The interview

Author – shoeless guy

The job vacancy was in an old accountancy firm. The owner, Charles Smith, was an old guy in his sixties and old fashioned in his ways. He liked all his staff to be smartly dressed at work. One of his mottos was ‘Judge a man by the shoes he wears’. If he looked after his shoes he had pride that surely reflects in everything including his job. The vacancy was for an office junior, ideal for someone nearing the end of their studies but wanted experience in the workplace. Unlike other interviews that would be staggered throughout the day Mr Smith wanted all candidates to attend at the same time. He could inspect their footwear before interviewing them, quickly eliminating anyone by the standard of their shoes.
There where five potential candidates, all males in their early twenties. First to arrive was Jake, 23, he was 6ft with short dark hair wearing a grey suit and black loafers. The secretary took his details and his C.V. she then asked him for his shoes. “What!” he said. “Mr Smith likes to inspect would be employees shoes, it gives him an impression of their owners” said the secretary. He reluctantly slipped off his loafers and handed them over. He was then asked to go wait in the corridor until called for. He left the secretary’s office and sat down in the corridor feeling uncomfortable as people walked by seeing him in his black socks. As he waited he watched another man walk along the corridor and enter the secretary’s office. His name was Nick, 25, blond shoulder length hair wearing light grey trousers and white shirt with grey tie and laced brown shoes. He left the office wearing light grey trousers, white shirt with grey tie but no shoes, he displayed a pink blushing face as he sat down near to Jake in his striped grey and black socks. Matt walked along the corridor in his blue suit and brown Oxford Brogues, he was also 25 with short fair hair. He saw Jake and Nick sitting in their socks, he thought it rather odd seeing two men sat there shoeless as he walked in to see the secretary. After giving his details he asked the secretary why there was two men sat outside the office in their socks. “Waiting to be interviewed” she said. “I need you to give me your shoes too” she added. “No way” said Matt. She insisted he give up his shoes or there would be no interview. Eventually he gave in to her demand and undid his laces, removed his shoes, handed them over and was instructed to join the others in the corridor. He walked out of the office and the two guys stared at his grey socked feet as he sat next to them. People constantly passed, they tried to hide their shoeless feet as far under their seats as possible. Paul was fourth to arrive, 20 years old, 5ft 10ft he was wearing a charcoal grey suit with old black leather brogues. He too stared at the guys sat in their socks as he entered the office, they reminded him of his school days sat outside the headteachers office, punished by having his shoes confiscated. His memories where further reignited as he exited the secretary’s office without his shoes. He sat next to the other guys in his black socks feeling like a naughty schoolboy once again. Finally the last guy arrived, Greg was 21, he walked along the corridor in beige trousers, blue shirt and tie, grey jacket and black loafers with toggles. He looked at the other guys, stared at their socked feet and had laughed at them as he entered the office. “Hope he’s here for an interview, the smug bastard” said Jake. “He won’t be laughing when he joins us” said Matt.
Greg handed his CV over to the Secretary and asked who where the clowns outside without shoes. His smug face changed when he was told to join them after he hands over his shoes. He reluctantly removed his shoes, gave them to the Secretary and walked out, the others sat there now with smug faces as he walked past them, red faced, in his beige socks and sat next to Matt.
The secretary gathered all the shoes and took them into the managers office and neatly placed them on a side table ready for inspection by Mr Smith. After his inspection and reading of the candidates CV’s the interviews where about to commence.
Jake was called into Mr Smiths office first. He walked shoeless in his suit and was asked to take a seat, he glanced over at the desk displaying his and the others shoes. He sat on a chair in the middle of the room, he felt the interview went well, he was then asked to collect his shoes from the table, he had to discuss his footwear. He was then asked to place his shoes back on the table and return to the other candidates. He walked back to the corridor in his socks. He told the others he must of given a good interview as he kept his shoes meaning he had to go back in again later for a further interview and to collect his shoes. Next went Nick, he also returned shoeless after his interview. In Matt’s interview he was asked about his brogues, he told Mr Smith they where new for the interview as his other dress shoes where scruffy for an interview. He too was asked to put them back on the table, he left the room shoeless. Paul looked over at everyones shoes as he entered the interview room. Nearly all new, some scuffed but none as old and worn as his black leather brogues. He told Mr Smith he had never been interviewed in his socks before and joked that it was like being back in the Headteachers office for punishment. He too picked up his shoes and described them as being old but wouldn’t buy any until they dropped of his feet. Expensive when new and he was gonna get his money’s worth out of them. He was asked to put them on and leave. He was told they’d be in touch to let him know about the job. The others saw him leave, “Never mind” said Greg as he waited for his interview. Greg was finally summonsed into his interview. He walked in his beige socks and sat in the middle of the room. He felt the interview wasn’t great but after being asked to return to the others shoeless he felt he’d done better than Paul who had gone home.
“I must of done well as he’s kept my shoes too” gloated Greg as he sat back down in the corridor in his socked feet. Jake sat there thinking how on earth can grown men be sat shoeless in a corridor and happy knowing somebody has kept their shoes from them. The four men sat there watching everyone go by staring at their shoeless feet for over an hour. Eventually the secretary asked them all to return to Mr Smiths office. They all walked back into the office in their socked feet, their shoes where no longer on the table. After another half hour Mr Smith returned and announced the vacancy had been filled but not by any of them. He explained that Paul got the job because although his shoes where old and worn he looked after them and understood the value of money. He told Jake that loafers where for lazy people, Nick was told his brown shoes where unprofessional and scuffed, no effort to polish them because they’re brown. Matt’s Oxford Brogues would of been better in black and buying new instead of cleaning old shoes shows no effort. “Who on earth wheres toggles on their shoes” said Mr Smith to Greg “Not businesslike and loafers too” he continued. “You’ve wasted our time” said Greg “You could of told us this in our interviews”. Mr Smith replied “You wasted my time coming here without putting in any effort, I would suggest next time you go into an interview you try harder at dressing better and wear shoes that are appropriate for the job”.
“Where are our inappropriate shoes” said Matt. They where told to collect them from reception on their way out. The four men rode the lift in their socks and waited in reception for Mr Smiths secretary to bring them an hour later. They had spent most of the day in an office block shoeless and where still jobless when they left the building.


The next day – part 2

Author – Jman

Adam and Taylor has been called up to the bench in the front of the class for talking. The bench is where students go to take off their shoes when they break the rules as the school takes the shoes of those who break the rules and auctions them off to get needed things for the school. Having to sit on a bench and take off your shoes in front of everybody, sign them and put them on shelf was designed to be a gesture of humility. The shoes on the shelf above the bench were also intended to be a warning for those who would break the rules. Adam and Taylor then began to unlace their boots which took a while because work boots have lots of laces to untie. Eventually the boots came off exposing white dirty socks visible for everyone to see.

As the two sockfooted students returned to their seats, Lisa’s cell phone went off in class. Lisa was told to come up to the desk and turn in her cellphone. As Lisa went back to her seat, the teacher said, “Are you not forgetting something?” Lisa then went to the bench and took off her high healed shoes and placed them on the shelf. The teacher then called the number on the cell phone and Bonnie’s cell phone when off. Bonnie was called to the bench and was told to take off and turn in her ugg boots along with her cellphone.

Class ended and the students went into the hall for their next class. Several students were in sock feet making it clear to everyone that they were rule violators. It was now time for geography class. Doug and Luke did not have their homework and they knew it so they both turned in their shoes to the teacher. Luke had brown loafers and Doug had tan skate shoes. Each were wearing white socks that seemed in good condition. They figured that since they were going to lose their shoes that they would cooperate and surrender theirs to the school. At least they would not have to face having to go to the bench and take off their shoes in front of everybody.

During the latter part of class, while everyone was supposed to be working quietly on their homework, Jason, Wendy and Cindy were talking. The teacher had said nothing. The bell rang and the class was excused for lunch as the class was being let out the teacher said, “Jason, Wendy and Cindy, you can have a seat on the bench and turn in your shoes since you were talking.” Off came Jason’s brown deck shoes, Cindy’s white flats and Wendy’s brown flats. Jason, Wendy and Cindy were normally well behaved students but broke the rules to day and as such they dreaded having other students and all the teachers seeing them in their sock feet and the whole school knowing they got in trouble.

How will the rest of their day go?

Shoeless after school

Author – Evan

This is something that happened way back in high school. After classes were over, I was hanging out with two friends in the theater in the building for a little bit. I kicked off my shoes and hung out with them at the theater seats for a little bit. Maybe about 5-10 minutes later, my friend Michael starts pulling ,e by the arm to web design club. About an hour later, I left the club and went to the bathroom. And thats when I looked down and saw my white nike crew socks and realized that I forgot to put my shoes back on. I ran back to the theater to get them, but when I went inside, there was a whole bunch of people and stuff in the theater. I moved around all the people and things to where I was sitting earlier and saw that my shoes were gone. A couple of rows down, I saw someone tossing my right shoe up and down. I ran to him, showing my shoeless feet sawing that he had my shoe. He gave it back, but he didnt know where the other shoe was. About 30 minutes of me hopping around the school, I eventually hopped my way outside and saw my shoe tucked under a bush by the door

The next day

Author – Jman

It was the next day. In the school office they were taking pictures of the 32 pairs of shoes that students had to hand over to the school for breaking the rules. The pictures would be posted on line so students could see the shoes that were going to be auctioned off at the end of the week.

Students were heading to class and Jordan and Leah, who had lockers next to each other, were talking. Jordan reached into his school bag and realized he did not have his first hour book and a look of frustration came on his face. Leah noticed this and said “I can loan you mine since I don’t have this same class until later today.” Jordan said, “No, that’s okay, I’ll just give up my shoes [which were white and orange tennis shoes].” As Jordan walked to class he kept staring at his tennis shoes and then with a sigh entered the classroom knowing the fate that awaited him and his shoes. He decided not to make a fuss but sat down on the bench and took off his sneakers, “I forgot my book, here are my shoes,” he said. The teacher was impressed with his honesty and cooperation in this situation. “Thank you for being honest,” she said, “I really feel bad about taking your shoes from you.” Jordan chuckled, “Then don’t.” The teacher replied, “But I have to take them because rules are rules.” Jordan then signed his sneakers and put them on the shelf.

Kurt was walking into class just as the bell started ringing. “Kurt, before you go to your seat, go to the bench and take off your shoes.” Kurt replied, “But I was in the room when the bell rang,” The teacher replied, “You are to be in your seat when the bell rings. Shoes off now!” Kurt removed his white basketball shoes with the red stripes, signed them and placed them on the bench.

Then it was time to start class. The teacher did a pencil check to make sure that everyone had a pencil. Josh did not have his pencil that day and so the teacher demanded his shoes. He took of his white low top Addidas and gave them to the teacher. Josh decided to make the most out of losing his shoes and put his white socked feet on top of his desk which the teacher did not like.

The teacher went to Andy’s desk. Andy did not have a pencil. He took off his black skate shoes and said, “Here, take my shoes.” Devon, wearing red sneakers, also did not have a pencil, took off his shoes and said, “Here are mine as well.” They figured it was pointless to fight a losing battle.

Lance, Kyle and Austin also did not have a pencil. The teacher asked them to hold up their pencils or take off their shoes. They put up a fight but eventually their shoes came off as well.

Finally the lecture started yet Adam and Taylor felt the need to talk. The teacher told them that they could continues their conversation at the bench as they took off their shoes. Each of them were wearing work boots. Jokingly they said, “Are you really sure that you want our shoes.” The teacher replied, “No, I want you to follow the rules but since you don’t then I have to take your boots. Put them on the shelf.”

So far that is 41 pairs of shoes that have been handed over to the school. Will anyone have shoes left when this all done?

Still more shoes for the auction

Author -jman

David and Jake were playing basketball on the gym floor wearing cowboy boots. If they were caught they would have to give up their boots. Against the advice of their classmates they would not take off their boots. David ‘s boots were tan and Jake’s boots were black. Afternoon break was over and David and Jake still had their boots because they had not yet been caught. Once they were seated in class, they were called to the principal’s office.

When they got there the principal said, “I would like to show you a video.” He showed them a video taken by a security camera in the gym showing the two boys wearing cowboy boots on the gym floor. The cameras were paid for from the proceeds from previous shoe auctions. The principal asked David why he did not take off his boots. David said that he did not want to. The principal then said, “Well. you are going to be taking them off now.” He then said to Jake, “You had your boots off and then you put them back on and went on the floor, why?” Jake replied, “David has his on so I put mine on also.” The principal replied, “Well, this time, when you take off your boots you won’t be putting them back on. Let have the boots, boys.” Both boys took off their boots, signed them and placed them next to the four pair of deck shoes that were forfeited in the gym earlier this day.

The boys returned back to class in their socks. Also in socks were Bob and Lori. They lost their shoes for mouthing off to the teacher. Bob had skate shoes and Lori had black and purple low top sneakers.

When the day was over there were 32 pairs of shoes to be auctioned off which is high for one day. That is common at the start of the school year. Later on shoe forfeitures drop as students start to obey the rules after getting tired of always having to buy new shoes. Most pairs sell for $15 to $25. The highest a pair went for was $110. They were lost by a popular student for being late to class. Even the old worn-our shoes still go for a small price. Students buy them in the event they lose their shoes. This way they don’t have to pay way more for new shoes. This shoe auction should bring in about $900 to be used for major repairs and new technology.

Now 32 students are going home in socks, having to explain where there shoes are.

More shoes for the auction

Author – Jman

At our school, when students break the rules the school takes possession of their shoes. Every Friday the forfeited shoes from the past week are auctioned off. So far today 14 students have forfeited their shoes to the school. Six of those were during lunch hour. During lunch hour many students go to the gym to play basketball. David, Steve, Terry and Jared were in the gym shooting hoops. Instead of the proper gym shoes David and Steve were wearing tan deck shoes on the gym floor and Terry and Jared were wearing brown deck shoes. The coach walked into the gym and spotted the four boys in street shoes. He came up to them and asked them, “What happens when you wear deck shoes on the gym floor?” “You spend the rest of the day in your socks.” The coach took the shoes from the boys and yet they took it in stride and continued playing their game in their stocking feet. Jared had already lost two pairs of shoes for wearing them on the gym floor.

The bell rang and the afternoon class session started. Sally, Leanne, Michelle, Julie and Sabrina all came to class late. They apologized to the teacher for being late. They had gone off campus to lunch and did not get back on time. The teacher said to them, “I hope it was a good lunch because it is going to cost you your shoes.” The five girls took off their shoes. Leanne had flats. The other four were wearing sneakers. Sally, Michelle, Leanne, Julie and Sabrina were all sockies so they did not mind losing their shoes. This was the second pair of shoes that Michelle lost. She already lost a pair for not being prepared for class and dreaded having to explain to her mother why she was coming home with no shoes on.

A few minutes later Eric walked into class. He was wearing brown cowboy boots with black heels. Normally he wore high top tennis shoes but he lost his shoes for talking in class. Eric tried to sneak into class but his boots made too much noise. “Nice you could join us,” the teacher said to Eric. “Cowboy boots do make allot of noise, but lucky for you socks don’t so you might have better luck sneaking into your next class. Let’s have the boots.” Eric sighed with frustration, took of his cowboy boots, signed them, (Those who forfeit their shoes have to write their names on them in magic marker to identify themselves as the shoes former owner because anyone who lost shoes during the week cannot bid in that weeks shoe auction.), and placed them on the shelf next to the other pairs, the boots being the most noticeable pair on the shelf.

The bell rang and it was now time for afternoon break. Jason, Jake, David and Eric decided to go the gym and play basketball. Jason, David and Jake were wearing cowboy boots. Eric was in his socks since he lost his cowboy boots. When the four arrived at the gym Jake and Jason took off their boots before going onto the gym floor. David did not. Jason and Eric suggested that David remove his boots. David would not. Jason reminded them that so far 24 people have already lost their shoes. David did not care. He was not going to take off his boots. Later on Jake put his boots back on. Eric asked him if he was leaving, “No,” Jake said, “I am just putting my boots back on.” Following Jim’s lead, he then continue to play basketball in his black cowboy boots. The bell rang for the next class. No cowboy boots were lost. Then an announcement was made for David and Jim to come to the principal’s office.

Eight pairs in one class extra

Author – shoelossfan

After lunch we find Alex sitting himself down in the science classroom for his first afternoon period, he was slightly concerned after seeing just how many of his classmates were in their socked feet already. But to be fair he had little to worry about as since the new rules went into effect he had done everything he can to be a model student at this school, and hasn’t even lost a pair of shoes yet. Alex himself was currently clad in his normal outfit which included his red t-shirt, black jacket, black pants and on his feet were his favorite black sneakers with red outlines and laces that he kept in near perfect condition.

With the teacher walking in after his lunch Alex knew class had started so he got his homework out like any other good student, and waited for the teacher to come and grab it. While the teacher started to make his way through the classroom Alex heard him ask stopping in front of a desk belonging to a Female student named Kasandra. “Where is your homework Kasandra?”

“Look sir it’s not my fault I thought I had it on me when I came into the classroom.” Kasandra admitted before the teacher said in a rather stern tone as he took a magic marker out of his pocket. “Yeah well you know the rules go sit down at the bench and take off your shoes.”

Kasandra sighed as he got up form her desk slowly and walked over to the bench, Slipping off her cherry red Mary janes off her white socked, as another boy named Eliot who was sitting a row behind Kasandra chuckled as he watched the girl write her name on the toes of the janes before getting up and standing on her tip toes to place them onto the shelve that had several other pairs already there waiting for the upcoming auction. Of course, the 40’s something teacher heard Eliot’s chuckling before stating. “If you think it’s so funny then you can go sit down and take off your shoes too Eliot.”

“y…Yes sir…” Eliot said not wanting to argue as Alex watched at the boy got up form his desk and sat on the bench, before he undid the laces of his brand new looking Nike all-stars. The teacher commented as he walked back to his desk after getting the last few homework papers, as Eliot put his name onto the toes of each sneaker. “I bet those will fetch a huge price at the auction.”

Eliot said nothing as he placed the Nikes onto the shelf next to Kasandra’s Janes before walking back to his seat, his feet clad only in his black socks that were partly hidden thanks to his baggy jeans. With two shoes already forfeited class started while Alex and his classmates started to take notes.


Later as class continued Alex felt a kicking against the back of his sneakers from Mathew who sat behind Alex, who was normally a bit of a normal student, though today he seamed to trying to annoy Alex who didn’t say anything and figured that Mathew would get noticed sooner or later by the teacher. Though after a minute or two Alex had just about enough as he looked back at Mathew and asked in a quiet tone so he wouldn’t be noticed. “Look just knock it off already.”

But Mathew said nothing as he just continued to kick Alex who had already looked back towards the teacher since he didn’t want to be noticed, noticing the teacher look away from the class for a second Alex looked back again and asked in a polite manner but not as quiet as before. “Look just cut it out, all your going to do is get yourself in trouble.”

“Something you want to share with the rest of the class Alex?” The teacher asked in annoyed tone of his own, making Alex’s blood pretty much freeze before Alex looked forward and answered the teacher. “Yes sir Mathew here has been kicking me for the last few minutes.”

“Is that so, Mathew come up here and sit on the bench, same for you Alex.” The teacher quickly said as Mathew got up from his desk without trouble before Alex exclaimed. “wait what? But why I did nothing wrong?”

“Yes you did Alex, you talked in the middle of class, and now you’re talking back to me” The teacher corrected with Alex grumbling to himself as he got up from his desk and walked to the front of the classroom, sitting down at the bench under the shoe shelf that Mathew was already sitting at before the teacher handed both boys a magic marker each before he said. “Now take off your shoes please.”

“Yes sir…” Mathew said as he reached down and started to untie the black laces of his white skate shoes before Alex pleaded with the teacher. “Look I’m sorry for speaking out in class please don’t make me take off my shoes!”

“Look rules are rules and you broke them now take them off.” The teacher exclaimed getting annoyed with Alex who just moaned sadly as he slowly reached down and undid his black sneakers red laces. As Mathew had taken off his skate sneakers and wrote his name on the toes of them with the marker, before standing up in his white Hanes socks with gray at the toes and heels and setting his sneakers on the shelf next to the others.

Alex however Took another minute before he slipped his black sneakers with red laces and highlights off his red socked feet with black at the toes and heels. Picking the shoe sup Alex wrote his name on the toes of each sneaker before setting them up on the shelf next to Mathews. Once done both boys walked back to their desks in their socked feet, with Alex quite upset to have lost his sneakers while Mathew snickered under his breath since he must have known just how much Alex loved those sneakers.

After class the four shoeless students left with the rest of their class to head to next period, Kasandra wasn’t too upset to have lost her janes it seemed, while Eliot looked quite upset since he just got those all star Nikes as a birthday gift last week. Meanwhile Mathew really didn’t really seam to care what so ever about the loss of his sneakers and most likely wanted to lose them anyway. While Alex was quite upset and uneasy walking out of the classroom without his shoes, he looked back into the classroom one last time towards the shelf at wat was formerly his sneakers, knowing most likely someone else would by them for a good price at the upcoming auction. And with no other shoes on hand Alex was stuck for the new few days coming and going to school shoeless until his sister could get him a new pair.

And now with 18 pairs forfeited for the auction. How many more will be added to that during the rest of the day?

(authors note: before you ask I am just making this as an extra to jmans story as it came to mind while I read it, I love your storys and shoe loss happens jman and I hope to see more from you in the future.)