Me and my friend Tony – PT 6

Author – Josh

Tony came over to go swimming and play video games

Josh: you grounded yet my (my favorite question to ask)

Tony: Mom told dad I lost my shoe He called and gave me the money don’t grow on trees speech and yelled a lot. Mom is so pissed she told him to deal with it.

Josh: how’s that work he lives 500 miles away

Tony: no clue

We started swimming after a while video game time

Josh: school starts Tuesday what are you going to do.

Tony: wear a sock. 

Josh: it will be embarrassing sitting in class without a shoe

Tony:  maybe but no choice 

Tuesday met Tony in home room He had on a black T shirt white pants his left yellow air max and a red sock on his right foot.

Josh: I would have wore yellow socks

Tony: why

Josh: kinda noticeable

Tony: don’t think that would help

Kim: tony where’s your other shoe?

Tony: Kind can’t find it

Kim: How do you lose one shoe

Tony: just did 

Later in seconded block

Jake: why are you wear on shoe

Tony: it’s all I have

Jake : guess better than none

It kind of went like that all day

After school 

Josh: well how was the first day

Tony: to many questions

Josh: still glad we did that

Tony:  kind of 

I guess we will see what happens  probably last up date

Showing up shoeless – an eventful walk

Author – Cam

My friend asked me to hang out this afternoon after we bought our new shoes. I said yes, of course, and he suggested we go for a walk along some of the waterside parks. People there are very far apart usually so it is easy to socially distance.

Because of his earlier jokes about stealing my shoe more often because he thinks I look good in one, I decided to wear my new shoes. We’ve been friends for a long time and I really doubted he would steal one of my brand new shoes the very day I got them. Old worn shoes, maybe, but probably not new. I was very excited, though, it felt so good wearing two shoes and I loved the look of my new Vans.

He got out of his car wearing his new Nike SB’s and looking very happy in them. We walked around the water and down some of the emptier piers, chatting, mostly about our new shoes.

“It’s nice to have a matching pair again,” he said.
“I’m just happy to have something on my right foot other than a sock,” I admitted with a bit of a fake glare at him.
He laughed. “I’m sorry about that, I won’t do it again. Thanks for being a good sport about it.”
“I know you said I look good in one, but please don’t make me do that again just yet,” I half-fake pleaded. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, just a bit embarrassing.
He chuckled. “If I PROMISE not to throw it, can I see one of your new ones?” he asked.
He seemed genuine, but I didn’t quite trust him all the way yet. “Only if I can see one of yours,” I bargained.
“Deal,” he said, shaking my hand excitedly.

I bent down to untie my left shoe and he did the same. He always double-knots now, since his loose DC flew off, so I finished first and slid my foot out of my shoe. He stopped unlacing his for a moment to stand up and take a look at mine.

“I love these, I would’ve gotten a pair for myself if I’d had the money,” he said, admiring it. “Here, check out my SB! They’re a lot like yours except—”

What happened next was like slow motion. My friend was so excited for me to see his new shoes. He set my shoe down on the railing we were standing next to, but he wasn’t paying attention and immediately bent down again to finish unlacing.  I watched in horror as I realized my shoe wasn’t centered on the wooden railing, and my heart sank as my new shoe balanced on the edge for a few seconds before giving way and falling at least 15 feet into the water below.

My friend must not have heard it because he casually slid off his SB and handed it to me. I decided to get him back, so I slid his shoe onto my now shoeless foot and said, “Let’s trade for a bit; I know you like to mix-match.”

He nodded excitedly, “Sure!” He reached to grab mine off the railing and then immediately frowned. I saw the panic on his face. “What—?” I just shrugged and he looked down, seeing it floating on the water far below us. He was almost in tears. “I didn’t…”

I shrugged. “It’s not a big deal.  I have my other pair still, and I’ll just borrow yours until we get back to the car,” I said mischievously.

His eyes got wide, but he nodded nervously.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” I said. “Besides, you look better in one shoe,” I teased. It was the phrase he’d told me earlier when he jokingly threated to steal my shoe more often.

He blushed beet red, but he didn’t argue. We finished our walk and he never asked for his shoe back. Sometimes he would tip toe a bit, but usually he just kept walking like normal, only trying to hide it when other people passed by us, tucking his shoeless foot behind his leg.

Finally we reached our cars and I slid off his shoe, wiggling my toes in the breeze. The cool air felt good on my warm socked foot, but he was clearly eager to put his cold socked foot back into the safe protection of its shoe.

“I’m sorry I lost your shoe,” he said sincerely. “I really didn’t mean to.”
“It’s okay,” I told him honestly. “Accidents happen.”
“I promise next time next time you lose a shoe it will be intentional,” he teased with a devious smile.
“What does that mean…?” I asked nervously.
“You’ll see,” he said laughing.

I’m not sure if he was just joking or not. I’m bummed I lost one of my new Vans, but they were on sale anyway and I still have my trusty SBs, and so does my friend. It’s a relief we’re both back to two shoes for now, although his plotting makes me nervous that it won’t stay that way for long…

Showing up shoeless pt 2 – Shopping

Author – Cam

Two days ago, my best friend lost his shoe and sneakily stole mine on his way one, leaving me stranded all day yesterday wearing only one. Today I pestered him to go shoe shopping with me, and he agreed since he was stuck wearing his remaining DC shoe mismatched with my Nike SB. I asked him to bring my shoe back, but he said he would only give it back if I agreed to go into the store wearing only one with him.

We met in the parking lot and parked next to each other. He got out of his car wearing our mismatched shoes and I got out of mine, showing him how ridiculous I looked missing a shoe. I asked for my shoe back and he told me to open my trunk. I did, and he reluctantly slid off my right Nike SB, revealing  a grey ankle sock that almost perfectly matched the shoe that once protected it. I wasn’t so lucky and didn’t have any grey socks, so I was stuck with an obvious black ankle sock. He threw my shoe into the trunk of my car and slammed it shut, leaving us both with only a left shoe and only a sock on the other foot.

It was so embarrassing. We gave each other a little pep talk, but everyone noticed us the moment we walked into the shop and we heard laughter. We quickly started trying on shoes, making our situation less obvious to those who weren’t paying attention when we walked in. It felt so good to slide my foot into a warm shoe again, after walking around in a sock for so long.

After shopping around for a while, I found a nice new pair of Vans and he ended up replacing his DCs with some Nike SBs. I assume he realized he liked mine when he stole it. We paid at the register and the salesperson asked us if we wanted to wear them out, gesturing towards our feet. I tried to say “yes,” but my friend immediately said “no we’re fine,” so we had to walk back out to the car still only wearing one shoe.

“Why did you do that?” I asked him, mocking annoyance. I didn’t actually mind too much, but it was curious.
He shrugged. “It’s kind of fun,” he laughed, wiggling the toes under his sock. “Besides, you look better with one shoe,” he teased. “Makes me want to steal yours more often, to be honest,” he added.
“Oh please don’t,” I fake-begged. I assumed he was joking, but he just shrugged before getting in his car to leave.

He asked me if I wanted to hang out later, and now I’m a little nervous that he’s going to try to swipe one of my shoes again…oh well, at least I have two complete pairs now.

Showing up shoeless

Author – Cam

Yesterday, my friend came over to visit. When he knocked, I just told him to come in while I played video games on the couch. I heard him come in and take his shoes off, and he came over to join me. I secretly love when he takes his shoes off, because he always wears fun socks, but this time he wore simple grey ankle socks. I didn’t think much of it and didn’t ask why, but I did notice it was unusual for him.

Later that day, I asked if he wanted to grab a bite to eat. He said he didn’t want to go anywhere, but takeout sounded good. I assumed it was because of the pandemic and it probably being less safe to eat out, so I agreed and started to put my shoes on. He said he didn’t want to wear shoes. I kind of laughed and asked why and said he’d just go in his socks. I said okay and we left.  I only spotted one of his shoes by the door, but I assumed the other was just carelessly tossed nearby.

We came back and ate, and eventually he had to leave to go back home. I said I would bring him his things and he said very suddenly, “No, you don’t have to.” I chuckled and said it was no big deal and he got nervous and fidgety. I thought there must be something he didn’t want me to see in his bag, so I said, “Don’t worry, I just meant I’ll just bring you your shoes.”

I went to the door and grabbed his left grey DC sneaker and looked around for the other for a while. I couldn’t find it anywhere, but still I wasn’t super worried. I thought he must know where he’d set it down, or maybe it was in or under his bag. I jokingly brought him the one shoe I’d found and tossed it at him saying, “looks like you’ll have to go home in one.” He blushed beet red but didn’t say anything, silently sliding on his one shoe and picking up his bag, sighing and looking down.

“You’re joking,” I said, not believing him at first.
He just shook his head. “The other one isn’t here.”
“Where is it?” I asked.
“I don’t have it,” he admitted, embarrassed.
“I wear them too loose, I guess. I was running to catch my bus yesterday, but I slipped in the wet grass and it flew off and I didn’t have time to look, and I couldn’t find it today before I came here…” he shrugged. “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,” he sighed.
“I wondered why the grey socks,” I teased, trying to lighten the mood and make him feel better.
He nodded. “They kinda match, at least a little.”
“Less obvious that you’re missing a shoe, definitely,” I told him.

We had a good laugh about it, and I teased him because it’s his only pair. We’re both usually limited to one pair for the last couple of years because university is so expensive, but I was sure his family would help him get a new pair the moment he was brave enough to tell them what happened. I didn’t worry about him too much when he left, I just gave him a hug and went back to the couch to play more games as I heard his one shoe and one sock walk out the door and down the hall.

This morning my attitude changed a lot. I got ready to go to work as I got to the door to put my shoes on, I saw only one of my grey Nike SB’s on the floor. I frantically searched everywhere but couldn’t find it and ended up going to work and working the entire day wearing only one shoe! I texted my friend and it turns out as he walked out my door I had left my own shoes there, and he snatched my right shoe! He didn’t put it on right away, to make sure I could hear is one-shod steps, but he figured they were close enough in size, color, and design to mismatch with his own surviving DC shoe. But now I’M the one stuck wearing one shoe for I don’t know how long!

I’ll let you know what ends up happening…

Arrogant Rob

Author – Unlucky lad

An accident caused the traffic to grind to a halt. Rob needed a drink so took the next exit off the motorway. The heavy traffic didn’t stop him parking on yellow lines after spotting a store. He would only be a minute, if he got a ticket his father would pay, afterall it was his Range Rover he was driving.
Inside the store he grabbed two cans of Red Bull from the chiller and a bar of chocolate. He joined the long queue to pay, he looked out of place in his expensive suit and designer black leather loafers. He then realised his wallet was in his car, not wanting to return and rejoin the queue, he just left without paying. As he stepped outside he was grabbed by his arm and took back inside the store.
Rob didn’t deny taking the items saying it was for a paltry amount of money. The shopkeeper was infuriated at the young man’s arrogance. Rob gave the shopkeeper the items he had taken and told him he was leaving. “You must pay for these” said the shopkeeper blocking Robs exit. Rob told him there was no harm done. “You tried stealing from me, no apology, no remorse, I’m calling the police” said the shopkeeper. “Nonsense, my father will sort this” said Rob reaching inside his pocket for his phone only to discover it too was in the car.
“Trust me I’ll pay whatever you want but i need to get my wallet from the car” said Rob. The shopkeeper glared at Rob and said “How can I trust a thief”  Rob told the guy “How do you expect me to pay if you won’t let me go to my car”
“Take off your shoes” said the shopkeeper. Rob laughed as he looked down at his expensive loafers and arrogantly told the shopkeeper that he could buy everything in his shop and still have change for the price of his shoes. “Good, then you’ll definetly return for them” said the shopkeeper. Rob said his own father doesn’t tell him what to do, so he is not being told by a stranger to remove his shoes.
“Shoes or police, your choice” said the shopkeeper. Rob reluctantly took them off leaving him standing in navy blue ribbed socks. As the shopkeeper took the shoes from him he said “That wasn’t difficult was it, obeying an order, you can leave now”. An embarrassed Rob headed for the door saying he’d be back in two minutes.
He stepped out into the busy street, the pavement was cold against his shoeless feet. He felt humiliated, people stared at his stocking feet but that was the last of his worries as his expensive car was gone. He ran across the busy road to a traffic warden, “I want your help, I’ve been robbed” he demanded. The traffic warden looked at Robs feet, “Someone robbed you of your shoes” she said.
“No you fool, my car, my Range Rover” he said. Although annoyed at Robs disrespectful attitude she smiled at him, looked at his socked feet again and said “We’ll I hope your shoes where not inside it as it’s been towed for being illegally parked and causing an obstruction”. She gave Rob the contact details of the tow company and walked off leaving him in the street in an unfamiliar town with no car, no phone, no money and no shoes!

Jerk brother

Author – Carey

We just moved to a new town and didn’t know anyone. My big brother and I are together all the time. He has to watch me, not sure why. I am one grade behind him. We fight a lot mainly because he is a jerk, last night we had a big fight my parents say we fight so much we have to work it out between us if there is no blood drawn.
I was so ready for school to get away from him. Today was our first day. He was taking a shower. I went into his room and was going to take his phone to get even for last night, but couldn’t find it as I walked out of his bedroom. I saw his shoes, so I grabbed one and put it in backpack. I went into the kitchen and sat down to eat. My parents had already left for work. My brother walked in and got a bowl of cornflakes and sit down. He never said a word about his missing shoe We ate, he said we have to go.   I got my   backpack and   he started yelling because I didn’t put my bowel in the dishwasher so decided jerks start new schools with a sock foot.I just walked out the door, I was going to give it to him   He walked out the door with a socked foot it is four blocks to my school one direction and four blocks to his school the other direction. My School starts 30 minutes before his We argued all the way to my school. About his shoe my parents had said he had to walk me to school the first day still not sure why. I told him it was under my bed. He was going back home to get his shoe then to his school so he thought. When we got to my school. I got to the door stopped and took his shoe out of my backpack and said sucks to be you, don’t be to embarrassed your first day, Dork, and walked inside. He couldn’t come after me because of the virus. Only students enrolled can go inside. he was so mad.
I got home before my brother when he got there He said you will pay grabbed my bag to get his shoe; it wasn’t there. He asks where is my shoe.  I put it in my locker and forgot to get it, which I did forget. He turned red and said, you did it on purpose and walked off. He hasn’t talked to me since—scary. But kind of funny really. When my dad got home he told him I took his shoe my dad looked at him and said what did you do to her. My brother just walked off.

The stranger

Author – Nike Mike

At the end of the deserted pier I kicked of my white Nike AirMax trainers, the cold concrete soothed my aching feet after my long walk. I climbed the steps of the wall  to view the sunset leaving my trainers down below.
I was interrupted ‘These yours’ a voice shouted. A cyclist was holding my discarded trainers aloft. Embarrassed that a stranger had my shoes I hurried back down the steps.
‘Nice trainers, my size too’ he said before looking at my white socked feet. He gave them back, he looked disappointed as I quickly put them on, I was relieved but wierdly disappointed too.
Asking if I enjoyed being shoeless in public, my blushing face answered his question.
‘Am I who you want?’ he asked. I was puzzled.
‘The person to steal your deliberately unattended shoes’ he said smiling. Too embarrassed to look at him I looked at his feet, he was also wearing Nikes, black/grey AirMax with grey socks.
He was very confident, telling me he would leave, if my shoes where again abandoned upon his return he would take them and I would have to walk the half mile length of the concrete pier in my socked feet to retrieve them. It excited me.
‘How can I trust you?’ I asked him. 
‘You can’t’ he said ‘That’s what makes it thrilling’.
I told him he could of easily taken them now without me knowing, ‘That wouldn’t of been fun’ he said.
‘The sun must disappear below the horizon before I turn around and look for my shoes’ he said or I  won’t get them back tonight. He’d be watching!
To retrieve them I would have to return tomorrow at sunset, shoeless! If I cheated and wore shoes hiding them nearby he would steal them too, as he’d be watching!
He suggested that as an incentive if he doesn’t just steal my shoes then I might get to take his AirMax Nikes some other time.
‘My decision’ he said, if my shoes where not there to take when he cycles back he’d leave and never return. I watched him ride away on his bike.
I liked his confidence and wanted to meet up again but to do so he had to take my shoes.
What would you do?

Me and my friend Tony pt5

Author – Josh

Went over to Tony’s house  to shoot hoops 

Josh: did you have to go with your mom shopping

Tony: all day

Josh: so how much trouble you in 

Tony: depends on how you look at it I guess

Josh: either you are in trouble are you not

For the first time since we tossed his shoe Tony’s mom had been home all day

Tony: mom ask why I was wearing one shoe I told her I couldn’t find it she said go find your shoe now so I went in my room like I was looking for it mom came in and ask if I found it I said no she turned red and said do without go get in the car.

Josh: so, your grounded

Tony: I don’t know for real she let you come over. 

Josh: how don’t you know

Tony: she is so mad I don’t want to ask plus she is not talking to me

Josh: so you regret it yet

Tony: (stuck his foot up) it’s still crazy weird  

Josh: not a answer

Tony: sometimes 

I had to leave so more later if any wants me to

Temporary shoe loss

Author – Alan

Last Autumn my cousin was visiting me in England from Australia. He was a couple of years younger than me and a bit daring. He had become very interested in the first world war so it seemed a good idea to have a day at the Imperial War Museum in south London. He found it very interesting, but by mid afternoon he was flagging, so we decided to head into the centre of town. We took the underground to the main shopping centre and looked for a coffee shop. We sat down to have something to eat and drink, and it wasn’t long before my right loafer was off under the table. When we had finished I said that I would payand my cousin got up, picked up his rucksack and headed for the door. I felt for my loafer but couldn’t find it. I looked under the table but there was no sign of it. He must have put it in his rucksack. I had to go through the coffee shop to pay with one black loafer and one white sock! As if that wasn’t enough I then had to exit into the street and find my cousin. He denied all knowledge of my shoe and walked off up the road. I had no option but to follow. Pleading with him had no effect; he made me walk for ages in the very busy streets until I said that we should head for the station and get the train home. He agreed, but still wouldn’t give me my shoe. To get to the station we had to get another underground train. I felt so humiliated getting on the train where everybody could see that I had lost a shoe. Humiliated, but also excited! We had to cross the very busy concourse at the station and get on the train. It was only then that he relented and produced my loafer from his rucksack. I looked at my sock. The sole of it was black and had a large hole in it. I took it off and disposed of it in the trash bin. It looked a bit odd so I took the other sock off too. That is the only time that I have worn loafers without socks. But at least I had two shoes!

How long can you last

Author – Bill

When 3 mates get together and are bored anything can happen and what Steve Simon and I decided to do as long term dare or challenge came out of a  silly thing being done by someone else we were sitting in the park just talking when a lad walked past wearing on shoe with just a white sock on the other foot. We asked him what he was doing wearing just one shoe and he said his mates had dared him to go all the way home, including going on the bus, with only one shoe, he said he felt very stupid but you cannot refuse a dare can you. After a few minutes he walked off leaving us with an idea. OK guys said Simon here’s the dare we meet here tomorrow at 10am each wearing one shoe and just a white sock on the other foot, whoever gives up first is the loser and has to buy a meal for the three of us at a fast food place of our choice, and you wiould hand over your shoes on the spot.You are allowed to wear clean socks each day and we all have to do whatever we would normally be doing only we would do it wearing one shoe, what we said, everything ? yes he said everything shopping, playing sport, riding our bikes, everything. There is no time limit just the first to put on two shoes loses whether that is in one day or a week or whatever. No one wanted to be the loser here, not for the sake of the meal but for the pride of keeping going as long as possible. Taking the one shoe off and being in both socked feet is also losing ( except in the house where you would normally wear socks ) The challenge was accepted and we all turned up at 10am in white socks and one shoe, I had a reebok on Steve had his usual grey vans skate shoe on his left foot and Simon had a scruffy white canvas shoe on his right foot. This was just the first day of the challenge and we just hung about for the day in the park not doing much. As we were leaving to head home a couple of lads asked us why we only had one shoe on, we said it was a dare we had been set so we had to do it. The lads laughed and walked off, Simon called after them, Bet you dare not do it, the lads walked back, how long do you have to do this for? A week said Simon, they both took a shoe off each and walked off one in a black sock and one in a white no show one. The following day we decided to go for a ride on our bikes but we met up in the park and just as before we all had one shoe on. A we were riding out of the Park we saw the two lads we met yesterday and they still had one shoe  on but today both wore grey socks. We rode out of town up unto the hills, it was harder cycling with one socked foot than you might think as the pedal was hard on your foot. I asked if it would be cheating if we all took our shoe off and hung around in socks, no if we all did it would be ok. We tied our shoes to our bikes and walked off in our white socks, It was much more comfortable. We rode back to the park not bothering to put our shoe on so we spent most of that day in socks but as we had all done it there was no problem. The following day we reverted to one shoe and one socked foot and by now we were quite used to it and it did not feel odd. On the Saturday we had a game of soccer with some mates and, for a laugh they all decided to play in one shoe and one sock which was a good laugh except in the goal moth area where it was a bit muddy, we all went for a drink afterwards and our mates put their shoes in one guys car boot and stayed in one shoe, we hung about like this for the rest of the day. Sunday came round and of course we went to church, Simon went with his folks and guess what he was wearing two shoes and black socks, after church he joined us to hand around for a bit, he agreed he had lost and very reluctantly handed over his black shoes and we went out to eat as his cost at Nandos he of course had to sit there in his black socks very embarrassed