Big Shot

Author – Cheyenne

We always get to school early and Monday we were sitting on the bleachers waiting for the bell and I was talking to a new girl it was her first day and a guy sitting below me said can I see your boot I looked at him and said what he said I like those can I see them I said in a minute a few minutes later he asks again I said in a minute after the fifth time I stuck my foot up and said see he ask are they padded in side. I Looked at him and said pull it off and look at it if it will make you happy. So he pulled my right boot off I turned around and started talking to the hot girl again sitting wearing one boot and just my sock. I never wore one shoe in public but she was so flirting with me I wanted him to go away About 10 mins later she had to leave so I turned back around and he was gone and no boot. The bell rang so I headed to my locker missing my boot walking down the hall hoping I would see him no luck. I went to class with my socked foot at lunch He came over and sat down with us I ask him where is my boot he said I left it by you, the same girl was eating lunch with me she laughed and said O the cowboy going to pout about his little socked foot. I got pissed but did not want her to know it so I looked at her and lifted my shoeless foot and said no I don’t need it’s not a big deal. I was thinking in the back of my mind what now I don’t have anything for my right foot but socks. The bell rang and I finished the day missing my boot. I got home we have a no shoes in the house rule so nobody noticed I was missing a boot. The next morning, I got up and dressed and put on my only boot thinking I’m going to be in so much trouble cause my mom was taking me to school instead of me riding the bus I got to the truck and got in she said you Know you’re missing a boot I said yes mama she rolled her eyes and said ok long as you know. I got to school early and looked for the guy but he didn’t come so I went to the gym and that same girl came up and sat down we talked awhile and she finally said O let me see your feet I said what she said let me see your feet so I lifted my left foot up and showed here my booted foot she said you know what I mean so I lifted my feet up and of course there was a left boot and a white socked foot. Me not wanting to admit I tried to get it back and he was not even at school She laughed and ask what are you going to do you can’t go with one boot missing. I said why not what’s wrong with being different.  She said so you just going to have one boot and a socked foot 24/7 I said I may I haven’t decided yet Thinking in my mind I don’t have a choice The bell rang and I went to class.  So tomorrow will be day three of this new look. I hope that kid is at school with my boot.

I’ll update with a new story if anybody what’s me to as this goes


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