going but I running late we will talk to night but you better not get your sock wet.  I literally hopped to the bus and when I got to school I hopped inside went to the gymnasium as normal and the girls were already there  so was the kid I walked over and sat down the a hot girl said let me see your foot so I put it in her lap and she touch my stock and ask how  did you keep it dry I looked at her and said I hop she died laughing and  she started tickling my foot i thought I was gonna die thinking this is almost worth it did I say she is hot because she is.  Her friend had to go to class early so she walked her to class.  I looked at the kid that had my boot and said I really need my boot back.  He looked at me and said sorry but I’m like those girls I like the way you look without a boot I like seeing your socked foot but I’ll bring it back Monday if you don’t ask again today is Thursday.  Fifth period Today was a free period and they’re all three in my class we were sitting talking and the girls ask me if I had a right boot that kid was sitting there so I just looked  down and said no.Hoping the kid didn’t say anything
More later if I don’t get it back this sucks