Too much to drink

Author – Kingston

It started last weekend when I went to my first party. I had way too much to drink and passed out. While I was passed out some guys decided it would be funny to pull off my right boot and set it on fire. Somehow everyone’s parents found out about the party and my parents showed up and took me home. I woke up the next morning not feeling real well took a shower and got dressed put my socks on and put my left boot and started trying to find my right boot I had no idea where it was at. I looked for a while and finally walked into the living room and asked my family if they had seen my boot. My dad said that’s the least of your problems and proceeded to explain to me everything I had done wrong. After having explained to me how long I was grounded. I asked him what about my boots since it’s the only footwear I have he said it was probably best not to discuss it right now so I’ve been having to do everything missing a boot. My sister started making fun of me by creating a blog about me going with one boot. So I don’t know how long I’ll have to stay without it.


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