Boat shoes

Author – Mike

I attended college in a town that was close to the sea, and I had a rich friend who would often throw parties at the yacht club. This happened at one of these parties. That day I was wearing my worn and loose Adidas Stan smiths with black no-show socks, I had been wearing those shoes for years and hardly ever took them off unless I had to.  The day was clear so I was outside, playing with my sneakers as I relaxed. This blonde guy comes up with a bunch of friends wearing a hot pair of navy blue Sperrys with white laces, I could tell that he had difficulty keeping them on his feet and his white no-show socks popped out of the loose boat shoes every time he took a step. The shoes looked pretty worn, the leather seemed old and the soles were all flat. I knew I had to have those shoes and the rest of the evening I just kept thinking of how I could get my feet into those worn boat shoes.
My chance came soon enough when the host started moving the party over to his yacht. Man, rich frat boys with their boats. The host was pretty protective of his yacht’s wooden flooring, so people had to take their shoes off and leave them at a designated area before boarding the yacht. The boat itself was pretty small, but blonde guy wanted to get on, so his friends and he stepped out of their shoes and left them on the pier before getting on the yacht. Now, with him on the boat and the worn Sperrys left unguarded, it was time for me to grab those shoes.
Looking around I saw that no one was nearby or watching the shoe area except me, so I slid off my sneakers and left them by the side, before slipping my feet into the loose shoes. I couldn’t believe my luck, they were so comfortable, just the right size and fit my feet perfectly. I went back to the clubhouse and took my new shoes off before hiding them in some bushes and going back to the deck to board the yacht. We had a couple drinks on board, played some games, bummed around, then got off when we got bored. As all of us left the yacht we went to put our shoes on and of course blonde guy’s boat shoes were nowhere to be found. He asked if anyone had seen his shoes but no one had seen me putting the boat shoes on, so he had no choice but to leave in his white socks. His socks were so nice that I was dreaming of them being in my sneakers… I offered to lend my shoes to him, saying that it was fine as I was in black socks and he accepted, saying that he really did not want to get his socks dirty. He stuck his feet into my sneakers and I got hot and cold at the same time just seeing someone else in my shoes. I reminded him to return my sneakers later and got them back just as he was leaving early. Said he had to get himself a new pair of shoes now before the shops closed and was pretty upset about losing his favorite pair of shoes. He did not manage to find where I had hidden the boat shoes and left in his white socks. The rest of the evening my sneakers had no chance of staying on my feet as I just kept thinking about the Sperrys I had hidden in the bushes.
As the sun set and more and more people started to drink, I knew it was time to leave, so I got my bag, said my goodbyes and left to retrieve my new shoes from the bushes. When the coast was clear, I took my sneakers off and put them in my bag, before stepping into the worn boat shoes. I probably should have tied them tighter before I left, the shoes kept slipping off my feet and clacking against the sidewalk as I made my way back home.

Twocking Hardcourts

Author – Tealeaf

I live in a Victorian terrace where car parking is at a premium. So I usually notice when random cars turn up and park for several days without moving.

One day such a car did turn up. It was a old, beat up, small car. And It just sat there for a few days, irritating me. After a few days I walked past it and, as is my usual custom, I had a look through the windows to see if there is anything interesting.

I noticed immediately that the driver had left their window open, and almost as quickly I saw some Adidas Hardcourt down by the pedals. Nicely worn, but not trashed.

I had wanted some Hardcourts for ages, ever since I started passing proper fit scally lad wearing them while waiting at the bus stop in the morning. And here was a pair tempting me.

The road was quite busy, so I carried on walking and went to work, spending the day thinking of them. And I came up with a plan. I was going to the pub a couple of days later, so I would walk past the car on the way back, when it was dark, and take them. Hopefully the car would still be there.

The day came, I went to the pub, the plan in the forefront of my mind. However, in my drunken stupor, I entirely forgot about them on the way home.

Next morning, I woke up and remembered my plan. Surely the car wouldn’t still be there next week for my next pub visit. I went out of the house to go to work. The road was quiet – too early for parents to be dropping their kids off for school, so I walked up to the car. The only person visible was a taxi driver sorting out his car.

With a smooth movement I reached in, grabbed the Hardcourts, and walked back to my car. I suspect the taxt driver saw me, but didn’t react. I got into my car and could inspect my new pickups properly. They were my size! They went straight onto my feet and they felt amazing. They were so worn and soft, they molded themselves to my feet perfectly. They were so good I wore them all day at work.

A couple of days later the car vanished. I never did see the owner. But I know that he had great taste in kicks.

College osiris

Author – Jonathan

Being the Brainiac type I was normally the first one people would seek out for homework or test help. In college this was normally appreciated because most of the kids would party on the weekends and some weeknights, but I would be in my dorm room studying, tutoring, or just watching TV. Underneath my bunkbed I had a chest and inside this chest was my sneaker collection. I never had any new kicks because ever since high school the kicks I owned used to belong to fellow students. Some I would buy off of them, others I would grab when I can. Always calculating the perfect opportunity to grab some kicks that would fit me. This was the end of the semester and Jacob my dorm mate asked if I wanted to go to a F the finals party. Names these kids come up with, ha.  Anyway, I said no because I was having difficulties understanding matrices and I needed to study. He said if I change my mind, he is going with another student he met with in motorcycle club. My roommate was always tinkering with cars and bikes and always coming back dirty as hell. I would have taken his kicks, but he wore size 9 New Balance and it always reminded me of my dad’s kicks and I am a SZ 12. So, there I was studying math when a knock came at the door. Jacob answered it and there stood the hottest guy I’ve seen in a long time. So, here is Benjamin I thought, I almost went back to my work when I looked down and saw him wearing a trashed pair of Osiris NYC in a grungy style. It piqued my interest and I told Jacob to hold up and that I would go to this party. Benjamin was a nice guy and actually owned his own motorcycle. Since there were three of us, we had to take my car to this party as I promised I would be the DD. We got there and the party was already underway. Benjamin headed straight to the kitchen to grab a drink and Jacob went outside to the back because he saw this girl he knew and wanted to talk to. It was a house with a backyard pool. Ah, living in Florida. The host was some drunk guy by the name of Tim. He placed a beer in my hand and told me he would show me around. I said sure cause I wanted to see where people could possibly leave their shoes. Tim told me that the third bedroom was for clothes and shoes for all the people swimming, bedroom two was a necktie room meaning if you see a necktie around the door. Do not enter as some fun is going on. The first bedroom was a pass out room, so Tim put it. If you are too drunk, you can pass out there. I thanked Tim and mingled my way around. I saw some guys wearing Nikes and a few wearing some Adidas Boost. I saw Jordan’s and a pair of Yeezys. Most looked too small and the ones that I did want I could not find a way to grab them. I kept thinking oh why oh why couldn’t these people go swimming. I went into bedroom three and I saw mostly girl shoes and 2 small pairs of Asics. Nothing to go gaga about. Jacob approached me at 3 am and asked if I’ve seen Benjamin. I told him that the last time I saw him was half an hour ago talking to some girl. Tim overheard and told Jacob and I that he was in the second bedroom with Marissa. I was like dam she was lucky. Jacob said that he was ready to go and if he could just sit in the car to wait. I was like okay sure. Twenty minutes passed and the living room was quiet, even the pool had only one person in it. People were either passed out or had left. I could hear through that bedroom door that more fun was still going on. So, I sat down on the couch. In the corner of the room I saw something familiar. A pair of Osiris NYC that I had eyed earlier. I was like hot dam here’s my chance. I found a bag and put them in. I went back to my car and Jacob was already passed out. I put the shoes in the trunk and went back to the house. I waited five minutes more when the bedroom door opened, and I saw Benjamin tiptoeing out of there. I was like hey let’s go we are leaving.He said yeah lets go fast cause I just slept with Tim’s girlfriend Traci.  I thought that was Marissa. I inquired.Yeah it was 2 hours ago. Anyway, let’s go.While he was talking to me, he searched around for his shoes.Hey buddy have you seen my shoes anywhere? At this point I was thrilled, and I wanted it to keep going so I said what were your shoes?It’s a pair of Osiris SZ 12 black and grey. I lied and said oh those were yours? I saw a guy wearing them when he left an hour ago.Are you F@#$%ing kidding me dude!! That’s the only pair I have with me at the dorms. After cursing for a minute, we left because we didn’t want to wake up anyone and I drove us back to the dorms.Jacob woke up from his sleep and we all got out of the car. Benjamin, did you forget something at the party? Asked Jacob.No dam it shut up Jacob some jackass stole my shoes. Benjamin was so pissed when he got on his bike to go to his dorm, he said f$%^ it and ripped his socks off his feet and threw them to the pavement. Why do I need socks if I don’t have any shoes to wear…. I am gonna live the life of a rebel!!!!   As he kicked the bike into motion, he screamed YIPPIE I KAY YEA!!!!  Shish, alcohol and kids don’t match. Luckily his stupid ass made it back safely to his dorm and I escorted Jacob back to the room. Ten minutes later I went out to retrieve my new pair of black socks. Two days later the semester ended, and I went on my merry way back home. Not only did I pass that math final but as a reward I got myself a new pair of preworn Osiris and socks. I never did see Benjamin again and Jacob graduated that year. But I will always have that memory. 
P.S. if anyone is interested in my stories please let me know, you can contact me through RJ.

Shoes stolen from college

Author – Sneakerstealer

Back when I was in college I loved going to parties to check out all the awesome shoes the guys would wear. I would be pretty bold checking out their feet and shoes since most were pretty intoxicated and wouldn’t even notice. There’s been multiple times where I’ve walked away with prizes too. One such time goes as follows.

My second year of college started off with a bang. The first week of school is usually prime time for stealing guys shoes since the weather is still nice and almost all the guys are busy getting drunk and enjoying their college experience. The first Friday night of the school year and almost every frat house was having a party. I like showing up once a party is in full swing. At that point everyone is pretty drunk and you can just walk right on in without anyone saying anything. The first party I get to and already I see a bunch of guys drunk off their asses in the front yard. None of them were wearing any shoes I was interested in so I paid them no mind. Once I got inside though it was a whole different ballgame. Walking through the entryway I see this tall brown haired guy with his girlfriend, both pretty wasted. He was about 6’1, average build, brownish eyes. Overall he was pretty normal looking except for his hot ass shoes. He was wearing black hi top Supras, instant turn on for me. Not gunna lie I stared for a good minute before I could even think straight. I knew I had to have his shoes. Listening in to their conversation his girlfriend really wanted to leave (something about another party) and he wanted to stay. She was practically begging to go, almost dragging him out the door. I was getting prepared to follow when he stopped her and told her he’s staying but she can go if she wanted to. Now as you can imagine I was thrilled, makes my job easier if he’s alone. She got pretty mad and I could tell she really wanted him to come with her but she eventually kissed him and left. Score! Now, here’s where my job begins. How do I get this hottie out of his shoes? He seemed like a nice guy but approaching him with conversation really wasn’t my style. I prefer to remain anonymous so that any questions asked won’t involve me. After about 20 minutes and a few more drinks he headed toward the living room where the beer pong tournament was going on. As you can imagine I was getting pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to grab his shoes but my luck turned around when he started talking to some party goers who were sliding down the hardwood floor in the hallway in their socks. They convinced him to try it so he took off his supras and left them by the couch where the rest of them did. Fuck I was so damn excited you have no idea! I sat on the couch pretty close to the collection of shoes and pretended to watch the beer pong tournament. He slid a couple times before falling and spilling the rest of his drink. He started laughing and heading toward the kitchen to grab a new one when I realized my moment had come. As soon as he was out of eyesight I casually got up and pretended to stumble a bit in the direction of his shoes. My left hand landed perfectly on both his supras while my right hand landed on a pair of classic vans (another pair I had my eye on, shorter guy with blond hair) so I grabbed them both and wrapped my hoodie around them. Looking around, nobody seemed to notice so I made my way toward the door. Now, you’d think I would just book it and leave but no, I like to know how they react to loosing their shoes so I threw both of my new prizes in the neighbors bushes and walked back into the house. As I walked into the kitchen to get another drink I see the guy with the supras still in the kitchen while the guy with the vans was back in the living room. I got myself a drink and hear some random girl at the party ask a group of people if they’ve seen any vans around. I got excited and listened in closer. Apparently he had gone back for his shoes almost immediately after I took them (close call) and he couldn’t find them anywhere. Supra guy said there where shoes by the couch and she said they looked there. As she moved onto asking another group of people, supra guy walked back into the living room and stopped in his tracks as he noticed his shoes gone too. He started freaking out looking all around the couch and under the beer pong table but to no avail. He started cussing and started asking people around the room if they’d seen his shoes. The tournament was pretty loud though so nobody really cared or knew. At that point I decided to take my leave and claim my new prizes. Leaving the house I started walking toward the bushes I hid both their shoes in and quickly nabbed them and walked away. Once I was a good distance away I looked at my prizes. The supras were size 12.5 and were decently worn in, some wear on the bottom and the insoles, and they smelled heavenly. The vans were also pretty worn in and size 9.5, didn’t smell as good but still had a good scent to them. Trust me when I say I still to this day have fun with both their shoes. 😉

I never heard anything else happen with that party, so I knew I was in the clear. I’ve got other stories too, I will continue to post if people are interested. Thanks for reading!!

The food stand in the park

Author – Jman

Shelly and Angela were at the food stand at the park. As as usual they were in their socks. Shelly had blue and white patterned socks and Angela had blueish purple socks on. As they were sitting there Justin walked by wearing work boots as he had just gotten off work. Shelly and Angela invited him to sit down at the table with him. They mentioned that they had new socks that they were showing off that day. Justin said to them, “You’re in your socks.” Angela replied, “That’s right. We don’t wear shoes.” Angela looked at Justin’s boots and said, “Those boots must feel miserable. They look like they weigh a ton and your feet must be roasting in them.” The more Angela talked, the more Justin realized how uncomfortable his boots were. “Why don’t you take them off,” said Shelly. Justin was not sure about that but Angela and Shelly convinced him that the boots needed to come off.

Justin then began to unlace his boots. Angela then said, “Let me help you” and she unlaced his left boot and removed it from his foot while Justin removed his right boot revealing solid white socks. The three of them visited for a while. The food stand manager called Justin up to get his food order that was now ready. He reached for his boots but Angela grabbed them and said, “Just go up there in your socks.” Justin agreed and left the table. While he was gone Shelly put his boots into her bag.

“Let’s go.” Shelly said, “We got the boots.” But Angela wanted to stay and visit some more with Justin and so Shelly left with the boots but Angela remained. Justin returned to the table with his food. Angela explained that Shelly had to leave and then said, “Isn’t it fun to walk around in your socks?” Justin said that at first he was not sure but is glad that he took off his boots. After a while Justin was getting ready to leave and could not find his boots. “Where are my boots?” he asked. Angela replied, “What do you need them for?” You’re right,” Justin replied. Both of them left the park in their socks hoping they might see each other again.

The Gym

Author – Micky

I worked evenings at a local gym whilst at University. Another student about my age used the gym most evenings, his name is Jay, he was about 6ft with blond hair and quite athletic in build. The reason for noticing him was his very distinctive blue Asics running shoes with orange soles which he always left on the locker room floor when he used the wet rooms after his workout. Everytime I seen him in the jacuzzi I would check the locker room and his shoes would be on a bench. It was if he wanted them to be taken.
One particular night it was busier than normal and I was on reception when Jay approached and asked if anyone had handed in any trainers. His face was red with embarrassment as he stood in his size 11 white socked feet. I asked if his locker had been robbed, he told me he had accidentally forgot to put them in his locker. My suspicions where correct, he secretly wanted them to be taken as there was nothing accidental about leaving them on a bench every night. Tonight he got what he wanted but now he was embarrassed by his shoeless predicament of his own making. I checked ‘lost property’ to no avail. My only other suggestion was that someone may of put them in another locker as a prank, I told him I do a locker sweep at closing time if he wanted to wait, which he did. He sat in his socked feet for over an hour in reception until the gym closed. I gave him the bad news that all the lockers where empty.
We left the gym together and got the same bus, his embarrassment continued as more students on the bus laughed at his now very dirty white socks. He actually lived in the same student accommodation block as me. I watched him climb the stairs in his dirty socks as I went to my room and removed a pair of size 11 blue Asics trainers with orange soles from my bag.

Tit for tat

Author – Fred

I’m a thirty year old lad studying in a college. In school i once had to forfeit my shoes for a couple of hours. I was nine years old then, and the sports teacher blew a fuse during a lesson and made half the class take off our shoes, so we had to finish off the lesson and the rest of the day in socks. I was wearing grey socks then. At the time it hardly mattered – there were often a couple of kids walking around school in socks, and it hardly bothered me.

Later in life I became more itno it, and in high school I often found oppurtunities tot kae off other kids shoes – if i saw a freind who had wrestled to the ground or things like that. Occasionally people took revenge but it was normally indoors and always my shoes back afterwards.

Now that i’m in college i sometimes walk around in socks a bit, but i still have an attraction to other people’s shoes. In the last couple of hours in the afternoon we spend time together studying in the study hall, and there is a fella next to me, he’s at least ten years younger than me, and this really conscientious guy, comes on time, sits doing what he is supposed to be doing. anyway, i pay attention, i realize that he wears grey socks and solid shoes,, and they really remind me os school – we had this grey school uniform, so virtually everyone wore grey socks – and i like them.
I ask him one day where there from, really hoping he’ll take them off, and he looks at me like i’m wierd and makes out he doesn’t know, maybe clarks.
Anyway, i like them, so next time i need new shoes i buy myself such a pair, and i am enjoying them, i also make a point of leaving them lying around on the floor next to us, but he takes little notice – in fact he gives an inferiority complex.

There’s this six footer Afro American guy who sits in front of us, and one day he makes a comment about my shoes on the floor, and i tell him that i’m really trying to get Benjamin to do the same, so he tells me that i should come with him that night after college and follow Benjamin onto his train.
We follow Benjamin onto his train, and Jason takes a table and calls us over. Benjamin is the kind of serious guy who always keeps to himself, but he comes over, and then starts taking out his textbook. After a fe minutes, Jason grabs Benjamin’s feet and pushes them onto my lap. He doesn’t really resist – it would have been useless anyway – and i pick open his double knotted shoelaces and take his shoes off his feet. I actually found it really enjoyable to have an adult’s feet on my lap and to take off their shoes. Benjamin looks as if he kind of amused, and he moves his grey socked feet onto the floor, while i passed the shoes to Jason.

After about twenty minutes which he spends looking at his textbooks
he asks for his shoes. Eventually telling us thta it is almost his stop. Jason keeps on telling him to froget, he won’t be getting them back tonight and when his stop comes, with no choice he gets off the train in socks.

After he goes we get off the next and take another train back, i have to pay for Jason’s ticket – but it was more than worth it. On the train back i try on benjamin’s shoes. they are in much better conditon than mine – he obviously looks after tehm much better than i do. they were also half a size too big, but they were still comfortable. Jason is probably three or four sizes bigger, but in the end he took the shoes.

The next morning i made a point of looking out for Benjamin, – we are studying different subjects and no where near each other – to my surprise he was wearing a pair of slip ons – probably also clarks, highly polished with thin soles, real dress shoes. It didn’t look like they were brand new. I told Jason and we were both disappointed.

That afternoon he was there when i came, and he acted really nonchalant later he asked me – as if discussing the weather – where his “other” shoes were. I told him to speak to jason.

This went on for a couple of days, until jason told him that he gives us his other shoes for 24 hours and walks around in his socks he’ll return both pairs. He then said that he is not going to risk giving us another pair unless he receives collateral. I told jason that we should just figure out hos to tke the next pair, but jason turned on me and told Benjamin that he’ll give my shoes. i flatly refused.
the next day i was walking through the lobby when Jason cornered me. It took him a second to grab my hands from behind and get me onto the floor, then he lifted my legs till my feet where probably four feet in the air, and i heard him tell Benjamin to help himself. Before i knew my shoes were off my feet, – i keep my laces loosely tied and slip my feet in and out so it is quite easy . Next thing i knew Jason pulled off my socks.
Eventually he let me go, and i had to walk on the freezing marble floor to fetch my socks, while Benjamin had disappeared with my shoes.
That afternoon Benjamin sat next – still acting nonchalant – and i realised he had made sure to wear black socks that day. less obvious. He acted nonchalant, but i realized that he didn’t leave his place, in fact at the end of the day he waited on his place until virtually everyone had gone.
Jason and I followed him to the station – me feeling remarkably conspicuous in my grey socks. As soon as he came to the station he slipped into the restrooms, and i realsied he had been too embarrassed to go all afternoon.
I came back to my parents home in socks, Dad didn’t seem to notice, and i found my sneakers. I made sure not to wear them in college the next day and at the end of the next day Benjamin returned me my shoes.
It wasn’t much fun, but i guessed it served me right.