Shoes stolen from college

Author – Sneakerstealer

Back when I was in college I loved going to parties to check out all the awesome shoes the guys would wear. I would be pretty bold checking out their feet and shoes since most were pretty intoxicated and wouldn’t even notice. There’s been multiple times where I’ve walked away with prizes too. One such time goes as follows.

My second year of college started off with a bang. The first week of school is usually prime time for stealing guys shoes since the weather is still nice and almost all the guys are busy getting drunk and enjoying their college experience. The first Friday night of the school year and almost every frat house was having a party. I like showing up once a party is in full swing. At that point everyone is pretty drunk and you can just walk right on in without anyone saying anything. The first party I get to and already I see a bunch of guys drunk off their asses in the front yard. None of them were wearing any shoes I was interested in so I paid them no mind. Once I got inside though it was a whole different ballgame. Walking through the entryway I see this tall brown haired guy with his girlfriend, both pretty wasted. He was about 6’1, average build, brownish eyes. Overall he was pretty normal looking except for his hot ass shoes. He was wearing black hi top Supras, instant turn on for me. Not gunna lie I stared for a good minute before I could even think straight. I knew I had to have his shoes. Listening in to their conversation his girlfriend really wanted to leave (something about another party) and he wanted to stay. She was practically begging to go, almost dragging him out the door. I was getting prepared to follow when he stopped her and told her he’s staying but she can go if she wanted to. Now as you can imagine I was thrilled, makes my job easier if he’s alone. She got pretty mad and I could tell she really wanted him to come with her but she eventually kissed him and left. Score! Now, here’s where my job begins. How do I get this hottie out of his shoes? He seemed like a nice guy but approaching him with conversation really wasn’t my style. I prefer to remain anonymous so that any questions asked won’t involve me. After about 20 minutes and a few more drinks he headed toward the living room where the beer pong tournament was going on. As you can imagine I was getting pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to grab his shoes but my luck turned around when he started talking to some party goers who were sliding down the hardwood floor in the hallway in their socks. They convinced him to try it so he took off his supras and left them by the couch where the rest of them did. Fuck I was so damn excited you have no idea! I sat on the couch pretty close to the collection of shoes and pretended to watch the beer pong tournament. He slid a couple times before falling and spilling the rest of his drink. He started laughing and heading toward the kitchen to grab a new one when I realized my moment had come. As soon as he was out of eyesight I casually got up and pretended to stumble a bit in the direction of his shoes. My left hand landed perfectly on both his supras while my right hand landed on a pair of classic vans (another pair I had my eye on, shorter guy with blond hair) so I grabbed them both and wrapped my hoodie around them. Looking around, nobody seemed to notice so I made my way toward the door. Now, you’d think I would just book it and leave but no, I like to know how they react to loosing their shoes so I threw both of my new prizes in the neighbors bushes and walked back into the house. As I walked into the kitchen to get another drink I see the guy with the supras still in the kitchen while the guy with the vans was back in the living room. I got myself a drink and hear some random girl at the party ask a group of people if they’ve seen any vans around. I got excited and listened in closer. Apparently he had gone back for his shoes almost immediately after I took them (close call) and he couldn’t find them anywhere. Supra guy said there where shoes by the couch and she said they looked there. As she moved onto asking another group of people, supra guy walked back into the living room and stopped in his tracks as he noticed his shoes gone too. He started freaking out looking all around the couch and under the beer pong table but to no avail. He started cussing and started asking people around the room if they’d seen his shoes. The tournament was pretty loud though so nobody really cared or knew. At that point I decided to take my leave and claim my new prizes. Leaving the house I started walking toward the bushes I hid both their shoes in and quickly nabbed them and walked away. Once I was a good distance away I looked at my prizes. The supras were size 12.5 and were decently worn in, some wear on the bottom and the insoles, and they smelled heavenly. The vans were also pretty worn in and size 9.5, didn’t smell as good but still had a good scent to them. Trust me when I say I still to this day have fun with both their shoes. 😉

I never heard anything else happen with that party, so I knew I was in the clear. I’ve got other stories too, I will continue to post if people are interested. Thanks for reading!!

My amazing boyfriend

Author – a girlfriend

This all starts off with my amazing boyfriend. He puts up with me everyday l. Today in school he was wearing a red sweatshirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. In first block he sets diagonal from me. When the teacher wasn’t looking I reached back and grabbed his right foot. I then pulled of his right boot revealing his white Hanes sock with grey toes and heel. I then shoved it in my desk and thats how it stayed for the rest of class. When class was over he asked can I have my boot back. I said no I’m going to keep it. He said ok it’s fine and walked to his next class. I then walked to my locker and locked his boot inside it. I really did not want to give his boot back because I liked to see him in one shoe. Halfway through the day he told me that his sock was getting very dirty. I told him to let me see and he lifted up his right foot. His sock was really dirty with a few hairs on it. I laughed and went to my next class. After a few more classes it was the end of the day. When he came up to me to walk me out he asked for his boot back. I then asked if can I can keep your boot. He the said well my boots are my only shoes so if I let you keep it I would be in one shoe. I then said that’s why I want to keep it, I like you in one shoe. He then said really? I said yea, can I please keep it. He said ok you can have my boot. He then said Well Looks like now I someone who wears one shoe and a sock. I said you look better that way. He smiled and I then put his boot in my backpack and we walked out of the school. From that point on he only wears a left boot and a sock. My dream has come true. It’s been 3 weeks since that has happened and it has been great. He lives on a farm and hates it when he walked in hay because it gets all over the bottom of his sock. I can’t say he loves being in one shoe but he likes that it makes me happy. I hope he never needs his boot back because I threw it in the trash lol.

Delayed revenge

Author – Lucas

Me and my mate Harry heard that our old school was getting demolished so we got a bus one evening to go take one last look at the old place. It was ten years since we attended the school and we wanted to go inside and look around. The place was derelict and protected by a high fence. We walked the fence perimeter looking for access when a security guard appeared. “Well if it isn’t Harry and Lucas” he said. We didn’t recognise him. “It’s me Nev, we where in year 10 together” he said. He was now a 6ft bearded giant far from his wirery schoolboy frame of years ago. We explained our presence, “Come back in an hour when everyone has gone, there’s a gate from the field at the rear” he said before walking off.
Over a beer in a nearby pub we reminisced about our school days and how we picked on Nev the ‘nerdy kid’ who was now a security guard built like a brick outhouse. A few beers later we walked across the field, the bottom of our trainers where getting muddy. Nev locked the gate after we entered. Inside the building we stumbled over some copper piping strewn across the floor, “Can you just stack that piping next to the door lads, it’s getting dark and we don’t want to fall over it on the way out” he asked. We gathered up all the copper and placed it by the door. As we explored we started to remember our teachers and their nicknames we gave them. In the sports hall, Harry laughed “Superman would of confiscated our shoes for just wearing them in here” referring to our old P.E. teacher who looked like Clark Kent as he pointed to our muddy shoe prints we had just put on the gym floor. Inside the main building we climbed the stairs and walked along the corridor, I recognised the classroom used for detention and said “We managed to avoid this place”. Nev replied “Yes, but at my expense, I spent too much time in socked feet in that room because of you two”. Harry laughed but Nev reminded us both that we bullied him into taking the blame for everything. As we walked inside Nev closed the door and said menacingly “Time you two experienced my humiliation” He took off his jacket revealling his rather muscular arms and chest. “You’re getting detention” he said flexing his muscles as he demanded we both sit on the empty classroom floor, we told him we where leaving. “Even if you both think you can take me on and get out the door I’ll just call the police” he said. “Trespassing isn’t a crime” I said. He replied “But burglary is, your fingerprints are all over that copper piping that you placed by the exit and your shoe prints are all over the sports hall, you’ll get caught” With a smug grin he again told us to sit on the floor. “Detention or a night in the police cells and a criminal record”. Harry looked at me, I said we where just kids back then. He leaned against the closed door and got out his phone “Police it is then”. I reluctantly sat on the dirty floor quickly followed by Harry. Nev put back on his jacket, his muscle flexing intimidation had worked, he said “Now you’ve accepted your detention I need to confiscate your property so empty your pockets”. Harry protested but Nev intimidated him by pretending to take off his jacket showing his chest. We took out our phones and wallets, Nev placed them in his pockets.
Then with a big smile on his face he said “Detention also means shoe confiscation” This time I protested “You’ve made your point, we’re all adults here, give us back our stuff, it’s not school, it’s not detention and I’m not taking off my shoes”. I stood up, Nev squared up to me, his huge frame was intimidating. “You are in a school, you wanted to be here, you are getting detention so take off your fucking shoes” he shouted. I sat back down and pulled off my new black/burgandy New Balance 500 trainers as Harry took off his grey Adidas Originals LA trainers. “Now cross your legs and put your hands on your head” he said as he picked up our shoes “Now you know how humiliated I felt all those years ago sat shoeless on that floor after being bullied into taking your punishment”. Harry attempted some empathy as he said “As a grown man having my shoes confiscated and sitting on this cold floor in socked feet with hands on my head like a naughty schoolboy is probably more embarrassing and humiliating”. Nev looked down at Harry’s black socked feet, pleased with his humiliation. Nev said he’d wanted his revenge on us both for years and couldn’t believe his luck when we both appeared earlier this evening.
Nev then said he needed to leave us to go do his job of security checking the building. He again warned us not to leave even in our socked feet as he’d still call the police. He left with our phones and wallets in his pockets and carrying our shoes. I must admit I got excited watching someone walk off with my trainers leaving me in my socks, perhaps I should of gotten detention at school afterall. It didn’t last long as reality kicked in realising I was now shoeless.
I stared at my white socks and told Harry “What if he doesn’t really work here and he’s just robbed us, how long do we wait to find out”
We are two shoeless men, stranded or trapped in a derelict school not knowing if we had been robbed or being punished.
It was now dark outside and inside the empty classroom, we had no phone, no money and no shoes!
Do we stay or leave?
What would happen?
What would you do?

Stupid bet

Author – loser

Steve and I were at the club playing pool and we had played 4 or 5 frames and were pretty evenly matched. Lets make it interesting. First one to do a break over 100 gets to take the other guys shoes, loser goes home in his socks. I tried laughing it off but Steve was serious, he was twice as far from home than I was so I said “what the hell “ – we shook on it. I was wearing black work shoes with charcoal socks and Steve had an old pair of TNs on with his usual white socks, we were both size 9.
We played a few more frames and no one passed the 100 break, guess we were both going home with shoes on which was good as it had started to rain. We racked up and Steve broke and the balls were well spaced, one red rattling loudly in the pocket. Steve slowly but purposefully built his break not letting a single ball go astray, he had reached a break of 97 and was lined up on a pink to the middle pocket, he looked at me grinning “get ready to hand them over Mike “ he struck the pink slowly and there was no doubt where it was going. “One hundred and three” yelled Steve in triumph. I took my shoes off and walked out, it was light outside at 3pm and loads of folk about to witness my embarrassment. I decided to jog the mile or so home as it was less obvious . My socks got wetter on the journey and were positively soggy by the time I got home. I don’t think I will bet my shoes again.

No noisy footwear allowed

Author – Jman

Bradley was was on his way to the library to do some studying. The library has a policy that no noisy footwear is allowed and must be removed upon entering the library. The library has hard wood floors and boots and shoes make too much noise.

Bradley walked past the circulation desk where Shelly was on duty. As he walked by Shelly said to him, “You have to take off your boots.” “Why?” asked Bradly. Shelly replied, “They make too much noise and library rules say noisy footwear must come off. Either you take off your boots or you have to leave.” Bradley did not want to take off his boots for fear something might happen to them. “Take off your boots or leave,” Shelly said once again. Bradley needed to do research and realized he had no choice but to remove his prize black cowboy boots. He took them off revealing white socks with grey heals and toes. “I can take those for you, ” Shelly said. Bradley handed her his boots and she placed them behind the desk.

Bradley then entered the reading area in his sock feet and did his research. Another student was in the library and she said, “I see you are in your socks too.” “Yea, the girl at the counter took my boots because they were making too much noise,” said Bradley. The girl replied, “Yes, I had to turn in my clogs also. But it’s okay because I like how my sock feet feel on the wooden floors.” Bradley did have to admit to himself that the wooden floors felt good on his shoeless feet.

Bradley had then finished his research and was ready to leave the library. He went to the desk to get his boots but Shelly was no longer working there but another gentleman. Bradley told the gentleman that he was leaving and wanted to pick up his cowboy boots. “What boots?” the gentleman asked. “The lady that was working here told me I had to my cowboy boots off because they made too much noise and to give them to her for safe keeping.” The man at the desk said, “I’m sorry but there are no boots back here and I don’t know who was working when you walked in. I don’t know what to tell you.” Bradley then left the library in his socks trying to figure out what happened to his boots.

Trying on my sister’s friends shoes

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One day my sister had two of her friends staying over for the weekend and when they came in they were wearing a pair of converse hi rise and a pair of Nike court royals, when I saw their shoes I just knew I had to find a way to try them on. As the weekend went on they never really left the house so I knew my chances were getting slim until they decided to go outside wandering about the local forest. I thought to myself this is my chance as they would have to wear Wellington boots as the forest was very muddy. They left the house and I was on my own to try their shoes, I started with the converses which were a size 5 which was too small for me. I then moved on too the nikes which were size 8 and they fitted perfectly to my delight so I wore them about the house for a while then put them back to where I found them as not to raise any suspicion to having worn them. When they got back they were none the wiser which meant I was successful in my sneaky wearing of their shoes which I was delighted with

A long walk home

Author – Sambas Lad

Me and a mate had been out with mates in town and the time sort of passed without us noticing, my mate, Steve, looked at his watch and nudged me, yelling “we will have to rush to catch that last bus I don’t fancy the 5 miles walk home if we miss it”. W raced through town Steve’s size 10 Dr Martens thudding on the pavement, as we rounded the last corner we were just in time to see our bus puling away into the distance. Oh hell that means we are walking and so we set off with little entheusiasm.
It was not long before we were out of the town and walking down country lanes, we were both rather nervous of hitch hiking and kept our hands in our pockets. After 10 or so minutes a car pulled up and three lads piled out, leaving one in the driver’s seat. They seemed quite friendly and asked where we were heading and we told them, “that’s a long walk “ one lad said and it seemed to set them all off giggling, anyway, the older lad said, he was about 17 and a bit scruffy, “what have you got that is worth having ? wallets phones come on hand them over”. The group were crowding round in a threatening manner so we did as we were told thinking it would get rid of them. One lad asked Steve what size his DMs were, 10s replied Steve, Hand them over now, said the lad gripping Steve’s arm forcing him to bend over. Steve bent down and slowly unlaced his boots, still reluctant to take them off. “NOW” yelled the lad right in Steve’s face, the other lads were laughing at Steve’s plight as he handed over the boots standing there at the side of the road in his white footie socks. I had scruffy size 7 Sambas on so I guessed I was safe.
Two lads turned to me yelling “come on idiot get those trainers off”, I handed over my Sambas quickly leaving me in red sports socks. We were both frightened that the lads would want to continue this game but were saved by the bell when the lad in the car’s mobile rang and he beeped the horn to hurry them along, they all piled in the car with the parting comment “enjoy your walk “
Steve and I looked at each other and set off walking the lane in the direction of home. Our socks soon became muddy as we walked along and the road was not the most comfortable surface to be walking without our shoes. It was over an hour before we got to the outskirts of our village and though we were now on smoother pavements there were more streetlights and the risk of being seen was much greater. There was not much traffic and for a while we were not seen as we headed to Steve’s house – the plan was to borrow a pair of his brother’s shoes to get me home in.
As we turned into Steve’s estate a small group of lads were hanging about all a couple of years younger than us. When they saw our muddy socked feet they asked what happened and we told them and they could not stop laughing. We ran off to Steve’s house and I borrowed a pair of his brother’s shoes to go home, first throwing my trashed socks in the rubbish bin.
A night we will both remember for all the wrong reasons.