Dress guys dilemma

Author – shoeplayer

David was on his way to an important meeting. Normally he liked to wear casual clothes, jeans and t-shirt, but today he wore his finest dress. He was not used to wear a tie and he felt uncomfortable. He took his tie off and pulled his shirt out of his trousers for the long drive. He started very early. It took about 2-3 hours to get to the city, where the meeting was held. So he had a lot of time, when he came near the hotel, where the meeting took place. He decided to stop at a rest area near the motorway. He sat a table by a window, drinking a coffee and immediately started to play with his loose loafers. He loved to play with his shoes, slipping them off, sometimes even leaving them completely abandoned and unattended at public places. He loved the thrill, that his shoes might get kicked around and away, maybe even get hidden or stolen, leaving him stranded at a public place, in his stocking feet. But he only loved the imagination and the risk, it really could happen. And now, of course, he couldn’t risk the loss of his shoes.

David didn’t notice the guy, sitting behind him, enjoying his little ‘shoeplay’. He loved the white socks, a nice contrast to the black dress. He even thought, if he could kick one of Davids shoes down the aisle, when he left them completely off some times. But he didn’t dare. After some time David payed and left the restaurant. The guy observed David, as he walked back to his car.

Dave enjoyed his loose loafers, his heels often slipped out, when he walked to fast. David passed an old phone booth, which he already had seen from his place at the restaurant. He needed to go to the restroom, before he continued his drive. The phone booth obviously didn’t work anymore. People had mobiles and they maybe forgot to dismantle it. He entered the phone booth and got a crazy idea. He could leave his shoes save in the booth and run to the restroom, which was nearby …. in his stocking feet! The restaurant was far away. People who looked at him would think, he wore some white sneakers to have a more comfortable trip. He looked at the feet from people entering the restaurant. He couldn’t see, what kind of shoes they had on, so they likewise wouldn’t notice his stocking feet! Could he risk that? Slowly he slipped of his loafers and left them in a corner of the booth. No one was nearby and he didn’t see anyone entering the restroom. The restaurant had his own toilet, so this small hut seemed abandoned. Slowly he left the phone booth and hurried to the restroom hut. He quickly entered a stall. OMG, he did it! He was in his stocking feet, shoes left behind, close to a meeting, far from home! He was trembling!

The guy in the restaurant always had his eyes on Dave. He noticed, when he left the phone booth. He immediately knew what happened! He just saw a shy ‘sockwalker’, who ran to the restroom in his stocking feet! He was fascinated! He wanted no more, than steal this guys shoes and waiting for him, to come back! But he was sure, the guy quickly would come back and he had not enough time, to get to the booth. It was to far away. Suddenly he saw a mother with her two boys coming to the restaurant. They passed the both and the boys were chasing each other around it! Then they stopped and looked into the booth. They opened the door, one went inside and came out …. with the black loafers!!! They ran to their mother, who already had entered the restaurant. Before the boys followed their mom, they threw the shoes onto the roof of the building! The guy couldn’t belief his luck! He soon would see a shoeless guy, hopping back to the phone booth, to find out …. he was stranded in his white socks!!! He got his camera out, which had a good zoom, placed it on the table and zoomed the phone booth in as good as possible …. and waited!

David got very nervous in the stall! He heard some voices outside and didn’t dare to get back to his shoes! But he couldn’t wait to long. He had to get to the meeting and the longer he stayed at the restroom, the higher was the risk, somebody maybe really would find his shoes! Finally he sneaked to the door of the hut and peeked outside. Nobody was around. He hurried back to the booth …. and got the shock of his life!!! Oh NO! His shoes were gone! Frantically he entered the booth and looked everywhere for his loafers! Gone!!! Terrified he looked around! OMG! Someone found his shoes and picked them up! Maybe him or her had already continued their tour with his shoes, not knowing they left him behind, in his stocking feet! David got panic! He couldn’t go the meeting like this! He couldn’t go anywhere!!! Trembling and sweating he remained in and near the booth for a long time! Shit!!! Why couldn’t he stop his crazy ‘shoeplay’? It was a chilly day and his feet got cold! Before some people from the restaurant might get notice of him – a strange guy – sneaking around an old phone booth, he hurried back to his car …. only to find out, his nightmare would continue!!! A group of bikers had just stopped beside his car! He quickly turned around and ran as fast as possible, in his thin socks, back to the restroom! He heard them laughing! Hiding in a stall again, he desperately was pleading and praying, that the bikers wouldn’t follow him ….

The guy in the restaurant stopped his camera, left the rest area and drove home …. with a big grin on his face!

Well, fiction …. or truth??? 😉

https://vimeo.com/327430619 (pw: shoesloser)

The complaint

Author – Brogue Boy

I had a great job, Sales Rep for a paint manufacturer, driving around various retailers selling and giving after sales care and meeting new people all the time. I always wore a smart suit and smart shoes. One particular day a store manager asked if I could deal with a complaint about our paint. I agreed and contacted their customer and arranged a home visit.
The address was in central London in a residential tower block. I struggled through traffic I was late and couldn’t find a parking space. I eventually parked the car on yellow lines several streets away. The customer lived on the 12th floor, the lift said ‘out of order’. Before climbing the stairs I decided to phone and apologise for being late only to realise in my rush I’d left my mobile phone in the car. Eventually I reached the address and rung the doorbell. The door was opened by a middle aged woman who looked me up and down and said “You’re late”. I apologised as I entered the flat. In the hallway she looked down at my feet “shoes” she said. I looked down at my tan leather Oxford Brogues. “Take them off, I’ve had new carpets laid throughout” she said unpolitely. She was going to be hard work I thought. It was her home so I did what I was told and took off my shoes leaving them in the hallway. I followed her to the lounge in my black socked feet where she showed me the freshly painted walls. “The colour is not what is on the tin” she said. I explained the various reasons that could cause this to happen from lighting to wall textures but she wasn’t having any of it demanding a refund and decorating costs. She wasn’t happy with what she was hearing as most complainers do. Needing to return to the car before getting a parking ticket I said I would speak to my boss upon my return to the office. “I want it resolving now” she demanded. I explained that I had left my phone in the car and she rudely replied “How convenient” She said I could use her landline in the kitchen. The kitchen floor was cold against my socked feet as she left me to make my call. She returned and I told her my boss was out of the office but I assured her I would deal with her complaint. “You’re not leaving until I get a refund” she said. I said I needed to go and reassured her I would sort it. I walked to the hallway to discover my shoes where missing. “Where are my shoes?” I asked.
“Sort out my refund now and you’ll get your shoes back” she said.
After hiding my shoes I was beginning to think she was mentally unstable, I just wanted to leave, “Please give me my shoes” I said politely. “No” she shouted. I opened the front door and left in my socks. “Come back with my refund and you’ll get your shoes back” she shouted. The staircase was busy due to the broken lift, as I walked down in my grey suit and black socks, residents stared at my unshod feet as they are the first thing they could see as they climbed the stairs. After leaving the building I struggled to remember where i had parked the car, I eventually arrived back in the street where I had left it. My sense of relief at being able to hide my shoeless feet inside the car was short lived as it was no longer parked on the yellow lines. It was now on the back of a tow truck and being driven away. In an unfamiliar part of London, no shoes, no car, I then realised my wallet was also in the car. It felt like everyone was staring as I walked the pavement in my socked feet, when asking for directions to the tube station I could tell they wanted to ask about my shoes or lack of them but where too polite to ask.
Eventually arriving at the tube station I had just enough loose change to buy a ticket and carefully used the escalator and not snag my socks on it. The tube was busy and it was hard work having to avoid other passengers standing on my feet. My embarrassing shoeless journey on public transport finally ended as I arrived home. I phoned my boss who was unamused and unsympathetic as he demanded I had to pay for the cars recovery. Feeling pretty pissed off I told him he needed to visit the complainant but advised him to go by tube after my experience with parking. Needless to say I did not mention the shoe etiquette.

Could not get our shoes back

Author – Jman

Thad and Jason had gone to the mall to shop for shoes. Thad had gotten some Brown oxfords and Jason got some tan deck shoes. They each went back to their homes to change into their brand new shoes. Later on they met up with Tracy and Kim. The four of them decided to go to the bowling alley. As they were going to the alley, Thad and Jason were showing off their new shoes to the girls.

When they got to the alley they each paid the one dollar shoe rental. They each gave the attendant their shoe sizes. To rend shoes you have to give them your shoes as collateral. Scott, who was attending the counter said, “I need your shoes.” Kim took off her white low top tennis shoes revealing solid pink socks. Tracy took off her pink tennis shoes revealing red and brown socks. Thad and Jason took of their brand new shoes. Each of them were wearing white socks. The four of them put their shoes on the counter. Scott took them and put them on the shelf and got the four their bowling shoes.

When they were done bowling, they went back up to the counter and gave Scott the rented bowling shoes and they asked for their own shoes back. Scott explained that they would get their shoes back when they paid for the bowling. Scott said, “There were twelve games at $3.50 each. That will be forty two dollars.” Kim said, “I thought we had paid for everything when we paid for our bowling shoes.” “No,” said Scott, “I need forty two dollars to pay for your games.” The four did not have enough money to pay for the bowling. Thad said, “Can we just have our shoes back and we will come back with the money.” Scott said, “I can’t give you back your shoes until you pay for the bowling.” The four pleaded with Scott but he would not give them back their shoes. Finally, the four left the bowling alley in their sock feet.

The next day Kim, Tracy, Than and Jason returned to the bowling alley and said to Scott, “We are here to pay to get our shoes back.” They put the $42.00 on the counter. Scott said, “It’s $46.00.” Thad said, “Wait a minute, yesterday it was $42.00.” Scott said, “There is a storage fee or $1.00 per pair of shoes for each day they are unclaimed.” “We don’t have $46.00,” Jason said. Scott replied, “Then I guess you don’t get your shoes back. You can come back tomorrow and it will cost you $50.00. Also we only hold shoes for 48 hours. After that the shoes are ours and we sell them the first person who gives us the money to pay for the bowling and the shoe storage.” Frustrated, the four left again knowing they would have to come back tomorrow with even more money.

Keith, was also near the counter and he commented to Scott on how nice Thad and Jason’s shoes were. Scott reminded Keith that if he got there first thing the next day, He could buy the shoes. (Four pairs for $50.00 is a good deal.)

to be continued…

Can’t pay

Author – James

So I was at the shop, in the middle of town, it was very sunny newrly 6pm. I went to buy some food from the local restaurant with my two friends.

We hadn’t tonnes to eat, but then it happened, my two friends left me… left me to pay for everything, I couldn’t afford it! I tried to sneak off myself but I was caught by the manager, he wouldn’t let me go until I paid.

I explained I hadn’t no money, he noticed my converse, he made me take them off and that they’d would be payment, Jen quickly kicked me out of his restaurant in my socks!

I was a 5 mile walk from home…

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Shoeless at the mall

Author – Evan

About a week ago, a friend and I were hanging out at the mall. While we were sitting by one of the stores, he grabbed my foot and pulled off my right shoe. I lost sight of him through the crowd. It took me around 30 minutes before I found him and when I did, he said that he hid my shoe and I’ll get it back later. Had to spend most of that day walking around with one shoe and my white sock

Clumsy moment

Author – KahillLikeKale

Recently I went to visit my friend out of town and stay at his house, since it was a three-day holiday weekend. Once I got there, my friends and I decided to go hang out in the woods behind his house. It was cold, so we knew we wouldn’t be long, but the woods were scary in the dark and we thought it would be fun. Once we were deep enough in where it was almost pitch black, I tripped over a tree root and fell. I wasn’t hurt, but when I got up I realized to my horror that I had lost my shoe! My left favorite gray Vans sneaker! We searched until it was too cold to stay outside, and I had to walk back to the house with only one shoe!

Even worse, because we had only been wandering, we were never able to find the same spot again, so I never found it. On top of that, it was a long holiday weekend in a rural town, so there was nowhere to buy another pair. I was stuck wearing only one sneaker all weekend.

Stupidly, once I finally got home, I went straight to bed and didn’t realize until morning that I still didn’t have a complete pair of shoes to wear, so I had to go to class and work STILL missing a shoe. I tried to hide it and I hoped that wearing a sock at least somewhat similar in color would make it less obvious, but I’m sure people noticed based on the looks they gave me when they saw me.

Shoe Thrown on Building

Author – Cahillikekale

The other day I was coming out of a theater late at night and decided it wasn’t too dark yet. There was enough sunlight left for me to make it home safely cutting through a little alleyway, or so I thought. About half way down the alley, a group of teenage boys tried to jump me. I’m not sure what they wanted; I didn’t have anything of much value other than a few dollars, and they were fairly young, but we struggled and I fell to the ground. They weren’t strong enough to keep me down, though, and I managed to get on my feet and run away.

I kept sprinting towards the end of the alley, but it wasn’t until I stepped right in the middle of a big deep puddle that I realized: my sock was now sopping wet. I looked down at my shoeless foot and realized my right Adidas must have fallen off in the struggle.

I looked up and the boys had given up and were running back into the alley. I watched sadly as one of them picked up my fallen sneaker and threw it onto the roof of a building, laughing at me. I had to walk home wearing only one shoe, and a very obvious colored sock on my right foot.