Police seizure pt1

Author – Shoetaker

The three university students had been drinking and eating in the big city and where now heading back to the railway station. Their route to the station was blocked, it was sealed off with police tape.
‘A crime scene, we’ll have to go a different way’ said Mike.
‘No time’ said Dezzy ‘We’ll miss our train’
Nick was unsure, but he had no choice as his mates ducked under the police tape. ‘Stop’ shouted a voice. As they reached the other side of the cordoned off area a policeman stopped them. A guy wearing a disposable white suit caught up to them and accused them of contaminating his crime scene. A bank security truck had been robbed and red dye from a stolen cashbox had been activated spreading across the street and they had just ran through it leaving their shoe prints. Dezzy didn’t like the guys tone as he shouted at them, he wasn’t much older than him. ‘Well it wasn’t us as we’ve just got here’ he said ‘Just ignore our prints’. His mates laughed annoying the CSI guy further. Their beer drinking bravado was kicking in. The guy threatened to arrest them for obstruction.. Dezzy retorted ‘Your not a real copper, your just a jumped up civilian worker so fuck off’. The CSI was now angry with Dezzy’s attitude as he looked down at the students trainers. ‘I cannot ignore your shoe prints but I can eliminate them from the enquiry’ he said. Dezzy grinned and said sarcastically ‘There you go, no damage done’. The CSI smiled back and said ‘To do so I’m going to have to seize your shoes, they’re now evidence in my crime scene’.
The policeman said ‘He has the authority to do so’. They looked down at their footwear, their smiles disappearing instantly from their once smug faces. The CSI wished they could be arrested but seizing their shoes pleased him. Dezzy protested but the copper threatened to arrest them if they failed to hand over their footwear.
Dezzy kicked off his white Nikes revealing thin white trainer socks below his skinny jeans. He wasn’t impressed to see the red dye all over the soles of his fairly new trainers. Nick took off his brown New Balance trainers leaving him standing in black socks. Mike was left standing in black socks after removing his black Nikes. The onlookers attention had now moved from the crime scene to the three young men being stripped of their footwear causing them greater embarrassment.
The young CSI took great pleasure bagging each of their shoes individually, sealing each bag made it official, their trainers now belonged to him, albeit temporarily.
‘You best quickly give the constable your details and get to where your going as it’s forecast for rain soon’ he said smiling as he looked down at their socked feet. ‘I’ll knock that smug smile of yer face..’ said Darryl being interrupted by the copper with another threat of arrest. They watched their bagged shoes being thrown into his van, locking them inside. Dezzy became more infuriated to be told it could take several months to get their trainers back.
They hurried to the railway station, a struggle without any shoes on their feet. They knew they’d missed their train and would have to stand on the cold concrete platform for the last train of the day to their destination, it would be full, standing room only, awkward without any shoes on your feet. Other passengers where curiously looking at them, especially Dezzy in his skinny jeans and rather filthy white trainer socks. Not a look he wanted everyone to see. Nick said to Dezzy that if he hadn’t been smart with the guy he may not of taken their shoes. Being University students they couldn’t afford to buy new trainers so would have to wear their old scuffy trainers until there seized shoes where returned.
To be continued.


The sneaky midnight shoe theif

Author – GS42

So, here’s a story of my time whilst I was working in France.

The hotel come school activity centre I worked at operated a strict no-shoes policy inside for all children. This meant that just after the reception desk, at the bottom of the grand staircase leading to all the hotel rooms, stood a wall to wall shoe rack, 3ft high, spanning all 3 walls inside the main staircase.
Now, I happened to work as a Night Porter here, which meant I was often the only person awake for the entire night. It also happened that this place, for whatever reason, lacked any form of CCTV.
Now, there were a quite often nights where work was very quiet and easy going, as everything I would usually deal with on a night had already been sorted within the first hour or so of my shift, meaning I had a good 7 hours entirely to myself to do nothing.
I’ve always had an interest in shoes and trainers, especially when they’ve belonged to somebody else prior. So, on quiet nights, I’d often go and admire the hundreds of pairs of trainers that were on offer. Usually, the offerings were fairly worn out, tatty old affairs, more often than not far too small for my UK size 9 (US 10) feet. On occasion though, we’d have groups of teenagers staying. This is where things usually got more interesting. On the weeks where there were older groups, there were once again, many pairs of battered old trainers, that had clearly been loved to within an inch of their lives, however there were also quite often some very smart, relatively new pairs left there for the world to see.
So, when I knew the coast was clear, I would go and browse the offerings with great intent, before selecting a few pairs to sample. I would then head away to somewhere secluded in the hotel and try out my samples. More often than not, I found that they either didn’t really suit me, or that, once I’d tried them myself, they weren’t really to my liking for whatever reason. These samples would then be replaced back on the racks, taking great care to ensure they were left exactly as they were found.
Sometimes, whilst browsing the shoe racks, I’d find some interesting samples, who, for whatever reason, had decided they also needed to remove their socks and leave them either in their shoes, or thrown in a ball on the floor somewhere around the shoe racks. So, these pairs were also taken for testing, along with the socks, and tried for fit. The shoes were then usually returned exactly to where they were before, just like the other pairs, however the socks never made it back. Whenever I found a pair of socks in or around the shoes, after trying them on, I’d put my pair of socks back on over the top, just to hide them away, then I’d continue to wear them for the rest of the shift as if they were my own. Of course, come the end of the shift, I couldn’t think of anything more than clocking off and running away for the night, completely forgetting I was still wearing the socks I’d found earlier in the night. Throughout the time I worked there, I must have collected well in excess of 100, maybe even 200, pairs of socks from all over the globe, much to my excitement.
Now, on other occasions, after sampling the shoes, I would take a liking to them, and so I would stash them away for the night in an area nobody else would either think to go, or be easily able to get to. They were then left there for a day to a couple of days, before I’d return to collect them from their hiding point and take them back to my room. In my room, I’d learned entirely by accident, there happened to be a hidden storage compartment that it was clear nobody knew about. The place in question happened to be the floor of the built-in wardrobe in the room. For some reason, when it was installed, the floor of the wardrobe was never secured down, leaving it able to be lifted up with ease, and providing a massive storage space underneath which worked just perfectly to store my new found treats.
Over the space of 6 months, I’d scored a good 15 – 20 pairs of ‘new’ trainers, varying from Nike, to Osiris, to Adidas, to Vans, as well as a few others in between.
Now, there was one group in particular who sticks in my mind better than all others. This was a group of teenage boys, who were staying with us for 4 nights. Now, usually I wouldn’t have noticed anything different, however it happened that one of the boys had somehow broken his right leg, and was stuck in a long leg cast, generally being pushed around in his wheelchair by his friends. He was mostly incapable of walking, but he did still get around from time to time with a pair of crutches. Wherever he went outside, he would wear either his purple Nike High Top, a brand new looking black Vans High Top, or his red Nike Janoski on his left foot, along with a cushioned trainer sock to cover his right foot. To be fair to him, it was getting late into October, and was quite cold out. Even though he was generally in a wheelchair, meaning his shoe was perfectly clean, he was not exempt from the rule of no shoes indoors. This meant, he too was required to leave his shoe downstairs by the door and move around inside shoeless. One thing I had noticed about this guy was, whenever he removed his shoe, for some reason he always removed both of his socks.
For the entire time he was there, I was always done with my required work very early into the shift, so each night I would go and investigate whatever shoe he had left, as well as his socks. It just so happened that he too was a size 9 shoe, and they fit me absolutely perfectly. His socks were also amazing, always soft and plush, occasionally slightly sweaty from the day’s activities. The socks, naturally, were always tried on, and as before, forgotten about and kept by me. It also just so happened that one of his friends was also a size 9 shoe, and had left a great pair of well worn, but still very neat blue Adidas Gazelle trainers on the rack. These were also tested, and then stored away in my secret collection, along with the white and red Bonds trainer socks he’d so carefully placed inside his shoes.
On the 3rd day of their stay, I’d noticed that broken leg guy hadn’t bothered to wear his shoe at all, choosing to be pushed around in his chair wearing just his socks on his feet. I assume it was because, for once, it happened to be nice weather outside, and he decided his non casted foot was too warm. I’ll never quite know why he did it. I had only noticed this, as he happened to be wearing bright orange Polo Ralph Lauren trainer socks, which stood out very bright against his purple leg cast.
That night, having completed my workload, I went to again investigate the shoe racks, and noticed to my surprise, that he had once again left his pair of socks from the day downstairs. So, naturally, I tried them on, and upon realising how nice they were, put my own socks over and carried on with my shift. That night though, I decided I would become a lot more daring than just taking his sweet socks. I decided, for some unknown reason, that I would take all 3 of his left shoes that had remained on the rack downstairs, knowing that they would be leaving that morning, and would likely have no time to attempt to find them. Having stashed away his shoes, I thought I’d best leave him something in return, and so instead took my own pair of socks from my feet, and carefully placed them back where his shoes had once sat. I then stuck my shoes on, still wearing his beautiful orange trainer socks, and carried on my shift as if nothing ever happened.
The morning came, and I saw the guy, sat in his wheelchair in the reception, looking very confused. He came over and said to me that his shoes were missing, and he couldn’t understand where they might have gone. I explained to him that I too was unsure what may have happened but would ensure I passed the issue onto management for them to look into. Whilst I was talking to him, I did however, notice that he clearly didn’t have any other socks to wear, and in place of his shoes, he had chosen to put on my pair of socks I’d left for him during the night. For the rest of the morning, I saw him from time to time, wheeling around with his mates, wearing only my socks on his feet, complaining to his friends that someone had stitched him up, and they’d better admit who had done it. Just before I headed back to my room to sleep ready for my next shift, I noticed the group getting back on their coach to leave. The guy in question was still wearing only my pair of socks on his feet, obviously having no other option available to him to resolve his lack of shoes.
The next night, having completed my work, I sloped off and collected my new winnings of 3 left Nike trainers, all of which were amazingly comfortable, and headed back to my room to stash them away with my other ‘new’ pairs. Come to think, I don’t think I ever did report his missing shoes to management…
Still to this day, I wear his amazing socks (they were always some nice, fairly new, branded cushioned trainer socks), and his left shoes. His red Janoski soon became my new favourite, which is by far and away still the comfiest shoe I own, even though it’s now considerably more worn. I’d love to know quite what he’d done to that shoe to make it just so comfortable, but sadly I know I’ll never find out the secret. I still frequently wear the left shoes from all the other pairs of shoes I collected whilst working there, nearly 10 years on (If you don’t know why I only wear the left ones, read my previous story). In fact, I’ve barely purchased new shoes since working there, as I’ve had so many to choose from at any given moment. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this guy, and just how cute he looked wearing my extremely well worn, sweaty socks, paired with the lack of a left shoe, whilst hopping out to his coach on his crutches to leave, knowing he was likely never going to see his shoes again.

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Taking my friends converse

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

One day I was over at my friends house chilling and playing some Xbox with him. After a few hours of gaming my friend said he needed to go to the toilet, at this point I noticed the pair of converse high tops lying in the corner. They looked as though they were well worn but still in reasonably good condition so I decided to see if they would fit me. To my delight they fit me perfectly and I thought well I’m having these. My friend came back to see me wearing his shoes and proceeds to ask me why. I told him that I really liked the look of them and wanted to wear them. He then said that because I took his shoes he should get to wear my shoes which were a pair of Adidas gazelles. I said that was a fair trade and gave him my shoes and he slipped into them. A while later I get ready to leave and ask him if he wants his shoes back and he tells me to keep them for a while as he took a liking to my shoes and wanted to wear them. I asked him if I could have more of his shoes sometime and he said only if he could wear some of mine. I agreed to that and headed off for home wondering what shoes of his I would go for next.

Revenge on my friends mother

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

a follow up story to my friends mother stealing my shoes.

A few days had passed since my friends mother had taken my shoes so I decided to get my own back on her by taking a pair of her shoes. The following weekend I called up Dennis to see if he was free to hang out and to my delight he was free so I made my way to his house wondering what pair of his mothers shoes I was going to steal. After we hung out for a while we headed back to his house to chill out for a while and to my delight Dennis’s mom left to go to the nearby town for a while so I told Dennis I had to go toilet so I could then sneak off to look in his mom’s room to see what shoes she had.After a quick search of the room I found her shoe collection which consisted of various high heels which were of no interest to me but what did catch my were her Ugg boots, Adidas superstars, Adidas goodyears, Lonsdale Fulham, Lonsdale Camden and Lonsdale benn, after a while of trying them on to find the most comfortable pair of shoes I took quite a liking to the Lonsdale Fulham and decided to take them for myself as well as a pair of her socks to match her shoes. When the time came for me to head off I slipped on her trainers and purposefully walked passed my friends mom to brag about taking her shoes.I asked her what she thought of my “new” shoes she was fuming but I told her that’s what she gets for not giving me my shoes the last time I was over (which she happened to be wearing just now). I told her I would keep them as I found them extremely comfy and they fitted really well to which she told me that’s why she bought them in the first place, so I told her as long as she kept my shoes I would keep her shoes and socks.

To this day one of the best pair of shoes I’ve managed to take.Sadly it didn’t take long for me to out grow them so I didn’t get to wear them for too long.

The game

Author – Tony

I was reading about some of the shoe games on here this isn’t really a shoe game but kind of fits. I have a group of friends. Mark, Luann the only girl, JJ, Jake, Omar, Jesse, Alec and me Tony. We hangout and do everything together. We stay in trouble for ruff housing just general teen stuff. We harass each other all the time.
We grab and take off with and a white no show sock that said DC on it. Luann came back without my shoe. I ask for my shoe back. Alec said you know the rules. The bell rang and I just sit there. The guys started walking to the building. I ask for my shoe Jake said you know the rules get over it. I got up and caught up with them it was so crazy walking down the hall and then going to class without my shoe. I tried to find something to take so I could have my shoe back. My sock was getting so dirty.
each other’s stuff but like each person has something we take from them. Mark, we take his phone, Luann her purse thing, JJ his headphones, Omar his board, Jesse his cap, Alec his backpack. And me my shoe. I’m not sure why it’s always the same thing every time but it is not even sure how we decided what to take . Alec is the smart one and has to have order to everything which does keep us out of trouble sometimes. Alec came up with a Rule if someone took your stuff you couldn’t have it back till you took someone else stuff but it had to be one of the things I mentioned earlier I was sitting outside before school on one of those big green electric boxes and Mark and Luann snuck up on me. Mark and Omar grabbed me held me down and Luann grabbed my leg and took my shoe and ran. Mark and Omar held me until Luann was out of site. They let me go and said were save for the day and walked off leaving me sitting there with my left black DC Plaza TC SE

Pool Jordans

Author – Jonathan

So what is one of my favorite grabs? This is a question I was just asked. Was it my first pair? My first shoplifted pair? My most stressful pair? Well I will tell ya. It was the day I grabbed a pair of Jordans from an unsuspecting 20 year old by the pool at a job I worked at. Nothing beats working the pool deck and seeing guys in sneakers. Taking them off and going into the pool. Everyday I would try and find ways to make off with kicks. Of course without getting caught as I worked there. I was lucky twice. The first time it was two pairs of shoes, one Nike the other under armour. Socks were also inside them. Unfortunately I didn’t see who they belonged too and that may be a story for another time. There were days that guys would wear Nike shox, Jordans and I’ve even seen a few Yeezys laying around. One guy was sleeping in the lounge chair and I probably could have grabbed his yeezys but I decided not to risk it. Now for the Jordans….

So there I am working the pool deck in more ways than one when I spotted a shirt and a cell phone with a pair of shoes underneath the table. No one was around. It’s right smack in the middle of everyone so I could only admire from afar. It was also 4 in the afternoon and plenty of light. I went to take a break and at 630 pm I was back outside and the stuff was still there. Nightly pool activities were going on so I couldn’t do anything. I did however at this time see a guy come over, dry himself a little, look at the phone on the table. I knew that was all his stuff. This guy was in his early 20s, toned, light brown Hispanic guy. My heart sank cause I figured he was getting ready to leave… I was wrong because shortly later he went back into the pool. Now I know who it was so I could keep an eye on him. My shift ended at 8 and it was dark out at that time. I went back out to see if it was still there. He must of moved his shirt and phone closer to the edge of the pool but the shoes were still there. I eyed him throwing a football to two other guys in the water. It also started drizzling a little so the pool deck wasn’t too busy. I knew it was now or never so i grabbed a towel, quickly wrapped up the shoes and booked it to my car. As soon as I got in I opened up my prize, I was so stoked to find out it was a pair of Jordans in my size. Which is a sz 12. No socks included but I didn’t care. I ripped off my work kicks and placed his umm I meant to say my new Jordans onto my feet. You know once again especially if your staying in a hotel you should have flip-flops on not sneakers. This was a lesson for him. Lol

The next day my coworker asked me if I had heard what had happened the night before? I pretended to be clueless. he said that a guest had his shoes taken after the nightly activities. I questioned it and he said that when the guest got out of the pool at 11 which is closing time his Jordans were not where he had left them. Lost and found was checked and nothing. This guy was pissed. The hotel gave him a 20 dollar food vocher and one free night for the inconveniences. The next day I saw him again, this time eating at the pool bar. He had on no name brand shoes that looked like they were falling apart. He was talking with his friends at the table and I heard a few key words so I decided to listen in. Apparently the Jordans were the only pair he had brought with him and that he was actually wearing his friends shoes which was a half a size too small. He couldn’t understand why a guest would spend all this money to stay there only to steal his shoes. Lol guess I was in the clear since I wasn’t a guest. I finally decided to be really bold and approached him. Told him I overheard his conversation and sorry for his loss lol. What kind of shoes are they? So I can keep a lookout for them. He said Jordans. I then asked more about them such as condition etc. He said they are white and red and says Jordan on the tongue and that he had them for about 6 months. Ok if I see them I’ll get them to lost and found. Make sure to check on your last day on property.

.Do you think he ever got them back? Heck no lol they are on my feet as I’m writing this true story out. Here are the pics….. I hope you enjoyed 🙂 I know I sure did….

Stealing drunk lads shoes – the victim

Author – unlucky lad

Response to ‘Lovetoshoeswap’ story request.

I had gone to a party at an apartment on the other side of town with my best friend, it was his work colleague’s party. I just tagged along in my t-shirt, black skinny jeans with black vans on my feet. The party was pretty boring with crap music so the best thing to do was get drunk. There was a lot of girls to talk to but I got drunk fairly quickly and sat down before I fell down. The room started spinning as I closed my eyes. I must of fallen asleep. I eventually woke up, the music had been turned down and the room had fewer people in it. I looked at my watch, it was late. I stood up and realised I wasn’t wearing any shoes. “What the fuck” I said as i looked down at my white socked feet. I was unsteady as I searched for my shoes but couldn’t find them.
I couldn’t find my friend either, had he taken them as a prank? No he wouldn’t as back in school a bully took his shoes. After spending all day in socked feet he vowed never to let anyone be as humiliated as he was.
A pair of plimsolls lay on the floor, everyone else was wearing shoes, whoever had taken my Vans must of left them behind. They looked new but you could tell they where cheap but I had no choice but to put them on unless I wanted to walk home in my socks.
As I headed for the door I passed someone wearing black vans like mine but I was too drunk to question him over his footwear even though he was looking at my feet. I walked home wondering if the feet that had occupied these cheap shoes I was now wearing where feeling more comfortable in my worn Vans.
Had I just passed the thief wearing my shoes as I wore his? I wasn’t happy that my favourite shoes had been stolen.