I need them back

Author – Whitesocksguy

I was messing about with some mates in a park 3 or 4 miles from home, we had been there most of the day and decided to head home, we were not all going in the same direction but Pete and I were so we headed off together. We had been walking only a few minutes and were at the end of the park when 3 guys older than us came up and demanded our money, we didnt have much so they took our watches and phones as well, they were not happy with that and wanted more,m we had nothing left. One of the guys demanded our shoes as well and reluctantly we handed them over. My converse were well worn but Petes Nikes were almost new he complained a lot but they still took them leaving us no choice but to walk home in our socks. We were both wearing white socks but by the time we had walked 3 or 4 miles they were no longer white. Not a good end to the day.

Shoe Repair

Author – Airmax

“I was visiting a friend a while ago, and while stepping into his home, my right shoe catches the doorstep. I didn’t fall over, but it ripped the front half of my sole from my shoe.
He lives right over some shops, and a shoemaker. He offered to bring it there quickly, and i could wait inside. He was back in a minute without my shoe.
It would be done by the end of the day. He has a no shoe rule in the house, so i wouldn’t be wearing them anyway.
We turned on the playstation, and by the time we were done playing, it was allready far too late to pick up my shoe and i was kind of fucked. My friend has far smaller shoes then me, and all stores where i could have bought new shoes were allso closed by now.
I was wearing black shoes with white socks, imagine how that looks with one shoe missing. Still i think it’s better then going outside in socks, no shoes at all.
My friend picked up my missing shoe the next day, and it took me about a week to get it back myself.

Unaware Shoethieves

Author – Clogsplayer

One day, when I left my apartment, I caught an embarrassed looking guy at the emergency staircase of our building, who nearly fled upstairs when he saw me …. shoeless, in white little socks! I’d never seen him before and wondered, why a stranger was sneaking around the building in his socks? further down I found a pair of clogs, neatly placed in a corner! he he! I knew what happened!!! the guy somehow got into our building, left his clogs behind at the stairs and dared to sneak around in his stocking feet! I myself love to wear clogs and “”play”” with them, so I could feel the thrill he had, leaving his shoes behind, risking that someone might “”confiscate”” them! obviously he thought at this time of the day (it was around noon) his little “”dare”” would be safe! most house inhabitants were out at work. probably he now was hiding some floors above, desperately hoping, I wouldn’t run off with his shoes …. a short moment I thought about it! :)) at the groundfloor I met two women, who went upstairs. I heard them talking about the clogs. they sounded annoyed, that some neighbours discard their things everywhere in the house! would they pick up his clogs, to keep the staircase “”clean””? when they were gone I ran back up. lol! his clogs were gone! the ladies had taken them, unaware they just “”fulfilled his dreams””! I waited outside on a bench. it took a while, before he came out. he looked quite embarrassed! his face was deep red, as he passed me! hurriedly he tiptoed away!

his abandoned clogs 🙂

tiptoeing away 🙂