Sale time 

Author – David 

Yesterday I went into the city to see if I could find a pair of jeans in the sales. I tried several places but couldn’t find the ones that I like. Finally I found some in one of the big shops. I found what I thought was my size and went to a changing room to try them on. I took my loafers off and then my pants. As I moved to put the jeans on I kicked one of my shoes and it shot under the curtain and into the passage. I didn’t think much about it and tried the jeans on. They were too big in the waist, I needed the smallest size. I took them off and put my pants back on and left the cubicle. I couldn’t see my loafer anywhere, so I told the assistant what happened. He said he would look for it. I went, wearing one shoe, to get another pair of jeans and went back to try them on. They were great and I would buy them. The assistant hadn’t found my shoe and suggested that I go to the customer service counter and ask if anyone had handed it in. Customer services was on the third floor, I was on the first! Along walk through the shop, up escalators etc. No one had handed a loafer in. Back down to pay for the jeans. I asked which floor the mens shoe department was and They said that they didn’t have a shoe department!! By this time I was pretty fed up and I didn’t have the courage to walk into a shoe shop wearing only one shoe with a white sock on my left foot; it couldn’t be more obvious! I went to the bus stop and caught the bus home. A lot of people noticed my white socked foot and smiled then looked away. I enjoyed walking through the city with one shoe, but the sock was black and had a hole in when I got home.   David 

Shepherdess Mass

Author – Andrzej

Together with six other kids, I was supposed to sing Christmas carols during the Sheperdess Mass. This December is abnormally warm – on Christmas Eve it was almost 10 Celsius degrees above zero, so instead of boots I wore my dress shoes. Our group had to enter the choir stalls before the service will began. But the lock in the door closing the stairs to the choir, however, became jammed and the organist managed to open them at the really last moment. When we ran in a hurry up the narrow and winding stairs, I stumbled and fell to my knees. I got up and started running upstairs and only then I felt that I had lost my right shoe. During my fall it must have fallen off my foot and left somewhere behind me on the stairs. I stopped for a moment, but I realized, that I’ve no time to go back and look for it; anyway, in the dark it would be difficult for me to find my lost shoe, because the church worker had already turned off the lights in the church. He was to light it again when the priest stood behind the altar, but then we should start singing the first carol. So I joined my friends on the choir stalls – wearing one shoe and only a sock on my right foot. I could comforted myself that there is not much light in the choir, my only shoe is black and I was also wearing black socks, so maybe the others will not notice anything. So I had to spend the entire Shepherdess without one shoe. I felt very embarrassed because of that, thankfully none of the other six saw anything, until the moment the mass ended and we had to go down, because then the organist turned on all the lights on the choir and on the stairs. They teased me a little as we were descending downstairs. And when I found my lost shoe in the middle of the stairs and I had to stop to put it back on my foot.

The Mall Mystery

Author – Shoelover 

 I got a dm from a weird kid back in high school asking me if I would sell my sneakers and socks. I was thinking about it but I refused. He has me on snap map so this is the story of how I think he tracked me. I was wearing Nikes, white socks, jeans, and a hoodie. He wanted to know if he could hang out with me and I lied saying I had a date. So my real plan was that I went to the mall and he texted me saying “I know where you are. You shouldn’t have lied to me”.  I freaked out and looked around but I didn’t see him around. Then he texted me saying nice sneakers. I texted back saying “leave me alone you creep”. I then headed to a shoe store to try on some new shoes, still no sight of him anywhere so I thought it was safe. I kicked off my Nike sneakers and left them vacant, I walked around in my white socks just to get excited that maybe this freak or a stranger would steal my shoes and leave me stranded in socks. I went back to where I left them and it looked like someone kicked them or touched them. I shrugged it off thinking it was no big deal so then I walked around the shoe store further from where I left my sneakers and when I came back to where I left them, they were gone!!! I then got a text saying “Finders keepers” with a picture of my sneakers!!! I sent a message back in caps saying “GIVE ME BACK MY SNEAKERS!!!” And I never got a message or saw from him again. It was so embarrassing to walk around the entire mall and go on the train in my now dirty white socks.

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone.  Just wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a huge THANK YOU to you all for your support of the site. Whether you contribute or just find somewhere to not feel alone. 

We’ve had over 10,000 visitors and almost 50,000 views this year and it’s all down to you guys. So thank you, again. 😊

Ill catch up on submissions over the next few days and really look forward to all your stories in 2018.

Thanks again. 


Target Fun

Author – Lucylex 

 I went to target to pick up some Christmas gifts amongst other things. As I was there i gradually got sucked over to the shoe section. Im just a sucker for shopping and shoes. I browsed around and it was quite busy with the holidays. I slid my socked feet out of my shoes and left them to the side. I tried on a few different pairs of shoes and kept walking around in my socks. Shortly after being in my stocking feet, an older women who worked in the shoe section started scanning the floor for trash and shoes. she took note of my loafers that I left behind and strolled over to the aisle I was in to get a better look at my stocking feet. As soon as I looked up at her and we met eyes she was smiling at the sight of me walking around away from my shoes in my socks. My face turned bright red and I felt almost vulnerable. It was so embarrassing but so exciting. Anyways i kept on walking around and the place got busier. I went to put on my shoes and take them to another aisle to hide them and keep on in my socks. I kicked them off with a bunch of other shoes on the floor and kept browsing. Before I knew it, the women who worked in the shoe section was back and she was picking up loose shoes again. she eyed up my shoes and noticed me in the middle of the section just looking at a pair of shoes in my socks. She comes over to me and asks me if those are my loafers on the ground over there. Not expecting her to come up to me, Im super embarrassed and I just reply with a really timid ‘yes’. She smiles once more and continues on doing her job. I decided to get a bit more exciting when I moved my shoes once more out of sight and into a bin full of basketballs and volleyballs. Knowing this was a much higher risk of actually losing my shoes I kept on with it because I was just so excited. I went back over to the women in the shoe section and asked if she had moved my loafers anywhere. She looked at me in dismay and said they should be right where I left them. We both walked back over to the aisle of where she remembered seeing them and her mouth dropped. She was completely surprised to see them gone. She just stared at my socks and me and said she couldn’t believe that someone would walk out with them. She looked under everything in the shoe section and it was just exciting following her around in my socks as she tried to find my lost shoes. she finally took me upfront as I showcased my blackened White socks at this point, to the whole store. Other employees giggled as I waited for her to check the lost and found. She came back with the inevitable news of finding nothing as I knew she would hehe. Finally I go back to shopping and she smiles as usual as i walk away. I go back a few aisles away to get my shoes from the bin full of basketballs and they aren’t there anymore. My shoes went missing after all.. 

I literally left the store in my thin white socks ->

An unwitting participant 

Author – John Salt

Over the last few years I’ve developed a ‘Thing’ for wearing only one shoe. I like to remove, or pretend to lose my right shoe, and wander around displaying one socked foot. But – I’ve only ever done this alone and in the privacy of my own home. I’ve never dared do this in public for fear it would be considered very odd. Until a few nights ago …

It occurred to me that an ex-girlfriend might be the perfect audience for a one-shoe display. She is one of life’s more innocent creatures – someone who wouldn’t think it odd or ask too many questions.

Even so, I thought I needed a plausible reason for why I, as a guest in her house, would be in full Cinderella mode. I hatched my plan, and on the prearranged night drove over to see her.

I knocked on her door and, as she opened it to greet me, I entered grimacing with a very pronounced limp. She was full of sweet and genuine concern, asking what had happened?

“I’ve strained my back and hurt my right foot!”

“You poor thing! How?”

“The back was trying to lift something heavy a couple of days ago. The foot was slipping down the stairs first thing this morning. It’s really painful.” 

“Your foot?” 

I nodded, grimacing, standing there in her hallway mostly balancing on my left leg. 

“Do you think you’ve broken it? Have you seen a doctor?”

“No – its not broken. Just badly bruised. It doesn’t actually hurt too much without a shoe.”

“Well do you want to take your shoe off then? You should if it helps.”

“I would, but I’m not sure my back will let me bend down that far.”

“I’ll do it for you. Can’t have you in pain all evening.” She quickly knelt down in front of me as I leaned against the wall and gingerly offered my right leg forward. She took my right black shoe in one hand and raised the leg of my jeans slightly to expose the laces – and began to untie them. With the laces loosened she instructed “Tell me if this hurts. I’ll go gently.” And slowly, almost imperceptibly, she gently began to slide the shoe down off my heel, and then towards her to gradually reveal a turquoise sock with black reinforced toes. “There – how’s that?”

“Much better. Thanks!” I replied.I was excited. I looked down at her as she knelt in front of me, still clutching my shoe. She smiled – “Good, I am pleased.” She stood up and suggested “Why don’t we go through to the lounge? I’ll bring your your shoe.”

“No, don’t bother, leave it here.” I suggested, motioning to the hall table. 

She did as I suggested and began to lead the way, turning occasionally to watch me as I as took careful steps alternately on my right socked foot and left shoed foot. She commented that my limp was less dramatic without my shoe.

In the lounge we sat beside each other on the sofa. I crossed my right leg over my left to fully display my right socked foot. We talked, catching up on each other’s news. We talked for a good two and a half hours … and Cinderella loved every minute of it. Here I sat, in attractive company, minus my shoe. My right shoe was gloriously out of reach in the hall. But all good things must come to an end, and finally it was time to go. We stood, and I followed her back to the hallway.

She pointed to my shoe on the table “What do you want to do about that? Do you want me to try and put it back on again for you?”

“No thanks. I’ll carry it.” I picked up my shoe and found it fitted into my jacket pocket. “Thank you for a lovely evening.” 

“Thank you for coming to see me – its been a while. What are you doing on Saturday? Perhaps we could do something if your foot’s better?”

“Perhaps we could do something even if my foot’s not better!” I responded with enthusiasm. “Provided you don’t mind me looking like Cinderella!”

“I don’t mind at all, Cinderella!” 

We kissed goodnight and I departed. She stood in the doorway watching me walk to my car … my left shoe making the usual footstep noises and my right socked foot perfectly silent. My brain was spinning …. where could we go on Saturday? Where would a man missing a shoe not attract too much attention ….?

Embarrassing “game”

Author – shoeplayer

I had a chat with a guy. I told him about my strange hobby, to sneak around public places in my socks, leaving my shoes behind, when no one is around. he wrote, that he would like to see my shoes disappear, seeing me stranded in my stocking feet! he asked me where I live and if I was in with a little ‘game’. I was thrilled and told him the city where I’m living. he told me to take the train to a bigger city nearby. I should find a big building, trying to get in and hide my shoes somewhere and sneak to the top floor in my socks. It was cold outside, so it would be an embarrassing situation, if my shoes would be found and taken! I wrote ‘OK’ and left my apartment. while sitting on the train, I got a message on my mobile. he told me, he would observe me (with a smiley). of course he couldn’t. he was living in another country. but the imagination got me excited! I pushed my shoes under my seat and wrote back; ‘then take my shoes! I have slipped them off! lol” “later, my friend! later!” he wrote back. when I arrived and left the train, I looked around, if someone was observing me! “stupid” I thought and was grinning. surely he was sitting somewhere in his apartment at his computer, far away. I walked around the area, looking for an open front door to a big building. finally I found an apartment building, at least 12-15 stories high. I wrote him, I’m ready to start and he asked me to send him my position! I was not sure, if I should risk that, but what could happen? he was not here! so I did. he told me to find a good place to hide my shoes and then take the lift to the top floor. I looked around. of course at a stairwell, there is no place to hide your shoes, without anyone would find them. I sneaked down to the basement. under the stairs was a small gap. perfect I thought. who would look under the stairs? I send him a picture of my shoes. he told me to leave my coat with my shoes! if I was cought I could tell, I lived in the house and just was running to the post box in my socks. he was right. so I dropped my coat on my shoes. he then told me to take the lift to the top floor and then to send the lift down. I was very nervous, when I left the lift at the top floor and send it down. now I was really far away from my shoes and coat, in a strange city, far from home! I wrote him, it happened! he wrote me, that the game begins now! I should stay at the top floor for at least 15 minutes. meanwhile he would confiscate my shoes and coat. I would have to get back to the train station like this! he would drop them in a locker at the station. he would give the key to the lost-and-found office at the station! OMG! the way he wrote it seemed, as if he really was here! I tried to relax. of course he just enjoyed, to tease me! after 15 minutes, which felt like an eternity I called the lift. when it opened at the basement I hurried to get my shoes and coat back! GONE!!! NOOOOO! oh shit! shocked I looked at the empty gap under the stairs! I just stood there and couldn’t believe it! panic set in! quickly I wrote him, that my shoes and coat really were gone! “of course!” he answered! “you know, where they are!” OMG! this couldn’t be real! he caught me! I stayed at the building for a long time, before I carefully sneaked out! my face must have been deep red, when I tiptoed to the train station, trying not to be seen in my socked feet! the real ‘walk-of-shame’ began, when I got to the station! it was very crowded and I got a lot of laughs, while scampering around, trying to find the lost-and-found office! finally I found it. trembling and shivering from the humiliation, I asked if they found a key to the lockers. grinning brightly a young woman came to the desk … with my shoes and coat!!! “yes! seems these are yours!” she laughed. they already hat opened the locker!!!

Library mishap

Author – Kamron 

I’ve been dying to walk in my socks lately in public. My urge has been through the roof. So everyday I’ve been going different places, like target, Walmart, Ross, library’s. Well anyways today I went to the library and wore super loose slip on loafers with nylon thin white socks. Every area of the library I went and sat down in, my shoes were coming off hehe. After a half hour or so I got a little to comfortable and left my shoes behind to walk around the library. They were in a corner by some chairs so I had hoped people that saw them would understand that I was coming back to that seat. After walking around a bit, one of the librarians, an older women in her early 40’s semi attractive was starting to make her rounds around the library to check on people. I have no clue how many times she saw my errant loafers but she circled around the aisle I was in quite often and always made it a point to stare at my stocking feet. It really turns me on when a women sees me in my socks. She also wears slip on loafers and I’ve seen her stocking feet resting in the library to. It’s heavenly, and she probably understood why I had my shoes off. Anyways I kept browsing and she wandered off. I finally decided to go back to my shoes a few aisles back but as I got closer I realized the women was over by my loafers. I saw back in a near by aisle and all of a sudden she picks up my loafers with her two hands and practically runs to the back where only employees can go. After witnessing her take my shoes I wait for her to come back out and I ask her if she’s seen and loafers laying around. To my dismay she says she HASNT. She giggles at the sight of my bare stocking feet and says she get some staff to check the floor and see if they can find my shoes… long story short I wait for about 25 minutes just to have her come to me and say nothing’s turned up. Needless to say she took my loafers and does god only knows with them haha. 

Neighbourhood nightmare

Author – shoelover 

So I was wearing my old nikes when I sneaked in an apartment building one day. I wanted to be very daring and leave my shoes behind and see if they are still there when I got back. So I walked around in my sheer thin white socks and I got some catcalls from a few people saying “Ooh baby you lookin so hot in those socks, where are your shoes?” I paid no attention and I kept walking around. Then I was thinking “Oh my, what if my shoes were taken by them hehehe”. I quickly ran across the tiled floor and they were not where I left them. I got spooked because here I was in a apartment building in my socks with no proper footwear and then I saw the catcaller with my sneakers in his hand. I tried running after him but he was too quick and I lost sight of where he went. I was so embarrassed but excited now because I had to walk around a deserted neighborhood in my bare socked feet. Then a homeless person with a knife saw me along the way in my socks and asked me if he could have them. I freaked out pulled my socks off and ran as fast as I could, it was bad enough I lost my shoes and now my socks too!

Girlfriends brother stole my shoes

Author – InugamyBarghest

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and her brother visited my apartment. He is 11 years old and he is a nice guy, I am in the living room talking about everyday things, which amused me and my girlfriend, but her brother did not, I saw in his face the infinite boredom. I proposed to go to my bedroom to play video games because I have an old Ps3 and a few games (my old and reliable ps3 = D), without thinking he accept, turned on my TV and my console, closed the door so it will not disturb, and. .. I went to my girlfriend to chat about interesting things. 😏😎

Pass the time and it was time to leave, my girlfriend had a test the next day and I had to finish reviewing some subjects. She shouted to her brother from the living room to leave, she said goodbye. the apartment was for me alone again, I cleaned a little as usual, when I went to my bedroom, everything was normal but I felt a peculiar smell of feet that was not mine, I began to suspect, I looked for the source of the smell, when I Count, among my shoes I found a pair of nike shoes a little used, they were from my girlfriend’s brother, at that time I was wondering. If your shoes were in my room, how did he go home? I was missing.They were some vans shoes, when I found out I exploded in fury.

Few hours passed and I found myself on the sofa watching the news. Then I got a text message, it was from my girlfriend, she said:

“Thanks for lending me your vans, I explained to my sister, that you lent me your shoes, they fit me well so I’ll wear them for a while = P Bye” 

Damn bastard! I exclaimed. 

Finally the boy stayed with my vans shoes, fortunately we have the same size of feet. I usually use his nikes shoes to go jogging, they are very comfortable, and they smell great! 😁