Shiny Whites

Author – Rico

I went to the movie theater with my Friend one evening and was wearing a pair of old trashed loafers. I had on very worn thin white socks. My feet sweat a lot so my socks get stained by dirt and the inside of my shoes so I get embarrassed when I have to take my shoes off in public or for anyone to see. I’m in the movie theater and I’m up all the way up top in the last row and I prop my feet up on the chair infront of me. A girl from school I recognize comes in and sits with her boyfriend in the row directly infront of me but a seat down from where my feet are propped . It was kinda embarrassing at first because my feet were really close to there face  but they didn’t say much. Didn’t really even acknowledge I was there. I never was very good Friends with this girl in school and that’s probably why she didn’t say much. But The movie started and as the theater got dark I suddenly heard the girl and the guy make comments to themselves about  my feet being to close to them. I let it slide and didn’t move my feet because I didn’t feel they were close enough to be bothering them. I kept on watching and the girls boyfriend joked about my loafers and how raggedy they looked. I didn’t mind much but i got uncomfortable when the boyfriend began pointing to them. She looked back at me and finally decided to scoot closer and look back at me and make a comment along the lines of “it’s rude to have your feet up in people’s faces like this” during the movie while it’s super loud . I didn’t feel like arguing so I ignored her and didn’t like that very much. I went to finally put my feet down and she grabbed one of my ankles and quickly and discreetly pulled off one of my loafers and scooted back over to her boyfriend. They both laughed historically as quietly as they could in the theater . I didn’t wanna make a Scene so I left it alone for a couple moments and was furious that she would take my shoe off my foot. My white sock was filthy jus sitting there on the sticky damp movie theater floor . She looked back at me several times and I could see her boyfriend clenching my loafer watching the movie. She had evidently handed it over to him…. He was pulling the shoe apart practically … I literally couldn’t believe it. I ended up waiting a couple more minutes before whispering to them to give me my shoe back because I was tired of being in public in one stocking foot. They joked and said that they don’t know where it was and that maybe I shouldnt have lost in first place. Finally as the movie was ending they got up right before the credits and hurried out.. Carrying my shoe … I tried to catch up to them but by the time I made it to the lobby they had left kus i couldn’t find them . People stared at my dirty white sock . I asked the girl about my shoe when we went back to school on Monday but she denied being at the movies.


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