Pool Jordans

Author – Jonathan

So what is one of my favorite grabs? This is a question I was just asked. Was it my first pair? My first shoplifted pair? My most stressful pair? Well I will tell ya. It was the day I grabbed a pair of Jordans from an unsuspecting 20 year old by the pool at a job I worked at. Nothing beats working the pool deck and seeing guys in sneakers. Taking them off and going into the pool. Everyday I would try and find ways to make off with kicks. Of course without getting caught as I worked there. I was lucky twice. The first time it was two pairs of shoes, one Nike the other under armour. Socks were also inside them. Unfortunately I didn’t see who they belonged too and that may be a story for another time. There were days that guys would wear Nike shox, Jordans and I’ve even seen a few Yeezys laying around. One guy was sleeping in the lounge chair and I probably could have grabbed his yeezys but I decided not to risk it. Now for the Jordans….

So there I am working the pool deck in more ways than one when I spotted a shirt and a cell phone with a pair of shoes underneath the table. No one was around. It’s right smack in the middle of everyone so I could only admire from afar. It was also 4 in the afternoon and plenty of light. I went to take a break and at 630 pm I was back outside and the stuff was still there. Nightly pool activities were going on so I couldn’t do anything. I did however at this time see a guy come over, dry himself a little, look at the phone on the table. I knew that was all his stuff. This guy was in his early 20s, toned, light brown Hispanic guy. My heart sank cause I figured he was getting ready to leave… I was wrong because shortly later he went back into the pool. Now I know who it was so I could keep an eye on him. My shift ended at 8 and it was dark out at that time. I went back out to see if it was still there. He must of moved his shirt and phone closer to the edge of the pool but the shoes were still there. I eyed him throwing a football to two other guys in the water. It also started drizzling a little so the pool deck wasn’t too busy. I knew it was now or never so i grabbed a towel, quickly wrapped up the shoes and booked it to my car. As soon as I got in I opened up my prize, I was so stoked to find out it was a pair of Jordans in my size. Which is a sz 12. No socks included but I didn’t care. I ripped off my work kicks and placed his umm I meant to say my new Jordans onto my feet. You know once again especially if your staying in a hotel you should have flip-flops on not sneakers. This was a lesson for him. Lol

The next day my coworker asked me if I had heard what had happened the night before? I pretended to be clueless. he said that a guest had his shoes taken after the nightly activities. I questioned it and he said that when the guest got out of the pool at 11 which is closing time his Jordans were not where he had left them. Lost and found was checked and nothing. This guy was pissed. The hotel gave him a 20 dollar food vocher and one free night for the inconveniences. The next day I saw him again, this time eating at the pool bar. He had on no name brand shoes that looked like they were falling apart. He was talking with his friends at the table and I heard a few key words so I decided to listen in. Apparently the Jordans were the only pair he had brought with him and that he was actually wearing his friends shoes which was a half a size too small. He couldn’t understand why a guest would spend all this money to stay there only to steal his shoes. Lol guess I was in the clear since I wasn’t a guest. I finally decided to be really bold and approached him. Told him I overheard his conversation and sorry for his loss lol. What kind of shoes are they? So I can keep a lookout for them. He said Jordans. I then asked more about them such as condition etc. He said they are white and red and says Jordan on the tongue and that he had them for about 6 months. Ok if I see them I’ll get them to lost and found. Make sure to check on your last day on property.

.Do you think he ever got them back? Heck no lol they are on my feet as I’m writing this true story out. Here are the pics….. I hope you enjoyed 🙂 I know I sure did….


Stealing drunk lads shoes – the victim

Author – unlucky lad

Response to ‘Lovetoshoeswap’ story request.

I had gone to a party at an apartment on the other side of town with my best friend, it was his work colleague’s party. I just tagged along in my t-shirt, black skinny jeans with black vans on my feet. The party was pretty boring with crap music so the best thing to do was get drunk. There was a lot of girls to talk to but I got drunk fairly quickly and sat down before I fell down. The room started spinning as I closed my eyes. I must of fallen asleep. I eventually woke up, the music had been turned down and the room had fewer people in it. I looked at my watch, it was late. I stood up and realised I wasn’t wearing any shoes. “What the fuck” I said as i looked down at my white socked feet. I was unsteady as I searched for my shoes but couldn’t find them.
I couldn’t find my friend either, had he taken them as a prank? No he wouldn’t as back in school a bully took his shoes. After spending all day in socked feet he vowed never to let anyone be as humiliated as he was.
A pair of plimsolls lay on the floor, everyone else was wearing shoes, whoever had taken my Vans must of left them behind. They looked new but you could tell they where cheap but I had no choice but to put them on unless I wanted to walk home in my socks.
As I headed for the door I passed someone wearing black vans like mine but I was too drunk to question him over his footwear even though he was looking at my feet. I walked home wondering if the feet that had occupied these cheap shoes I was now wearing where feeling more comfortable in my worn Vans.
Had I just passed the thief wearing my shoes as I wore his? I wasn’t happy that my favourite shoes had been stolen.

Me in your stories

Author – lovetoshoeswap

Train Theif by shoelover

I was taking the train home one day when on came this guy wearing white socks jeans a t shirt and a pair of adidas ultra boost . as soon as i seen the shoes I knew i had to have them. after a while he started to play with his shoes which was something I enjoyed very much. After a while of watching I suggested to him that he should be careful where he leaves his shoes as someone may take them (which was what I was planning on doing)and he replied that no one ever does this. I decided to get closer and ask him a few questions about his socks and shoe size. when he told me he wore size 10 i knew they would be a bit too big for me as I wear size 9 shoes. as the train came to my stop I said my goodbyes and went to leave but as I did he slid his feet out of his shoes again so in the heat of the moment I grabbed them while he was looking the other way and left the train as quick as I could. I turned to see where he was and seen him standing at the door of the train knowing there was nothing he could do as he was shoe less. once I got home I slid my feet into his shoes with a great sense of delight as I was successful in getting what i wanted but also felt a little bad for leaving the guy without his shoes.

Gym Jordans

Author – Jonathan

Ever been to the gym and saw a nice pair of sneakers that you wanted to snatch. Or wish you could. Well that happened to me. I was in one of those crappy gyms that over charges and doesn’t offer much. It just happened to be my last week there when I saw this guy in the corner bench pressing. On his feet were a shiny pair of Jordans and I knew I had to somehow have them. I decided to use an elliptical near him, hoping to find a way to approach him about his Jordans. This never came to be. After almost two hours at the gym I was tired. I guess so was he as he picked up his towel and went into the bathroom which also is a changing area with lockers and three showers. I waited almost 10 minutes but he never came out so I decided to go Inside lo and behold his kicks were starting at me on the bench with his socks sticking out the side. This guy was in the shower. I didn’t have long so I grabbed them, wrapped them in a towel and stuffed it into my knapsack. I booked it the heck out of there and I haven’t been back. I mean it was my last week there anyway. BTW did I mention this place has zip, zero cameras or security, just an entrance key fob. Anyway, I immediately put them on when I got home and to this day I wear them when I can. Here is a sweet picture of them.

Me in your stories

Author – lovetoshoeswap

I took some inspiration from someone else who did this and so decided to give it a go myself, the story is library trouble by shoelover

I was studying in the library one day when a guy came in wearing a grey jumper and jeans with a pair of mint green Nike running shoes. Once I seen the shoes I decided that I had to get them somehow but wasn’t sure what was the best way to get them so I waited for a while to try and come up with a way. After a while he took his shoes off and left them under the table and went walking around the library so I seized the opportunity to grab the shoes while he wasn’t looking. After I got home I thought I should try on the shoes I stole from the library and to my delight they fitted perfectly on my feet so I wore them for the rest of the day and got lots of compliments on the shoes.

If you have any ideas on what stories you want me to do next or organise a shoe swap then feel free to email me on shoeswapper91@hotmail.com


Author – Evan

Was riding the subway yesterday wearing a worn pair of Adidas superstars. On comes this group of teenage boys and one of them was wearing really loose Reebok classics with black crew socks. His white shoes were sliding off his feet every time he took a step and as he was standing on the rather crowded train, he was slipping his sneakers on and off. At one point the train jerked and his right sneaker got kicked to where I was. I had been playing with my own shoes at that point and I accidentally put his shoe on instead of my own. His sneaker felt warm and soft and I didn’t want to take it off. I stepped out of my other shoe and put my sneakers into my backpack. As the guy was distracted I walked by him playing with his remaining sneaker and kicked it off his foot and out of his reach, before quickly slipping my foot into the loose sneaker. I quickly walked off into another train car with the shoes slipping off my feet. I sat down to examine my new shoes, they were size 8 which was a little small since I normally wore a 8.5 in Reeboks. Still they were pretty comfortable. I take the shoes off and put them in my bag, swapping them for my Adidas. The guy came into the train car looking for his sneakers in his black socks and I felt excited so I decided to offer him my worn sneakers, I slipped them off and said hey why not you have my shoes instead they’re pretty worn and I’m off to buy a new pair anyway, I took my shoes off and let him try them but he declined them in the end as they were big on him. I wore my shoes as I watched him exiting the train at the next stop with no shoes on his feet and friends laughing at how he managed to lose his favourite sneakers.

Unlucky commuter

Author – Wunshu

I had been in London to discuss plans for a new school in one of the London buroughs. I was finished by five and decided that while I was in town I would treat myself to a concert on the South Bank. All went well but I had to hurry to get a train home to Brighton. I got on the train and made myself comfortable, slipping off my loafers. After a while I needed to go to the toilet so I put my shoes on and walked down the aisle to find the toilet. As I entered the next carriage I saw a guy flaked out in a corner seat. He had taken his jacket off and loosened his tie and, best of all, he’d kicked off his loafers. They were smart, expensive looking black ones and one was laying half in the aisle. I started to get turned on looking at his feet in light grey socks. I went to the toilet and on the way back noticed that the guy hadn’t moved. I kicked his loafer gently towards the door to the next carriage, then through the door towards my seat. When I got there I picked it up and examined it. It was Spanish, by Castellano, and I had to try it on! It fitted perfectly! How could I give it back to its owner?
I kept it with me, and when the train got to Brighton I walked through the aisle and the guy was looking very agitated, with one loafer on . I asked what the problem was and he told me someone had taken his shoe. I commiserated with him and told him that it had happened to me once at the cinema. We got off the train and walked down the platform together. I couldn’t take my eyes off his pale grey socked foot and got very excited.
Little did he know that his loafer was safely tucked in my backpack. I sometimes wear it with one of my almost identical ones. I like wearing odd shoes!