Party shoe stealer

Author – lucylex

This is a pretty brief story from this past weekend. I went to a party with some friends that turned out to be pretty packed! It was a good time and people were getting very drunk and wild. One of the boys that was at the party had a tinder date show up as the party went on. The girl walked in with loose boots on and something was telling me those boots of hers were not going to be staying on her feet for very long. Mind you this apartment where the party was taking place was kinda run down and there weren’t any rugs in the main room where everyone was. The floor was filthy. Despite that, this girl ended up slipping out of her shoes and playing beer bong in her thin blue socks. She literally kicked her shoes off toward the bathroom for some reason and not by the front door where there was a blatant shoe mat if you wanted to take your shoes off. No one had taken there shoes off the whole time so automatically she looked a bit out of place. Other people noticed her shoes and people joked about hiding them because they were literally in the middle of the floor and people were tripping over them. She didn’t seem to care though. So anyways, seeing all of this happen I decided to take it upon myself and hide just one of her boots in the cabinet in the bathroom. I didn’t want to steal it all together but just have her hunt for her shoe lol. So I did.. and she ended up coming looking for her shoes shortly later and to her dismay she only found 1 😂. I sat back at the party sipping my drink watching her frantically look around and ask people for her other boot as she wore one boot and continued to give everyone a sock show 😍. As the night went on she basically gave up and by the end of the night she called an Uber and left in her socks. It was the cutest thing. I didn’t take the boot with me and I left it in a pretty visible place so hopefully the host of the party finds it and knows who to call to give it to 😂. Moral of the story, don’t leave your shoes places where you don’t know to many people or you might just end up going home in your socks 😍☺️

Please feel free to check out the picture from that night and check out more pics from my deviant art 😊


Swamped shoe

Author – Shoelossfan

Today I went out to the barn to help my parents put down woodchips in one of the pens since the last two days have been nothing but rain and the barn was completely swamped, some places had ankle deep water. So we moved most of the horse’s into the arena which wasn’t completely flooded and we were getting one of the not so completely swamped pens ready.

So I just took two large bales of woodchips out of the car and put them into the wheel barrow to be moved to the back of the barn where the pen was, It was the second to last load of these since there were still two bales in the back of the car. As I started towards the rear of the barn I had to go over a rather large and deep puddle and there’s no real avoiding it. As I start to go through the puddle all seams fine at first until I reach the second hand and then it gets really deep, as I feel my right foot just sink down into the puddle well over my ankle.

(next part is fantasy since I was able to get my foot out without losing the shoe RL)

As I started to pull my foot out of the puddle since I didn’t want to ruin the sock, I noticed that my sneaker was partly stuck thanks to the mud. that was hidden by the water, of course I couldn’t call to my parents since they were talking about work on the other side of the barn and were spreading the flakes that were already in the pen while one of our horses was in there with them. So I pulled harder to try and pull my foot out of the mud puddle as I felt my sneaker start to slip off my black socked foot with red on the toes and heel.

Granted the new shoes were already pretty loose but soon enough my socked foot popped out of the water soaked and my shoe stayed at the bottom of the puddle. Sighing since there was no way to find the shoe now, I finished taking the bales to the back of the barn, unloaded them, and luckily they didn’t notice since there were talking about some work related thing, and told me that they didn’t need the last two bales and said I could head back up to the house. So I went back to the car and hopped over the puddle on my way back. Though I unloaded the last two bales of woodchips first and set them over a dry patch before I walked back up to the house, sighing about the fact that in 3 weeks I have lost two right shoes.

Hope I can get my shoe back once the water dry’s up, but deep down I hope that I don’t get it back.

Ripped at the toe

Author – Shoelossfan

(warning story ahead features horse dung)

It was the Thursday after Christmas day for me at my family ranch on the outskirts of Springville California, or rather the early morning as I was up and about since I’m the only one of my family to really wake up during AM hours, and one duty I have is to clear out the barns horse pens of well crap. You see my family owns about eleven horses at the time and the pens had really been let go thanks to a combination of bad weather, myself being sick and other reasons.

Anyway, I’m out there working hard on one of the pens, and something you should know is that the barn is one of those that is really just a roof over an area, no real outside walls what so ever, and the pens are what can be called jail cell for lack of a better word. Since they had a rocket dirt floor, strong slightly rusted steel pipe walls, and on the inside of the walls there is a layer of heavy duty chicken wire which I think is to keep wild animals from attacking the animals inside. Now the pen I am working on had had it’s chicken wire pretty much wrecked on one side thanks to having horse’s that don’t get along in both this and the adjoining pen.

Granted I don’t think much of it as I just continue to shovel the crap into a nearby wheelbarrow when I shift my right foot a little and suddenly, I feel it get caught on something. So dumping what I had into the wheelbarrow I look down to see a half buried piece of this heavy duty chicken wire snagged to the top of my sneaker. Now something you should know is that I only have one pair of sneakers and their black with some red outlines and laces, though a good pair of the front half of the sneaker is this weird wed like mesh.

So I pull back on my foot trying to get it free with little give, making me pull back harder, to the point where I am pushing back on the side of the pen to pull away when all of a sudden I hear a very loud rip. Looking down at my foot I see that my foot is free but I can see to red toe of my black socks with red toes and heels (yes I own those in RL) peaking out from the large hole at the toe of my sneaker, what also didn’t help was that the shoelace snapped in two places as well. As I looked over the damage my heart sank a little since these were the only shoes I have at the time. Though looking at the jagged piece of wire I figure I should take care of that first before someone else gets caught, So I dug it up and dumped it into the dumpster with the rest of the crap, after I took off the ruined right sneaker and dumped in it ahead. Before I head up to the house with just one shoe and one socked foot.

For the next few days I make an effort to hide my one sneaker status by keeping my still good left shoe hidden in my bedroom while the others are up, and going out one shod during the earlier morning when it isn’t wet out. I keep my one shod status hidden all the way through new years only revealing what happened the Monday after since I get a disability check from the government on the first weekday of the month (I have autism in RL) and pretty much soon after my parents took me shopping for new shoes soon after. Still being stuck one shod for a while was a bit fun and I do hope maybe it could happen again.

Shoeless Flight

Author – Jimbo

I have recently been on a lads trip to Vegas. We had a brilliant time partying every night. Our last night was no exception even though we had a morning flight the next day. In fact we never really got to bed. We had two flights home, Vegas to Manchester, England via Chicago. At the airport we had to take off our shoes and queue to go through security. I put my trainers in the same tray as Marks shoes but the security guy said one pair only per tray. It was busy and I was unable to add an extra tray into the solid line of trays waiting to be scanned, so the guy advised me to use another security line. Instead of picking up my trainers I deliberately removed Mark’s Adidas trainers leaving mine in his tray and walked in my socks to another queue on the other side of the hall. I placed Mark’s trainers in another tray and went through the metal detector. I was still quicker than the lads in the other queue. I quickly walked back to the original security screener where I collected my shoes and bag. The lads eventually got through their metal detector and started to grab their shoes and carry on bags. As we put on our shoes Gaz asked Mark what he was waiting for. “My trainers” he said. He asked a security guy if his shoes had been taken away for more checks. The guy said no and asked Mark if he was sure he had placed them in a tray. Mark was getting annoyed stood in his socks. The security guard used his radio to give a description of Mark’s trainers. After 15 minutes another guard arrived carrying the missing trainers. “They where in a tray at the far end of the hall” she said with a stern voice. I burst out laughing as Mark put on his shoes. Did you do that? he said. All the lads laughed as I told them what I’d done much to Mark’s annoyance.
The flight to Chicago was full, four hours cramped in an economy seat, I was hoping the next flight wasn’t as full as I needed some sleep. After an uneventful but long wait at Chicago we boarded the Manchester flight. We were near the front of economy, Mark sat next to me in the centre row. Once in the air I kicked off my Nikes and tried to get comfortable, eventually the seat belt sign went off and I legged it to the toilet, not a good idea in socks but I was desperate. Walking back I noticed a full row of empty seats, blankets where neatly placed on the seats so I knew they weren’t occupied. I decided there an then that they where mine. I lifted all the arm rests and laid down across all the seats and went to sleep. I’d slept for the full eight hour flight, only being woken by the flight attendant who said I needed to sit upright and fasten my seat belt. I was about to get up and return to my original seat but she wouldn’t allow it as the seat belt sign was on. I sat there shoeless awaiting the plane to land. After landing and taxiing to the terminal, everyone stood up before the seat belt sign went off blocking my path back to my original seat. I waited again still shoeless until everyone started disembarking. Eventually I reached my original seat, grabbed my bag from the overhead locker and searched under the seat for my trainers but they where gone. I waited until everyone got off I got down on the floor to check under all the seats. The flight attendant asked what I was doing, I told her my shoes are missing. She really didn’t know what to do or say but advised me to report it to ground staff. I walked off the plane shoeless, fortunately I used an air bridge and did not have to use steps and walk across the tarmac in socked feet. Being the last off the plane nobody could see my shoeless feet. Unfortunately, as anyone using T2 at Manchester knows just how long the walk is to immigration. I tried phoning the lads, I assumed they must already be at immigration as they weren’t answering their phones. As I continued walking in my white socks the concourse started filling with passengers from other flights. I was becoming concious of other passengers staring at my shoeless feet. Upon arrival at the immigration hall the queues were out the door. Forty five minutes of waiting in line I got through the automatic passport control kiosk meaning no awkward questions about my now dirty white socked feet. I eventually caught up with the lads in the baggage reclaim hall. “Who took my shoes?” I asked as they laughed at my the situation. Then laughed again as they stared at the luggage carousel where my suitcase was going around with my trainers placed on top. “We are even now” said Mark. Gaz said that I was lucky as he wanted to take my bag aswell, leaving me stranded ‘airside’ without my passport and shoes. I collected my suitcase and Nikes, put them on and we all headed for the exit.

The prefect PT 8 – New Teachers

Author – Shoeless Guy

The school had two new teachers, both 25 and fresh out of University. A class of 15 year olds where taking advantage of one of them, Mr Johnson. He wasn’t going to allow their disruptive behaviour to continue and ordered Noah and Ryan, the ringleaders, to stand in separate corners with hands on their heads, the rest of the class had to write lines of ‘I must respect teachers at all times’ for the whole lesson. The new teacher kept reminding both boys “In here you obey the rules” much to their humiliation especially as their arms were aching with their hands constantly on their heads. Before leaving everyone got extra homework. The two ringleaders where told to spend lunchtime writing out the same lines and bring them to him after lunch. Mr Johnson let both boys know he took great pleasure in disciplining them, much to their dismay. He’d now gained great confidence asserting his authority over pupils. Leaving the classroom Noah told Ricky of his dislike to the new teacher and would rather spend lunchtime in the Sin Bin than writing out lines.
Each lunchtime period, Mr Johnson and Mr Steel, the other new teacher, had been visiting activities to help them integrate quicker. Today they spotted Noah and Ricky waiting outside the old gym with three others, Shane, Ryan and Steve the Prefect. Unaware of the Sin Bin, Mr Johnson wanted to know why Noah and Ricky were not doing their punishment. The Prefect told them they’d been disruptive and would be spending lunchtime in the Sin Bin as punishment. Out of curiosity and to also ensure both boys weren’t evading his punishment, MrJohnson demanded to see inside the Sin Bin. Steve refused as it would undermine the Prefects authority having teachers present. The refusal made Mr Johnson more insistant telling Steve as a teacher he could do as he wanted. Disliking the teachers arrogance he told him “The Headteacher created the rules, go speak with him, until then prefects and pupils only”. Ben arrived and unlocked the door, Steve explained the situation to him. “You should know the importance of rules” said Ben “No teachers in the Sin Bin”.
Johnson wasn’t backing down, determined to make sure Noah and Ricky weren’t getting one over on him, “We’ll enter with the pupils, you won’t notice us” he said. “But your still teachers” said Ben. “Forget that we’re teachers” insisted Mr Steel. “You will have to follow the Sin Bin rules, are you really sure?” said Ben. Both teachers unaware of the rules, agreed. Mr Johnson told everyone “We’ll just be students once we’re inside”. Without hesitation Steve snapped a photo of both naive teachers. Mr Steel’s phone rang, “Sorry I need to take this” he said as he wandered off down the corridor. Everyone including Mr Johnson followed the prefects inside. “You know the rules” said Ben. Mr Johnson watched as the pupils removed their shoes. Ryan protested being there. Steve told him he had been argumentative about Shane attending again. Eventually all the pupils where sat on the floor in their socked feet except the teacher. Ben informed the teacher of the shoe confiscation rule. Mr Johnson insisted he wasn’t here for punishment just observation, therefore he wasn’t taking his shoes off and decided to leave. “You cannot leave” said Ben.
“As a teacher I think I can do as I please” he replied arrogantly.
Shane shouted “Everyone has to follow the rules even though your supposedly not teachers but students whilst in here”.
Steve reiterated “Yes you insisted that you’re not a teacher in here”. Noah shouted “What did you say in class earlier Sir, In here you obey the rules”. Steve reminded him that disobedient students details and photos would be emailed to all teachers. ‘That would be more embarrassing than giving up his shoes’ he thought as he stared at the Prefects.
“Are you going to obey and give me your shoes?” asked Ben. Mr Johnson sat on the floor, he could feel everyone staring at him as he unlaced and removed his shoes. He stood up and couldn’t help feeling like a naughty schoolboy as he handed his shoes to Ben. The prefect looked at the still warm shoes, black Kickers, not smart dress shoes. “Trainers must be sent to the Headteachers office for confiscation”. Mr Johnson was confident that his threat was empty, he followed an order to go sit at the back of the gym, Noah and Ricky grinned as he walked past them in his black socked feet. He sat as far out of sight as he could.
Mr Steel eventually entered the Sin Bin. “Sorry about that, I am here now. Where is my colleague?”
“Sat at the back” said Ben. He proceeded to walk towards his colleague. “Stop” shouted Ben, “Get back here”. Mr Steel turned and glared at Ben. “How dare you speak to a teacher like that” he said.
“Remember you’re not a teacher in here” said Ben. Mr Steel looked at his colleague sitting on the floor in socked feet, “We agreed to follow the rules” said Mr Johnson rather sheepishly.
“Get back here Steel and take off your shoes”
The teacher looked down at his feet and without hesitation removed his black shoes and handed them to Ben. As with his colleague, he was told his shoes looked like trainers and should be sent to the headteacher. Although embarrassed having his shoes confiscated it excited him, reminding him of his school years. He thought his days of being in his socks were over but here he was liking his shoeless state. Ben placed the teachers shoes next to Johnson’s confiscated footwear on the desk. He walked to the back of the gym and sat next to his shoeless colleague as the pupils stared with delight. Mr Johnson told him how embarrassed he was. “Bloody students taking our shoes” he said. Mr Steel told him that he shouldn’t of been so persistent in entering the Sin Bin. “Rules are rules” he said as he secretly enjoyed his shoe punishment and that of his colleagues shoeless embarrassment. Ben reminded everyone of the rules of silence.
The Headteacher entered, both teachers hid behind some gym equipment to avoid further embarrassment. The Head picked up the box of shoes, noticing the trainers on the desk he said “Those for my office?, they will never learn!” He picked up the teacher’s shoes and placed them in the box, he left as quick as he came. The two teachers sat at the back of the Sin Bin in their socked feet unaware that their boss had just taken way their shoes.
To be continued.

Night out

Author – shoeplayer

one night i was out with some friends at the bars and dance-clubs. because we live outside of town, one of us was driving. it was about 2 am, when my friends wanted to go home. i didn’t, so they left without me and i would take the train home. only a few minutes after they left i noticed, that i had forgotten my coat in the trunk of my friends car. oh shit! it was a cold night and a look in my purse showed me, that i hadn’t enough money for a cab. i even left my cell phone in my coat. i ran out, hoping to catch them. i didn’t find them! now i just wanted to get home and i scampered as fast as possible to the train station. i had loose loafers on my feet, so running wasn’t easy. at the station i got the next shock. i had to wait more than 1 hour, before my train departs! it was cold and windy at the station, so i couldn’t wait there. i left the station and ran down a main road, to warm up a little. i was relieved, when i saw an open front door of a multi-story building. i sneaked inside and closed the door. it was about 3 o’clock and the house was deathly quiet. behind the stairs was a gap, where i crouched down. a perfect place to wait. it was warm and i couldn’t be seen unless someone would look behind the stairs. after a while i got boring and left my hiding place. i wanted to explore the house a little. my loafers were clacking, so i slipped them off. i sneaked back to the gap behind the stairs to drop them there, but feeling a little thrilling, i placed them directly at the front door. then i sneaked up the stairs in my stocking feet in the dark. the house had six floors and when i reached the top floor, the lights in the stairwell suddenly were switched on! i had quiet a shock and stopped breathing! i heard footsteps and then the front door was opened. someone was leaving the house. then it was silent again and i waited until the lights switched off. i hurried down to find my shoes … were gone!!! in panic i looked around … and found them. through the glass of the front door i saw them! the person who left the house just dropped them outside on the sidewalk. relieved i hurried to the door, to quickly collect my shoes. locked!!! oh no, the door was locked! desperately i tried the handle again and again. first then i realized, that not only my shoes were locked outside, but that i was locked in … with no way out! i was trapped! i couldn’t ring at any door for help. how would i explain that?! trembling and sweating i sneaked back under the stairs. i had to wait until someone else left the house, hoping he wouldn’t lock the door. from time to time i sneaked to the front door to see, if my shoes still were outside. after an eternity i heard that someone opened the front door with his key and the lights were switched on. i crouched in the furthest corner behind the stairs! i heard two guys joking about my shoes! i only partly understood what they said.
“… he he, … long night out”,
“… home in his stocking feet”,
laughingly, i heard them disappear in one of the apartments. first when the lights switched off again, i dared to leave my hiding place … and got the shock of my life! i couldn’t see my shoes through the glass door! panic-stricken i tried the handle. this time i could open the door. frantically i looked around for my shoes. they were gone! the guys had taken them! behind me i heard the front door closing. there was no way back into the house. i looked at my watch. it was past 5 o’clock. more people were on the streets. shivering from the cold night and my humiliation i tried to find a way out! i didn’t dare to look at the people i passed! i just hoped nobody would take a picture or film me with his cell phone! it happened! someone obviously had his fun, filming me … and putting it online!