The feathered theif

Author – Charlie’s friend

It was a warm spring day so I  had gone to the coast with my friends Josh and Charlie. We’d walked along the beach for a mile and headed up on to the cliff top. People where sat on the grass admiring the view so we decided to stop and rest. In the nearby car park was a burger van so I decided to get a drink and some chips leaving Josh and Charlie resting on the grass. When I returned Charlie had taken off his Adidas trainers and his shirt and was laying on his stomach sunbathing. As I was eating my chips I noticed the seagulls gathering so I threw a few chips away and they swarmed in to grab them. These seagulls where huge. More and more where gathering for the chance of a delicious fat drenched chip.
I had eaten enough and neither Josh or Charlie wanted any so I decided the seagulls could have them. I thought it would be more fun to throw the chips over Charlies bare back and watch the seagulls attack. No sooner as I had done it the seagulls swooped and Charlie jumped up and ran off, unfortunately all the chips landed by his trainers. The area was covered by a dozen or so seagulls scrambling for the chips. Charlie ran back to chase them, the seagulls grabbed the chips as they flew off. One seagull mistakenly grabbed a shoelace and flew off with one of Charlies Adidas trainers. Charlie chased after it in his socked feet but the seagull was away over the cliff edge along with his shoe. Me and Josh where creased up laughing along with several other people who seen his shoe flying through the air.
We went down to the beach to see if had dropped his trainer but we never found it. It wasn’t too bad walking along the beach but once back at the bus station Charlie was embarrassed missing a shoe for the journey home.

The Shoe Salesman

Author – Eric

My best pal Joe runs a bar on the edge of town, busy in the evenings but during the daytime it’s empty. Sometimes the occasional traveller calls in for a bar meal. I worked night shift at a local factory and spent most afternoons here playing pool with Joe.
One quiet afternoon we where playing pool when a guy walked in and ordered some food and drink. Joe went to prepare the guys order.
‘Wanna a game’ asked the guy.
‘I’m a mean player’ I  joked.
The guy introduced himself as John ‘I’m Eric’ I said.
‘Well then Eric let’s make it interesting’ he said placing $5 on the table. Feeling confident I placed $5 on top of his. I won, then the next game too. He complimented my pool skills. He eat his lunch then offered to play one last game and put $50 on the table.
‘I have only got the $10 I won earlier’ I said. 
‘Those sneakers you’re wearing should cover the bet’ he said.
‘My Nikes are worth more than $50’ i told him.
‘OK’  he said as he picked up his money ‘A confident player would have their eyes on the prize and not what they would lose’ he continued.
‘I’m confident but the bet needs to be equal, another $20, my sneaks against $70’ I told him, he agreed and we shook hands. Easy money I thought as I winked at Joe standing behind the bar.
He smiled, looked down at my feet and told me to take them off.
‘You haven’t won yet’ I said
‘All wagers to be placed on the table’ he said placing his money down.
‘One game of pool in your socks ain’t gonna hurt’ said Joe. I told the guy I changed my mind.
‘Too late, we shook on it, they ain’t your shoes anymore unless you win, so take them off’ he said. I was stunned realising that the shoes on my feet suddenly didn’t belong to me. I took them off and looked at my socks, bright red with green frogs. They had been my last clean pair. Both Joe and John laughed as I explained I’d not done my laundry. My face was as red as my socks as I placed my Nikes on the table,  John stuffed his $70 in one of my sneakers. I’d never played in my socks before, that small height adjustment made a big difference with my performance. My confidence went totally as two guys walked in staring at my socked feet. My opponent didn’t have to try very hard as I quickly lost the game and my sneakers.
I sat shoeless at the bar, ‘You not gonna try and win your shoes back’ said one of the new guys. John suggested that he could play to win them back for me. ‘If you win, he gets his shoes and you get the $70, you just need to match the bet’ he said looking down at the guys footwear. He was wearing a pair of worn high top Vans, his pals sneakers  weren’t much better either, worn Adidas Sambas. ‘Both pairs of shoes would match the cash but not the Nikes’ he said. He looked at Joe who was stood behind the bar ‘What you wearing?’ Joe said keep me out of it. ‘It’s my only chance to get my sneaks back’ I  pleaded with Joe who shook his head but pulled off a shoe anyway and lifted it above the bar, he was holding a worn black TN, enough to match my shoes.
‘If you win you get to keep your sneakers and the money, I’ve only seen one of you play so you have the advantage as to who plays against me, if you agree then place your sneakers on the table’. The two guys liked the idea of winning $70 however Joe was hesitant but eventually agreed providing he played, afterall he had the most to lose. The two guys pulled of their sneaks placing them on the table next to my Nikes, Joe came from behind the bar still wearing one shoe, he took it off and placed his TN’s on the table. The two guys sat next to me at the bar in their white socked feet. Joe confidently did the break and walked around the table in his black socked feet. John failed to pocket anything giving Joe the advantage and he started clearing the table.I was confident my sneaks would be back on my feet very soon. However with one stripe to pocket he managed to snooker himself allowing John to clear most of his balls. With one ball each Joe hit the cue ball too hard causing it to angle of the cushion and pocketed the black ball losing the game by default. ‘God damn it’ he shouted. John smiled sympathetically ‘You where over confident with that last shot’ he said asking Joe for a plastic sack to put all the sneakers in. John scored a round of drinks as a consolation, we watched our shoes disappear into the sack.
John told us he was a travelling shoe salesman, Joe asked if he could buy back his TN’s as he had a long shift ahead of him working the bar. John told him he couldn’t afford them as he makes big bucks selling mens used sneakers online. ‘You won’t get much for my old Vans’ said one of the other guys. John smiled ‘There’s certain websites that pay bigger bucks for mens worn sneakers, the more trashed the better especially when there’s a story behind them’ he said. ‘It’s been a good day sourcing new stock for my business’ he said picking up the sack with our shoes inside.
We all sat in our socked feet watching John leave the bar with our sneakers. I had several blocks to walk in my colorful socks.

The movies

Author – Brandon

So today I went to the movies with my girlfriend. When we got there we got tickets for jumanji  The Next Level. We then got popcorn and went into the theater. We both at at the top of the movie theater so we could see. After a few minutes of the movie starting my girlfriend said wanna have some fun. I then asked what. She then said take off one of your shoes and put it in the walkway when everyone leaves the movie and let’s see what happens. I then said I don’t know. She then sighed and said your no fun. I then said fine let’s do it. She jumped up in excitement and started to untie my right Stan Smith. She then pulled off my right shoe and walked down the stairs to the hallway and dropped it. She then walked back without my shoe. I was wearing white socks so everyone was going to notice I was missing a shoe. As the movie went on I started to forget about my shoeless state. The movie then ended and then everyone started walking out the hallway. I heard some kid say there’s a shoe here. After everyone had left we then headed for the exit. When we got to the hallway my shoe was gone. I had no choice but to walk out with one shoe. I then checked the list and found but no shoe. So then we walked out and my girlfriend thought it was really funny. Now I have no shoe and have school tomorrow. This is a disaster.


Author – Baz

security – As cash is always tight as a student I have been doing a bit of night work manning a local self service garage, normally its fairly quiet and I am not required to do much except take the cash or assist the odd person who cannot work out the pump. The other night this guy came in in a black Audi A5 and put £70 worth of petrol in, he came in to pay and from the get go he was all attitude, he patted himself down looking for his wallet and said “shit I can’t find my cash I will have to owe you maybe its in the car Ill go and look “  I just had a bad feeling and pressed the button behind the counter locking the door. “ you can’t leave without security sir – I am sorry “ I am not running away he spluttered – what the hell do you mean security  “ something you will want to come back for to settle the bill “ Such as ?” Those rings and watch would be a start and those fancy trainers “  “you expect me to take off my shoes ?” I said “just put them on the counter put the watch and rings inside them  and I will unlock the door “  He took off his bright green Asic trainers watch and rings as ordered and stood by the door in his yellow socks – I pressed the button and the door buzzed so he could open it. H ran across the forecourt dived into his car without stopping to check inside and sped off. I put his things in a bag under the counter with a ticket on them showing his name and what he owed – apparently the guy came in the following day to pay and collect his stuff and was not happy, my manager stood up for me and said I was right to demand security that was the company policy however the next time I saw him the manager roasted me for being a bit harsh, mind he was laughing when he did it.

Stormy high water

Author – Leo

I live in a small town on the south coast of England and work in a bigger town a few miles away. This winter we have been having a lot of severe storms coming in from the Atlantic. In my lunch time I like to go with a colleague down to the sea front when it’s rough and watch the sea breaking on the sea wall and shooting about eight feet into the air. The promenade gets covered with pebbles from the beach, plus the odd dead fish or crab. The popular thing to do is to go to the railings and wait for a big wave to come and as it breaks and shoots into the air you run for it. If you are quick you get away OK, but if you are too slow you get a soaking. This lunch time we had been lucky so far. The next wave crashed onto the sea wall; it was a very big one and we were a bit slow getting away. I stumbled on the loose pebbles and my loafer came off. I had the choice of retrieving it and getting soaked or leaving it and getting away dry. I left it, thinking that it might be alright, and I would just have a wet foot. When I was at a safe distance I stopped and turned in time to see my shoe swept away under the railings and over the edge of the promenade and into the boiling sea.
There was nothing I could do; my loafer had gone to a watery grave! We were due back at work in about ten minutes so I had no choice but to go with one shoe and one very soggy light blue sock. I managed to get into the office without being seen and spent the rest of the afternoon with no shoes on and my feet tucked under my desk.
When it was time to leave I waited, tidying my desk playing for time, until nearly everyone had gone, then left with my friend. By this time the shops would be closed and there was no chance of getting another pair of shoes until the weekend. Fortunately shoes were the one thing I was not short of; I had at least twelve pairs, plus some odd ones, at home. This loafer would be another one for the collection.
I went to the bus stop very cautiously with the one shoe on and got on the bus. This was a bit difficult because I knew that people on the bus could see my shoeless foot. There were a few smiles of sympathy which made me feel even worse. After I got off the bus the walk home was uneventful and I was pleased to be home.

Post script.  I teamed the odd left loafer up with an odd right one which was in my collection. They were almost identical and I wore them to work the next day. Perhaps later I will purposely lose one of them, when it is dry!, and give myself another thrill. 

There’s a reason for laces

Author – Country Lad

The three of were spending a fairly aimless day wandering about and we found ourselves on an old deserted railway line and we were just kicking stones along the track. Phil gave the stone a particularly good kick and his right trainer flew off down the embankment. Stood there in his one remaining Reebok Classic and one white sock he had no choice but to scramble down the embankment to hunt for his other trainer. The embankment was full of rocks and brambles which made progress slow and painful. He asked if Pete of I would lend him a right shoe while he looked. Pete felt sorry for him, unlaced his right Nike trainer and threw it down leaving him standing in one grey trainer and one stripey sock. Phil kept searching but had no luck at all. He climbed back up the embankment in odd trainers feeling very sorry for himself, I guess it broke the mood of the day so we turned round to head for home Phil in one socked foot as he had given the trainer back to Pete, who was pleased as he had not enjoyed walking even a small distance in his socked foot. Phil kept moaning about having only one trainer and I said he was soft for complaining, Right said Phil if you think its so easy lend me your trainer and you walk in your sock – no better yet walk in both socks and give me both trainers I bet you darn’t. I’ve never refused a dare so I handed over my size 8 Air Max trainers and walked on in my grey sports socks. Phil tried to put on my right trainer but he was a size 10 so he had no chance so he just carried them. Only Phil had both his shoes on and I am sure that’s how he wanted it to stay.  We came off the old railway track to head home and were soon at the edge of some farm land with about half an hours walk home to go and being a country lad walking in my socks did not bother me. Phil was still moaning about being in one shoe and Pete suggested he should throw the remaining one away and stop moaning, You take yours off and I will yelled an exasperated Phil. Pete Took his shoes off laughing and we waited for Phil to throw his remaining shoe away, We started chanting “throw it” to further wind him up and after a few moments he did so by that time all three of us were in our socks and that’s how we stayed till we got close to home when Pete and I put our shoes back on leaving Phil to finish the journey in his white socks.

Lucky me…

Author – Takemyshoes65

So, here’s an unplanned story for you all. By unplanned, I mean that I’ve been writing up some true stories that have happened to me in my life and, whilst I’ve been doing this, what you’re about to read happened to me. So, as it’s rather fresh in my memory I thought I’d submit this before anything else. I work on a campus, in an office. I live about a 40 minute walk away and I don’t drive so I walk every day. As I reached campus, the sole of my boot came apart and I had no Idea what to do. I didn’t fancy another walk and this had happened to a colleague of mine before so I thought to hell with it, I’ll go in to the office and take the jokes. There isn’t much more to the story other than the fact that I live in a fairly rural area so my sock got absolutely caked in mud on the walk home and my toes were numb. Luckily for me, I get a kick out of this sort of thing so I wasn’t as frustrated as the normal person. However, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I’ve attached some photos of my rather embarrassing day for your pleasure.