Lily White Foot

Author – Joe

I once saw a very attractive girl in a library I was sitting at. She was sitting at the computers and I took a seat directly on the other side of the table where she was sitting at so that there was a wall infront of us but her legs were literally right were mine were. I had never seen her before and she didn’t look like someone from school. She was a cute brunette with a white polo and very tight blue jeans on that were cuffed at the bottem. She wore worn black loafers with buckles and what seemed to be very thin, ribbed white trouser socks. U could see the outlines of her ankles in her shiny white socks and that really turned me on. I wanted to see her feet so bad and to my liking she started slowly slipping her feet in and out of her loafers. Never leaving the loafers completely I was getting excited jus seeing her heel pop out . It was a sight to see. I’m sure her feet were practically wet in those thin socks and probably smelled just as pungent as they looked! Finally she slipped her shoes back on and crossed her legs. She began to dangle her right shoe. Slowly in and out and I could tell she was focused on her work because the shoe would get farther and farther down her foot to the point where her shiny white socked foot was practically fully out of the shoe except for the fact that it was hanging for dear life by her toes. In one swift motion, I stared as the loafer dropped to the floor. I wanted to bend down and sniff her foot personally it looked so tempting. Caress her arch.. Anyways .. Wat was even hotter was the fact that she either didn’t change her socks for a long while or her worn shoes were so worn that they made her socks filthy. The exposed white sock was so dirty and sweaty on the bottem and around her toes  that it was practically black. I was in heaven and I didn’t want it to stop haha. I noticed her shoe had dropped closer to my feet then hers and I quickly dragged her loafer with my foot towards my backpack that was perched next to my chair on the ground. Luckily she kept her filthy socked foot and leg crossed and didn’t think about her errant shoe for the moment. I opened my bag and neatly placed the smelly loafer in the front pocket. I got up and repositioned my self to another seat to watch her look for her loafer. I knew I wasn’t giving it back to her and that excited  me so much . Long story short she looked and didn’t find her shoe. She ended gathering her things and walking out toward the bus stop with one loafer and her shiny dirty white socked foot . As I left I strolled around the building to where the parking lot and the bus stop is and I saw her jus sitting at the stop reading a book while a young boy sat next to her . I could only imagine all the looks he gave her and her worn sock. By the time I left I saw her sock one last time; she must of walked a bit before getting to the bus stop because she had worn a whole on the tip of her toe . It was very attractive 🙂


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