Taxi Hell – Driver POV

Author – Shoeless guy

I’d had a busy day with plenty of fares even with my payment machine refusing cards. I was about to switch off my ‘FOR HIRE’ sign and head home when some 6ft ‘trendy
bearded’ idiot in a grey suit stepped out in front of my cab shouting ‘TAXI’. My sudden stop enabled two young men in suits to get in my cab followed by the idiot that I nearly hit. They where merry in drink but not totally drunk. No polite request but a demand to be taken out of town. The traffic was heavy and they where getting impatient when one shouted arrogantly “Stop driver! we’re getting the tube as you’re too slow” and proceeded to shove his debit card through the payment hatch. “Sorry guys” I said politely “machine is down, cash only I’m afraid”. “We have no cash” explained the tall blond haired guy, i heard the others call him Mike “Can you find an ATM machine on route”. I would of happily kicked them out without payment and just head home but their rudeness stopped me. I passed several ATM machines but couldn’t stop due to the traffic, eventually I found a bank with several ATM’s, the blond guy called Mike got out and tried every cash machine without success, as he walked back to the taxi I noticed his footwear, nice expensive brogue shoes. As soon as he was back inside the cab I locked the doors and demanded something as collateral until they could pay the fare. The bearded guy shouted in a condescending manner that anything I suggested was far too valuable for paying a lousy taxi fare. His arrogance was becoming unbearable when the guy sat between him and Mike suggested a supermarket with cashback facilities and more urgently ‘toilets’. I agreed and drove off.
With their desperation for a piss they would agree to anything, so I took my time finding a supermarket. I deliberately parked my cab furthest away from the supermarket entrance. Another request for collateral was dismissed. So I said to the bearded guy “To stop you doing a runner after getting out of my taxi, give me your shoes, it’s the only way your getting out”. He stared at me as if in defiance, his mates laughed and said “Yeah Nick give him your shoes” he was about to swear when I shouted “SHOES NOW” he reluctantly undid his laces and removed his shoes revealing plain black socks, I couldn’t believe I got a 6ft tall man to give me his shoes. He squeezed them through the money hatch in the cabs partition. I looked at them, I could smell the warm patent leather and threw them in the front passenger footwell. I knew they where expensive and they alone would cover the cost of the taxi fare but I wasn’t finished. The other two where still laughing at their friends embarrassment. “Not enough” I said then looked at the guy sat in the middle, his laughter stopped as I demanded his too, “Take off your shoes and give them to me”, he did reluctantly and passed them through the hatch, another strong smell of leather and feet from his warm shoes. I threw them next to the other pair. He called me a pratt, I wasn’t bothered, he was in his socks and I had his shoes. Mike, the last remaining wearer of footwear shouted “Can we get out now for crying out loud, I need a piss”, “Not until you also hand over your shoes” I said. The 6ft tall blond stared at his friends shoeless feet, looked down at his own shoes and realised his fate. “Your not laughing now” I said as he undid the laces of his tan Brogues, he slipped them off his feet and handed them to me. “Nice expensive shoes” I said to him as I also threw them into the footwell next to the other pairs of ransomed footwear. They sat on the back seat of my cab, three strapping men in their expensive grey suits and black socked feet, expressing their embarrassment by hiding one socked foot behind the other repeatedly. ‘Not so arrogant now are we boys’ I thought to myself as I unlocked the doors. They got out and clumsily walked quickly in their socks across the large car park towards the entrance of the supermarket and disappeared inside.

They where either drunk, stupid or just too materialistic to hand over a watch. After all depositing a watch would not of been noticed by anyone, but for all three to give up their shoes and walk around a supermarket in their socks was just plain stupid and very very noticeable.
Whilst they where gone I took off my cheap brown shoes and tried on Nick’s black patent leather shoes, they where still quite warm and really comfortable. I then tried Mike’s tan Brogues, they looked good on the tall blond’s feet, even better on mine and I wanted to keep them for myself as I could never justify the cost of a pair. Whilst waiting I listened to the radio news and learned of a banking problem, I realised it wasn’t their fault. I had passed caring about the fare, the enjoyment of persuading three annoying young men to part with their shoes and walk into a supermarket in socked feet was priceless. Even though they where arrogant pigs, I wanted to drive off leaving them stranded penny less and shoeless miles from home but I took pity on them and waited.
They hobbled in socked feet back to the taxi, as soon as the doors closed I locked them and drove out of the car park. I was about to let them have their shoes when Nick ‘demanded’ them back, he also lied about having the cash. His annoyance changed my mind, I drove nowhere near their destination and pulled over. I asked again for payment, Mike the tall blond said ‘I am really sorry but we still haven’t got the cash” I picked up their shoes and was about to give them back when Nick mouthed off again “Give us our shoes and let us out”. I told them I knew they had no cash and why, I was about to give them back again but because of Nicks further annoyance I threw their shoes back into the footwell. I shouted at Nick “Do you ever shut that mouth of yours or are you enjoying being shoeless and confined in my cab?” Mike the blond guy gave me his watch as payment, neither cheap nor expensive it covered more than the cost of the fare. I called the arrogant bearded Nick a shit and told him the homeless people across the road had more respect than them. I picked up Nick’s shoes and opened the front passenger window, I told him he had nice shoes, he looked at them, his bearded jaw dropped as I threw them out of the open window, his big mouth demanded to be let out to get his shoes as he glanced over to the homeless people. I picked up the other pair of black
shoes and as I threw them out, their owner called me a bastard. Finally I told the tall
blond guy how much I admired his expensive footwear and quickly threw them out of the door window landing in the darkness next to the other men’s shoes. I told him the homeless people would appreciate them. I sounded the car horn as I pulled away, their heads turned from the open window to the homeless people whose attention had turned to the pile of expensive patent leather shoes on the roadside. No sooner had I moved I slowed to a halt and unlocked the doors. The three tall young men in their expensive grey suits exited the taxi and ran in their socked feet to retrieve their shoes before the homeless people got to them. I drove off looking in my rear view mirror it was a very close race between them all to reach the expensive patent leather shoes.

I did feel guilty though, not only did I have Mike’s watch I also have his expensive shoes. I had driven from the supermarket in my socks and there where four pairs of shoes in the footwell including mine. I’d actually thrown my own shoes out of the window instead of Mike’s.

Although I had expected to finish work several hours earlier I’d enjoyed watching the captive arrogant young men squirm with embarrassment without their shoes. It was better than a night in front of the TV. Perhaps I should do it again!


Took soles from a girl wearing Nike’s

Author – Derek

I remember when my pants ripped during the middle of class and i need to change them. so I asked for permission from my teacher and was escorted by a dean to the merit school store where they had spare pants. When I was privately switching out my pants with the ones i was borrowing, I noticed a pair of sneakers on the floor and remembered that they belonged to a girl that i know, I knew that she takes off her shoes and switches out to her slides and leaves the sneakers she takes off in the merit store, so when I realized this i knew I had an opportunity to snatch them but the problem was I didn’t have a bag on me and if i took them out a teacher waiting for me outside would’ve been suspicious so what i did was grab the shoes and ripped the soles from both of them and to my surprise they were dirty with her footprint visibly showing so i stuffed them in the pants i was about to put in my locker and after i was able to get them home.

( the funny thing about of this is when i was waiting for my school bus to come I saw the girl that left her shoes in the store with her friends and just so happening to be wearing the shoes that were missing the soles and when i saw her face after walking out of the school she was upset and i was hearing her complain about how her soles were missing.)

Stealing Alex’s Clogs

Author – MC

“…but my god, Amy is such a bitch, I could strangle her.”

Matt had already tuned out from Laura’s usual lunch conversation- how much she hated X other girl. It was different every day. Matt could never keep track of her ‘hit list’ though, because it was during this time that Matt got a peek around at today’s sightings. Ever since he’d come to college and eaten lunch in the cafeteria, he had used the location to people-watch. More accurately, he watched their shoes.
He wasnt really sure when he’d come by this curiosity… ok fine it was a little bit of an obsession. But he couldnt help but stare when he saw a pair of shoes he liked. Usually these were of the backless variety… and if someone happened to have their shoe come off, that was a special treat.

Sure lots of girls wore backless shoes and sandals, but what was unique about college was that some guys wore shoes like that too, especially when the weather was warmer. Guys in leather flip flops would slap along and draw his attention, and some guys wore those adidas slides… they were more interesting because you could pair them with socks. He preferred there to be socks.
But today, something new walked into the caf. Matt’s gaze trailed down a long pair of slim fitted jeans to the suede Birkenstock clogs at their cuffs. Matt could see all the way across the room the light gray socks peeking through from his heels. Most college guys didnt own shoes like that. There must be something unique about him, perhaps a more relaxed personality? Sometimes Matt even wore clogs with a wood sole that had a little bit of a heel. They were intriguing.
Laura had paused her prattling. He was doing it again. Did he honestly think she never noticed that he always looks at people’s shoes? And often times -guys-. And if he’s gay that doesn’t matter to her, but they are BEST FRIENDS. She was entitled to know what this is about.
She followed his eyes. Alex is wearing clogs again… and Matt is staring.

“Clogs.” She says, manner-of-fact.
“They’re called clogs, Matt.”

“I know what they’re called.” Matt hadn’t stopped looking at brown suede. Their wearer was walking now, and they were either too big or ill-fitted, because his heels were lifting up very far… how did he not walk out of them? WAIT. She had noticed him staring. He made eye contact with her, then looked down, embarrassed.

Laura smirked. “Don’t feel bad. You should have told me you had a little fetish.”
“It’s not a-”
“What is it then, Mr. Kinky Matt?”

He had no answer.

Matt gave her a stern look as under the table he felt one of Laura’s very on-trend high heel clogs lift up the cuff on his left ankle. His leg recoiled and he felt Laura’s clog fall off and onto the top of his foot, then clattering to the tiled floor. She laughed under her breath, proud of herself for having discovered this new information.
Matt got his revenge by corralling her shoe between his boots and pulling it where she couldnt reach. She frowned and as she fumbled around trying to get it back, his attention was back on that guy’s feet. They were walking in his direction. Oh shit. He heard the open heels scuff along as he dragged the loose clogs along. Matt’s stare was locked again.

And that’s when this guy and his friends sat down at the table next to them.
Thankfully, Laura was tactful enough not to embarass him publicly. And she lowered her voice when she noticed that Alex and his clogs had come to sit near them. Alex crossed his long legs and one of the clogs slipped down to dangle on the end of his foot. She wondered if Matt had a boner… then the slight hue of red in his cheeks answered her question.
Matt felt Laura grab his hand. He stopped staring and looked her in the eye as she leaned forward. She was making sure that guy didnt notice.
“Alex is going to that party tonight.”
She darted her eyes to the guy in the clogs, and back to Matt.
“Let’s take his clogs.” She wore a devilish grin.
She hushed him. “I’ve done it before, it’s so easy. People leave their shoes at the door or something and I just… put on the ones I like when I leave.”
“No, no that’s…” Matt started to say it was crazy, but then he realized how tempting the idea was… He wanted to do it.
And Laura could tell she was about to have a partner in crime.

That night, there was a complication. People weren’t leaving their shoes at the door. As things got more exciting, a few girls had ditched their heels so they could walk, but Alex’s clogs had stayed on his feet… mostly. Matt’s heart rate pounded when one clog got kicked off in his direction as Alex moved through a tight crowd.

Matt wanted to snatch it up, but froze. He watched intently over his drink as Alex hobbled over in one gray sock and, laughing with the girls who watched this happen, slipped his foot back inside. Matt was hard as a rock, and Laura gave him a knowing pat on the shoulder.
“Hang in there, guy. Take your chance when you get it.”
What happened next Matt never really did understand. Laura ambled over to Alex and twirled her blonde hair as she said something in his ear. Whatever it was, it made the rest of the girls giggle, Alex smile and he whispered something to his friend. Matt thought his name was… Eric?
Eric and Matt made their way to an open couch in the room. As the whole group of girls watched intently, Eric pushed Alex onto the arm of the couch. Alex’s feet hung off the ground.
Suddenly, Eric moved on Alex and sat facing him on his lap, their lips pressed together. The group of girls cheered excitedly. The sudden movement caused Alex to start falling backward onto the couch, and, as Matt watched agape, both of Alex’s clogs dropped off of his feet.
In the excitement, a crowd formed around the couch to watch the guys make out. It was all too easy for Matt to slip to the end of the couch and snatch up the clogs. The shoes in his hands, he made eye contact with Laura, who was texting him. He left the room with his prize and looked at his phone: “i think its time for u to leave ;)”
When Matt got in his car, he couldn’t wait any longer. He slipped out of his chelsea boots and tossed them in the passenger seat. He slipped his socked feet into Alex’s clogs one foot at a time. They were very roomy; Alex’s feet were larger than his. They were still warm.
Matt lifted his right foot slightly, just to see what it felt like. The clog slipped down his foot, exposing the blue ankle socks he had worn under his leather boots. Matt’s foot trembled with excitement and the soft suede slipped off the end of his toes.

Library theif 

Author – Shoelover

One day I was in the library and I noticed this blonde girl stretched out on the couch in the library and she was completely passed out. She took off her black and purple Nikes and left them on the floor for someone like me to take. I waited to make a move but she kept tossing and turning. Then suddenly she got up and I thought my luck ran out. Thinking that she was going to put her sneakers back on and head to the bathroom, she didn’t! She walked in her white socks across the library floor and left her shoes behind. I was back in luck and I scored myself some purple and black Nikes.

Neighbours Nike’s

Author – Shoelover

I usually get along with all my neighbors but one day I bugged out when my 28year old lady neighbor decided to to let her dog poop on my lawn without picking it up. I was so pissed off that I found out where exactly she lived and I plotted my revenge. I noticed that every time she came back home after a morning jog or a late night run, she habitually left her sneakers on the doorstep of her house. So one night I waited for her to go back home and saw her take off her green nikes. I then waited until I saw the lights go out and then I made the run for her front doorstep and snagged her sneakers. I hope she learned a lesson not to let her dog poop on my property ever again.

Accidental detention – day 4

Author – Unlucky lad

Jason saw me get on the bus and just glared, ‘suppose you all found it funny last night planning to leave me to walk home alone shoeless’ he said,’I planned nothing Jason, again your actions created yesterdays outcome so blame yourself’ I said angrily. I looked down at his feet, ‘Why are you wearing red trainers?’ I asked. ‘I have no school shoes until James gives back my brogues, anyway you look like a tramp wearing those scruffy black shoes’ said Jason. ‘These are my old school shoes’ I said, ‘You could of put some shoe polish on them’ he laughed. Martin and James got on the bus and walked down the aisle, ‘You owe us for this mornings bus fare Jason’ said James. ‘Whatever’ replied Jason. ‘Why are you still wearing my shoes James?’said Jason.’I have no other black shoes for school, until I get my own back I’m keeping your shoes on my feet’. I asked Martin where my shoes where, ‘hidden under my bed, I have no bag to carry them in. He was still scared his parents would find out about the detention. Also on the bus was Mr Wilkinson and Mr Aiden, two of the school PE teachers, it was unusual for them to ride the bus to school.They casually observed us or more so our footwear.

At school we immediately went to the art classroom, it was unlocked and empty. Their bags and coats where not hanging up where they last saw them. ‘Shit’ said Jason ‘I need my shoes back James’. Miss French appeared, she told us she had just taken them to the headmasters office for safe keeping. Jason managed to hide his trainers to avoid confiscation but on the way to our first lesson we heard Mr Wilkinson in the corridor. ‘Stop’ he shouted, we all stopped and turned to face Mr Wilkinson, ‘what are those on your feet’ he asked. ‘Shoes’ we all said. ‘Trainers are not allowed Jason, you know the rules, so take them off’ Jason reluctantly took off his trainers and handed them over. I grinned knowing that Jason was now going to be stuck in his socks, indoors all day and having to go to the detention room at breaks and lunchtime. ‘Don’t know why you’re grinning Andy, those shoes you’re wearing are an absolute disgrace, you too can take them off also’ Mr Wilkinson was a bit of a bully, he was in his thirties but acted like a big kid just to assert his authority, especially to us older boys. James had a bigger grin after seeing me and Jason in our socks again. Mr Wilkinson said to James ‘Aren’t those Jason’s shoes’ he’d listened to the bus conversation earlier ‘I shall have them too as we don’t want Jason to take them back now do we’ Martin just stared. ‘Take them off’ shouted Mr Wilkinson. Frustratingly he had no choice but to remove Jasons shoes and hand them over. Martin kept his head down fearing he too might be on the receiving end of Mr Wilkinsons ego and have to give up his shoes. ‘You can get your shoes back at the end of detention today’ he said and walked off carrying three pairs of shoes like trophies. Me and Jason wandered off to our first lesson walking into the classroom sheepishly, it was bad enough sitting in detention amongst our peers in their socks but to walk into a classroom shoeless is very embarrassing with everyone staring at our feet. Martin and James went to the headmasters office to retrieve their bags and coats. ‘You got no shoes again’ the headmaster said to James. ‘Mr Wilkinson took them’ said James. The headmaster confiscated James’ footwear from his bag. ‘We don’t want you avoiding punishment, you can retrieve your shoes in detention’ they left his office and went to their first lesson.

Having sat in the detention room for break and then the next lesson again in our socks we had to endure the dining hall avoiding our feet being stepped on in the queue for food. After eating we headed for the detention room as we couldn’t go outside shoeless. After a short while in walked Mark, he was a Sixth form pupil, 18 years old, 6ft tall and athletic in build. Although he was legally an adult the rules of school still applied. He too was shoeless. ‘What happened to you?’ asked James. ‘Mr Wilkinson caught me kicking a lad near the school gates’. Yet another school rule was no kicking allowed as this was an instant confiscation of footwear.’Mr Wilkinson took great pleasure in confiscating my shoes and ordering me here, he’s the same in PE lessons, he’s a control freak and I hate him’ said Mark. Lunchtime over we headed to to afternoon lessons.. in our socks. 

At 4pm we headed to the detention room, we sat waiting for Mr Aiden to observe todays detention, a PE teacher in his twenties, he looked hardly any older than Mark our 18 year old sixth former in detention . He didn’t arrive, everyone left after 10 minutes except me, Jason, James and Mark as we needed our shoes, which where all locked in the stationary cupboard and Martin who had shoes but didn’t want to be seen evading detention. After a further 30 minutes we decided to head over to the sports department to find Mr Aiden. All the teachers where in the exhibition drinking wine, it sounded like a party was in full swing, no wonder they where on the bus this morning we thought, can’t drink and then drive home. We saw both Mr Aiden and Mr Wilkinson leave the gym hall, we caught up with them in the changing rooms as they where about to embrace each other. ‘What the…’ shouted Mark.’It’s not how it looks said Mr Wilkinson, both he and Mr Aiden moved apart looking rather red faced. ‘Aren’t you married’ said Mark with a big smirk on his face. ‘We are supposed to be in detention with Mr Aiden’ said Martin not knowing where to look.’Lets go get your shoes and forget about detention’ said Mr Aiden. Back at detention Mr Aiden unlocked the stationary cupboard door. Mark said ‘We’re here for detention’, ‘no need’ said Mr Wilkinson. ‘Oh yes’ said Mark grinning. Everyone in the room except Mark was feeling uncomfortable. ‘I’m sure you don’t want anyone else to know what we saw, lose lips sink ships’ said Mark to the two teachers who where slightly inebriated, he was in control, the teachers where embarrassed about the situation and both had failed to take command immediately and now Mark had took the advantage, now they where like rabbits in headlights. Mark wanted his revenge for being shoeless since lunchtime. They where both wearing Adidas Sambas, ‘Take off your shoes’ he said. ‘No way’ said Mr Wilkinson. ‘Lose lips’ said Mark. The teachers just looked at each other, Mr Wilkinsons bullish attitude had gone. Both teachers slipped their feet out of their trainers, they looked new but still appeared to have been moulded around their feet to perfection.’Pick them up and put them in the cupboard’ They walked in their white socks to the cupboard and placed their shoes on the floor. Martin removed his shoes and placed them also in the cupboard as he was officially in detention and then Mark locked the door. Nobody argued with Mark as he was 6ft and athletic in build and enjoying the power trip. We all sat there in our socks including the PE teachers. James said to Mr Wilkinson ‘It’s not nice having your shoes confiscated is it sir’ and laughed. Both teachers beginning to sober felt very embarrassed about having to sit their amongst the pupils in their socked feet. ‘Can we go’ asked Jason to Mark. Mark unlocked the cupboard. ‘Get your stuff’ he said. Everyone put their shoes on including the teachers. ‘Stop’ shouted Mark to the teachers. ‘I like Adidas trainers’ said Mark, James started to grin, ‘yours look my size Mr Aiden’ said James. Mr Aiden just looked at the floor, ‘take them off sir’ said James, he too was now power crazy.’I want your trainers now, remember, lose lips’ reluctantly Mr Aiden took them back off his feet and handed them to James who slipped them on his own feet. He placed his own footwear in his bag feeling rather pleased with himself. Mark was staring at Mr Wilkinsons Sambas, ‘what size are they Mr Wilkinson’ he said. ‘Your not having my shoes’ said Mr Wilkinson. ‘OK’ said Mark ‘Your shoes or your wife will find out you kissed Mr Aiden’ ‘It was nothing but a drunken mistake plus they won’t fit your feet’ he said. ‘I don’t care’ said Mark, Mr Wilkinson slipped his Adidas trainers back off his feet and  begrudgingly handed them to Mark. Mr Aiden and Mr Wilkinson walked out of the detention room, it was unusual to see two teachers rather than pupils walking along the corridor in their socks. 

They all collected their stuff and headed out. Stood in their socks at the bus stop was Mr Wilkinson and Mr Aiden, James stood next to Mr Aiden and said ‘these Adidas trainers are very comfortable, you should get a pair and sniggered. Mr Wilkinson just stood there in his socks as the boys laughed at his discomfort and embarassment. It was going to be a long bus ride home.

Jackpot in the library

Author – Shoelover

So I was in the library one day and I noticed this cute girl around 21 years old come into the library and went into one of the single cubby spaces to study. I was in the cubby space two shelves away but I could see her through the row of books. She took all her stuff out her backpack and basically they were all over the place but she looked very comfortable since she took her sneakers and white socks off as well. She put her white socks on a shelf to dry since it was raining like crazy outside and her black Nike sneakers were underneath the table. Usually I like to snag just a girl’s sneakers when they’re not looking but today I was hitting the jackpot. I waited for her to walk away from her study space but to my surprise she walked to the other side of the library without her white socks or her sneakers, they were just there waiting for me to steal hehehe. So I quickly walked over to her space and grabbed her socks and sneakers and stuffed them in my bag. I felt bad for the girl when she came back to find her shoes and socks missing but it was a good lesson for her not to leave her shoes and socks for someone to take hehehe! Now I wear her sneakers everyday! 🙂