Garbage chute

Author – ANP

A couple of years ago i lived in an appartment on the 7th floor. I lived on the far end of the stairs and elevator, right next to the garbage chute. When i first moved there i was happy to live all the way on the end, i would have nobody walking by. But i couldnt have been more wrong. Everyone had to throw their trash away right next to my door. It sounded as if a truck drove through my house. But only once something happened that made it all worth the while.
The chute was just a half door just off the ground . The garbagebag goes in, you close the door and away it goes, making a heck of a noise on it s way to the dumpster downstairs.
One day i had a lady friend over and as she left the next day she asked me what the small door was for and i said it was a shoe-locker and she looked a second time and we said goodbye and she left. Now the next time i saw her, we went to our house together, and when we got to my place, she opened the door of the chute and looked in. I unlocked and opened my door and as i turned to her, she had actually put her pristine white sneakers in the really damp, dirty ,smelly chute and before i could react, she threw the door shut. And just as a garbage bag, a pair of shoes makes a lot of noise ging down.
I couldn’t stop laughing and she was furious ,even more so as she learnt i had no acces to the dumpster downstairs. She was mad as hell at first but did stay the night.
She didn’t live too far but she hated walking home shoeless the next day, i kinda loved it.

Cross country run

Author – Emil

I took part in a school cross-country race. The route ran in a forest near my school, circling the lake, the finish line was on the school school sports field. In my classification group (younger) sixty-four students ran, and the top five were promoted to regional competitions. I really wanted to get this promotion. The day was warm, so I thought it would be fun to run. I only forgot about the fact that it was raining almost all night…
The first part of the route was dry and quite easy. The trouble started at about two-thirds of the distance. Here the route was marked out along a quite wide road and there was a lot of mud. And some puddles turned out to be quite deep. And in one of those ankle deep puddles of mud my right shoe got stuck. For a moment I hesitated what I should do now. But if I came back for that lost shoe, I’d lose a lot of time and I could just forget about the promotion. So I kept running, in one shoe and only a sock on another foot. Just before the finish line there were a lot of kids cheering on the runners and I saw them laughing when they saw me running without a shoe. When I crossed the finish line it turned out that I was in my group…. on the sixth place! Sixth one! What a bad luck. Not only was I the first of the losers, but what’s worse I lost one shoe. What was even worse was that I couldn’t find my lost shoe anymore, alhought after the end of the run I went to look for it.

Don’t drink and buy

Author – Jasper

A few months ago me and my mate Danny where in town we had some food and a few beers as it was a warm afternoon. Danny took a liking to a New Balance trainer on a stand outside a sports shop. He took it inside and asked for the other shoe, the assistant fetched a pair of trainers in a shoebox. He tried them on and decided to buy them. After paying he decided he wanted to wear them so he sat back down and put them back on, as he stood up he accidentally stood on the shoebox crushing it. He placed his old Adidas Gazelle green and yellow trainers in the now damaged shoebox and asked the assistant to bin them as he wanted to go for a few more drinks and couldn’t be bothered to carry them.
In the pub Danny looked down to admire his new trainers and realised they didn’t quite match. He took them off to inspect them closer and realised he had been sold the display shoe which had faded in the sunlight making it lighter than the other. He put them back on, we finished our drinks and went back to the sports shop that was now ready to close. He took off his new trainers and placed them on the counter. “I bought these earlier and the left shoe is faded” he said demanding they be replaced. The assistant said they where the last pair in his size and that is why he was sold the display. He was offered a discount which he refused as he didn’t want to wear odd looking shoes. He could see the damaged box still behind the counter that he had put his old trainers in so demanded a refund. After getting his money back he asked for his old Adidas trainers from the shoebox. The assistant apologetically said he didn’t have his old trainers as he’d given them away to a homeless guy earlier and the shoebox was empty. Danny shouted angrily at the assistant and said he had no right to give away his trainers. The annoyed assistant told Danny that he gave them away rather than bin a perfectly good pair of shoes as he had instructed. “Some unfortunate person now has a decent pair of shoes on his feet” said the assistant. Danny insisted on buying more shoes but his attitude towards the assistant had backfired as he was told the shop was now closed and we would have to leave. The assistant took great pleasure escorting Danny of the premises in his white socked feet and locked the door as we left. I could see Danny feeling uncomfortable stood in the high street shoeless, all the shops had closed for the day and we had an hour to wait for our bus. We decided to go back to the pub and have another drink until the bus arrived. At least Danny could hide his shoeless feet under a table. We got our drinks and sat near a window, that’s when Danny spotted a homeless man in a shop doorway opposite wearing his distinctive green Adidas trainers with yellow stripes. I couldn’t help but laugh, here was my mate shoeless as some homeless person was sat outside wearing his trainers. Danny went out and ran across the street in his socks and pleaded with the homeless guy to give him his trainers back. The guy obviously refused as Danny returned still shoeless but now with everyone else in the pub laughing at his predicament. By the time we got back home Danny’s socks where no longer white. I shouldn’t of laughed so much as Danny got his revenge on me but that’s another story.

Library guy

Author – Sawyer

I was ask to tell this story never wrote a story but here we go.
We had to write a report for my social studies class and only use books no internet, so I decided to go to are local public library after I found we had one. I had never been to a library other than school it was way different. There were mostly adults with little kids and old people, a few teens, mostly girls and few boys, I told the librarian what I was doing and ask how, she explained to me How it worked and then explained I couldn’t take any books because I needed a library card. She showed me where the books I needed were and I started looking I guess it was obvious I was lost. This guy about my age walked up and ask was this my first time in here. I said yes, He ask if I wanted help. I was kind of glad. I told him what my book report was about. He pointed at a book on the bottom shelf and said get that one. I reached for the book on the bottom shelf and noticed he only had one shoe, a left black and red Nike, and on his right foot he had a solid white ankle sock. I could tell he was kind of trying to hind his foot but it was hard with a black and red shoe and a white sock so I just acted like I didn’t notice but I did. I thought maybe he had been playing with them and just left his right shoe at the table he was sitting at. We got three books and went to the table as we walked to the table, I looked under the table there was no shoe. We sit down and worked on my report for about a hour. I dropped my pen and bend down to get it and he tried to hind his foot I looked all around for his shoe. He said I have to go but we could meet again if you need help. I told him I would be back on Monday after school. He got up and headed to the door as he walked away I could see the bottom of his sock was so dirty you could tell he had been walking around without his shoe. After he walked outside I walked to the door and he was getting on his bike and still missing his shoe. I never did ask him about it but wish I had it was my first time to every see anyone my age in public missing a shoe.

Office mishap

Author – Kaylee

I work in a office building and I have to dress up basically every day in like a button down, dress slacks and some loafers or flats. I choose to wear nylon socks a lot of the time so that people can see my toe nail colors and I usually wear white ones at that Just because I like the color more and no one really sees what’s under your slacks and shoes unless you take your shoes off. I don’t usually take my shoes off at work and I get embarrassed easily if people see me in my stocking feet in public. One work day we had an early meeting at a building I had never been to and it was raining and had a walk a couple blocks. I got to the meeting room and there was a lot of new faces I hadn’t recognized from other companies and this room was packed. I sat with a coworker and me and her are pretty good friends. We were in a part of the room where we didn’t have to many eyes on us and my stocking feet were soaked from walking in the rain. I took my loafers off to air my stocking feet out blatantly seeing the red toenail polish through my damp white nylon socks. my coworker made a remark about the smell of my feet lol. I can’t help how wet leather is going to make my stockings smell but anyways I didn’t worry about it to much because we were off to the side and our feet were under a table. My coworker kept telling me I should probably put my loafers back on but it was comfortable being in stockings and the meeting was still going on for a bit longer. I could tell my coworker was getting kind of agitated with me being the only one with her shoes off and knowing I probably shouldn’t be. I was just still trying to let my feet dry. I didn’t notice at first but I think my coworker got a bright idea to play a prank on me because I notice she bent down to reach for something in her purse and didnt think anything of it until she told me she was going to the bathroom quick. As she got up I thought I saw one of the heels from my leather penny loafers sticking out of the top of her hand bag. As the door closed to the room and she left I instantly looked down under the table and realized she had stuffed my loafers in her hand bag!! What the fuck.. I thought. I had no idea what she was thinking and she blatantly took them with out thinking I would see. So I’m sitting in this room of majority people i don’t know in my bright white nylon socks with bright red toe nail polish peaking through! I’m utterly terrified at this moment and so embarrassed because the meeting was coming to a close and I had to get up and leave the room in my socks! I wait for some people to leave and my coworker comes back from the bathroom and I’m relieved because I can finally get my shoes back. The situation got worse because when she got back her hand bag was significanlty smaller and my shoes weren’t in there. I was furious. My coworker asked what was wrong as she was packing up her stuff. I was speechless at this point. As I got up to pack up my stuff she asked where my shoes were and I acted kind of fake surprised as I looked around and was like “I don’t know. They were right here a minute ago.” She looked at me puzzled and said “ I told you you shouldn’t have taken your shoes off. See look now you’ve gone and lost them and are going to have to leave in your little socks”. At that point she kind of started laughing and threw her bag strap over her shoulder. I asked her if she really didn’t know where my shoes were and assured me she hadn’t seen them or knew what happened. She kept saying someone in the room probably took them from you to play a prank or maybe it was some guy who had been peeking over at you in the corner with your shoes off. I was so embarrassed and the fact I would have to leave in my socks was starting to kick in. My co worker left and I was alone to leave the room and building again. I had no clue what to do as I rolled up my dress pants so they wouldn’t drag further showing off my white socks. I left room looking professionally dressed except when you look down at my feet. I got some looks and some giggles in the hallway and I went to check the bathroom to see if my coworker had left them in there. As I was stepping around I could feel my socks getting damp from the bathroom floor and I knew these socks were going to be ruined by the end of this. To my surprise I actually found one of my shoes in the trash in the bathroom. I was relieved because I knew they both had to be in the trash but they WERENT. I was mad and I couldn’t accuse my co worker because there was no proof. She was so sly and that’s the worst part. Who hides someone shoes around a business building we have never been to before and in separate locations. This bitch was definitely not my friend or anyone I wanted to associate with. I put the one loafer I found in my bag and continued to the elevator as I managed to get to the ground floor with out anyone seeing me. I walked through the main lobby patting along in my socks and made it out front when I heard “miss! Miss!” Coming from behind me. A older man from reception was running my way and blatantly staring at my feet but he was holding an errant shoe which happend to be mine! He asked if I was missing my shoes and I said yes. He told me a younger women had come up to the desk a bit earlier and dropped off a wet shoe to him on her way out and said someone had taken there shoes off and walked off from them. He said he wasn’t sure where the other was and when she left she looked pretty mad. I couldn’t believe she hid my shoes in two different locations all because she probably smelled my feet and had to watch as I sat with my shoes off. The man from the lobby smiled as I took my loafer from his hand. I put on both my shoes and he tells me I really shouldn’t be leaving my shoes places. I honestly also couldn’t believe she told them I left my shoes places. The whole situation made me horribly angry and upset and there was not much I could do but finally leave and just forget about it now that I finally got my shoes back.

Unlucky lad in the library

Author – Omar

I was in the library scouting out people playing with their shoes and giving sock shows and happened to see a young boy in the corner sitting at one of the booths that had a connected foot space to the booth on the other side. As far as I knew no one was on the other side and this boy was playing with his shoes ALOT. They didn’t stay on his feet for more then a few seconds at a time lol. The more he played with them they would fall a bit father away and one of the times they fell out of reach of his feet. Showing his little thin white socks off to the whole library. I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one watching because someone came from the other side of the room out of the poor boys line of sight and sat on the other side of the booth. The poor boys loafers had fallen right in to the other sides foot space and the new guy who sat down practically kicked the errant loafers lingering under his side of the booth. The new guy who sat down didn’t waist any time and slowly slid the loafers completely over to him using his own feet and slowly picked them up and put them in a plastic bag he pulled out of his jacket pocket. He quickly got up and pushed his chair in walking away from the booth and leaving the poor boy on the other side in his stocking feet. I was getting excited just watching the situation transpire. I watched where the guy went after he walked off with his loafers. At the entrance of the library He met up with his friend and they were laughing over holding his loafers. They left and headed toward the buss stop. The poor boy sat there for atleast another half hour before realizing he was left there in his stocking feet. He had to go home in his little white socks to. His face was bright red when he realized someone nicked his shoes while he was sitting there. Panicking frantically looking under the table like they were there and he just wasn’t seeing them lol. It was exciting. He finally packed up his stuff and started walking out. One of the librarians asked why he was leaving in his socks and he asked if anyone had turned shoes in, obviously no one had and the Librarian couldn’t help but smile and giggle at his little white socks. He ended up leaving in them. I honestly couldn’t believe I had actually witnessed that.

Girlfriend’s son steals my shoes

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One day my girlfriend came over to my place for a visit with her teenage son , we spoke for a while and had a laugh but her son was not so interested in the conversation so i suggested that he could go and use my computer to keep himself amused while I spoke to my girlfriend/his mum, he agreed and went through to my room and left us to have our conversation. Some time later she had to go so she called on her son to go, as they left I quickly caught a glance at his feet and thought that he had Adidas sambas that looked a lot like mine but never thought much more about it. Later that day I went through to my bedroom and happened to fined to find a pair of green Adidas gazelles and a pair of black socks lying in my cupboard and thought to myself “I thought that those sambas looked a lot like mine” as I noticed my sambas were missing, as I started to get angry I thought if he has my sambas and a pair of my socks we must have the same size feet so I decided to try on his socks and shoes, as I slid his still somewhat warm socks and shoes I got a text from my gf son saying “I borrowed your sambas and a pair of socks as well as my feet were a bit sweaty, they fit great so I will keep them for a while”. After I got the text I thought to myself that I could wear his shoes around for a while then the next time I go over to see his mother I could steal some of his shoes.

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