He should hate me

Author – Bailey

This is based off a true story. I moved to a new town and I met this guy. We started texting and then, Mason, ask me to come over for the first time. We played Apex Legends for a while.
Mason: want to walk to Red Bluff.
Me: What’s that
Mason: It’s a place we hang out.
Me: Think I will get to meet some of your friends.
Mason: Maybe
Me: can I take my camera
Mason: it’s your camera
(I love to take pictures. We arrived at Red Bluff there was a swing in a big tree Mason pushed me for a while Then we went to the old well. Mason said legend says if everyone closes their eyes and you throw a coin in you will have good luck.)
(Mason sit down on the edge of the well.)
Me: let’s go look over the cliff
Mason: wait I have sand spurs in my sock
Me: give me your foot (I took his shoe off, then I picked the sand spurs out)
I started teasing him by holding his shoe over the well. Mason just ignored me. Mason was on my left side so I dropped his shoe on my right side outside of the well so he couldn’t see it.
Me: Can I drop your shoe in the well instead of a coin
Mason: Sure who needs two
I stood up to get a coin out of my pocket to toss in the well (why not) when I dropped Mason shoe by the well there was a hole in the ground where the ground had washed away that led into the well and his shoe had really fell in the well. I didn’t see the hole when I dropped his shoe
Mason: We could go look off the cliff if I had a shoe.
Me: (I just looked at him I didn’t know what to say) you said I could drop it in the well.
(He thought I was still kidding)
Mason: “O” guess I’ll hop come on
(there were sand spurs everywhere. He got up and hopped to the cliff)
Mason: see, who needs two shoes (He stopped standing on one foot and kissed me)
Me: I’m sorry I was just messing around
Mason: sorry for what?
Me: your shoe
Mason: I just got them today.
Me: You told me your new shoes were blue.
Mason: They were but my dog chewed one of them up I never got to wear them. gram took me to get . these this morning she was not happy
Mason: can I have my shoe yet?
Me: (almost crying) I dropped it in the well when I was teasing you, I swear I did not mean to.
Mason: you’re kidding.
Me: No, I swear I didn’t mean to.
Mason: I can’t ask Gram for new shoes again. she will think I lost them on purpose
(I started crying I felt so bad)
Me: please don’t be mad, I will figure something out just don’t tell your Gram, when you get home just . take your shoe off and walk around in your socks.
Mason: don’t cry
Me: I’m so-so sorry please don’t hate me
Mason: I don’t but I can’t wear socks everywhere.
(We headed back to his house the sand burs were so bad Mason had to hop most of the way, He acted like he wasn’t mad, but he had to be)
(That afternoon, Mason texts me to come over. We were sitting in his room and his Gram walked in)
Gram: What did you do today.
Mason: went to Red Bluff.
Gram: guess you’re bored just sitting around I can find something for you to do. (I think she didn’t like us being in his room alone)
Mason: let’s go hang out on the porch, she means it.
Me: the park is better. (it’s a block away)
Mason: I don’t have shoes someone threw them in the well
Me: wear, mismatched shoes this one and the one the dog didn’t chew up. Until I think of something
(Mason grabbed the shoe the dog did not chew up)
Mason: there both for the same foot. I can’t go in my socks. The ground hurts.
Me: just wear one shoe. (He looked so cute he kept trying to hide his sock.)
Me: You can wear like a cover sock in place of a shoe.
Mason: what?
Me: an extra sock
Mason: one shoe and two socks on my other foot
Me: it’s better than nothing (I liked seeing him missing his shoe it is kind of crazy, I mean I didn’t lose it on purpose. I didn’t know he would look so cute without his shoe. I do feel bad.) (We walked to the park. We came up with all kinds of ideas, but nothing that would keep Mason out of trouble if his Gram found out she would not let us see each other plus he has lost two right shoes in three days neither his fault.)
(Mason’s house about noon the next day.)
Me: Did you tell your Gram?
Mason: No If I can think of a reason, I’m going to wear one shoe it’s better than being in trouble.
Me: (trying to make him feel better but with a lot of truth) That’s gucci.
Mason: if you say so.
(Gram finally saw Mason wearing one shoe)
Gram: Mason why are you wearing one shoe?
Mason: just am.
Gram: somehow, there is more to it.
Mason: I just didn’t wear it.
Gram: Does your foot hurt?
Mason: No, it’s a new thing guys do
Gram: you better hope it is some teenage boy thing, Mason the whole point of life is learning to live . with the consequences of the bad decisions you’ve made. (she walked out.)
Mason: it’s never good when Gram uses quotes.
Me: I thought you were in trouble
Mason: me too
Me: did the cover sock work
Mason: a shoe would be better
(I had to spend the weekend with my dad and couldn’t talk to or text Mason, so I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know
if he was mad at me after he thought about what I did. I got home late Sunday night. I text Mason he never answered. Monday was the first day of school. I couldn’t wait to see Mason and just hoped he was not mad and in trouble)
(Mason was already at school when I got there, He was sitting on the retainer wall, I walked up behind Mason he leaned back and said you did this to me the bell rang, he got up I looked down, Mason was wearing one shoe and a cover sock)
Me: I’m so-so sorry. Don’t hate me?
Mason: I get to come to school the first day wearing one shoe and sit in class with just a sock on my . foot all day why I would hate you and now pictures really
Me: I didn’t mean to I’m so-so, sorry.
Mason: I think you did this on purpose.
(Mason walked past me and just looked at me)
Me: I know you’re embarrassed
Mason: For now, but it is kind of funny I have two brand new left shoes and no right ones. Come on . you may as well be embarrassed right along with me. (He took my hand then kissed me)
Me: I can’t believe you don’t hate me
Mason: Maybe
(He walked into his first block)
I have to say I’m so lucky I met Mason most guys would be so mad.

Fun day at the temple

Author – Roy

I recently agreed to go to church with my girlfriend for the first time this past weekend. I loved the idea of getting to bond with my girlfriend in a different way we were used to. She goes with her family and I wasn’t sure the extent of what going to church meant lol. I showed up at the house early in the morning in some slacks, a button down shirt and a pair of penny loafers. I love wearing tight white dress socks with my loafers because it’s super comfy but my girlfriend always makes fun of me for it saying things like “you look so proper in your white socks and brown slacks babe.” Her parents even loved to tease me about my “lily white socks”. when I got to her house in the morning her mom told me I had to slip off my loafers in the garage so I didn’t get the carpets dirty making it known for everyone to see my bright white stocking feet on display. Embarrassed I made it into the house and stood around blushing and hiding my stocking feet as much as I could. My girlfriends mom always peaked down at my feet and then back up at me and would smile. I loved the attention but it was quite embarrassing as well. As we almost left for church finally, everyone was at the front door ready to leave in there own shoes and practically walking out the door when I realized my loafers were still in the garage. I don’t know if they got a kick out of this or not but My girlfriends dad noticed finally I was still in my socks and told me to just head out to the car and he would bring my loafers out as he locked up… so I pattered our to the driveway in my socked feet and got into the car with my girlfriend. She giggled and said “going to church with me in just your socks huh?”. I didn’t really have to much to say and before I knew it her dad was getting in the car. “Here’s your loafers Cinderella”, her dad said. Her mom and dad laughed. I took the worn leather shoes from his hands and slid my socked feet into them. We got to the church finally and I realized it was a temple. We had to leave our shoes at the front!? Just great. More time spent in my white socks and now in public. We got the front and I reluctantly slipped my socked feet out of my loafers and left them with the rest of the shoes. We walked in some of us barefoot and some of us in socks. I met a few friends of the family and it was just so embarrassing being what felt like the only person in white socks for all to see. My feet felt like magnets to onlookers! The service went on and we worshipped. I’m not to much a church guy but it was nice to experience it with my girlfriend. It was finally time to leave and when I got back out to the front I couldn’t locate my loafers! My girlfriend and her family found there shoes quite quickly and I was left there frantically looking for my shoes still in my bright white socks. “Looks like your not having a great day with your shoes there huh Cinderella?” Her dad says. He was making the situation so much more embarrassing. Everyone laughed at the situation but they didn’t know what happened. My girlfriend joked and said someone must of taken a liking to seeing me be the only person making my way around the church in my bright white socks. Everyone seemed to have darker socks and stockings on. Needless to say I left that day with out my loafers I came with. Not sure if someone hid them and watched me leave in my stocking feet that day or just liked my loafers in general.

The game

Author – Tony

I was reading about some of the shoe games on here this isn’t really a shoe game but kind of fits. I have a group of friends. Mark, Luann the only girl, JJ, Jake, Omar, Jesse, Alec and me Tony. We hangout and do everything together. We stay in trouble for ruff housing just general teen stuff. We harass each other all the time.
We grab and take off with and a white no show sock that said DC on it. Luann came back without my shoe. I ask for my shoe back. Alec said you know the rules. The bell rang and I just sit there. The guys started walking to the building. I ask for my shoe Jake said you know the rules get over it. I got up and caught up with them it was so crazy walking down the hall and then going to class without my shoe. I tried to find something to take so I could have my shoe back. My sock was getting so dirty.
each other’s stuff but like each person has something we take from them. Mark, we take his phone, Luann her purse thing, JJ his headphones, Omar his board, Jesse his cap, Alec his backpack. And me my shoe. I’m not sure why it’s always the same thing every time but it is not even sure how we decided what to take . Alec is the smart one and has to have order to everything which does keep us out of trouble sometimes. Alec came up with a Rule if someone took your stuff you couldn’t have it back till you took someone else stuff but it had to be one of the things I mentioned earlier I was sitting outside before school on one of those big green electric boxes and Mark and Luann snuck up on me. Mark and Omar grabbed me held me down and Luann grabbed my leg and took my shoe and ran. Mark and Omar held me until Luann was out of site. They let me go and said were save for the day and walked off leaving me sitting there with my left black DC Plaza TC SE

Round of golf

Author – John salt

I’d recently taken up golf – and have since spent many humiliating hours hacking and slicing errant balls into the rough. I think the girlfriend sensed my increasing frustration.

She is relatively non-sporting and had certainly never shown the slightest interest in my new hobby – until this morning. I was watching golfing videos on youtube – hints and tips on improving your game – while she read a magazine beside me. One particular video appeared to capture her attention – a golfing professional was explaining a practise technique for driving balls straighter and farther – by getting more weight onto the trailing leg (the right leg for right-handers). By transferring more weight onto the right leg, he said the back swing would be more stable and enable the player to drive ‘through the ball’. To assist in learning this weight transfer, the golf pro had made himself asymmetric – he had removed his right shoe.

The girlfriend returned her gaze to the magazine, pretending to read for a couple of minutes – then suddenly asked “Are you playing golf today?”

“I thought I might go to the driving range for a couple of hours practice, if you don’t mind?”

“Why should I mind? In fact I might come with you since it’s a nice day … I could be your caddie!”

This was certainly a turnaround – her expressing enthusiasm for a few hours of watching me slice golf balls … but what the heck – it was certainly an improvement on her usual indifference. We loaded my clubs into the car and headed off.

It was a weekday morning so the range was mostly deserted. It consisted of two fairways, two putting greens and a bar. I changed into my brown Windsor golf shoes and signed in before rejoining her – Lisa – beside the 1st tee.

She watched intently as I addressed the ball, swung – and sent it skittering all of 70 yards … “Damn!”

She adopted a supportive tone – “That wasn’t so bad! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll improve …”

We set off towards the ball towing the trolley that carried bag and clubs. The green was still some 250 yards away, so this next shot would again require an impossible (for me) power shot. This time I fired it a little further, but hooked it slightly right and almost off the fairway. Again we set off towards the ball.

“Did you learn any good tips from those videos this morning?” she enquired in a slightly curious tone. I replied “Plenty – but watching and doing are entirely different things!”

She continued, affecting innocence – “Anything in particular?”

“No – nothing in particular. Just try to keep my head steady and drive through the ball.”

“Well, there is one thing you could try …”

I stared at her. Was she really now offering golfing tips! I decided to humour her – “What’s that?”

“The man in one of the videos said putting more weight onto your right leg would help your swing. Why don’t you try that? And he said you would find it easier if you removed your right shoe …”

“Did he really?! Sounds unlikely to me.”

She stepped closer – an excited, determined expression on her face – “Yes – he did. You won’t know unless you try. Try it!”

With that, and before I could protest further, she knelt down beside me and unlaced my right shoe … slowly slipping it off to reveal a vibrantly coloured red sock with dark blue heel and toes. She stood up again clutching the shoe and smiling broadly – “How does that feel, Cinderella?”

“It feels like I’m missing a shoe!” Luckily the grass was dry, but I could feel its soft spongy texture quite acutely beneath my right socked foot as I approached the ball for my 3rd shot. I concentrated, now consciously shifting my weight onto my right leg and down to the ground via my blue tipped toes … swinging the club backwards then smoothly arcing through the ball for one of the best shots I’d ever made … a perfect straight line and a single bounce onto the green!

I was amazed – though whether it really had anything to do with my missed right shoe was open to question. Lisa clapped and seemed genuinely excited – and there was little doubt what she attributed the miracle shot to – “Perfect! Didn’t I tell you!” She held up my shoe – “You won’t be needing this again!”

For a moment I thought she was about to throw my shoe away, but she contented herself by stowing it deep within the golf bag. She pulled the trolley and set off for the green, calling “Come on, Cinders!”

I two putted for a very respectable 1 over par. Lisa looked on and took several photographs – including the one below.

Over the next 90 minutes we played 5 more holes – with me in full Cinderella flow and Lisa beaming alongside. After a while the initial self-consciousness of parading my right socked foot disappeared to the point where I was almost oblivious to it, and I had to admit – I was certainly a lot more consistent without the shoe.

Eventually we arrived back at the clubhouse where a few other golfers, male and female, mingled about. Lisa suggested we have a drink in the bar to celebrate my improved form. “Certainly!” I replied – “But can I have my shoe back first!”

She walked up and kissed me on the cheek, whispering in my ear – “No. Because I like you just as you are, Cinderella!”

I was bemused, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been. The clues had been there all along, starting with her ill concealed interest in that golf video. And it wasn’t the golf that had sparked her interest …

“You like me wearing one shoe ….?”

“Yes – it’s so sexy!”

She took my hand and guided me towards the bar.

The End.

Lost and never found

Author – Oliver

I was at a movie theater when group of boys about my age, early college, came in. At first I didn’t give them much attention, but they got in line behind me to see Spider-Man and I peaked down at their shoes, because I always like to check out the shoes guys wear. I saw a pair of blue Vans and a pair of white Converse, and a pair of Adidas ultra-boosts, and I got a glimpse of a red Nike Janoski in between the crowd of legs. I couldn’t get a better view, so I looked away and promptly forgot about everything thinking about the movie. A few seconds later, I was surprised to hear one of the boys say “but my foot is so cold!” As discreetly as I could, I glanced again and shuffled my way into a better view. Then I saw it. There was no pair of red Janoski’s; there was only one! One of the boys was wearing only one shoe on his right foot, and his left foot sported only a thin black ankle sock with dark gray heel and toes, and red lettering. Obviously not wanting it to touch the ground much, he’d kept it tucked behind his shod foot and just his very tip-toes.

I started to eavesdrop on their conversation and it sounded like the boys had stolen his shoe at home as a prank and thrown it somewhere in the yard, outside in the dark. The poor guy had spent every moment since looking for it, eventually running out of time before they had to leave for the movie. Rather than miss out, he’d decided just to tag along without his left shoe!

Feeling brave, I came up with a plan. I looked down at my own gray Nike SB’s, and I discreetly bent down to “tie” my left shoe, but really I was loosening it quite a bit, but still tying it off so it wasn’t obviously untied. Then I waited. When it was time to go into the theater and get a seat, I hurried just enough to end up in the middle of the crowd: dangerous, but exactly where I wanted to be. Pretty soon I felt it: someone stepped on the back of my left Nike SB, and after I had loosened it, it didn’t have a chance! My left foot slid right out and I felt my foot touch the cold hard ground, protected only by a dark gray ankle sock with blue detail and lettering. I turned around to see my shoe and sure enough, it was already being kicked back too far to retrieve. Then I looked for the one-shod boy behind me and found him easily, staring at my fallen shoe. I thought for sure he would pick it up, but to my amazement he just laughed and walked by it! I heard him say to his friend, “Check it out; someone else is in the same boat I am.”

I decided not to scramble backwards for my shoe; truthfully, I’d assumed my shoeless “friend” would pick it up since I had abandoned my left shoe, the one he was missing, but my plan was foiled when he walked right by it. Instead, I watched my one-shod friend tip-toe to a seat and then I followed quickly and took the seat next to him, knowing the theater would be packed and every seat would be taken. I looked over and he was sitting on his shoeless foot to hide it with his right shoed-foot resting on the railing in front of him (behind the next row of seats). I did the same so as not to draw attention to my own now-only-socked foot, and also to keep it warm since the other boy was right: a foot without a shoe was cold inside this theater! I tried to make a plan to show the boy next to me that I, too, had lost my shoe, but I wasn’t sure how.

About an hour into the film, I got a chance! The boy must have been so engrossed in the movie that he forgot about his one-shod state and put his exposed socked foot up on the railing in front of us! Not wanting to lose my chance, I discreetly copied and also put both of my feet up on the railing, one Nike SB and one socked foot, obviously missing the safe confines of its shoe. I debated getting his attention, but while I tried to think of a way, I watched his black and colored sock slide over and gently tap my equally-exposed foot! Almost frozen, and a little embarrassed I’d been caught, I looked over and he was chuckling quietly at me. “You too?” he whispered.

I nodded nervously, desperately not wanting to give away that I had sacrificed my Nike SB on purpose because of him. “I lost it in the crowd coming in and didn’t want to go back for it and miss out on a good seat,” I whispered back during a louder scene.

He nodded empathetically. “Friend’s house; mine never even made it here,” he said with a grimace, looking sadly at his current footwear situation. “I’m a little worried I might not find it after the show. I have to go home tonight and if it’s gone for good, I don’t have another pair…” He looked genuinely stressed.

Wanting to comfort him a little, and secretly enjoying the current situation, I gestured to my lap. “I can’t help you find your shoe, but I can keep your foot warm?” I offered.

He looked nervous, but after a moment he nodded slowly. “It is…like, really cold in here, and my toes are sore and freezing!” he admitted. I pulled his foot into my lap, I hoped not too eagerly, and rubbed his foot for the rest of the movie. He cute little athletic sock was tight but so flexible that I could mostly get between his toes and everything! It was so cute to feel them wiggle a little whenever he had a ticklish moment. Sometimes I put my own socked-foot on my lap too and we would play a little private game of footsie. After the movie, he reluctantly pulled his foot back and stood up, keeping his shoe flat and his poor sock on tip-toe again. “Snapchat?” he asked quietly and we quickly added each other. I headed out first and he, Logan I now knew, and his friends (who had hopefully remained oblivious to our shenanigans) followed behind me a bit. When I got to the front I asked about my shoe, not worried at all as I had only lost it a moment before the movie and I was sure I could get it back.

The worker grimaced and I immediately tensed up. He shrugged apologetically. “We put it in the lost and found, but that gets locked when the manager leaves at midnight.”

I frantically pulled my phone to check the time and my heart sank as I saw the 12:02am. I looked down at my suddenly much more forlorn looking single shoe and back at the worker, speaking up a little so the boy behind me could hear. “ So there’s no way I can get my shoe back?” I glanced back and he looked at me in horror, and I felt his socked foot touch the back of my leg discreetly and comfortingly.

The guard shook his head solemnly. “Sorry man, not tonight.” I looked back at Logan and he mouthed “SORRY!” and with that I had no choice but to march myself back out to my car wearing only one Nike SB, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to come back another day to retrieve its errant partner.

When I got home, I had a snap from Logan, a video of him looking for his shoe outside at his friend’s house, in the dark. I wished him luck but after another hour of looking, I opened a snap of his sad face, almost in tears, captionless, and I knew it was too late, and he was going to have to head home minus one left red Janoski sneaker.

Dressing room mishap

Author – shoelover

One day I was walking in the mall changing in a dressing room, now you can peek under each dressing room to see people’s shoes, socked feet, etc. This particular day I was wearing jeans with white socks and adidas ultraboosts. I went into one of the rooms to change and I kicked off my shoes, peeled off my socks and tucked them in my shoes, and started changing into the other clothes. My sneakers were right by the door of the room and I heard footsteps outside. I didn’t think much of it but then I heard a person pacing back and forth in front of my door. Then I saw a hand reach down to the floor and snagged my sneakers!! I was in a panic because my socks were also in my shoes!! I ran out barefoot trying to chase the thief but I didn’t see anyone in sight! I’m my embarrassment I walked back to the car and drove barefoot. It was pretty exciting and embarrassing but I find it so much fun when someone tries to steal my sneakers. If you want to steal my shoes email me at shoelover93095@gmail.com