Library mishap

Author – Kamron 

I’ve been dying to walk in my socks lately in public. My urge has been through the roof. So everyday I’ve been going different places, like target, Walmart, Ross, library’s. Well anyways today I went to the library and wore super loose slip on loafers with nylon thin white socks. Every area of the library I went and sat down in, my shoes were coming off hehe. After a half hour or so I got a little to comfortable and left my shoes behind to walk around the library. They were in a corner by some chairs so I had hoped people that saw them would understand that I was coming back to that seat. After walking around a bit, one of the librarians, an older women in her early 40’s semi attractive was starting to make her rounds around the library to check on people. I have no clue how many times she saw my errant loafers but she circled around the aisle I was in quite often and always made it a point to stare at my stocking feet. It really turns me on when a women sees me in my socks. She also wears slip on loafers and I’ve seen her stocking feet resting in the library to. It’s heavenly, and she probably understood why I had my shoes off. Anyways I kept browsing and she wandered off. I finally decided to go back to my shoes a few aisles back but as I got closer I realized the women was over by my loafers. I saw back in a near by aisle and all of a sudden she picks up my loafers with her two hands and practically runs to the back where only employees can go. After witnessing her take my shoes I wait for her to come back out and I ask her if she’s seen and loafers laying around. To my dismay she says she HASNT. She giggles at the sight of my bare stocking feet and says she get some staff to check the floor and see if they can find my shoes… long story short I wait for about 25 minutes just to have her come to me and say nothing’s turned up. Needless to say she took my loafers and does god only knows with them haha. 


Neighbourhood nightmare

Author – shoelover 

So I was wearing my old nikes when I sneaked in an apartment building one day. I wanted to be very daring and leave my shoes behind and see if they are still there when I got back. So I walked around in my sheer thin white socks and I got some catcalls from a few people saying โ€œOoh baby you lookin so hot in those socks, where are your shoes?โ€ I paid no attention and I kept walking around. Then I was thinking โ€œOh my, what if my shoes were taken by them heheheโ€. I quickly ran across the tiled floor and they were not where I left them. I got spooked because here I was in a apartment building in my socks with no proper footwear and then I saw the catcaller with my sneakers in his hand. I tried running after him but he was too quick and I lost sight of where he went. I was so embarrassed but excited now because I had to walk around a deserted neighborhood in my bare socked feet. Then a homeless person with a knife saw me along the way in my socks and asked me if he could have them. I freaked out pulled my socks off and ran as fast as I could, it was bad enough I lost my shoes and now my socks too!

Girlfriends brother stole my shoes

Author – InugamyBarghest

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and her brother visited my apartment. He is 11 years old and he is a nice guy, I am in the living room talking about everyday things, which amused me and my girlfriend, but her brother did not, I saw in his face the infinite boredom. I proposed to go to my bedroom to play video games because I have an old Ps3 and a few games (my old and reliable ps3 = D), without thinking he accept, turned on my TV and my console, closed the door so it will not disturb, and. .. I went to my girlfriend to chat about interesting things. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž

Pass the time and it was time to leave, my girlfriend had a test the next day and I had to finish reviewing some subjects. She shouted to her brother from the living room to leave, she said goodbye. the apartment was for me alone again, I cleaned a little as usual, when I went to my bedroom, everything was normal but I felt a peculiar smell of feet that was not mine, I began to suspect, I looked for the source of the smell, when I Count, among my shoes I found a pair of nike shoes a little used, they were from my girlfriend’s brother, at that time I was wondering. If your shoes were in my room, how did he go home? I was missing.They were some vans shoes, when I found out I exploded in fury.

Few hours passed and I found myself on the sofa watching the news. Then I got a text message, it was from my girlfriend, she said:

“Thanks for lending me your vans, I explained to my sister, that you lent me your shoes, they fit me well so I’ll wear them for a while = P Bye” 

Damn bastard! I exclaimed. 

Finally the boy stayed with my vans shoes, fortunately we have the same size of feet. I usually use his nikes shoes to go jogging, they are very comfortable, and they smell great! ๐Ÿ˜

Target Theif

Author – shoelover

This happened awhile back but the walmart story gave me a flashback.  I was in the shoe/sneaker aisle and that day I wore my silver nikes, white socks, jeans, and a hoodie. I saw a pair of sneakers that I liked so I kicked off my silver nikes and tried on the sneakers.  I walked around in them leaving my nikes in the aisle and I abandoned them for a  few minutes thinking no one would want them hehehe. I kicked off the sneakers and decided to be daring and I walked around Target in just white socks hehehe. As I was leaving the area I noticed a middle aged woman grab my nikes and slip them on her feet.  I got a panic and I ran over to her and said “Um miss those are my sneakers”, she looked at me puzzled and said “No these are mine now, but you should invest in some shoes” and she ran off with them and the ones she walked in with.  I was left in my socks in the store never to see my nikes again.

Shuttle bus Shoeless

Author – Shoelover 

Today I went on the ferry bus shuttle and naturally I took my black Nike sneakers off because they were hurting my feet from walking in them all day. As I lied down on the cushioned seat, I paid no attention to the people ahead of me or behind me. Even if they did give me weird looks as I displayed my white socked feet hehe. Then the driver stopped short and my sneakers rolled to the front of the bus. I got nervous where they rolled to but I decided to look for them after the bus ride and when I looked around to the area where I thought they were,there was no sight of them! I got really excited now because now I had to walk to the ferry and walk around in my socks in unfamiliar parts of the city. It was embarrassing and I got a lot of snickers as I was walking around. I do have a funny suspicion the shuttle driver took my sneakers though.

Walmart stolen shoes

Author – Kamron 

This literally just happened to me tonite and it was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve experienced. I was in Walmart in the shoe section and I was trying on shoes. I left my shoes in a busy aisle and went to go browse the rest of the shoe aisles. I saw a group of Hispanic women going down the aisle I just came out of and left my shoes in. I didn’t think much of it and didn’t worry about it. I was in semi formal clothes with very thin white cable nit socks. I was patting around the floor and everyone who came by me stared at my stocking feet. Although people were trying shoes on, leaving your shoes behind isn’t always the best idea in a busy Walmart. Needless to say I finally go back to my shoes and one of them is missing… the Hispanic women are now hanging around the shoe section and just watching me. I wonder around a bit more and put on the only shoe I have left. Now I’m just wondering around the shoe section in one shoe and a filthy white sock. The Hispanic women are just staring at my one shoe state. Finally I muster up the balls and ask if they’ve seen an errant shoe and they say they’ve been sitting down the whole time and haven’t seen any shoes laying around. I wander around a bit more in my one shoe state, all the while my soles of my white socks have just blackened and the whole sock is just getting horribly discolored. The girls just stare harder as I walk back and forth. At this point I’m pretty sure they both took my loafer and are playing a prank. I ask them again if they are sure they didn’t see or take a loafer. After just giving everyone in the shoe section including the girls a sock show, I finally decide it’s time to leave and whoever snagged my loafer will have a smelly treat. I really hope it’s those girls and they were getting off just watching me frantically walk around with out my loafer. Hopefully they take big whiffs of my loafer ๐Ÿ™‚

A little swap

Author – InugamyBarghest

A ittle swap

It was in the summer of 2016, I had gone to the swimming pool, with some friends, one of them took his girlfriend too. She had some beautiful black Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers and they attracted me a lot. Time passed, the heat reached a Point to be unbearable, at that time my friends had gone swimming while I stayed to check if our belongings were still in place (yep, in that place they were stealing), at that time I used my flip flops, because the floor burned like the hell, suddenly approaches my friends girlfriend at full speed, because she was barefoot, she sits down and I keep looking, I look at her beautiful feet, and I say, the floor is very hot, to which she responds , it’s not easy when you do not have sandals, and I told her, because you do not have any, and she told me that the flip flops had been left in my friend’s house and the only thing she had to wear was her converse, I proposed that will borrow the her boyfriend, and she told me it was very difficult because he was 3 foot sizes bigger than her, I kept thinking about a curious thing, maybe it could work. I proposed borrowing my flip flops, she asked me, what size of feet are you? (I am a person with slightly small feet), 7 in man I said, she was surprised, I am also size 7! So she put on my flip flops, wow! your flip flops fit me perfectly she said , he liked my flip flpps so much that he asked me if he could stay for the day, and he dreamed it back to me, (at that moment he had it as hard as steel) I gladly accepted his request, but he asked me a question and I automatically asked him, hey If you will keep my flip flops, how the fuck do I go to my house?

She smiling, she says, if you want you can use my shoes, I know it will sound weird, but I do not want them to ruin my shoes so I ask you to use my socks. It was very hot, it was a dream come true, before continuing my day ” Normal “at the swimming pool with my friends, I went to a bathroom drawer that was nearby and I masturbate like never before.

Later we all had to go, my friend realized that his girlfriend was wearing my flip flops, but did not put much importance, I even found it funny, I quickly put her Converse and they felt very comfortable, I could even feel like the brand The toes printed on the sole were right on my fingers. Each one went home and I went all the way with a monstrous erection

One of the best experiences of my life … ๐Ÿ™‚