Sneaks Bet

Author – Kevin

I was at my friend’s house yesterday to play a racing game on his computer. After some time he said we can play a competition. I said okay are we going to play for something? Or just for the honor? He said no we can bet something and he looked at me and I looked around in his room. He asked me if I had some cash on me and I said no not a penny. He was like mmmmhhh… okay then we go for something else. He looked at me again and then he said we can bet our sneakers. I looked at his sneakers and said why, my feet are smaller than yours you won’t fit in my shoes? He said no but I could sell them or just keep them as a trophy. I laughed and said okay it’s a bet and at the same time I was hoping I would win. We went for two out of three. The first game  we played was victory for me but the second was his. Now we both had to play to win. After a few minutes I made a little mistake and he won the third game. He laughed at me and said okay take them off they’re mine now. I felt reluctant about it because I had to cycle home in my white socks. But a bet is a bet I thought and I started untying my sneakers. My friend was only laughing and said for fun come on hurry up. I finally took off my sneakers and handed them over. My friend looked at them and said those are a nice pair of sneakers and I said yes they are. I asked him for a revanche but he said no I don’t think so. We talked about the game for a little while untill it was time for me to go home. I reached for my sneaks but he grabbed them first and said laughing, no you lost them. I felt cold and warm at the same time because I had to cycle through two towns, his and mine. I grabbed myself together and went home. There were several people on my way that looked at me. I felt embarrassed first but after a few minutes I didn’t care that much anymore. Actually it felt nice to be in socks….

Loose sneakers at carnival

Author – Aron

Once I was at a carnival and there I saw a kid wearing very loose white Nike sneakers with light grey socks, his shoes were quite worn and they kept slipping off his feet as he walked… I wanted to see if he would eventually lose them or step out of them so I followed this guy around and because I liked seeing his socked feet slipping in and out of his shoes. To my delight, he had to take his shoes off to play one of the carnival games, so I took that opportunity to slip my own loose sneakers off and put his on as he was occupied and not paying attention to his shoes. The sneakers were a size 9 which was my size so I decided to take my shoes off and keep them in my pack, then wear his sneakers and pretend they were mine. I hid behind a nearby pillar as the boy and his friends came back to find his shoes gone, he panicked as he went around searching for them in his light grey socks. Eventually I saw him leave with his friends in his socks and as he passed me I saw that his socks were dirty and it excited me a lot to think that I was wearing this guy’s shoes and he didn’t notice.

I still have the sneakers and I wear them occasionally, they are really comfortable.

Passed out with your shoes on

Author – Greg

I was at a party recently and I couldn’t help myself from steeling a pair of shoes. It all started when I got there when I saw a young boy dipping in his loafers on a near by couch with some buddy’s. It was a huge house party so I was virtually invisible. A lot was going on and a lot of people were drunk or on drugs . I sat there hanging back and jus watching kus I wasn’t expecting much at first. I usually like to watch girls shoeplay but he had very sheer blue socks. I wanted him to slip out all the way out of his shoes when dipping but i don’t think he felt comfortable enough to slip out of them al the way . He was partying pretty hard and I saw him nocking shots back. His high water slacks made his shoeplay and  heel pops an easy sight to see . He obviously couldn’t keep his shoes all the way on. After about an hour I jus waited and I noticed him getting to drunk or drowsy kus a couple of his buddy’s got up off the couch and asked if he was ok. There was Atleast 50 or 60 people there and it was crowded so as soon as his buddy’s leave he starts to stretch out on the couch . I couldn’t believe it . Before I knew it he had passed out! Right there a few feet Infrnt of me with his feet up and shoes on. It was so tempting I couldn’t resist. I waited a few more moments and I saw some other kid come up and reach in his pocket like he was looking for something. He picked out the passed out kids phone and walked off. No one said much so I assume he either knew him or no one care much. I tested the waters and walked over to him sleeping. I say down on the arm of the couch with his feet right behind me . I slowly peered back and decided to try ! I slowly and descreetly peeled off his left loafer untill his shoe was completely off his foot. I could tell His socked foot was sweaty and his soles were quite dirty . I couldn’t turn back now . I stuffed the loafer in my jacket and slowly slid the other off revealing his toes. His right sock was torn and i couldn’t wait for him to get up and be seen at the party in his stocking feet. I put the other loafer in my jacket and got up . After a few minutes some girl came and woke him up . She was amused by his stocking feet. He was beyond embarrassed and looked around everywhere. The floor of the house was wood floor and it was soaked from beer pong and peoples drinks being spilled and knocked over . He got off the couch and made his way to the front door to leave and I could jus see his socks getting dirty as he left. It was a sight to see and now I have his loafers. I’ll never forget that night 

Football match

Author – Mikaela

A few days ago I went to watch a Euro football game with a friend, I was wearing my white Nike trainers very loose with thin white socks, sports shorts and football jersey. I took a seat, it was very crowded, I started slipping the worn shoes on and off my feet and doing some shoeplay. After a while I took them off and just sat there in socks. 

I got up to go to the restroom during the half time break and I looked for my Nike sneakers but when I found them under my chair someone had cut my laces and my sneakers became even looser than they already were when I took them off. I suspected my friend but did not say anything. I decided that if I wore the loose shoes and struggled through the crowd to go to the restroom I would end up stepping out of them and losing my sneakers so I left them under my chair with my friend and went in my white socked feet.

When I came back I found both my shoes and my friend missing, I knew it was a bad choice to leave my sneakers with my friend.

After the game I went to my friend’s house in socks to try and get my shoes back. He was waiting for me, smiling and I asked him for my sneakers but he said he did not have any shoes with him except his own. After I asked again he said okay okay I have them but I put them in a bush somewhere and you have to go find them so I went and dug around the bushes near his house for some time but I could not find my sneakers and I had to go home in my socks since my friend’s sneakers were all not my size. My friend apologised for losing the sneakers and offered to buy me a new pair but I decided not to leave my shoes unattended around him again.