Shoe switching

Author – Nick

Back when I was in high school we had this random thing in class because everyone was sitting in a circle, we swapped shoes by passing our right shoes to the person on our right and left shoes to the person on our left. By the end of the class everyone had lost track of whose shoes belonged to whom and were just trying to find a matching pair of shoes to wear. I’d lost my favourite pair of white Adidas sneakers and I thought, a worn and loose pair of white size 9 Adidas shouldn’t be too hard to retrieve but the guy with my right shoe had gotten hold of my left shoe and was unwilling to give my sneakers back. I was still wearing a black size 10 Nike shoe on one foot and a blue size 11 Reebok on the other… I managed to find the guy with the other Nike shoe and i managed to get him to swap but by the time I’d done that my sneakers were no where to be seen. I ended up leaving with a pair of black Nike running shoes that were a size too large. Sure, they were newer and looked better, but I loved my worn Adidas and I couldn’t wait to get my feet back into them.

Seemed like not everyone managed to get a pair of shoes because the next day we still ha dpeople going around trying to swap shoes. Well, I saw the guy who’d taken my sneakers the previous day and I managed to get my beloved sneakers back by swapping with the Nikes, but many of my friends ended up with shoes that didn’t belong to them.

Overall I’d say it was pretty good fun and I’d definitely do it again but the next time it happens I will have to keep a better eye on who’s wearing my shoes so that I don’t end up losing them…

Losing shoes

Author – Ben

One time at school the entire class including the teacher went into a studio room with a no shoes policy and we had to all remove our shoes. I was wearing black socks with my only pair of shoes, which were worn, loose white Nike sneakers. As I stepped out of my sneakers, I watched the teacher slip off his brown loafers, leaving him in light grey socks. I had an urge to do something to those shoes because I wanted to see him walk around in socks in public, so I excused myself to go to the toilet, went out, slid his shoes on, grabbed my sneakers, and walked into the courtyard. His loafers were size 10 which was a size bigger than my sneakers so they slipped off my feet as I walked. Then I abandoned them in the courtyard, put my own sneakers back on, and returned to the studio. Unfortunately, one of the girls had seen what I did and she told the teacher what happened to his shoes. He acted like he wasn’t bothered and continued with the lesson. It finally ended and I couldn’t wait to get back into my Nikes, so I walked out the door. However as I was putting them on, the teacher came around and told me to give my shoes to him, since I had taken his. I refused and hurriedly tried to slip my shoes back on, but he was faster and grabbed my sneakers before I could wear them. He undid my laces and put my shoes on. I got hot and cold at the same time as I watched him wearing my shoes and walking away. I ran after him in my socks, desperate to get my sneakers back, but I knew it was hopeless. In a desperate attempt to get my sneakers back I even went back to the courtyard in my socks to look for my teacher’s loafers, but they had already been taken. I had no choice but to go home in my socks.

The next day I came to school wearing socks and no shoes since those Nike sneakers were my only pair, and I almost cried when I saw my teacher still wearing them as he walked into class. At the end of the lesson I went up to his table and begged for my shoes back. “These are very comfortable sneakers” he said. I replied “yes they are” and he asked “but they aren’t your shoes anymore, these shoes are mine now”. I literally begged him to give me my sneakers back but he refused and told me that he would be wearing these shoes until he bought a new pair.

I had to go without shoes for another couple days before I finally got them back.

Jackpot in the library

Author – Shoelover

So I was in the library one day and I noticed this cute girl around 21 years old come into the library and went into one of the single cubby spaces to study. I was in the cubby space two shelves away but I could see her through the row of books. She took all her stuff out her backpack and basically they were all over the place but she looked very comfortable since she took her sneakers and white socks off as well. She put her white socks on a shelf to dry since it was raining like crazy outside and her black Nike sneakers were underneath the table. Usually I like to snag just a girl’s sneakers when they’re not looking but today I was hitting the jackpot. I waited for her to walk away from her study space but to my surprise she walked to the other side of the library without her white socks or her sneakers, they were just there waiting for me to steal hehehe. So I quickly walked over to her space and grabbed her socks and sneakers and stuffed them in my bag. I felt bad for the girl when she came back to find her shoes and socks missing but it was a good lesson for her not to leave her shoes and socks for someone to take hehehe! Now I wear her sneakers everyday! 🙂

Accidental detention – day 3

Author – Unlucky lad

Jason was already on the bus, I could see as I put my bus pass away that he was still sulking from yesterday. I told him to to take it on the chin, we had two nights detention to do and I should be the one sulking as I had no reason to be there. He smiled. Two stops down Martin and James got on the bus, Martin had known Jason since primary school, he was intelligent and never ever did anything wrong, he was a star pupil. James and I met along with Jason and Martin when we all started at the boys senior school at 11 years old.  James was the opposite of Martin and had often got into bother, however this term he’d been especially good as his mother promised him a new pair of Nikes if he stayed out of trouble this term. He was genuine and deep down a decent guy but often resented Jason for his arrogance. 

‘Hi guys’ said Martin ‘did you remember your sports stuff for five-a-side footie tonight’. ‘Haven’t brought it’ said Jason ‘change of plan, we can’t make it’ he said.

‘We!’ said James. ‘We know Andy can’t go as he’s in detention, why can’t you?’ Jason tried to make some excuse and James started laughing ‘you’re in detention too, Who said yesterday that they would never get detention and have his shoes confiscated and punished like a naughty boy in his socks’ James was loving it. Jason went quiet, they didn’t know about the pink socks, I wasn’t going to tell them.

At lunchtime we all skipped school dinners as Jason (making out it was a great idea) was sick of people sniggering around him, pink socks was the talk of the dining hall. We went to the local chippy and spent most of our money. Last lesson was art with our favourite teacher, Miss French, she was young and sexy and we where smitten. ‘I need four volunteers’ she asked, without knowing why we immediately put our hands up. ‘Great’ she said. ‘Go to see Mr Brown, the caretaker, he needs help in the gym for tomorrows exhibition. Me and Jason took our bags and coats as we had to go straight to detention afterwards. We met Mr Brown outside the gym. He told us to sweep the gym floor before carrying rolls of floor protection matting in and laying it. He also said not to block the gym entrance as he had had to padlock the gym fire exits as he was leaving early today. We took off our shoes outside the gym and got started, Jamie and Jason swept the floor first and left the brooms outside the gym, then we all started carrying the matting and rolling it out across the floor. After watching Jason padding around in his dark grey socks Jamie shouted to him ‘No pink socks today’ and started laughing, he couldn’t resist ribbing Jason again. Jason stormed off out of the gym and started putting his shoes on. I followed as it was close to detention time. The bell rang and Jason told me to head off to detention and he’d meet me there. I heard James shout to Jason ‘Enjoy detention’. They hadn’t realised that Jason had closed the gym doors. Next thing they heard banging on the reinforced glass windows which Jason was hitting with a pair of shoes on each hand, their shoes! They ran over to the closed doors and they would not open, Jason had crossed the two brooms through the door handles. Jason thought to himself that if he had detention they where too.

He turned up at detention slightly late, no consequences due to his volunteering in the gym. He took off his shoes and placed them in the stationary cupboard with his coat and bag then sat down with a big grin on his face.

Martin and James had been banging on the gym door, shoeless they couldn’t even kick it open. Trapped after half an hour Mr Brown appeared, ‘Your lucky I came back for the brooms to put away or you’d be here all night’ said Mr Brown. Jason had their shoes and he was in detention so they crept back to Miss French’s art room to get their bags, they could wear their trainers for tonights now cancelled footie. Another school rule was black shoes must be worn with school uniform at all times inside or outside school, the uniform represented the school. Wearing sports shoes with uniform was frowned upon and confiscation/detention was compulsory. They reached the art room but the door was locked, the room had been cleaned early by Mr Brown before leaving for the day. They could see their coats and bags hanging on hooks at the back of the room. 

We will have to wait near the detention room for Jason and Andy. They crept along the corridor in their socks and saw Mr Lancaster leave the room, ‘great, our lucks in’ said James ‘we can ask Jason where our shoes are before the teacher comes back’ They ran into the room and asked Jason ‘wheres our shoes’ Jason grinned and shrugged his shoulders and stared at the locked cupboard door. They left the room but got stopped further along the corridor by the headmaster, ‘are you evading detention?’ he asked. ‘No Sir’ said Martin. ‘Then where are your shoes’ Answering truthfuly but quivering, Martin said ‘In the detention room cupboard I think’,’So you are in detention then, I’m shocked at you Martin and unsurprised with you James’ he marched them to the detention room and told them to sit down. ‘Where is Mr Lancaster’ said the headmaster. ‘Toilet’ shouted the boys. He looked at Martin who was now shaking and tearful and James and told them they would be receiving extra detention for unauthorised leaving of the room and lying about not being in detention. Martin was now horrified and James severely annoyed with Jason as he could now kiss goodbye to his new Nikes. Mr Lancaster returned and hadn’t even noticed an extra two heads in the room. The two hours where up and the cupboard door unlocked, everyone grabbed for their stuff and wandered into the corridor to put their shoes on. James said angrily to Jason ‘where are my shoes’ ‘I put them in your bag in art class, Martin’s too’. ‘Great’ said James ‘The doors locked, now we have no shoes’ Jason laughed.

Fortunately the bus stop was a short walk from the school gates. We stood under the shelter, ‘If you hadn’t locked us in the gym, took our shoes, we wouldn’t be stood here in our socks with no bags or coats contemplating detention for the rest of the week, it is all yor fault Jason’ shouted James. Jason had his usual smug look on his face, he had caused all of todays problems but he was stood there in his black brogue shoes, wearing his coat and carrying his bag. Then Martin shouted ‘Oh no! our bags, they have our bus passes in them. ‘How much money have we all got’ I said. ‘Not much after another Jason brainwave of going to the chippy for lunch’ said James. We scraped together enough money for one bus fare home. Me and Jason had our bus passes so it was between James and Martin who would ride the bus home. ‘If you give me your shoes Andy I’ll walk home as I live the nearest’ said Martin. It was very noble of him, I took off my shoes and gave them to Martin, they where loafers and one size too big for him and jokingly said to him not to lose them I also gave him my coat. James asked for the time, ‘6:35pm’ I said. He looked at Martin and could see he was still very upset by his ordeal in detention and had decided he wasn’t going to ride home on the bus but walk with Martin. He said to Jason ‘I want your shoes, your coat and all the money so we can get a drink on the way home. ‘My shoes won’t fit you they are too big for your feet’ said Jason. ‘Just give me your bloody shoes’ said James angrily. Jason reluctantly took off his coat, he gave all the money collected to James and sat on the floor to untie his shoelaces, whilst he was slipping his shoes off and handing them to James he said ‘you had better look after them and make sure you bring them with you tomorrow as they are my only school shoes’. James slid his cold socked feet into the warm black brogues, it felt good whilst Jason felt the cold pavement through his socks. James grabbed my hands and said quietly ‘stay on the bus’. 

Martin and James walked off wearing our shoes and coats. Our feet where getting colder as the air chilled and dusk arrived. The bus was late and more people gathered at the bus stop, we tried hiding our socked feet with our bags to shield our embarrassment. Jason said ‘I’d rather be embarrassed getting on the bus without shoes than having to walk home’. The bus eventually arrived, everyone pushed forward to get on, Jason was on first and showed his bus pass. The driver said ‘You need to pay’, ‘Why?’ asked Jason. ‘Your school bus pass is valid up to 6:30pm only, so either pay or get off’ Jason had no choice but to get off pushing passed everyone else trying to get on including me. I paid the fare and walked along the bus to get a seat with everyone staring at my socks. I could see Jason searching for me as the bus pulled away leaving him behind. Now I know why James had said ‘stay on the bus’ when he grabbed my hands and passed the money to me. I could see Jason through the rear window hobbling and shivering without a coat as he walked along the pavement in his socks. Then it started to rain.

Girlfriends dream

Author – John Salt

My story starts with my girlfriend – and now involves me regularly losing a shoe …

I don’t know whether I should have seen the signs of what was to come, but I didn’t. I’d always assumed it was men who harboured fetishes rather than women …

Anyway, perhaps the first hint of things to come was when my new girlfriend bought me an unexpected present of several pairs of socks – all identical sheer black dress socks with a pronounced reinforced heel & toe. I thanked her, and at the risk of sounding ungrateful, pointed out I didn’t really wear this style. She didn’t hide her disappointment with my reaction, forcefully stating “You might like them. You won’t know till you try. Try them!”

I was a guest at her house and she’d just bought me this present – how could I refuse? I took the socks from her and disappeared upstairs to the bedroom to put them on. The socks were certainly very sheer, almost looking like nylons on my feet, with my toes hardly visible beneath the dark black reinforcements. I replaced my shoes and wandered back down stairs.

The girlfriend greeted me with renewed smiles as I returned to the living room. She sat beside me on the sofa, staring at the sheer black ankle revealed between the bottom of my jeans and black trainers. “Well?” she asked – “Do you like them?” I nodded yes “Very smart, thank you.”

We had only settled down to watch TV for five minutes when she suddenly announces “You know how superstitious I am? Well, I had a dream about us last night!”

Feigning interest, I asked her to recount her dream – since I knew she was going to anyway.

She began, recounting how the dream seemed to be about “good luck”. She had dreamt that we were doing a number of different activities together: walking, eating out, driving around – but on all occasions we had encountered good fortune. The sun had suddenly come out for our walk, a table was instantly available in the restaurant, traffic magically cleared out of the way when we were driving. And she finished by saying that all of these scenes involving us had one peculiar thing in common.

“What?” I enquired.

“Well, the strange thing is that every time we had good luck, I noticed that for some reason or other, you were only wearing one shoe. The left shoe.”

She looked at me, awaiting my reaction. I was bemuse & didn’t really know what to say, except “I didn’t have my right shoe?”

“No, you didn’t. You just had a nice sock on your right foot.”

A moment of silence passed between us, then she knelt on the floor beside my legs which were crossed right over left.

She smiled – “I know you’re not superstitious, but I am, and I believe dreams can come true! We can be lucky! So … I’m afraid you’re going to have to lose this shoe!”

She began to untie my right shoe lace, gently loosening it, before slipping it easily from my sheer socked foot. 

“Those socks look lovely! Really nice!” She ran her fingers down my instep. “Really soft too!”

She stood up with my shoe in her hand. “And to make sure we have lots of good luck, I need to make sure you can’t put this back on! I’m going to hide it!”

She hurried out of the lounge – leaving me sat there like a slightly self conscious Cinderella. I didn’t know what to make of it. It was certainly true that she was superstitious, and I suppose I could just about cope with a few hours without a shoe if it pleased her. I glanced at my exposed right foot – I thought it looked strangely feminine in that very sheer sock.

She returned and sat beside me, asking “You don’t mind, do you? Spending the evening without your shoe?”

“No.” I replied, “I’m sure I can cope!”

And so I did – spending the entire evening as Cinderella. Both of us occasionally glancing at my sheer right foot … her more intently than me …

The real clue that she had a ‘thing’ for me as Cinderella came the following morning. Having showered and dressed, wearing another identical pair of sheers socks (at her insistence) and my left trainer, I set about looking for my right shoe. She had hidden it well – I couldn’t find it.

I joined her in the kitchen as she prepared two mugs of tea. “Where have you hidden my shoe? I can’t find it.”

She smiled, guiding me to the breakfast table. “Don’t worry about that now. Drink your tea. Besides … I think you look really sexy without it!”

“You think I look sexy without my shoe?”

“I do when you’re dressed like that. Jeans, those socks. Really sexy! Will you do it for me? Please?” 

“Do I have any choice? I can’t find my shoe anyway. That stuff about the dream, was it true?

She continued to smile. “Sort of.”

“Or was it just a ruse to part me from my shoe?”

She reddened slightly. “We’ll, one of my dreams has come true – getting you like that. Promise you’ll do it. For me …?”

“OK – for you.”

“All the time!”

“I can’t do it all the time. I’d be embarrassed. People would comment. I’ll do it in private.”

“Alright – do it most of the time. You could do it in public if we said you’d hurt your foot and couldn’t wear a shoe. Couldn’t you? 


Later that morning we did indeed go out for a drive. Without my right shoe.


Accidental detention – Day 2

Author – Unlucky lad

Having mistakenly been given detention the day before and endured having shoes confiscated and sat amongst boys laughing at my situation I tried to forget it and not let anyone else know to hide further embarrassment. Unfortunately I had forgotten that some classmates had seen me through the window and they had told my best mate Jason.
Jason belittles others to make himself look good and immediately took advantage of my detention. Telling everyone he would never get detention, getting his shoes confiscated and be seen in his socks like a naughty schoolboy. This added further to my embarrassment. He asked why I had got detention and I lied to save more belittling from him. ‘I took a shortcut through the staff entrance and got caught’ I told him. He still managed to make fun of me.

Later he told me he was meeting a girl after school at McDonald’s and wanted me to come along. What he really wanted was for me to distract her best friend so he could disappear with this girl. I said I couldn’t because of detention again. He wasn’t pleased that my detention spoiled his plans and not bothered about his best mate having to endure further embarrassment.

Instead of telling him unpolitely to go away I hatched a plan to totally spoil his after school activities at McDonald’s.

I told him that my sister knew the girl and liked guys to show their feminine side and that he should wear pink socks. He went out at lunchtime and bought a pair. I told him to put them on when the end of day bell went to save time getting to McDonald’s after helping me get out of detention.

I told him to come to the detention room and tell the teacher that the Headmaster sent him because he needed to see me. We would leave and the teacher won’t check as there was no telephone in the room. He was so fixated at getting off with this girl he accepted every word I said. Off I went to detention. There was more boys than the day before, we all took our shoes off and queued in our socks to place our belongings in the stationary cupboard. It was a different teacher today. Mr Jackson who was very efficient and a good listener. He locked the cupboard and everyone sat down.

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door. ‘Enter’ shouted Mr Jackson. In came Jason, glanced a smile my way and said to Mr Jackson ‘I’ve been sent by the Headmaster, he needs to see Andy, Sir’. Mr Jackson had listened to Jason and didn’t assume he was there for detention, my plan wasn’t working. He unlocked the cupboard, get your stuff Andy. Damn I thought Jason gets his way again. We started heading for the door and Mr Jackson locked the cupboard and followed us. He took us to the headmasters office. ‘I need to go’ said Jason. ‘Wait’ said the teacher. The headmaster’s office was locked. His secretary said he’d left at lunchtime. Mr Jackson marched me and Jason back to the detention room. He opened the cupboard door and shouted ‘Shoes off, both of you’. There was an almighty uproar of laughter as Jason removed his black Brogues showing bright pink socks on his feet. Our shoes where locked in the cupboard with our bags and coats. Jason was given two extra detentions for lying and not conforming to school dress code. I was given another for trying to evade detention. We both sat there in our socks, Jason no longer laughing and smug with a face blushing the same colour as his socks. My extra detention was worth it to see smile wiped off Jason face.

Accidental detention

Author – Unlucky lad

When I was 16 years old I was at a senior school for boys. The school was old and very strict. If you said or done anything wrong two hours of detention was given at the end of that day. Generally it was the same boys who got detention most days and really didn’t care for the rules. If the detention teacher had to leave the classroom most of the boys would just sneak out as they could not be locked in the room. The rules where changed so that anyone given detention had to remove their shoes and jackets/outdoor coats and place them in the stationary cupboard along with their school bags. The cupboard door was then locked and only unlocked for any further latecomers or at the end of the detention session. This really frustrated the boys as they couldn’t leave if they where left unattended. 

I would always follow the rules as I could not bear  the thought of letting myself down and being in detention amongst bad boys. 

I often stayed behind for a few minutes assisting the teacher at school so regularly walked past the detention classroom with a smug look on my face looking through the large windows at all those boys sat there in their socks knowing they would be sat there for a long time whilst I was off home.

One day as I was walking along the empty corridor, I was stopped by the Headmaster. He asked me to go find Mr Lancaster and ask him to go to the Headmasters Office, it was an old school and not all classrooms had telephone extensions.. He told me that Mr Lancaster was hosting the detention class. ‘Yes Sir’ I said and continued walking along the corridor. I knocked on the classroom door as this was a school Rule. ‘Enter’ shouted Mr Lancaster. I walked to his desk whilst glancing smugly at the shoeless boys. ‘The headmaster sent me Sir to…..’, ‘SILENCE BOY’ he bellowed. ‘Take off your shoes’ he said. ‘But Sir’ I tried to tell him. He shouted ‘silence’ again and said ‘detention again tomorrow for answering back to a teacher’. He unlocked the cupboard door and told me to put my coat and bag on a shelf and my shoes on the floor next to all the other confiscated footwear. He locked the door and told me to go sit at a desk. I could feel the cold floor beneath my socked feet and sense the smugness on all the other boys faces as I walked past them. I wanted to again try and tell the teacher that I was sent to get him and not sent to get detention but feared I would be breaking the silence rule and be given another detention. After a short while the Headmaster stormed in and said to Mr Lancaster why he had not gone to his office. 

The headmaster seen me sat there in my socks, I expected him to realise the teachers mistake and release me from detention, unfortunately he didn’t and told me that I would get another detention for failing to pass on the message. The teacher and Headmaster left the room, the other boys started laughing at me. To make matters worse some of my class mates walked past in the corridor and seen me with all the bad boys in our socks. The embarrassment was unbearable and to think I had to do it again for two more days too.