In the tree

Author – AJS

Today I was with some friends in a park messing with eachother. At some point we got tired and sat down at this picknick table. We got bored quick and one said what to do next? We all lifted our shoulders like we don’t know. Then one boy started untying the lace of my right shoe. I was sitting on the table with my feet resting on the bench where he was sitting. I pulled back my foot saying what are you doing? He laughed and said can’t you see I’m untying your shoe. I said why? Because I’m bored he said and laughed again. He  grabbed my left foot and untied that one too but now he started taking out the lace and I tried to pull back my foot but I felt my shoe sliding off my foot. He noticed that and he took off my shoe and ran off with it. A few yards further he stopped and said if you want it back you’ll have to get it. The other boys were just laughing as I sat there with one socked foot. Then one of the others grabbed my right foot and started unlacing that shoe too and said laughing you can’t go with one shoe , it’s all or nothing and he pulled the shoe off my foot. I said come on guys give me back my shoes but they just ran off with them. They were throwing and kicking my shoes around and got further away from me. The two boys that were still with me said we’re afraid you will have to follow them. I said yeah I think so to. I finally got up and started following them in my grey socked feet. I could still see them throwing my shoes to eachother. They stopped by some trees and they were doing something I couldn’t see. Then I saw my shoes tied together flying through the air and they were laughing again. I came closer and asked again for my shoes but they kept tossing them around and I ran after them. At some point one of them said okay now it’s enough. He held them up like he wanted to give them back but then he tossed them high up in the air as I came closer. I watched them go up and when they went down they got hooked in the tree. I only thought at that moment oh no. I looked at the tree if I could climb it but the first brenches were too high, there was no way we could reach them. We searched for stones and stuff to throw up and try to get my shoes down but nothing worked. We finally gave up because we had to go home. The boy who threw my shoes said he was sorry. I said it’s okay, shit happens. We’ll try tomorrow to get them down. We went home discussing how to get them down… I guess we’ll see tomorrow…


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