Library thief

Author – Lucylex

“i was at the library recently and I was doing some studying at a computer. I had on my loafers and creme colored trouser socks. I loved shoeplaying in public especially the library kus I always looked for other people’s shoe play so I always wondered if people looked for mine. Dangling my loafers and dipping in and out I was getting quite excited. I sat a desk with a computer that was seperated by a wall on the top half but the area for my legs was open and if you crawled through the space you would end up on the other side of the computer desk where there was another person directly sitting at a computer facing yours. This made it easy to shoe play and even snag a persons shoes if they left them unnatended. I saw another man feet and legs when i peered under the table. I let one of my shoes drop off my foot when it was dangling and some how got out of reach of my foot. When I looked under the table it was beyond the mans feet under his chair who was sitting across from me . I didn’t want to ask him for my shoe and get embarrassed even more. I had already dropped it out of reach and I was feeling very timid. I wanted to avoid the situation but apart of me wanted to take it to the next level so I slipped off my other loafer and scooted it forward with my tippy toes and practically Slid it right into this mans space. I wanted to see what he would do or if he would even see my loafers down by his feet . I waited in my socks to see if he was gonna get up and I could go get my shoes finally. But the situation took a turn and I got excited and horny. As he was zipping up his back pack on the floor he noticed my left loafer infront of his chair. He had to have seen my socked feet kus they were practically extended into his foot space. He also took notice of my other loafer that fell out of reach. I saw him grab both loafers and I thought he was going to put them together and slide them back over in to my foot space but to my surprise he slowly unzipped his pack again and slid them into the front pocket before re zipping it and standing up. He was taking my shoes ! Right infront of my eyes ! I was so excited but I couldnt let him go with out getting my shoes back . I got up quickly and ran to the man and tapped on his shoulder. He was a man with grey hair in his 40s and I asked politely for my loafers in his bag. He denied there ever being loafers that he picked up and refused to open his bag to show me . He finally jus pushed past me and left and said itd be a good idea to get shoes. I left the library and had to ride the bus home in my trouser socks. Embarrassing to say the least.

Here’s a pic of my socks after I got home.

Stolen sneakers at school

Author – Kevin

“I wore my favourite pair of white Nike running shoes to school once with white socks. They were almost new and I treated them like normal sneakers and tied them really loose and wore them everywhere since it was my only pair of sneakers. We had class in a studio room that day so I had to take my sneakers off at the door which felt weird since I liked playing with my sneakers during class, slipping them on and off. I wanted to wear my shoes for a while so I came back out to go to the restroom, looked around for my sneakers but I couldn’t find them. At the end of class I thought I’d definitely get my new shoes back because one person can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, so I waited for everyone to wear their shoes, but all that was left was a pair of flip flops, one of which was broken. my shoes no where to be found. I had to go home in socks, without my Nike  sneakers.

Funny thing is that a day later, i went for class there in black socks since we could only wear sneakers to school  and I found my shoes at the door, but someone had ruined them, they were still quite clean but the laces had broken and the cloth inside the sneakers had tears in them and I was really upset, but at least I got my shoes back.

Loose Shoes on a bus

Author – Aron

One time I was on a bus wearing purple socks and white Adidas sneakers which i tied very loose. I like slipping in and out of them whenever I could because they were very comfortable and it turned me on. I was sitting down on the bus and slipped my shoes off and started to play with them as usual, but then this lady came on and sat behind me. It was to be the last time I wore those sneakers and took them off. I think she was unhappy that I had my sneakers off so she let fly and kicked them down the rows of seats and I was left in my socks. I got up and started looking for my sneakers but then the bus stopped and I saw someone kicking my left sneaker out of the bus, and then someone else getting off kicked my right one. I panicked and immediately alighted but I couldn’t find my sneakers, so I looked around and I saw someone putting my shoes on, leaving his own shoes next to his bag. I ran up to him and said they were my shoes, but he said that why not we swap shoes so he let me try on his navy blue vans, but I liked my shoes just fine so I said no. I think he really wanted my shoes and he didn’t want to take them off but then I said that I would call the cops so he grabbed his own shoes and bag and ran off. I ended up going back in socks.

Classroom Catastrophe

Author – Aron

“Back in high school I had this teacher who always wore his loafers very loose, they slipped off when he walked and we could all see the light blue insides of his shoes as he walked. One time my friend and I thought it would be funny to make him go around in socks so he raised his hand and made the teacher come, then as the teacher was playing with his loafers when assisting my friend standing next to his table he took the chance and kicked my teacher’s shoes to my desk where I picked them up and threw them out the window. When he looked around for his shoes the teacher couldn’t find them so he got angry and asked the class who took his shoes. One of the girls said it was us who did it so the teacher made us both take off our shoes and give them to him. I reluctantly slipped off my worn and loose white Adidas sneakers and was left in black socks while my friend had to take off his new Reeboks, he was almost in tears as he undid his laces and slipped them off his feet. Anyway the teacher said that since he had no shoes to wear, he was going to wear ours, so he put on my left sneaker and my friend’s right sneaker, then took the other two shoes and put them under his desk before telling us to return to our seats. I could see my shoes the entire class and I felt my feet cold without my sneakers. At the end of the class we thought we could be getting our shoes back wen he asked us to look for his loafers and return them so we did. When we came back he put his shoes back on but he picked up both pairs of our shoes and left with them, saying that it was our punishment, so we had to go home in socks. 

The next day we came back and he gave us back our sneakers, I immediately took off the pair I was wearing and wore my Adidas sneakers because I had missed them, I wore those shoes everywhere and it was weird going without them.”

At a store

Author – Luke

A few days ago I went to a shoe shop to buy new shoes for school, I was wearing a pair of worn and loose white Nike sneakers with white socks and my shoes’ black insoles were all torn so you could see the white rubber part underneath, anyways, my shoes kept slipping off my feet as I walked around the store and eventually I found a pair of shoes I wanted and sat down on a bench to try them on so I slipped off my sneakers, enjoying the feel of the torn insoles as my feet ran over them. Unfortunately they were a little too large so I went to put them back but since the store was quite empty I didn’t wear my shoes out of laziness and went back to the rack in my white socks, but by the time I came back this guy was looking at my shoes like he wanted to put them on. I thought it would be exciting if he took off his own shoes and wore mine, so I just stood there in my socks behind a shelf and looked. He slipped off his loafers and put my shoes on, then he sat down and started adjusting the laces and slipping my shoes on and off. Anyway his loafers were just unattended there and I wanted to try them on but before I could do that he got up, wearing my sneakers, then he picked up his own loafers and started going to the exit. I thought oh no he’s got my shoes, so I ran up to him, still in my white socks, and asked for my shoes back. He denied that the shoes he was wearing were mine so I asked for his loafers, at that point he looked at me and put his loafers on the floor but he took off my shoes and put his back on so I thought I could have my shoes back, I reached for them but I think he was angry and he kicked them far away and then someone else walked past and kicked them again and I had to run around looking for them before I could wear my shoes. I couldn’t find my right sneaker but my left shoe was far under a shelf and I couldn’t get it out from there so I ended up leaving in my socks without buying anything.

Shoe store mis-hap

​ author – Lucylex

I was shoe shopping the other day in a retail store. I’m wearing my red high top chucks, the laces are torn and there so loose they minds well be slip on tennis shoes. I’m wearing creme trouser socks and I’m jus browsing from isle to isle in the shoe section. I hadn’t found anything I liked yet and it was very crowded. I was playing with one of my shoes while I was looking at stuff to buy. Slipping in and out of my shoe. If anyone was watching it was definitely a sock show. I finally found a pair of boots I liked and I kicked my chucks off and slipped on the boots. They were very comfy but a bit to small. I slipped back out of them and put them back on the shelf. I kept browsing in my socks, no one was in the isle I was in currently and I wasn’t worried about my shoes. I kept walking and decided to go to the next isle. This kept on for a few more isles untill i didn’t find many shoes I liked. Still in my socks it was time to go back to the isle I had left my shoes in. When I got back there my shoes were gone. No where to be found or seen. I went up front and the women at the check out desk said she didn’t see any chucks in any isle but urged me to check the lost and found.. Still nothing. Here I was in a busy retail store with out my shoes. I felt very embarrassed and i caught many interested glances at my stocking feet. I ended up leaving and walking out in my socks. Never found my chucks again but I think someone stole them when they saw me walk away from them. 

Big thanks

Hey everyone. Just a big thank you to everyone who has submitted stories. They have all been awesome. I was thinking it might be cool to get creative and see if people can write some some fiction stories about losing sneaks? Any thoughts? 😀 thanks again. – RJ