Rooftop robbery

Author – Charles

Three workman had climbed up onto a roof to repair it when they noticed their ladder was gone. They spotted a homeless guy placing it on the floor next to their truck. “Put that ladder back” they shouted. “Give me some money” he said. They threatened to call the police but couldn’t as they had left their phones in the truck. After an hour they where still stuck on the roof as the homeless guy sat drinking alcohol on the hood of their truck. They eventually relented and offered him money when they get down. “Throw the money down first” he shouted to them. “Money is too light, it will blow away, put the ladder back and we’ll give you some money” He told them to put the money in something heavy but they said they had nothing heavy. “Yes you have, put the money in a boot and throw it down. The youngest workman took off a boot and he tucked a $10 bill in the lacing. He then threw his boot down to the ground. The homeless guy picked up the boot and removed the bill. “Is that it” he said demanding more. They decided to give him another $10 and told the younger workman to take off his other boot. “I’m not throwing another down he might steal my boots”. Another removed a boot, placed a bill in the lacing and threw it down. The homeless guy still wasn’t happy and wanted more, they where stranded on the roof and he had the ladder and two odd boots. They where in no position to argue and the last fully shod worker reluctantly removed one of his boots. Two $10 bills where tucked into the lace and he threw his boot at the homeless guy. “That’s better” said the guy as he put all four bills in his pocket. His attention turned to the three odd boots which he had placed on the hood of the truck. Winter was coming and his sneakers where old and worn, so he took off his left sneaker and started trying on each workman’s boot. One of the stranded workers shouted “Put the god damn ladder back and don’t put your foot in our boots”. The homeless guy ignored them and tried each boot as the three workman looked on helpless. He lifted up a black boot and shouted up “I want to try on the other boot” as if he was asking a worker in a shoe shop. The younger workman said “Now he wants my boots”. The guy shouted up “Make sure it comes down with money in it”. The workmen thought he would deliberately demand each of their remaining boots separately wanting more money every time. They where determined not to give him any more or the opportunity so they took off their remaining boots and through them down without any money. “Wheres my money” he said. “We ain’t giving you anymore and we have no more boots to throw down even if we wanted to”. The workmen watched on helplessly in their socked feet as the guy tried on their boots. He kept on the young workman’s boots and placed the other two pairs in his plastic bags aswell as his old sneakers. “Put the ladder back up” a workman shouted but the guy lifted his hand in the air and gave the finger. He walked off with their money and boots.
It was reported in the local newspaper next day that three workmen where rescued after spending six hours stranded on a roof shoeless after being robbed of money and their footwear.

Duped by fake policeman

Author – Adidas boy

It was the summer holidays and me and my mate Glen had been climbing trees in the park our other pal Leo stood and watched as he didn’t want to scuff his new Nike Air Max trainers. We had been sat on a branch when we heard a crack, suddenly the branch gave way and we landed on ground. Fortunately we weren’t very high up and landed In a flowerbed. Leo said the park keeper is coming so we hid behind a bush. We watched as he removed the broken branch and said “bloody kids I’ll be glad when they’re back at school”. We sneaked off over to the other side of the park and sat at a bench. My Adidas Sambas and Glens Puma trainers had mud on them from falling into the flower bed. We weren’t too bothered as they weren’t new unlike Leo’s Nikes. As we sat there two men approached and claimed to be undercover police officers. They flashed their I.D. but we wouldn’t know what a police officers badge looked like. We where accused of damaging park property and like any 14 year olds we denied it. “You match the description given by the park keeper” said the policeman. They said they found footprints in the flowerbeds and needed to see our shoes. We lifted up our feet and showed the soles of our trainers. They claimed they matched but the photos weren’t very good and would need to take our shoes to the crime scene. We stood up to follow and we’re told to sit back down. We don’t want you contaminating the scene they said. Take off your trainers and we’ll go and check them against the actual footprints. Leo said he’d done nothing wrong as his Nikes were clean but the policeman said he didnt want anyone leaving as we could be arrested. Being 14 we did what the policeman told us. We removed our trainers and handed them over. As we were all wearing white socks we put our feet on the bench to not dirty them. The policemen said not to move from the bench and they would be back. We watched the two policemen walk off with our shoes. We sat there worried what our parents would think. We sat on the bench in our socks with all the other kids staring at us. It was getting late and the policemen still hadn’t returned when the park keeper appeared. “Have you seen the policemen that you called as they have our shoes” said Leo. The park keeper said he hadn’t called the police. He looked at our shoeless feet and said this happened yesterday with some older boys, they claimed some policeman took their shoes too. We had to leave the park as it was getting dark, it didn’t take long for our white socks to get dirty on the long walk home. Leo said his mum had thrown away his old trainers and he had nothing else to wear for the rest of the school holidays.

Trading wellies for trainers

Author – lovetoshoeswap

I was off out on a walk the other day and happened to pass this couple heading in the other direction, I looked down at their feet and seen that the bloke was wearing a pair of Nike airmax trainers and that’s when my mind started to think about swaping with him.(the next part of the story is fantasy) as we passed by the couple asked for directions to the woods, I showed them where it was but it was very muddy as it had been raining earlier but the bloke wasn’t keen on going through for fear of wrecking his new airmax trainers so I said “I’ve got my wellies on if you want to borrow them “he looked at them and asked what size they were, I said” they were a bit big for me and I’m a size 9″ he was happy as he was a size 10. So as I gave him my boots for his trainers I felt very excited as this was something I had dreamed about doing for ages, as my feet slipped into his trainers I started to get the biggest erection of my life. As we started to part he turned to me and asked where we would meet up to swap back so I suggested to meet him at his car as I knew where it was parked. After a while of wandering around the couple came back and the guy asked for his trainers back, I asked him if I could wear them for a while longer as they were extremely comfy and I quite liked the idea of someone else wearing my boots and me wearing someone else’s shoes, he said yes to me keeping them for a few days, I wore the trainers for the next few days until he came back to return my boots and get his trainers back. Best few days of my life, I asked if he wanted to swap shoes again and he said he would be happy to do so again sometime so as he left with his Nike trainers I went back into the house with a smile on my face knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the next swap.

The drunk

Author – Shoeless Guy

Eric is a barman and always passed weekend revellers as he headed home late from work. People always tried flagging down his car assuming it was a taxi. One particular night Eric stopped at traffic lights when his passenger door opened. “Alright mate” said a lad as he fell into the passenger seat. “Take me home driver” said the drunk guy.
“I’m not a taxi” said Eric “Please get out of my car”.
The lights went green so Eric had to move forward as there was traffic behind him. He eventually pulled over into a quiet street and asked his uninvited passenger to get out. “I need to get home” said the drunk. “What’s your name?” asked Eric. “Sam” he said.
“It’s nice to meet you Sam but I’m not a taxi and I need you to get out” said Eric politely. “I’ve missed the last Metro home, lost my phone and can’t find my mates” said Sam, “Please take me home”. Eric took pity at the guys situation, he was to regret asking where he lived seeing as he missed his train meaning he lived out of town.
“Newcastle” said Sam. “That’s a canny drive from here” said Eric in his local accent.
“I’ll pay you”
Eric really wanted to go home and sleep after his shift at work but couldn’t leave the guy in the street either. “OK, but you need to pay for my fuel” Sam searched his pockets for his wallet, inside was £5. “Don’t suppose this will do?” Eric shook his head “No Sam it’s not enough” he looked at the wallet, it had no bank cards so no chance of using an ATM.
“Look Sam I’m quite willing to take you home but I need paying for the fuel”
“I’ll get you some money when I’m home”
“OK but give me your watch as deposit as I don’t want to drive into ‘toon’ then you doing a runner”
Sam took off his watch, it was a cheap Casio digital watch worth about £6 from Amazon. Eric wanted to kick him out, he didn’t need this at 2am but knew he couldn’t.
“If you want me to drive to Newcastle then give me your shoes” said Eric. “When you get home and pay for the fuel then you get your shoes back” Sam looked at his feet in the footwell “My shoes” his eyes where getting heavy “My shoes” he repeated.
“Yes your shoes, take them off and give them to me”
“My shoes, you want my shoes” repeated Sam again, he was falling asleep.
Eric had had enough, he got out of the car and walked to the passenger door to remove the uninvited drunk from the car. He dragged Sams’s legs out and noticed he was now asleep. He couldn’t leave him but what could he do. Sam was wearing a pair of white Nike trainers, more than enough to pay for fuel. He pulled them off the sleeping drunks feet revealing black/grey patterned socks. He shoved the drunks socked feet back into the footwell and put the Nike trainers into the car boot. Eric set off for Newcastle with the now shoeless sleeping Sam beside him.
On the city’s central motorway, Eric woke up Sam. “Where am I” he said and looked at Eric “Who the f*** are you?” Then he looked down at his feet “Wheres my f***ing shoes” He was now changing from a happy drunk into an aggressive drunk. Eric tried to explain the situation but he wasn’t listening.
“Where do you live?” asked Eric “Sam gave him directions before falling asleep again. Upon arrival Eric shouted “We’re here”. Sam woke up “Where am I?, Who are you?” Eric didn’t want to explain again so he lied “You where robbed, they took your shoes, I found you and took you home” Sam looked down at his shoeless feet “They where my favourite trainers” he said. Sam got out of the car and told Eric to wait, he went inside his house and returned a few minutes later still in socked feet and gave Eric £50, he insisted he took it for being a good samaritan and to pay for his fuel and inconvenience. Eric knew it was too much and didn’t want it as he had Sams shoes in his car boot. But his lie stopped him from revealing the truth, so he just took the money. Sam stood and watched in his socked feet as the good samaritan drove away with his money and his shoes. Sam had well and truly been robbed….. by Eric. At least he was safe at home.

Library theif strikes again

Author – Shoelover

I went to the library the other day wearing my favorite pair of Nikes, white socks, jeans, and a hoodie. Now when I go to the library I always see people taking their shoes off and walking around leaving their shoes behind. I always get a thrill whenever I do that because I always wanted someone to just take my shoes and run off with them, leaving me in my white socked feet. So I go in one of the cubbie areas where you can see under the table across from you. I noticed a pair of feet wearing black loafers. I looked over and I find out it’s a man around his 50s. So I sit across from him. I slipped off my shoes revealing my white socks and used my foot to slide my shoes closer to where this guy’s feet were. I waited and waited but nothing happened, I don’t even think he looked down to find out that there were a pair of Nike sneakers waiting for him. So I decided to be daring and walk over to him and ask him if he knew where the restrooms were. He looked at me and looked down and saw that I didn’t have my sneakers on, he gave me a creepy smile and just pointed to the direction and I thanked him. As soon as I left he sneakily got up from the table and checked the floors around him. I stayed behind one of the library shelves instead of the bathroom because I was curious if he would find my shoes and take them. He finally found my shoes and he used his foot to kick them away from under my side of the table and closer to his side. Then he snatched them up, smelled them, and put them in his bag. I started to get horny and excited but also nervous that he actuallymight walk out. He was really stealing my shoes! I go chase him down and tell him I want my shoes back. He said I don’t know what you’re talking about but maybe you should get new shoes since you like walking barefoot. I was so stunned as I saw him walk away nonchalantly with my sneakers. I walked home in my white socks never to wear those sneakers again.

The prefects – PT 6

Author – Shoeless Guy

It was raining when Ben caught up with Shane outside the school gates. “Give me my shoes back” said Ben. Shane looked down at his feet “Nope, I quite like your shoes, ask me again at lunchtime” he said. Ben replied “OK Shane, I’ve asked nicely for my shoes. You keep them til lunchtime, but I guarantee you’ll give them back”.
“I bet I don’t”
“You want to make a bet?” said Ben “If you don’t give them back at lunchtime then you can keep them, but If they are back on my feet then you will come with me to the ‘Sin bin’ not just today but everyday for the next week, am I clear” said Ben.
“Crystal clear, but I’ll be keeping your shoes so it won’t come to that” said Shane confidently.
They shook hands on the deal and Ben reminded Shane that he could of just given him his shoes back and it would all be over. For now Ben had to wear Shane’s black loafers.
At lunchtime Ben and Steve left the dining hall “I’ll meet you in the Sin Bin in 10 minutes” said Ben as he headed for the school gates. Five minutes later he was back and found Shane. “Are you going to give me my shoes?” asked Ben. Shane looked down at Ben’s feet. “Not now that you have mud all over my shoes” said Shane with a big smirk on his face. “Looks like I’ll be keeping your expensive leather shoes”.
“The entrance is quite muddy from the rain earlier” said Ben who got out his phone and showed a photo to Shane.”Recognise these?” The image displayed two pairs of footwear, Shane’s now muddy school shoes and his confiscated New Balance trainers. Ben said “Your nice new trainers didn’t get to the Head Teachers office. You like wearing my shoes, I like wearing your trainers, your school shoes will clean up but your New Balance trainers will be ruined if covered in mud”. Shane lost the grin from his face as he looked down at Ben’s muddy feet. “You had no right to take my trainers home” said Shane. “You where happy to take my shoes home” replied Ben “Give me my shoes now or tomorrow I’ll walk to school through the mud in your nice new trainers” Shane reluctantly took off the leather brogues and handed them to Ben who gave Shane his muddy shoes and said “You might want to clean them before class” Ben reminded Shane about the bet he had just lost. Shane walked in his socked feet carrying his muddy shoes and followed Ben to the sin bin. Steve had brought in three 16 year olds. They watched as Steve told them to take off their shoes and hand them over. The three boys stood silent in their socked feet. They had been in the Sin Bin before but with the former prefects. Ben told them to sit down and be quiet. Steve asked Ben why Shane was here.
“Muddy shoes”
“You can’t detain anyone for having dirty shoes”
“He volunteered”
Shane put his muddy shoes on top of the other confiscated footwear in the box. Steve returned with a 14 year old boy he had caught kicking another pupil. Ben told him it was an instant shoe ban and told him hand over his shoes. Regardless of his conduct in the Sin Bin they would be confiscated for the rest of the day meaning instant detention also. He removed his shoes revealing white socks on his feet “black or grey socks only” said Ben “You should expect to receive further punishment when your teacher notices your white socked feet this afternoon”. The boy sat down near Shane and stared at his feet.
The bell rang and every got up, the 14 year old was told to collect his shoes in detention, the older boys where given their shoes back but where unhappy to discover them covered in mud from Shane’s shoes which he had placed on top of theirs in the box. The boys took Shane’s shoes and and refused to give them back until he cleaned their shoes. They marched Shane out of the sin bin carrying their footwear, all still in their socked feet to get their shoes cleaned. Ben still smiling shouted to Shane “See you tomorrow “. He was enjoying Shane’s shoeless state and was determined to have him constantly in socked feet.

When your mate gets set up

Author – Chinka Lad

The night before my mate went to buy some weed and my mate almost got set up for his Tn’s and almost robbed.

My mate call me the next day and goes the lad who tried to set me up last night is at the mall and is wearing a red Tommy Hilfiger jacket and just brought brand new Airmaxes in like alright I’m on my way now I’ll call u when I’m there.

I called my friend when I was there and he showed me to where the lad was and I confronted the lad Oi! heard u tried to rob my mate last night the lad goes nah I didn’t I’m like bull shit don’t lie to me.

He goes yeah I did try to rob ur mate for his cash and his tns, I grabbed him by his jacket put him against the wall and said take off your Airmaxes right now before I bash the shit out of you while he was taking off his airmaxes I grabbed the JD sport bag where he brought his airmaxes from and his old shoes were in there and I snatched his navy blue Lacoste hat off his head.

I asked the lad what kicks did he wear down to the mall to buy the airmaxes he replies tns I’m like what size are both ur tns and airmaxes he goes size 10 I reply mad my size.

He’s now taken off his brand new airmaxes he just brought and is now in his white Tommy Hilfiger socks I say to him take off your tommy socks too and put them in your airmaxes, he slowly takes em off his feet and puts them in his airmaxes then I grab his airmaxes and put them in the jd sport bag.

I tell the lad to take off his red tommy higher jacket and hand it over and once he unzipped his tommy jacket I see a gold watch and I go take off your watch too cunt and he removes his watch off his wrist and hand its over along with his red Tommy Hilfiger jacket.

I say to the lad if I hear about you trying to set up people again you won’t be so lucky.

I put in his $600 Gold Guess watch and put on his tommy jacket and Lacoste hat I took off my tns and Nike socks and put them in my tns and slipped on the lads white tommy socks and slipped on his brand new airmaxes on my feet and put my tns and my Nike socks in the jd sport bag in front of the lad who I just rolled for trying to set up my mate and told him to f* off and he walked off barefoot.