Me in your Story, Shoplifter – Apprentice

Author – Mickey

I like the story of the shoplifters shoes being taken so I’ve written another ‘Me in your stories’.

Shoplifters shoes -The Apprentice

I started a new job as an apprentice on a building site, it was good wearing my hard hat, high viz jacket and my new black Timberland work boots. I looked the part even though I was new and just learning. I was concious of pranks being made on new apprentices and kept my wits about me, much to the dismay of others.
At lunchtime some of the guys decided to go to the shop for a sandwich, I was asked to come along. In the van Dave asked if I had ever stolen anything before. I acted cool and said ‘Always when at school’ but really I hadn’t. ‘As an initiation I want you to steal me a sandwich from that shop’ he said. ‘If you don’t then we’ll have to start some initiations on the building site which will be far worse than stealing a sandwich ‘ he said menacingly. ‘You could lose them nice boots too’ said Harry. Acting the big man I said ‘ Nobody is getting my boots’ I got out of the van thinking I’ll just buy his sandwich when Harry said ‘Empty your pockets we can’t have you pretending to steal’. I put my money on the dashboard. ‘Shit’ I thought, I really do have to steal a bloody sandwich.
I entered the shop and went to the chiller and picked up two sandwiches and quickly putting one of them in my pocket. I wandered around before going to the till. The shopkeeper asked for payment and I said I have left my money in the van and would just go and get it. I headed for the door when another guy stopped me. He asked me to empty my pockets. I gave him the stolen sandwich as I apologised. He walked me back to counter and pointed at a sign. My face drained as I read it ‘Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes’. ‘Take them off’ said one of them. I tried to explain I’d been set up but they still demanded my boots. ‘Police or your boots, your choice’ said the other shopkeeper. Some kids in the shop started laughing as I sat on the floor to unlace my Timberlands. They stopped laughing when the shopkeeper took sweets out of their pockets and they where soon relieved of their footwear too. He placed the school shoes on the shelf and was trying to make space for my size 10 boots. The school kids left in their socked feet as I stood in my socks pleading for my boots back. ‘If you have been set up, go get the guy and we’ll see what we can do’ said one of them.
I walked out of the shop, Dave and Harry where laughing in the van. Then they drove off leaving me stranded in the street, stood in high viz jacket and jeans tucked into my bright red football socks, no boots and no money. If the high viz jacket didn’t make me noticeable then the red socks did as everyone stared at my shoeless feet. After a few minutes the van returned with my so called workmates still laughing. I asked Dave to return to the shop with me to explain the prank or they will call the police. He refused at first as he wanted everyone on the building site to see me without my boots and that he was the victor in the prank. Then he reluctantly agreed leaving Harry in the van. He was laughing at my red socks as we walked, he reminded me of what I’d said earlier ‘Nobody’s getting my boots’.
‘Here’s the guy who set me up’ I said to the shopkeeper. Dave explained that he was the instigator of the prank and offered to pay for the sandwich and not to call the police. ‘We won’t call the police unless you refuse to cooperate. Dave looked puzzled, the shopkeeper said ‘You told him to steal, the stolen sandwich was for you so technically your the thief’. Dave could see where this was going as he looked down at his own boots, worrying that he was about to be relieved of them. ‘I’ve stolen nothing’ he said. Dave was a tough guy but not as big as the two shopkeepers who where now surrounding him. ‘Boots or the police, your choice’ they said. Dave could see the smirk on my face as he sat on the floor to unlace his black DeWalt boots. His jeans where tucked into thick grey boot socks. The shopkeeper picked up Dave’s boots and placed them on the shelf next to my Timberlands. I smiled at my sock footed workmate, revenge was sweet, he now had no boots and I was to get mine back. I asked for my boots. ‘No’ said the shopkeeper ‘You could of said no to your workmate but you didn’t and stole anyway, so we’re keeping your boots too’.
As we where about to leave without our footwear Harry appeared. He looked at Dave and burst out laughing ‘Where’s your boots man’. Dave’s face went pink with embarrassment. The shopkeeper looked through some printed video stills in a folder named ‘The one’s that got away’. He recognised Harry in one of the photos. The shopkeeper showed the photo to Harry. ‘That’s you stealing beer last week’, Harry denied it was him. ‘You’re wearing the same clothes and those distinctive Caterpillar boots too, which we’ll be taking’ said the shopkeeper. Harry tried to leave but his path was blocked. ‘Boots off now’ demanded the shopkeeper. It was Harry ‘s turn to sit on the floor and remove his boots. The shopkeeper quickly grabbed the Caterpillar boots and put them on the counter. Harry stood up revealing black socks on his feet. There was no space for anymore boots on the shelf so he threw Harry’s boots into an empty trolley cage instead and then took mine and Dave boots off the shelf and threw them in too. He then padlocked the cage with our boots inside. ‘We’re going to make an exception to the rules, as you stole from us one week ago we’re going to keep your boots locked in this cage for one week’. Dave said that we needed our boots for work. The shopkeepers where unsympathetic as we watched them push the locked cage with our boots inside to the stockroom.
All three of us left the shop in our socked feet, Dave expected me to return to work without my boots and not for his prank to backfire so badly for him and Harry to be shoeless too. Losing my boots was a price worth paying to see my workmates getting their boots confiscated and seeing their socked feet.

Shoeless at the dentist

Author – Mickey

I had left school early to attend a dentist’s appointment. I was on the bus when a group of other teenagers got on. Their school blazers told me they belonged to another school that often clashed with ours. They where heading to the back of the bus where I was seated. They spotted my school blazer, I was the enemy. They surrounded me, one of them poked my school badge on my blazer and said ‘What you doing on our bus?’ I tried to be friendly with them but they weren’t friendly back. Another one grabbed my leg and tried to drag me from my seat. I tried kicking him but he grabbed my foot and pulled off my shoe. They started throwing my black school shoe to each other. I asked for it back when one said ‘Awe he wants his shoe back’ then proceeds to hold it out of the bus window. Then let’s go of it, I watched it fall to the roadside. I tried to get up to stop the bus but they pinned me down and one said ‘You won’t need the other one now and grabbed my other foot and pulled it off my other shoe. They got up and ran off the bus at the next stop with my shoe. I sat on the bus in my socked feet as they waved my shoe at the window. They then threw my shoe on to the bus shelter roof.
A couple of stops later I got off the bus feeling very self conscious of my shoeless feet. I didn’t want to go into the dentists without shoes but my mother had threatened me with being grounded if I didn’t attend. As I sat in the waiting room I felt embarrassed as everyone could see my grey socks. I was called to the dentists room and he asked where my shoes where. I explained what happened, he was sympathetic and asked if he could phone someone to collect me. I refused and said I preferred to walk and try and find my shoes.
I left the dentist and headed back towards the bus stop where they had thrown my shoe. Fortunately there was not a lot of people about to see my shoeless feet. I could see my shoe but I couldn’t reach it. I had no choice but to leave it. I continued walking in my socked feet along the bus route until I found my other shoe. I put it on and walked home, one shoe was better than none on my feet.
I eventually got home and my brother spotted my foot missing a shoe. He laughed at me, I told him it was not funny having to walk home in one shoe. After he stopped laughing he offered to take me in his car to retrieve my other shoe. I got changed out of my uniform into shorts and a tee shirt, I put on my New Balance trainers with white socks. We headed to the bus stop, my shoe was still sat on the shelter roof. My brother parked his car as close to the shelter as he could and told me to climb on to the car roof and get my shoe. I got out and was about to get onto the car bonnet when my brother shouted ‘Stop, take off your trainers I don’t want you scratching my paintwork. I pulled off my trainers and threw them in the car. For the second time today I was stood shoeless in the street. I gingerly climbed onto his car and reached my shoe. As I got off his car he pulled away leaving me at the bus stop shoeless with a school shoe in my hand. He turned the car around but instead of stopping he shouted ‘It was funny you having to walk home in one shoe earlier so you can do it again’. He drove off laughing with my trainers in his car. I no choice, twice in one day I had to walk home in one shoe.

The Sneaker set up pt.3

Author – jman

Tracy replied, “You told me that if I got Caleb to lose his shoes then I could get mine back. I took his homework out of his back pack so he would get his third strike and have to give up his sneakers.” Miss Parker replied, “You just confessed to causing someone to get a strike which would earn you another strike. That is four strikes this week and no one with four strikes gets their shoes back.” Tracy replied, “That is not fair. We had a deal.” Miss Parker replied, “Well there is nothing you can do about it. You can’t report me because you were involved in the scheme to get the shoes.” Tracy then left the classroom in solid pink socks.

Meanwhile Caleb left the room in his brown socks. He was upset with himself for getting the third strike and thinking he forgot his homework. Eric saw this and came up to Caleb and said, “Don’t feel bad. One time Miss Parker took my cowboy boots because they were making too much noise. I already had two strikes for talking in class and she charged me with having noisy boots. It was a bummer. Those boots cost $150. This was after she took my tennis shoes for being late three times.”

Caleb said, “They seem pretty strict around here. The slightest violation and you are in socks.” Eric replied, “You have to remember that the school is funded by the selling the shoes that they confiscate.”

Tracy felt bad about what happened to Caleb’s Converse sneakers. Later Tracy saw Caleb in the lunch room and said to him, “May I sit down?” “Please do.” Caleb replied. Tracy then explained how she took Caleb’s homework in order to get him to lose his shoes so she could get hers back. Caleb said, “It’s okay. I was the one who was late on purpose so I would have to lose my shoes. I took a risk that I would not get a third strike but I did.” “You like to lose shoes too?” Tracy asked. “How about we have a contest to see who can lose the most shoes.”

The sneaker set up pt.2

Author – jman

Tracy left Miss Parkers’ classroom in red socks with pink hearts on them, figuring how she could get Caleb in trouble. Tracy got her opportunity the next day. Tracy and Caleb ran into each other as they were walking to school. Tracy suggested that they stop for coffee and donuts on the way and so they went into a coffee shop and sat down placing their backpacks on the table. Caleb went up to get two hot drinks while Tracy stayed at the table. While Caleb was not looking, Tracy sneaked into his backpack and took out his homework for the day. After they had their drinks they went on to school.

Once class started, Miss Parker asked for the homework. Caleb reached into his backpack to get out his homework but it was not there. Miss Parker came to Caleb’s desk and demanded his homework. “I don’t seem to have it. I swear I did it and put it in my bag.” Caleb replied. “Then give me your shoes and since this is the third strike, they are no longer your shoes.” Caleb was frustrated as he had been so careful to not get a third strike. This time when he takes off his shoes, he would not be getting them back. Sighing, he reached down and undid the laces and handed the shoe to Miss Parker. He watched sadly in his socked feet as they were carried into the distance and tossed in the black box marked “shoe jail.”

After class, Tracy went up to Miss Parker and asked for her shoes back according to the agreement they had. “What shoes?” Miss Parker replied.

The sneaker set up of.1

Author – jman

(This takes place at “Shoe Loss Middle School” on Deviant Art)

It was Caleb’s first day at the new school. His first hour class was social studies with Miss Parker. He came into the class and sat down as the bell rang. About three minutes into the class Jason, Thad and Kimberly walked in. Upon entering the room they took off their shoes and put them on the teacher’s desk. Jason and Thad had white high top sneakers and Kimberly has black maryjanes. All three were wearing solid white socks. After the class was over, Caleb asked the three why they put their shoes on the teacher’s desk. Thad explained that when we break the school rules, we have to give the teacher our shoes. “Do you get them back?” Caleb asked. Jason replied, “We get them back at the end of the day. If we break the rules a second time during the week, they keep them for three days and we have to go home in our socks. If we break the rules a third time during the week, our shoes are forfeited and we do not get them back.” “That’s interesting,” Caleb replied. Caleb like the idea of having his shoes taken away and wanted to lose his shoes just like the other three. It would be no big deal because he would get them back at the end of the day.

The next day Caleb came in late for class. He took off his blue and gold converse and set them on the teacher’s desk. At the end of the school day he came back to Miss Parkers’ room to retrieve his shoes. Miss Parker warned him that the next time he was late the shoes would be kept for three days. The next day Caleb was late again and lost his shoes for three days. Caleb liked going around the school in his socks and did not mind his shoes being taken away. He knew that he was okay and long as he did not get a third strike and he was very careful not to break the rules a third time during the week.

The next Monday Caleb was late for school again and had to give up his shoes for the day. He was late again on Tuesday and lost his shoes for three days. With Caleb being late allot Miss Parker thought and hoped that Caleb would get that third strike so she could keep his shoes for good. (Shoes that are forfeited are sold and the proceeds to to the teacher who confiscated the shoes in order to buy supplies for their classroom. Caleb’s blue and white high tops could be sold at a good price.) But Caleb never got the third strike.

Caleb’s being late on Monday and Tuesday went on week after week. Miss was getting frustrated that she could not take possession of Caleb’s tennis shoes. It was Thursday of that week and Tracy forgot her homework. This was her third strike this week and Miss Parker demanded her shoes. Tracy plead with her to not take her shoes because this was her only pair but Miss Parker remind her that rules are rules.

After class Miss Parker took Tracy aside. She pointed Tracy to Caleb’s blue and white sneakers. “She said I have been trying to get these shoes but Caleb never seems to pick up his third strike. If you can somehow get him to get a third strike this week, I will give you your shoes back.” Tracy said, “You have a deal.”

Visiting the castle wearing the wrong shoes

Author – Andrzej

It had happened to me almost a year ago, when I was in Cracow during the summer holidays. Of course, we went to visit the royal castle on Wawel Hill. The day was hot (August), and when after seeing the Armoury and the Royal Representative Chambers it turned out that there are still free (!) tickets to the Tower, only a few of us wanted to use them. Among them there was also me. The stairs leading to the top of the tower were wooden, steep and with gaps between the steps. All five of us wore sandals. Well, almost. I had leather backles Birkenstock sandals . They fitted my feet well, but this time I had a bad accident: when I climbed the stairs to the highest level of the tower, I hooked up with arch of my my right foot to step and just lost my sandal, which fell down somewhere and I lost sight of it. The stairs were narrow, there were still a lot of people climbing upstairs behind me, so I couldn’t turn back. I had to climb higher, wearing only one sandal, with my right foot completely bare. I heard laughter and voices “Look, he lost his sandal”. All four of my friends were climbing in front of me. When I finally got upstairs, they saw what had happened – that I only had one sandal – and they also started laughing at me. The worst part was that I didn’t know where my lost sandal had fallen and how I would find it. I was even afraid that I would have to come back wearing one sandal all the time. Limping a little bit, I walked up to the window in my only sandal and looked outside. I put my bare foot on the top of my left one. It wer a wonderful view through the window of the tower, although it was narrow – a view of the Hill and a part of the area. But an unlucky accident with my sandal spoiled my pleasure a bit. Someone at the back said loudly that a strange Cinderella came to Wawel Castle – he is a boy, till midnight far away and not at the ball, and the princess is also not there, which caused new laughter. I was ashamed. I went up to the stairs and started going down, looking for my lost sandal. Unfortunately, I went all the way down to the bottom and still one of my feet were bare . The stone floor (upper levels had wooden floor) was unpleasantly cold and I stood on my left, shod foot, only with toes of my other foot touching the floor. I didn’t know what to do, because my sandal was still not found, and it couldn’t fall lower than here. I looked around again, standing there without one sandal, completely helpless. Fortunately, not many of the people entering the tower looked down, so most of them didn’t notice my bare foot. And those who were coming down behind me were already laughted, I guess, because I rarely heard mockery of me or giggles. I wanted to go to the exit because I was convinced that my sandal was lost for good, but I barely took a few steps, when a redheaded girl, about my age, approached me and said it was probably mine. I looked at her hand and noticed that she had actually found my sandal! She explained that it almost hit her head, but she lifted her shoe off the floor and decided to wait for someone to lost it before she went upstairs herself. I started to thank her and apologize, but she just smiled, gave me back my shoe and she went up the stairs. So I put my sandal back on my foot. Now I decided to wait. When that redheaded girl appeared again at the bottom of the tower, I approached her. I thanked her again and asked if I could invite her for ice cream as a thank-you for finding my sandal. She started laughing and said she wasn’t looking for anything, that my sandal “found” her, but she agreed. It turned out that Karolina (Caroline) – that’s her name – lives not far from me, in Sopot.

In the library

Author – Alexander

Marc and me were in the public library today because Marc had to find something. He asked me to come along so he didn’t had to go alone. When we arrived Marc went to look for his books and I picked some comic book and went to the reading tables. I sat down and I stretched and crossed my legs. At these tables you can not see your neighbor or the one whose sitting opposite. I started reading my book and after some time I felt something touching my feet. I looked under the table and saw somebody’s feet, I thought they were Marc’s because the shoes were about the same as his. Then after some time he touched my feet again and I thought he wanted to play footsie or something so I played along. After some time I felt him clamping his feet around my right shoe, that was the one on top of my left leg. Then he started slowly pulling on that shoe and I felt it coming off my foot. I struggled a little but it was too lose and seconds later it was off my foot. I looked under the table again and saw my shoe on his side out of my reach. He came back with his feet and started playing again. Now I tried to get a hold on one of his shoes and I thought I had one and started pulling it but it didn’t come off his foot. After some wigling he got a hold on my left shoe and again he started pulling it slowly off my foot. I tried to not let it happen but I could not hold on to that shoe either and there I was in my white socked feet. We fooled around with our feet a liitle while and in the meantime I looked for my sneakers but they were still out of reach. Then suddenly it stopped and I felt with my feet for my sneakers but I didn’t feel anything, I llooked under the table again and the floor was empty. I thought that Marc was pranking me so I waited for him. After some time Marc came to me and said I’m finished, we can go home now. I started laughing and said as I looked at him, okay but first give me my sneakers… Marc looked at me and said, what are you talking about? I don’t have your sneakers. I laughed again and said okay so where did you hide them? He looked at my feet and said again I don’t have them. Then I looked at his feet and noticed he wore other shoes than the one’s I saw before under the table. I got the shivers and asked him if he didn’t sat opposite of me . He said no and I got worried. He asked what I did and I explained that I thought he was sitting there and told him what happened. He said laughing that’s a nice idea for the next time but I think you have a problem now and I said yes I believe so too. I got up and we walked towards the excit and I could see some people looking at me. Outside we got on our bycicles and went home. The first few miles I felt embarrassed but along the way I kinda liked it….