YouTube shoe theif

Author – shoelover

When I was looking at my Gmail I noticed one of my followers on YouTube wanted to meet me. On YouTube I post videos of me kicking off my sneakers always exposing my white socks and sometimes I expose my barefeet too. This particular guy was someone in his 50s and said that he would love to meet me and was a big fan of my videos. So I said sure why not, we met in a library and he told me to go in the library first and he will follow me in from a distance. I sat at one of the tables to read a book and I waited awhile for him to come in. I slipped off my bright white nikes in the mean time and my smelly white socks filled the air with their aroma. Soon after I did that, I hear someone sit in the chair on the opposite side of the wall where I was at. All I could see under the table were two feet in black loafers. Then as I saw him scooch closer to where my vacant nikes were he quickly scooped up both my shoes and stuffed them in a bag. I was thinking okay this is exciting and I expected him to do something naughty like that knowing that he wanted them for his pleasure, but then I was caught off guard even more when he yanked off my white socks before I could utter a sound. He ran out of the library never to be seen again. If you want to see videos of my feet or want to steal my shoes and socks ask me in my email. My email is

Delivered, given and taken

Author – Irsocks

The boss sent me on a run to pick up a package from a business partner at the courtyard near the mall. I had on my black and white Adidas Cloud Foam City sneakers with Adidas ankle socks. As I waited, a young guy wearing some black and white Nike Tanjuns came up and sat at the bench across from me. As I read a story on, I glanced up to see him playing with his sneakers slipping them on and off showing his white Nike socks with black heels. Eventually he slipped his whole foot out of one of them revealing the black toe of his sock. I smiled and looked back at my phone. I eventually looked back up to find that he had laid down on the bench and was now swinging his legs back and forth. His sneakers didn’t have a chance of staying on. The left one slid off followed by the right one. Both of his sneakers were now on the ground, one turned on its side. He didn’t bother to put them back on. He just let his sock feet be free for all to see.
After a few minutes, I looked back at my phone because someone was coming. A guy walked by and kicked one of the Tanjuns with his red and black New Balance foot sending it far off. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I looked back at the guy then at his sock feet then down at the one remaining sneaker. The guy on the bench never even looked up. After a few minutes the guy came back through again this time kicking the other sneaker as he went by until it too was out of sight. Now there were two socked feet and no sneakers. I thought for sure the guy would notice, but he did not. What I noticed after a few minutes was the same guy that had stolen the sneakers coming back. This time he sat down on the bench next to mine. He was no longer wearing his red and black New Balance sneakers. He was wearing the young guy’s Tanjuns. He started playing with the sneakers slipping them on and off.
Finally after what seemed like hours, the young guy sat up and stretched his legs revealing his sock soles. He looked around for his sneakers which was now on the other guy’s feet. The other guy must have been brave or stupid because he did not leave. The young guy panicked when he couldn’t find his sneakers. An officer happened to walk by, and the young guy told him someone had stolen his sneakers. He pointed our way. The officer approached us and asked us if we had seen what happened. The other guy was not going to tell the truth, and I thought I was safe being that my sneakers were Adidas instead of Nikes. The young guy told the officer that our shoes looked like his, and that he didn’t know which one had did it. I could have told the officer what happened, but I wanted to see how it would play out. The officer rounded us up and took us to the security building. He told me and the other guy to remove our sneakers. Once again I could have told him what happened, but again I thought I was safe seeing as my sneakers were Adidas. We took off our sneakers and handed them to the officer who took them in the back with the young guy. I was now embarrassed being in just my socks. The other guy didn’t seem to mind because he stretched out. Eventually the young guy came out still in his socks and sat down. He gave us a mean look.
After a while, another officer came through the front door. He asked us why we were in the building shoeless. The young guy explained the situation. The officer went in the back and came back laughing. He told us we had been robbed because no one was in the back room and there was no other officer in the area. Sure enough the back room was empty. I couldn’t believe I was shoeless and that I would have to go home in my socks. I regretted not saying anything before. The officer took our statements and sent us on our way. Not only was I shoeless in public in my socks, I had to tell my boss that I did not get his package.
The next morning my boss called me into his office. I didn’t tell him the whole story, but I had to tell him there was no package. I knew I was fired. He got on the phone and made a call. I couldn’t believe I had delivered my sneakers and given them away so that they could be taken. Well after the boss got off the phone, he said that the business partner had an emergency and could not make it. He said it was okay. I was relieved. As I turned to walk out of the office, my boss told me that I had nice sneakers. I turned and looked down at my black, blue and white Vans. I was about to say thanks when I looked up to see my Adidas sneakers on his feet which he had put upon the desk. I know they were mine because there was a part of the sole missing. I didn’t know if he was talking about my Vans on my feet or my Adidas on his feet.

Police seizure pt2

Author – Shoetaker

After six weeks their seized shoes could be collected from a police station in the city, so another train journey and a few more beers was planned for the weekend.
Quickly putting on their much missed trainers at the police station they decided to discard their old pairs, they had been worn constantly for classes and partying as they had no other shoes and they also didn’t want to carry them whilst drinking in the bars so dumped them in a bin. The policeman at the front desk noticed their actions. ‘Be useful guys, give them to the homeless, they’d appreciative them’. They reclaimed them and went out looking for anyone who wanted their old shoes.
After several beers and a train ride back to their local railway station a policeman stopped them. ‘Nothing to worry about’ he said informing them about a mugging. ‘A suspect had been caught wearing the victims stolen shoes, however he claims he found them so the victim needs to identify him as he denies robbing anyone’. An old fashioned identity parade was needed due to the police database being down so electronic mugshots where not available. Nick and Mike where similar height, both with short blond hair matching the description of the suspect. ‘I’ll drive you home afterwards’ said the copper to encourage their help. Dezzy’s dark hair eliminated him so he was dropped off at the front desk and Nick and Mike where taken to the rear of the police station. ‘Don’t worry we won’t throw you in a cell if the victim picks you out’ said the young copper. Nick and Mike laughed as they where introduced to his Sargent, ‘Two more for the identity parade’ he said.
The Sargent explained the procedures and that the suspects shoes had been seized and he would be shoeless at the ID parade therefore it was necessary that everyone needed to be shoeless in the line up too. ‘So If you don’t mind taking off your shoes, don’t worry you’ll get them back’ he politely asked. ‘Again’ sighed Nick. They took off their trainers and handed them to the policeman. ‘Deja vu’ said Mike standing once again in socked feet next to a policeman. They where escorted to a room, occupied by three other men of their age and height with short blond hair who where also shoeless. ‘The coppers certainly like taking shoes’ joked Nick. Mike laughed, the three others smiled nervously as they looked down at their own socked feet.
The Sargent was told the database was back up but he would still do the identity parade because he wanted the young copper to scan Nick and Mike’s footwear and run them through the database. The red dye on their shoes and Nick’s deja vu comment had concerned him.
The five volunteers walked through the custody suite in socked feet to the line up room where the shoeless suspect was placed between Mike and Nick, after a few minutes he was taken away again. The five guys where taken back to the room awaiting the return of their shoes.
The New Balance and black Nikes gave a positive hit on the database. The Sargent was informed that the shoes owners where persons of interest in a robbery. ‘They have a mate waiting at the front desk’ said the copper. He was told to go check his footwear for red dye.
The Sargent returned to the waiting room with three pairs of shoes, thanked their owners who quickly put them on and another copper escorted them out of the station.
‘Where’s our shoes’ asked Nick. The Sargent escorted the sock footed pair to the custody desk where they where arrested on suspicion of robbery and placed in cells. They protested their innocence as they where locked up.
The copper looked down at Dezzy’s trainers, he could see red dye on the soles of his white Nikes. ‘Come and join your mates’ he said. ‘About fucking time’ said Dezzy.
Dezzy was puzzled when he was taken to the custody suite. He was read his rights as he was also arrested on suspicion of robbery. Protesting his innocence he was searched, his belongings taken and then ordered to take off his shoes. ‘I’ve only just got them back’ he said. The Sargent picked up the Nikes after Dezzy reluctantly kicked them off his feet. ‘Scan them and then bag them as evidence’ he told another copper. ‘What again!’ sighed Dezzy as he looked down at his feet, he was wearing shorts so his black Nike sports socks looked prominent on his feet as he was taken to the cells, unaware his two mates where confined in adjoining cells.
Another weekend and the three University students had not only lost their trainers again but their liberty too.
To be continued….

Police seizure pt1

Author – Shoetaker

The three university students had been drinking and eating in the big city and where now heading back to the railway station. Their route to the station was blocked, it was sealed off with police tape.
‘A crime scene, we’ll have to go a different way’ said Mike.
‘No time’ said Dezzy ‘We’ll miss our train’
Nick was unsure, but he had no choice as his mates ducked under the police tape. ‘Stop’ shouted a voice. As they reached the other side of the cordoned off area a policeman stopped them. A guy wearing a disposable white suit caught up to them and accused them of contaminating his crime scene. A bank security truck had been robbed and red dye from a stolen cashbox had been activated spreading across the street and they had just ran through it leaving their shoe prints. Dezzy didn’t like the guys tone as he shouted at them, he wasn’t much older than him. ‘Well it wasn’t us as we’ve just got here’ he said ‘Just ignore our prints’. His mates laughed annoying the CSI guy further. Their beer drinking bravado was kicking in. The guy threatened to arrest them for obstruction.. Dezzy retorted ‘Your not a real copper, your just a jumped up civilian worker so fuck off’. The CSI was now angry with Dezzy’s attitude as he looked down at the students trainers. ‘I cannot ignore your shoe prints but I can eliminate them from the enquiry’ he said. Dezzy grinned and said sarcastically ‘There you go, no damage done’. The CSI smiled back and said ‘To do so I’m going to have to seize your shoes, they’re now evidence in my crime scene’.
The policeman said ‘He has the authority to do so’. They looked down at their footwear, their smiles disappearing instantly from their once smug faces. The CSI wished they could be arrested but seizing their shoes pleased him. Dezzy protested but the copper threatened to arrest them if they failed to hand over their footwear.
Dezzy kicked off his white Nikes revealing thin white trainer socks below his skinny jeans. He wasn’t impressed to see the red dye all over the soles of his fairly new trainers. Nick took off his brown New Balance trainers leaving him standing in black socks. Mike was left standing in black socks after removing his black Nikes. The onlookers attention had now moved from the crime scene to the three young men being stripped of their footwear causing them greater embarrassment.
The young CSI took great pleasure bagging each of their shoes individually, sealing each bag made it official, their trainers now belonged to him, albeit temporarily.
‘You best quickly give the constable your details and get to where your going as it’s forecast for rain soon’ he said smiling as he looked down at their socked feet. ‘I’ll knock that smug smile of yer face..’ said Darryl being interrupted by the copper with another threat of arrest. They watched their bagged shoes being thrown into his van, locking them inside. Dezzy became more infuriated to be told it could take several months to get their trainers back.
They hurried to the railway station, a struggle without any shoes on their feet. They knew they’d missed their train and would have to stand on the cold concrete platform for the last train of the day to their destination, it would be full, standing room only, awkward without any shoes on your feet. Other passengers where curiously looking at them, especially Dezzy in his skinny jeans and rather filthy white trainer socks. Not a look he wanted everyone to see. Nick said to Dezzy that if he hadn’t been smart with the guy he may not of taken their shoes. Being University students they couldn’t afford to buy new trainers so would have to wear their old scuffy trainers until there seized shoes where returned.
To be continued.

Zero tolerance

Author – Joshes mate

The new school year had started with a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to bad behaviour. Two boys in our class had their shoes confiscated for being disruptive. “You’ll get them back in detention” said the teacher. I stared at their socked feet as my best pal Josh said “What a nightmare, I would die if I had to walk around shoeless all day, the shame would be unbearable”.
Homework was being collected by the teacher, Josh panicked, after emptying his bag, he realised he’d left his at home. Being a good student the teacher realised it was a genuine mistake but with the new zero tolerance rules he had no choice but to give Josh automatic detention. He was upset he’d never been to detention, to him it felt like going to prison.
His nightmare was about to be realised as one of the sock footed boys reminded the teacher that he had not confiscated Josh’s shoes. Having already taken their footwear, the teacher had no choice but to take his shoes. Josh put his head in his hands.
“Give me your shoes Josh” said the teacher. Josh took off his black loafers and handed them over. He was mortified, watching the teacher walk off with his shoes knowing he was going to spend the day shoeless; I secretly took great pleasure watching my pal have his shoes confiscated and seeing him in his black socked feet.
The final bell rung; he had been shoeless all day and now he had detention. We walked to the toilets but the floor was wet, there was a leak inside “I need to pee before I go to detention, but I will get my socks wet” he said. I reluctantly kicked off my leather loafers and shuffled them over to Josh with my black socked foot. I was a size 8 and he was a 7 so they where rather loose on his feet. “Don’t pee on my shoes” I shouted as he disappeared inside the toilets. I was now shoeless in the corridor, everyone staring at my socked feet including a teacher who demanded I follow him to detention.
I shouted into the toilets for Josh to hurry up but the teacher again demanded that I follow him. I tried explaining but he just told me to be quiet. I kept looking back for Josh to come rescue me. I stood in socked feet outside the detention room with other shoeless students, I was no different to them without my shoes, I was going to be punished for lending my shoes to someone.
I hoped Josh would appear but he didn’t, so I endured his detention in my socked feet. At the end of detention everyone got their shoes returned. Josh’s where too small, so I carried them. ‘Put your shoes on’ said the teacher. I explained that they weren’t mine and didn’t fit my feet; he then accused me of doing Josh’s detention for him. ‘I want you and Josh in my office first thing tomorrow’, He took back Josh’s shoes.
I had to walk home in my socks as I couldn’t find Josh and it looked like we both where going to be spending the next day shoeless too.

The sneaky midnight shoe theif

Author – GS42

So, here’s a story of my time whilst I was working in France.

The hotel come school activity centre I worked at operated a strict no-shoes policy inside for all children. This meant that just after the reception desk, at the bottom of the grand staircase leading to all the hotel rooms, stood a wall to wall shoe rack, 3ft high, spanning all 3 walls inside the main staircase.
Now, I happened to work as a Night Porter here, which meant I was often the only person awake for the entire night. It also happened that this place, for whatever reason, lacked any form of CCTV.
Now, there were a quite often nights where work was very quiet and easy going, as everything I would usually deal with on a night had already been sorted within the first hour or so of my shift, meaning I had a good 7 hours entirely to myself to do nothing.
I’ve always had an interest in shoes and trainers, especially when they’ve belonged to somebody else prior. So, on quiet nights, I’d often go and admire the hundreds of pairs of trainers that were on offer. Usually, the offerings were fairly worn out, tatty old affairs, more often than not far too small for my UK size 9 (US 10) feet. On occasion though, we’d have groups of teenagers staying. This is where things usually got more interesting. On the weeks where there were older groups, there were once again, many pairs of battered old trainers, that had clearly been loved to within an inch of their lives, however there were also quite often some very smart, relatively new pairs left there for the world to see.
So, when I knew the coast was clear, I would go and browse the offerings with great intent, before selecting a few pairs to sample. I would then head away to somewhere secluded in the hotel and try out my samples. More often than not, I found that they either didn’t really suit me, or that, once I’d tried them myself, they weren’t really to my liking for whatever reason. These samples would then be replaced back on the racks, taking great care to ensure they were left exactly as they were found.
Sometimes, whilst browsing the shoe racks, I’d find some interesting samples, who, for whatever reason, had decided they also needed to remove their socks and leave them either in their shoes, or thrown in a ball on the floor somewhere around the shoe racks. So, these pairs were also taken for testing, along with the socks, and tried for fit. The shoes were then usually returned exactly to where they were before, just like the other pairs, however the socks never made it back. Whenever I found a pair of socks in or around the shoes, after trying them on, I’d put my pair of socks back on over the top, just to hide them away, then I’d continue to wear them for the rest of the shift as if they were my own. Of course, come the end of the shift, I couldn’t think of anything more than clocking off and running away for the night, completely forgetting I was still wearing the socks I’d found earlier in the night. Throughout the time I worked there, I must have collected well in excess of 100, maybe even 200, pairs of socks from all over the globe, much to my excitement.
Now, on other occasions, after sampling the shoes, I would take a liking to them, and so I would stash them away for the night in an area nobody else would either think to go, or be easily able to get to. They were then left there for a day to a couple of days, before I’d return to collect them from their hiding point and take them back to my room. In my room, I’d learned entirely by accident, there happened to be a hidden storage compartment that it was clear nobody knew about. The place in question happened to be the floor of the built-in wardrobe in the room. For some reason, when it was installed, the floor of the wardrobe was never secured down, leaving it able to be lifted up with ease, and providing a massive storage space underneath which worked just perfectly to store my new found treats.
Over the space of 6 months, I’d scored a good 15 – 20 pairs of ‘new’ trainers, varying from Nike, to Osiris, to Adidas, to Vans, as well as a few others in between.
Now, there was one group in particular who sticks in my mind better than all others. This was a group of teenage boys, who were staying with us for 4 nights. Now, usually I wouldn’t have noticed anything different, however it happened that one of the boys had somehow broken his right leg, and was stuck in a long leg cast, generally being pushed around in his wheelchair by his friends. He was mostly incapable of walking, but he did still get around from time to time with a pair of crutches. Wherever he went outside, he would wear either his purple Nike High Top, a brand new looking black Vans High Top, or his red Nike Janoski on his left foot, along with a cushioned trainer sock to cover his right foot. To be fair to him, it was getting late into October, and was quite cold out. Even though he was generally in a wheelchair, meaning his shoe was perfectly clean, he was not exempt from the rule of no shoes indoors. This meant, he too was required to leave his shoe downstairs by the door and move around inside shoeless. One thing I had noticed about this guy was, whenever he removed his shoe, for some reason he always removed both of his socks.
For the entire time he was there, I was always done with my required work very early into the shift, so each night I would go and investigate whatever shoe he had left, as well as his socks. It just so happened that he too was a size 9 shoe, and they fit me absolutely perfectly. His socks were also amazing, always soft and plush, occasionally slightly sweaty from the day’s activities. The socks, naturally, were always tried on, and as before, forgotten about and kept by me. It also just so happened that one of his friends was also a size 9 shoe, and had left a great pair of well worn, but still very neat blue Adidas Gazelle trainers on the rack. These were also tested, and then stored away in my secret collection, along with the white and red Bonds trainer socks he’d so carefully placed inside his shoes.
On the 3rd day of their stay, I’d noticed that broken leg guy hadn’t bothered to wear his shoe at all, choosing to be pushed around in his chair wearing just his socks on his feet. I assume it was because, for once, it happened to be nice weather outside, and he decided his non casted foot was too warm. I’ll never quite know why he did it. I had only noticed this, as he happened to be wearing bright orange Polo Ralph Lauren trainer socks, which stood out very bright against his purple leg cast.
That night, having completed my workload, I went to again investigate the shoe racks, and noticed to my surprise, that he had once again left his pair of socks from the day downstairs. So, naturally, I tried them on, and upon realising how nice they were, put my own socks over and carried on with my shift. That night though, I decided I would become a lot more daring than just taking his sweet socks. I decided, for some unknown reason, that I would take all 3 of his left shoes that had remained on the rack downstairs, knowing that they would be leaving that morning, and would likely have no time to attempt to find them. Having stashed away his shoes, I thought I’d best leave him something in return, and so instead took my own pair of socks from my feet, and carefully placed them back where his shoes had once sat. I then stuck my shoes on, still wearing his beautiful orange trainer socks, and carried on my shift as if nothing ever happened.
The morning came, and I saw the guy, sat in his wheelchair in the reception, looking very confused. He came over and said to me that his shoes were missing, and he couldn’t understand where they might have gone. I explained to him that I too was unsure what may have happened but would ensure I passed the issue onto management for them to look into. Whilst I was talking to him, I did however, notice that he clearly didn’t have any other socks to wear, and in place of his shoes, he had chosen to put on my pair of socks I’d left for him during the night. For the rest of the morning, I saw him from time to time, wheeling around with his mates, wearing only my socks on his feet, complaining to his friends that someone had stitched him up, and they’d better admit who had done it. Just before I headed back to my room to sleep ready for my next shift, I noticed the group getting back on their coach to leave. The guy in question was still wearing only my pair of socks on his feet, obviously having no other option available to him to resolve his lack of shoes.
The next night, having completed my work, I sloped off and collected my new winnings of 3 left Nike trainers, all of which were amazingly comfortable, and headed back to my room to stash them away with my other ‘new’ pairs. Come to think, I don’t think I ever did report his missing shoes to management…
Still to this day, I wear his amazing socks (they were always some nice, fairly new, branded cushioned trainer socks), and his left shoes. His red Janoski soon became my new favourite, which is by far and away still the comfiest shoe I own, even though it’s now considerably more worn. I’d love to know quite what he’d done to that shoe to make it just so comfortable, but sadly I know I’ll never find out the secret. I still frequently wear the left shoes from all the other pairs of shoes I collected whilst working there, nearly 10 years on (If you don’t know why I only wear the left ones, read my previous story). In fact, I’ve barely purchased new shoes since working there, as I’ve had so many to choose from at any given moment. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this guy, and just how cute he looked wearing my extremely well worn, sweaty socks, paired with the lack of a left shoe, whilst hopping out to his coach on his crutches to leave, knowing he was likely never going to see his shoes again.

IG: castsocks

The shoeless wonder

Author – Evan

Me and a friend of mine were walking to a grocery store to pick up a few things a few mornings ago. When you get close to the store, you have to go down this incline. To the left of that incline was a car wash among other stores. While we were walking down the incline, my friend steps on the back of my right foot, making me fall out of my right shoe with me and my shoe rolling down the side of the incline. I stopped at the edge, but my shoe rolled of the edge and landed into the parking lot of the car wash, which was about maybe 5 feet down. “Way to lose your shoe again,” my friend said as he ran down the incline. I got up, and looked down off the edge to see that my friend was already in the parking lot, picking up my shoe. I immediately ran down the incline and met with my friend, who I noticed no longer had my shoe.
“What’d you do with my shoe dude?”
“Don’t worry about it now. Lets go get what we came for,” my friend said as we both walked towards the grocery store which was across from the parking lot. I decided to hop towards the store when I saw a friend of mine who worked there. He noticed my shoeless foot. “Bro where’s your shoe,” he tells me as we both walk into the store to buy like 3 things. After we left the store, I went and asked my friend “Dude seriously, wheres my shoe?”
“oh you’ll get it back later. Let’s keep walking.”
We were basically walking around town, passing nearby stores, neighborhoods, and whatnot. A couple of people would see me and give me odd stares at my white socked foot as I would alternate between walking and hopping. After about an hour, my friend says “I should head back.” Before he walks away, I grab him by the arm while standing on one foot with my socked foot in the air. “Not without my shoe you arent.” He pulls his arm away from me, and I lost my balance and fell to the ground, keeping my socked foot still in the air. “Nah its fun seeing you be the shoeless wonder. Its entertaining seeing you without your shoe all the time.” Before I could get up, my friend started walking away. “I got things to take care of today, we’ll hang out later. See ya you shoeless wonder.” He left me on the ground and I still didnt get my right shoe back. Wound up having to walk back home in one shoe…again