Shoe fallen down a cliff

Author – Andrew86

Today me and a friend of mine decided to go for a walk on a little mount near home, we thought that some activity would be good for us after eating a lot during the Christmas days. It was a beautiful day, quite warm considering the wintertime. Going up to the top of the mount on the ground there were several leaves fallen during autumn, a little damp due to the dew and the rain that has fallen in recent days. At a certain point, the path became narrow and on the right there was a steep slope. In fact, there was a protective barrier along the path. Since the path was narrow, I walked ahead and my friend followed behind me. Suddenly my friend accidentally steps on my right foot and I lose my grey vans, exposing my black and grey striped sock. As if that was not enough, my friend hit my shoe and, not even having the time to react, the shoe flew down the cliff. My friend started laughing but it wasn’t a very funny situation for me. Retrieving the shoe was impossible! He found it amusing and he also took a couple of photo. Unfortunately, the way to go home was still so long, nearly an hour of walking. I had to walk with only one shoe and a sock that got completely wet along the way. Luckily there were not many people on the path, we only met a couple of tourists who looked curiously at my poor dirty sock.

“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this”

Author – Derek

“Derek”, a boy from a younger class poked his head round the door into the third form’s classroom. “Derek, Mr. Hunter would like to see you”
It was Derek’s first year in this private school. His father had started a new job with a large company, and the company were corporate sponsors of a large private school, so Derek’s tuition had for the school had been a part of the renumeration package. And it was very different from his previous school. In his previous school the boys had worn whatever they wanted, normally wearing jeans and sneakers while this school had uniform black blazers and trousers – basically a suit – with a blue or white shirt and matching tie, with school shoes. Although Derek had found it a bit uncomfortable at first – especially the footwear – he was starting to enjoy walking around like a businessman.
Derek went along to Mr. Hunter’s office. This too was a far cry from his previous school experience. While his previous headmaster was a red faced surly fellow, full of sarcastic insults and rude monikers, Mr. Hunter was a soft spoken fellow.
“Derek,” Mr. Hunter asked “Please bring your sports kit.”
Derek wasn’t sure what was happening, but he went to fetch the kit nonetheless. Did Mr. hunter suspect that he was keeping something wrong in his kit?
He returned to the office, where he was told to put his kit in the corner. “Now bring a chair round here.” Instructed Mr. Hunter.
Derek did as told and sat down next to the headmaster – a far cry from his previous school where the headmaster had always screamed at them from over the desk.
Mr. Hunter opened a ledger, where he showed Derek the black marks against him, patiently telling showing him which teachers’ homework he had missed, when he had come late etc… Derek nodded. He knew the rules. Eight black marks and he would be given rubbish duty.
But he was surprised at what was coming. Mr. Hunter opened another ledger, pointed to a line and told Derek to read it out loud.
Derek read. “If a pupil is assigned rubbish duty a third time in one term, he shall do it without footwear. His footwear will be returned to him at the end of the following school day.” Derek felt his face go white. In his previous school he had lost his sneakers a couple of times, but for relatively short amounts of time. Now he was talking about a whole day, plus cleaning up the schoolyard.
Mr. Hunter asked Derek to lift his feet. To his amazement Mr. hunter undid his laces and then put Derek’s black socked feet on his lap. Derek felt himself grow hot and cold as the headmaster did this.
“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this” Mr. hunter said. “it is probably more difficult for me than it is for you” Derek doubted it but he was grateful for the sympathy. Then Mr. Hunter continued “thankfully it is already December so I assume this will be the only time I have to do it this term.” Derek blushed, realizing that the headmaster had politely told him that he was the only pupil to have received twenty four black marks since September.

Derek returned to the classroom shoeless. The corridors were tiled and were cold, if not uncomfortable. The classroom was carpeted with carpet tile, which were abrasive rather than comfortable, but above all Derek felt he would die from humiliation.
It was almost the end of the schoolday and after a short while the bell rang. Derek remained seated for a few minutes, hoping that less people would notice his socks. After a few minutes when he felt confident that there would be less pupils in the corridors, he rose and went to the janitor’s room.
The janitor, a jolly fellow known as Mike was expecting him. “Ooh, we’re in socks today,” he said playfully pressing his heavy boots onto Derek’s toes. “Such fun” He handed Derek a broom and followed him to the classroom.
Derek knew the procedure. First he lifted all the chairs onto the desk then he swept the floor, and then vacuumed. Then he swept the corridors, leaving them for Mike to mop. Finally time to do the schoolyard. With little choice he walked out onto the gravel, feeling every pebble through his black socks. Wearing gloves he collected all the wrappers and put them into garbage bags, then he fetched the raked and gathered the leaves. Finally finished he returned to Mike.
He then left the school grounds and walked to the nearby tube station, where he had to travel a couple of stops to get home. He felt embarrassed of the passengers, although there were only a few, and incongruous in his expensive suit without shoes. He alighted the train at his stop, secretly praying that he wouldn’t meet any boys from his previous school. They had anyway started acting a bit like bullies, and mike was scared of what might happe if they would meet him without shoes. Thankfully he met no one.
He wandered into his home, acting innocent. Thankfully his father wasn’t around, and his mother was in the kitchen, and she didn’t notice him until he came in to the kitchen, so she was sure that he had simply taken his shoes off when he came in.
His mother told him that she was going to visit an aunt of hers, but Derek excused himself as having too much homework. Since homework was very important to his mother – especially due to the massive gap between his previous school and his present one, – she didn’t press the issue, and Derek remained home by himself.

The following morning he made sure to arrive early in school, reckoning that that way he could get to his desk without anyone noticing his socks. He survived the first two periods and recess, and a short while into the third period he received a message to go to Mr. Hunter’s office again. He felt his heart thumping, although he knew that he had done nothing wrong since yesterday.
He came to the office where he found Mr. Hunter in his normal soft spoken mood. After telling Derek to bring a chiar round next to him, he said “Mike said that you did a mighty good job yesterday.” He asked for his feet. “I hope you feet survived their ordeal.” He said, before reaching for Derek’s shoes and putting them on. He told Derek to tie his laces, and then commented “Nice pair of shoes you have there.” He paused a minute and then added, “you are such a good boy, it’s a pity such things have to happen.” For everyone’s sake try to keep out of trouble.”

Derek’s shoes:

YouTube library meet up PT.2

Author – shoelover

I went looking through my email again to find that guy that stole my shoes previously. I emailed him back saying that I would love to do more with him stealing my shoes and socks. So we made plans again and this time he told me to go to my closest Target store. So I went to Target wearing my usual footwear attire, black nikes and white socks. I get another email from him telling me that he sees me and wants me to leave my shoes on a shelf and walk away in my white socks. So I did as he told me to do so I walked around the store casually with people giving me funny glances. I decided to go back to where I left my shoes. And I started to panic, he stole my shoes! I ask one of the ladies if they found a pair of nikes and when she checked around, she came back giggling and said no. I walked home excited thinking what that man was going to do with my smelly nikes. At least he didn’t steal my white socks haha.

Shoes sucked off

Author – Lucylex

I went to a concert the other night and needless to say it was packed because of the holidays. I had to travel into the city and I rode the metro in. I was playing with my loose loafers the whole ride there. They slip on and off so easily and it’s tempting just to rest my feet out of my shoes sometimes. I made it into the city and made it to the venue where the show was and the place was filled from back to front. I made my way in and realized I was going to be struggling to move around in such a place and I was getting afraid someone might step on the back off my shoes or I would do that to someone else. I slowly fit myself into a nice area semi up front and watched as the show started. It was a rock show and people were starting to get roudy. People were bumping me and I was losing my balance and getting pushed around, not to mention the floors were sooo sticky every step I took it felt like I was stepping out of my shoes. It got so uncomfortable I was just going to make my way back to the bar when I got pushed and fully lost my balance stepping into a couple other people. I felt someone step on my left heel and my socked foot popped out of my shoe. I caught my balance but the flow of people pushed me towards the back of the venue and I slowly made it toward the bar. I realized I had lost my loafer in the scuffle and didn’t see it anywhere!! I scanned the floor as best I could but it was pitch black practically and I had been pushed to the back. My exposed white sock was getting Dirty and damp from the sticky venue floor and i was freaking out now that I couldn’t find my other shoe. I didn’t want to look anyone in the face but I could feel some stares coming from people walking by. I gave up trying to find my loafer and made my way to the bathroom area. Some girls made remarks about my Cinderella state and I could tel they were wondering what happened to my shoe saying things like “uh oh looks like someone got there shoe snagged” and laughing. I was ready to leave but I had taken the metro and it was going to be a long ride home with an exposed stocking foot.

The Gym

Author – Micky

I worked evenings at a local gym whilst at University. Another student about my age used the gym most evenings, his name is Jay, he was about 6ft with blond hair and quite athletic in build. The reason for noticing him was his very distinctive blue Asics running shoes with orange soles which he always left on the locker room floor when he used the wet rooms after his workout. Everytime I seen him in the jacuzzi I would check the locker room and his shoes would be on a bench. It was if he wanted them to be taken.
One particular night it was busier than normal and I was on reception when Jay approached and asked if anyone had handed in any trainers. His face was red with embarrassment as he stood in his size 11 white socked feet. I asked if his locker had been robbed, he told me he had accidentally forgot to put them in his locker. My suspicions where correct, he secretly wanted them to be taken as there was nothing accidental about leaving them on a bench every night. Tonight he got what he wanted but now he was embarrassed by his shoeless predicament of his own making. I checked ‘lost property’ to no avail. My only other suggestion was that someone may of put them in another locker as a prank, I told him I do a locker sweep at closing time if he wanted to wait, which he did. He sat in his socked feet for over an hour in reception until the gym closed. I gave him the bad news that all the lockers where empty.
We left the gym together and got the same bus, his embarrassment continued as more students on the bus laughed at his now very dirty white socks. He actually lived in the same student accommodation block as me. I watched him climb the stairs in his dirty socks as I went to my room and removed a pair of size 11 blue Asics trainers with orange soles from my bag.

The Great Shoe Robbery – pt2

Author – Micky

The angry pals walked along the cold pavement in their socked feet as the mini bus reappeared. Brian stopped and told them to get in. He was laughing “It’s not fucking funny” shouted Archie as they put on their trainers. Brian said “I had to check if the toy gun was convincing, it worked well dumping you two in the street in your socks”. He dropped them off around the corner from the arranged meeting point and told them to join the others, after 10 minutes he would pick them all up.
Archie sat up front next to Brian, Franky and the six United supporters all wearing their smart gear and trainers climbed into the back.
They where loud, Brian asked them to be quiet, one of them called Mac shouted “Just fucking drive” the others laughed even louder as they cracked open cans of beer, Franky chatted away with them.
Stopping at a service area, the United fans went to the toilets. Brian said the robbery was off because Franky talked too much about himself, “They practically know where you live” he said. Then Brian suggested they pretend to be victims too. Archie wanted the pleasure of robbing them of their shoes and leaving them stranded. Having his shoes taken too would kill the enjoyment and he didn’t want to spend more time with those guys than necessary, plus they hardly knew Brian, could they trust him. Franky was keen so Archie reluctantly agreed to follow the new plan.

With all the loud behaviour they hadn’t noticed the minibus leave the motorway. It was only when the minibus stopped and a gun pointed at Archies head that they all became quiet.
“Do as your told or blond guy here gets a bullet in his head” said Brian as he told Franky to bind Archies hands behind him. Archie was furious, being tied up wasn’t part of the plan but he couldn’t say anything. The cable tie was heavy duty, once fastened it wasn’t coming off without being cut. Franky then refastened Archies seat belt leaving him totally immobile. He was a sitting duck, he knew and so did everyone else. “If you all obey then there will be no need to shoot or tie anyone else up” he said.
He then gave Franky a plastic bag and told everyone to empty their pockets and place everything in the bag. Franky was nervous as they where only supposed to be stealing their shoes and nothing else, Archie was furious but there was nothing he could do. Mac shouted at Brian “You can’t fucking do this”. He warned Mac to shut up or he’d be tied up too.
Franky gave the bag now full of chains, watches, wallets and phones to Brian. “Right guys one last thing before you all get out of the minibus, those nice expensive trainers your all wearing, take them off.” The six United supporters looked at each other then down at their shoes. Again Mac couldn’t resist opening his mouth “No fucking way are you taking my shoes”. Brian pointed the gun at him “Yes I am” he replied. He shouted “Take off your fucking shoes now”. The smell of new trainers and warm feet filled the minibus as the guys removed their shoes. Franky passed them all forward as Brian placed them between the dashboard and windscreen. There was a variety of colours and brands. Adidas, Nike, New Balance. Brian said there was only five pairs and demanded the other two pairs. Franky and Mac where still wearing their trainers, after a few moments the youngest lad on the bus, Richard, 17, grabbed hold of Macs feet lifted them in the air and pulled the Red Adidas trainers off the mouthy guys feet revealling red football socks. He threw the trainers towards the windscreen. The teenager sat shaking in his black socked feet that where once shod with the grey New Balance trainers that where now on the dashboard.
Franky was still wearing his blue Adidas Classics, if he acted reluctant like Mac nobody would suspect him of assisting in the robbery. Then suddenly another guy called Jake grabbed his feet and pulled off his trainers and gave them to Brian. Everyone in the rear seats where ordered to get out of the minibus. “You can’t fucking leave us in the middle of nowhere in socked feet” shouted Mac. Brian pointed the gun and said “Yes I can”. For the second time today Franky stood in the road without shoes on his feet.
The seven shoeless guys where left stranded on the quiet country lane as Brian drove off with Archie still tied up in the front.
Archie asked to be untied, Brian refused telling him he would be dumped in the next lay by minus his shoes and belongings too for authenticity.
They passed a broken down van and further along the road it’s occupants, two workmen stood in the road causing Brian to stop. They asked for a lift as they had no phone signal to summon help.
They noticed Archie tied up, Brian pointed his gun…..

To be continued.

Sneaking out of school

Author – AJ

A bar room brawl erupted, everyone got arrested including me, wrong time, wrong place. Taken to jail in handcuffs was scary having never been arrested before. All my stuff got confiscated and I was taken to a cell where they stripped me of my Adidas trainers leaving me standing in my socked feet as they locked me inside. I walked around the cell in my socked feet, having my shoes confiscated brought back memories of my teenage years at school when me and my best mate Glen regularly sneaked out of school after registration. We often went to the seafront arcades to have some fun. Our absence went unnoticed until one day a fire drill and register check caught us out, we got punished with detention. A few weeks later we where caught sneaking out again and given more detention. We where warned that preventative measures would be used if we absconded again. One warm sunny day we did sneak out again but we got caught at the school gates. In the Headteachers office we expected to get more detention until the headteacher said “Take off your shoes”. We couldn’t be trusted anymore, so to prevent us from leaving the building during school hours our shoes would be confiscated. With great reluctance and embarrassment we took off our shoes and handed them over. We walked to our first lesson in our socks, being late everyone noticed that we where missing our shoes, the class where laughing, my embarrassment was overwhelming, as if I was naked. This shoe confiscation punishment was new, so two 16 year old boys walking around in their socks became the talk of the school. Every day having to give up our shoes, every lesson in socked feet, every lunchtime avoiding our feet getting stood on as we queued for food. It was humiliating but we became quite infamous. At the end of each day we had to wait outside the Headteachers office to retrieve our shoes. Standing shoeless in the corridor became a pain as the younger kids deliberately walked by for their own amusement just to see us older students standing in our socks. As teenagers, trying to act cool was never going to happen being without shoes. Our punishment lasted til the end of that term. We didn’t sneak out again. After spending the night in the cells I was released without charge. My property and trainers where returned. As I put on my shoes I thought no matter what age you are, young or old, you can still get your shoes confiscated.