Shoe auction 2

Author – Jman

When rules are broken at our school they take our shoes. When enough shoes have been taken the shoes are auctioned off. Here is the latest group of shoes.

  • one pair brown cowboy boots – spitting
  • one pair brown leather shoes – walking on gym floor
  • one pair blue sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair white sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair orange sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair of purple sneakers – late for class
  • one pair of mary janes – late for class
  • one pair of ugg boots – disrupting class
  • one pair of white sneakers – disrupting class
  • one pair of work boots – in the hall without a pass
  • one pair of tan cowboy boots – disrupting class
  • one pair of brown cowboy boots – disrupting class
  • one pair brown leather shoes – unprepared for class

The Prefects part 3 – Detention

Author – Shoeless Guy

After school and waiting near the detention room where Jimmy and Dave.
“Come to watch us in detention in our socks” said Steve
“No” replied David. “We’ve deleted your photos and you can have your shoes back, after you retrieve ours in detention”
“There is no reason why you can’t give us our shoes back now and collect your own shoes in detention”
“But we can’t as we’re Prefects, we’ll lose our badges”
“You’ve humiliated us enough today, duping us into the Sin Bin, taking our shoes and the embarrassment of walking around school all afternoon in our sock, I don’t care about being a Prefect anymore, just give us our f***ing shoes” shouted Ben as he leaned his tall athletic frame over David. The two prefects took off the shoes and kicked them over to their real owners. Ben and Steve put them on but didn’t have time to fasten the laces when the detention teacher interrupted them.
“What’s going on here?” asked the teacher. “They’re stealing our shoes” said David. Before Ben and Steve had chance to reply the teacher demanded all four follow her to the detention room. “Take off the shoes and hand them over” she said. She placed the two pairs of shiny leather shoes on her desk and told the four teenagers to sit and place their feet on the desk in front of them. She inspected their socked feet and said to Ben and Steve, “your socks are very dirty compared to the Prefects therefore I agree that you stole these shoes”.
Andy and Billy walked shoeless in to the detention room and where not only puzzled by the fact that students had their socked feet on the desks but that two of them where their nemisis, the Prefects.
“Go sit down” said the teacher to the two newcomers. As Billy walked past Ben he couldn’t resist tickling his raised foot. “Can we put our feet down” asked Jimmy. The teacher said no. Andy laughed accidentally as he found it highly amusing seeing the two Prefects being subject to the same embarrassment he suffers from them.
“If you find it amusing, you can put your feet up on the your desk too” she told Andy.
The others all looked over to Andy as he lifted his black socked feet off the floor and placed them on desk. “She must have a foot fetish” whispered Billy to Andy.
“Quiet, put your feet up too” she shouted at Billy.
As the teacher got out the box of confiscated shoes there was a knock at the door and Jason walked in, he too looked puzzled by all six teenagers sat displaying the soles of their socked feet. How embarrassing he thought, glad I’m not in detention. “I have money belonging to Andy and Billy” he explained to the teacher. She told him to leave it on her desk, he pulled the money out of his pocket and Billy’s cigarettes fell out onto the floor. “What are those, you know smoking is banned anywhere on school premises” she screamed at him”. Warning him of the dangers of smoking she told Jason to pick them up and put them on her desk aswell as his shoes. He said “But ……. ” She interrupted “No buts, you can stop for the remainder of detention, now take off your shoes” He removed his shoes and put them next to the black leather brogues. His warm moist socks could feel the cold floor beneath as he walked to a desk and sat down. “Feet up” she told him, he lifted his feet onto the desk just like the others. ‘A moment ago I pitied everyone sat in this embarrassing position and now I am too’ he thought.
She proceeded to place the box of confiscated shoes on her desk. “When I lift up a pair of shoes, shout if they belong to you”. Andy and Billy accounted for two pairs, leaving a pair of black lace up shoes and a pair of black loafers. “These must be yours” she said to Ben and Steve, the suspected shoe thieves. Like a scene from Cinderella she tried putting them on their feet, totally embarrassing the two 19 year old students. “They’re too small, those shoes you confiscated off our feet earlier are not stolen and are actually ours. Those scruffy shoes you tried forcing on to our feet belong to those Prefects” said Steve angrily. She took the two pairs of brogues off her desk and put them on the Prefects feet. They where clearly too large.
“She put all seven pairs of shoes in the box and said nobody gets their shoes back until the truth comes out. It did and the Prefects where told to be at the Headteachers office first thing in the morning along with Ben and Steve, the two wannabe’s. Everyone put on their shoes and left.
The next morning in the Headteachers office, Jimmy and David admitted to falsely detaining Ben and Steve in the Sin Bin, they where stripped off their Prefect badges. Ben and Steve where given their Prefect badges and became the school cops.

Footnote: Please feel free to continue the story as you wish, it would be nice to see other interpretations of this story.
Shoeless Guy

Stealing chavs shoes

Author – Shoeless Guy

I work for the council housing department and was driving to inspect a house that had just been vacated, I passed three older teenagers, around 17 to 18 years of age, typically dressed with their black socks tucked into their trackie bottoms and wearing hoodies. They where all wearing similar looking black Air Max Nike trainers. They had the typical teenage swagger trying to look cool.
I had finished inspecting the three storey house and was about to leave and noticed an open window, I was about to close it when I overheard a conversation from outside. It was the three teenagers I had seen earlier sat on the garden wall. They where looking for someone called Aiden, they where going to beat him up but couldn’t work out where he lived. My impression was they weren’t very nice guys but had a good taste in footwear. I had a very risky idea. I found a black bin bag and tucked it behind the hallway radiator. I took off my jacket, placed it on the post at the bottom of the stairs. I kicked off my shoes, this made the house look like it was lived in. I stepped outside in my socks, walked up to the teenagers and asked if I could help as they looked lost. “Do you know anyone around here called Aiden” asked one of them. “Aiden who” I said. “Aiden Brown, he’s an old school mate” said another. I told them he lives here and I was his older brother, seeing me in my socks made them think I actually lived here.
“You can come in if you like, I’m sure he’ll be happy and surprised to see you” I said.
“He will definitely be surprised” one of them said.
They followed me into the house, “One thing lads, mum’s very houseproud and she’s rather unwell and in bed so can you take off your shoes and creep very slowly up the stairs to not disturb her. I’m sure you’d do the same for your own dear mothers” I said. “No worries mate” said one of them. They kicked off their trainers displaying their black socks with trackie bottoms tucked in, they left them next to my tan lace up shoes in the hallway. I told them Aiden’s room was on the top floor and he was on his play station, he’d be pleased to see them, “Would you like a cup of tea” I asked. “Yeah mate three sugars cheers” said one. They started climbing the stairs, “Remember lads slowly and quietly” I said as I watched their socked feet climb the stairs in slow motion. I put on my jacket and as soon as the last foot disappeared on the landing I grabbed the bin bag and stuffed all three pairs of Nikes inside as well as my own shoes as I had no time to tie the laces. I opened the front door, closed it slowly and legged it down the street in my socks to my car. I put on my shoes and drove around the block. After several minutes I spotted the three lads walking down the street in their socked feet. I made sure they where we’ll away from the house, returned and secured it. I passed them in the car, their teenage swagger had gone as they walked along the street shoeless. Hopefully they’d forget about beating up somebody called Aiden.

The Prefects part 2 – The Wannabe’s

Author – shoeless guy

Jimmy and David underhandedly prevented anyone else from becoming Prefects, they don’t want anyone else muscling in on their ‘cash for shoes’ extortion racket. Prefects had to be of good character which meant no records of detention.
Two 18 year old students had asked about becoming prefects. Ben and Steve where 6ft tall and athletic, two ideal qualities for being a prefect.
At lunchtime, the usual easy prey of Jason, Andy and Billy where in Jimmy’s sight. He jokingly said “Anyone for the Sin Bin today” Withou thinking Billy shouted back “F*** Off Jimmy”. “Swearing and being disrespectful, you’re definitely going to the Sin Bin” said Jimmy as he photographed Billy. “Leave him alone” shouted Andy. “You can join him too” Jimmy proceeded to photograph Andy. Jason kept quiet he didn’t want to spend a third day in the Sin Bin. Andy gave Jason all his money, so did Billy and his cigarettes too. Jimmy asked why they’d given everything to Jason, “We’ll have nothing for you to extort in the Sin Bin” replied Billy as Jason ran away.
In the Sin Bin, Andy and Billy handed over their shoes and sat on the empty floor, there was still time for others to join them. David said to Jimmy “Go find the wannabes” referring to Ben and Steve the ‘Prefect want to be’s’
It didn’t take long to spot Ben and Steve, there wasn’t many athletic 6ft students in the playground. Jimmy introduced himself “You both applying to be Prefects?” he asked.
“Yes” replied Ben “We quite like the idea of being school cops” said Steve.
“Come and experience the ‘Sin Bin’ from a students perspective, it’s a good way of seeing how a Prefect performs his duties” Jimmy was convincing as they agreed. “We photograph everyone who attends the Sin Bin” He said “It’s a tool used to maintain discipline” he explained as he photographed the two unwitting wannabe’s. They followed Jimmy to the Sin Bin. Sitting on a desk was David, sat on the floor where two shoeless teenagers. Next to David was a plastic box with the teenagers shoes inside.
“We have two more guests” said Jimmy as he winked at David. “Take off your shoes” said David. The 18 year old’s stared at each other and one of them said “Is this really necessary”
“Give up your shoes, you both agreed to the experience” said Jimmy.
“Do as your told and remove your shoes” demanded David.
The two guys looked at each other again, shrugged their shoulder then sat on the floor to unlace and remove their shoes revealling dark grey ribbed socks. They stood up and handed over their shoes, both pairs where highly polished, size 10, quality leather black brogues, “Nice shoes” said David as he threw them in the plastic box with the other confiscated footwear. Go sit down on the floor and be quiet.
“Really!” said Ben “Yes” said David “You’re here to be punished so do as you’re told and sit down”
“No we’re not here to be punished” said Steve as he looked at Jimmy “You asked us along for the experience”
“You’re experiencing it now” said David “Comply or you won’t see your shoes again until detention. The tall students took back their shoes from the box and squared up to David and Jimmy, “We’re leaving” said Ben agressively. ” If you leave, your photographs will trace you, your shoes will be taken and detention will await you” said David. “Follow the three simple rules of the Sin Bin and avoid detention. Rule One, Surrender your shoes. Rule Two, Sit on the floor. Rule Three, Be quiet, very quiet”.
The 18 year old wannabe’s felt cornered, the photographs where a threat not a tool for disciplne, to avoid detention they had no choice but to return their shiny shoes to the box. They walked defeated across the floor in their socks and sat down, crossed their legs and stared at the floor and remained quiet.
Andy and Billy sat bemused watching the older guys being subdued by the prefects. The bell rung and everyone stood up and walked over to the desk.
“Give us our shoes” demanded Ben. You both failed to follow the rules, regardless of why you’re here. If you can’t follow the rules how can you enforce them as Prefects” said David. ” Therefore your shoes are further confiscated and can be retrieved in detention.
“We have done nothing wrong, we volunteered to be here, not forced to spend lunchtime on that dirty floor shoeless” said Steve.
“Ah I get it, we’ve been set up” said Ben. “If we get detention there is no way of becoming Prefects” Billy said “They will extort money or other things or force you into detention” Andy agreed “You’ll leave here with no money or no shoes”.
Jimmy told Billy and Andy that they weren’t getting their shoes back for their outrageous comments, they had to leave for class in their socked feet.
David’s greed got the better of him saying to Ben they could come to some arrangement.
“Those lads where right, you are gonna force us to exchange something for our shoes” said Ben
“No! We literally want your shoes”
“What” said Steve
“You both have nice expensive shoes, we want them, you can have ours”
“I’m not putting your scruffy dirty shoes on my feet” said Ben.
“Your shoes or detention, otherwords, our shoes or walking around in your socks all afternoon, not a good look on senior students”
“Wearing your scruffy shoes won’t be a good look either” said Steve
“I will delete your photos from the camera too” said Jimmy.
They reluctantly agreed if only to get the photos deleted. The prefects removed their shoes and kicked them over to the wannabe’s with their black socked feet. Ben tried on Jimmy’s black loafers. They where tight and uncomfortable “I can’t wear these they’re too small” he said.
Steve had similar issues with David’s scruffy black lace up shoes. He then tried on the black loafers but his feet where too big.
Jimmy had already placed Steve’s black Brogues on his feet, they are a bit loose but an extra pair of socks should make them fit and jokingly asked Steve if he wanted to give up his socks too. Steve unamused picked up both prefects shoes and threw them at him, they missed but three out of the four shoes landed in the box with Andy and Billy’s confiscated shoes. “Good shot” said Jimmy as he picked up the rogue shoe and placed it with the others.
Ben’s shoes where too big on David’s feet, he was about to remove them when the door opened. It was a teacher coming to collect the box of confiscated shoes. She looked at the four teenagers, two wearing shoes and prefect badges and two stood in their socks. “Get to class” she told the sock footed pair, “you can collect your shoes in detention, hope you learn your lesson spending the rest of the day in your socks”.
The ‘wannabe’s’ walked out, fuming, “We’ve been conned big time” said Ben “Duped into being detained, losing our shoes, detention and getting unwearable shoes afterwards. They walked to their afternoon lessons in their socks.
David and Jimmy walked the corridor in the oversized brogues, they where falling off their feet. “Think we need to get our own shoes back” said Jimmy. “How when the teacher has them” said David. “I’ll think of something” said Jimmy.

The Prefects

Author – Shoeless Guy

During lunch breaks, the school grounds are monitored by Prefects rather than teachers. Prefects are senior students with good attendance, behaviour and grades. They are there to police the school grounds and take unruly students to the Sin Bin, basically this is the old disused gym. This works well as it allows discipline in the school grounds without interaction from teachers.
Prefects carry a digital camera and any disobedient students are photographed, if they refuse to go to the Sin Bin then their mugshot would be emailed to all teachers, students would be easily identified and given detention automatically.
In order to maintain control in the ‘Sin Bin’ the prefects have authority to confiscate shoes and students must sit on the floor quietly for the duration of confinement. When lunchbreak ends their shoes are returned and no further punishment is undertaken. This quick lunchtime punishment works with most students as failure to comply with Prefects or ‘Sin Bin’ rules results in students not given their shoes back and have to go to class in their socked feet. This also means automatic detention as retrieval of confiscated shoes can only be done in detention after school which is supervised by teachers. The whole procedure is well organised and lends authority to the Prefects to maintain discipline in the school grounds.
This works providing the Prefects can to be trusted.
There are two 18 year old Prefects called Jimmy and David who use their positions to their advantage. Jimmy would patrol the grounds and pick his prey. Then escort them to the Sin Bin and Dave would take their shoes and hold them to ransom.
One particular day Jimmy overheard a 16 year old student named Jason mention he had £100 and after school he was off into town to buy new trainers. Jimmy approached Jason and accused him of threatening another student, Jason obviously denied it but once his photo had been taken he had no choice but to follow the rules and go with Jimmy to the Sin Bin where he was handed over to David.
“Take off your shoes and give them to me” said David
“I’ve done nothing wrong ” said Jason.
“SHOES OFF NOW ” shouted David. Jason reluctantly crouched down, undid his laces and removed his black shoes and handed them to the Prefect.
“Go sit in the middle of the floor and remain silent” said David. Jason walked in his grey socked feet past three other younger shoeless students already seated cross legged on the floor. He sat silently as he watched another two students enter the Sin Bin and stripped of their shoes. Eventually the school bell rung and everyone stood up and went over to David to collect their shoes. A 14 year old was denied his shoes, David claimed he had been unruly upon arrival at the sin bin, he left in his socks upset that he now had detention after school. Jason was the last to collect his shoes, David refused to hand them over also claiming he had been unruly.
“We can come to some arrangement for you to get your shoes back” said David
“What do you mean” said Jason
“How much money to get your shoes back?”
“You blackmailing me?”
“Give me £10 now, you can have your shoes, no money means no shoes and detention tonight”
Jason really wanted to go buy new trainers after school and didn’t want detention or the embarrassment of walking around school in his socks all afternoon. He handed over £10 and David gave Jason his shoes. “Nice doing business” said David.
The next day in the school grounds Jason got into an argument with his best pal Andy, they’d fallen out over an online game they had played the night before. Fists where about to fly when Jimmy the Prefect appeared, “now guys” he said. “Fighting is not allowed” He got out his camera and started to take photos of the two pals. Andy ran off, Jimmy told Jason he had to go with him to the ‘Sin bin’. “Not again” said Jason
At the sin bin David had just confiscated a 17 year old students shoes when Jimmy walked in with Jason. “You again!” said David, smiling with hope that more money could be gained. Jason handed over his shoes for the second time in two days and sat on the floor.
The bell went and everyone retrieved their shoes except Jason and the 17 year old named Billy, who where told to wait until everyone else had left. David was about to ask the same question as yesterday when Jason said “Look I have no money today so just give me my shoes” David was disappointed.
“No money! No shoes!”
“I’ve told you, you idiot I’ve got no money ”
“Then off to class you go in your socks” said David “Enjoy detention”
Jason stormed off walking along the corridor in his stocking feet, he entered the classroom and Andy was at his desk and laughed at his pal.
“Haha wheres your shoes” he said loudly so the whole class stared at his shoeless feet. “No online gaming tonight seeing as you’ll be in detention” he said.
Andy told Jason that he should of ran away like him when the Prefect appeared.
During the lesson Andy was still laughing at his pals dilemma when the teacher beckoned him to his desk at the front of the classroom. The teacher turned his computer monitor towards Andy and asked “Is that you?” Andy said it was him. “The email says you absconded from a prefect after fighting”. He hadn’t realised that Jimmy managed to photograph him before he ran off. The teacher said “You know the rules, hand over your shoes. You can get them back in detention”. Andy took off his shoes and handed them to the teacher. The teacher placed his confiscated footwear on the shelf behind his desk. A red faced Andy did the walk of shame in his socks back to his desk, the class where sniggering and Jason had a huge smug grin on his face.
With their shared embarrassment the two pals rekindled their friendship as they walked shoeless together to detention.
In detention with Jason and Andy was Billy the 17 year old from the sin bin. Still in his socks he told the two pals he was refused his shoes because he wouldn’t give David his cigarettes. After leaving detention the three students vowed to get revenge on the two Prefects.

Shoe auction

Author – jman

At our school those who walk on the gym floor with street shoes lose their shoes to the school. It all started when a student was warned three times about wearing street shoes on the gym floor. One day the teacher told the student to take off his shoes and give them to him. Later it became policy that those who wore street shoes on the gym floor would have to forfeit and hand over their shoes. After a while a good number of shoes were handed over to the school for breaking this rule and something needed to be done with the forfeited shoes. It was decided to auction off the shoes and use that money to fix the damaged gym floor rather than take money out of the general fund.

The shoe auctioned proved successful and the school decided that this would be a good way to generate funds for special projects and so shoe confiscation was expanded to breaking other rules. Shoe confiscation replaced detention and so money was saved by not having to pay detention teachers.

Once enough shoes were forfeited there would be a shoe auction. Here are the shoes that were auctioned off and what caused them to be forfeited.

1 pair brown cowboy boots – late for class
1 pair mary janes – late for class
1 pair skate shoes – unprepared for class
1 pair blue sneakers – unprepared for class
2 pairs white sneakers – unprepared for class
1 pair black and red sneakers – unprepared for class
1 pair tan deck shoes – unprepared for class
1 pair converse all stars – vulgar language
1 pair white sneakers – talking in class
1 pair tan deck shoes – talking in class
1 pair work boots – waking on gym floor
1 pair black cowboy boots – walking on gym floor
2 pairs tan cowboy boots – walking on gym floor
2 pairs brown deck shoes – walking on gym floor
2 pairs tan deck shoes – walking on gym floor
2 pairs of soccer slides – cheating

Rules were that anyone who had lost shoes since the last shoe auction was not able to bid. Often people would bid on the shoes of their nemeses and rivals. The punishment of losing your shoes was enhanced by seeing someone you did not care for now wearing them.

Don’t mess with river mud

Author – Shoelossfan

This story takes place when I about was 11 and living in canon falls Minnesota at the time, it was summer and school was out at the time, and before you ask it is a true story in fact i think my shoes are still there to this day.

Cannon falls you see has a river that runs right through the center of town and one day I was walking along the river bank in my current sneakers at the time, where were these black sneakers with yellow and black striped laces. I was pretty casual about the day since really thanks to my autism I didn’t really make any friends at school, so I was out alone walking along the bank of the cannon river without much of a care in the world. When suddenly I started to feel my feet sink slightly as I continued to walk along the bank of the river, but to be fair it made me a bit more excited over anything else since around that point in time I started to get a grasp on my foot fetish, but mostly for girls socked feet at the time.

Anyway, with each step I took I had to struggle more and more since the mud was getting stronger, and each time I pulled out my sneaker clad foot out from the mud I felt my shoes slip off slightly more. Until I took one step to far as the mud was so soft that my sneaker clad left foot sunk right into the mud and was quickly becoming buried, I struggled and pulled for a good minute or two before mu socked foot popped out from my sneaker, At the time I was wearing those cheap Hanes socks with the brand name on the sole of the white sock with gray on the toes and heel.

Looking back at my shoe it was pretty much completely shallowed up by the mud, and seeing it was a lost cause I quickly wanted to get away from the river bank since i knew I was going to be in trouble with my parents when I got home. but before I could get away from the bank I noticed that my right foot was now stuck in the mud. With the shoelace bow barely peaking out from above the mud, struggling with all my might at the time I tried to pull my foot out of the mud and soon enough my foot did come free but it was just my right socked foot as my right shoe was swallowed up by the sticky river mud. sighing as now I was stuck in my socks I figured I might start to head home, so I walked away from the riverbank and up to the riverside path. (since the town had walking paths next to the river in little park like areas) And started for my way home in my slightly muddy socks, worried about how my parents would react since I was still living with my birth father who wasn’t that kind to me losing things.