Shoeless after school

Author – Evan

This is something that happened way back in high school. After classes were over, I was hanging out with two friends in the theater in the building for a little bit. I kicked off my shoes and hung out with them at the theater seats for a little bit. Maybe about 5-10 minutes later, my friend Michael starts pulling ,e by the arm to web design club. About an hour later, I left the club and went to the bathroom. And thats when I looked down and saw my white nike crew socks and realized that I forgot to put my shoes back on. I ran back to the theater to get them, but when I went inside, there was a whole bunch of people and stuff in the theater. I moved around all the people and things to where I was sitting earlier and saw that my shoes were gone. A couple of rows down, I saw someone tossing my right shoe up and down. I ran to him, showing my shoeless feet sawing that he had my shoe. He gave it back, but he didnt know where the other shoe was. About 30 minutes of me hopping around the school, I eventually hopped my way outside and saw my shoe tucked under a bush by the door


Shoe auction

Author – jman

At our school those who walk on the gym floor with street shoes lose their shoes to the school. It all started when a student was warned three times about wearing street shoes on the gym floor. One day the teacher told the student to take off his shoes and give them to him. Later it became policy that those who wore street shoes on the gym floor would have to forfeit and hand over their shoes. After a while a good number of shoes were handed over to the school for breaking this rule and something needed to be done with the forfeited shoes. It was decided to auction off the shoes and use that money to fix the damaged gym floor rather than take money out of the general fund.

The shoe auctioned proved successful and the school decided that this would be a good way to generate funds for special projects and so shoe confiscation was expanded to breaking other rules. Shoe confiscation replaced detention and so money was saved by not having to pay detention teachers.

Once enough shoes were forfeited there would be a shoe auction. Here are the shoes that were auctioned off and what caused them to be forfeited.

1 pair brown cowboy boots – late for class
1 pair mary janes – late for class
1 pair skate shoes – unprepared for class
1 pair blue sneakers – unprepared for class
2 pairs white sneakers – unprepared for class
1 pair black and red sneakers – unprepared for class
1 pair tan deck shoes – unprepared for class
1 pair converse all stars – vulgar language
1 pair white sneakers – talking in class
1 pair tan deck shoes – talking in class
1 pair work boots – waking on gym floor
1 pair black cowboy boots – walking on gym floor
2 pairs tan cowboy boots – walking on gym floor
2 pairs brown deck shoes – walking on gym floor
2 pairs tan deck shoes – walking on gym floor
2 pairs of soccer slides – cheating

Rules were that anyone who had lost shoes since the last shoe auction was not able to bid. Often people would bid on the shoes of their nemeses and rivals. The punishment of losing your shoes was enhanced by seeing someone you did not care for now wearing them.

Don’t mess with river mud

Author – Shoelossfan

This story takes place when I about was 11 and living in canon falls Minnesota at the time, it was summer and school was out at the time, and before you ask it is a true story in fact i think my shoes are still there to this day.

Cannon falls you see has a river that runs right through the center of town and one day I was walking along the river bank in my current sneakers at the time, where were these black sneakers with yellow and black striped laces. I was pretty casual about the day since really thanks to my autism I didn’t really make any friends at school, so I was out alone walking along the bank of the cannon river without much of a care in the world. When suddenly I started to feel my feet sink slightly as I continued to walk along the bank of the river, but to be fair it made me a bit more excited over anything else since around that point in time I started to get a grasp on my foot fetish, but mostly for girls socked feet at the time.

Anyway, with each step I took I had to struggle more and more since the mud was getting stronger, and each time I pulled out my sneaker clad foot out from the mud I felt my shoes slip off slightly more. Until I took one step to far as the mud was so soft that my sneaker clad left foot sunk right into the mud and was quickly becoming buried, I struggled and pulled for a good minute or two before mu socked foot popped out from my sneaker, At the time I was wearing those cheap Hanes socks with the brand name on the sole of the white sock with gray on the toes and heel.

Looking back at my shoe it was pretty much completely shallowed up by the mud, and seeing it was a lost cause I quickly wanted to get away from the river bank since i knew I was going to be in trouble with my parents when I got home. but before I could get away from the bank I noticed that my right foot was now stuck in the mud. With the shoelace bow barely peaking out from above the mud, struggling with all my might at the time I tried to pull my foot out of the mud and soon enough my foot did come free but it was just my right socked foot as my right shoe was swallowed up by the sticky river mud. sighing as now I was stuck in my socks I figured I might start to head home, so I walked away from the riverbank and up to the riverside path. (since the town had walking paths next to the river in little park like areas) And started for my way home in my slightly muddy socks, worried about how my parents would react since I was still living with my birth father who wasn’t that kind to me losing things.

Personal fantasy

Author – shoelossfan

Some silly little fantasy I have gotten over the past few months is for some reason or another I have lost one of my red and black sneakers and never got it black forcing to me to be one shod for a good while with ether my red sock with black on the toes and heel or the color’s flipped exposed to the world as I walked around town, granted I have been cause one shod for a time in the past after getting picked on by a group of girls (who to be fair I stole their shoes first since they had them off while they were on the swing and they were older than me) Sadly dreams like that are nearly impossible for me now since the closest decent town for me is a little over 20 miles away from me (a little over 32 kilometers for everyone who isn’t in the states.)

So all I am left with is my dream and this little hobby I picked up where at evening or during the afternoon if it’s cool enough (as I’m in southern California) and while my parents are busy with work I would go walking around in the front lawn without one of my sneakers, most likely my right one, just enjoying the feeling of walking across the grass covered lawn in my socked foot and just enjoying myself for a short time, some times taking pictures since I like how it looks as well. I’m not certain what sparked my hobby but I think it was soon after I started to chat with Evan off site on skype, and I’m glad I did spark it, though I mostly do it in the evening because at that time I won’t be found out by my parents most likely. (I’m a bit shy about being found out about it.)

Something else that sparked my fantasy of losing my shoe or shoes for good was storys like “my shoes crossed the line”, “Final for our shoes” And of course the “accidental detention” series helped to spark my love of in school shoe loss since really rules where a student lose’s their shoes for breaking the rules is a better punishment then deletion in my eyes, and I would have gotten off better in my school days if my shoes got taken from me when I broke the rules or got in trouble. (I was a very troublesome kid since I have autism)

When I was in middle school around the 7th grade I would spend weekends just playing in the nearby park with my shoes untied and very loss hoping they would come off while I played, and after they came off I would just continue to enjoy myself for a few minutes without the, but I would always quickly get them and slip them back on if I saw people coming towards where I was. And sadly because I moved away from big citys (because my parents thought this was the early 20th century and get horse’s) and started to live in the countryside mostly went one shod ether inside my bedroom and just recently in my front yard since the back yard is full of dog crap and our driveways are mostly gravel. (and most of the ground is too)

Anyway sorry if this isn’t much a story and more of an explanation but to be honest theres not much to talk about as it is a little hobby I just started to take up for myself since I came to this site.

Shoe Fleet

Author – Shoeboy

Since I was a boy I have had an interest in losing shoes. Boys often seemed to lose shoes in stories and I had a secret wish that it would happen to me one day. Well it did!
I was always thinking up things I could do with shoes,, like throwing them up into a tree to see if they stuck there; they never did! I threw one up into the air near a flat roofed building hoping that it would land on it, but it didn’t.
Then one day I was with a friend playing by a lake and I got the idea of floating my shoe on the water. It worked! My friend , who was wearing sandals, did the same and soon we had a fleet of four shoes floating on the water; it was very exciting. Then suddenly the wind got very strong and our shoes were in danger of going too far. I waded in and rescued my friends sandals, then one of my school shoes. But the other one was too far out and although I waded as far as I could without taking my clothes off, I couldn’t reach it. I watched helplessly until it took in water and sank without trace. I felt embarrassed walking home wearing one shoe, but it started a long sequence of shoe losses. It became an obsession and is to this day. I just can’t stop losing shoes!

Roofed shoes

Author – Sockedboy

Few days ago some guys from school and me were messing around in the field after school. At some point a few sat down at a picknick table. A few minutes later I went there too and sat down on the table. We were having some fun and then one of them started pushing the other one. I got a push too and fell on my back on the table. My feet came up because of that and this guy who was standing there caught one of my feet and started pulling. He wanted to pull me off the table but I grabbed the edges so he could not get me off. Then another guy grabbed my other foot and he started to untie the lace. I struggled and wiggled my foot but he kept on to it. The other guy then did the same and a moment later I was shoeless. They both ran away with my shoes and the others were just laughing. I shouted come back, please, but they kept on going. From a distant they turned around and they waved with my shoes and shouted, if you want them back, come and get them! At first I thought they will come back but they turned around again and walked on. Now I had to follow them so I jumped off the table in my red socks. The first few yards were not a problem because it was a grassfield but they kept on going and going into the streets and everything. After a while I nearly kept up with them and I could see they tied my shoes together. I asked them again to give my shoes back. They just laughed and threw my shoes to the guys that followed me. This went on a few times and then one of them said, let’s see how high they can really fly! I got the shivers because we were standing next to a high office building and I still got a long walk to get home. I said come on guys, you had your fun, give them back. They were laughing again and one of them threw my shoes high in the air. They landed back on the pavement and I wanted to grab them but another one got them first saying, let me try, I can get them higher. He threw them up in the air and I could see my shoes taking the turn to the roof. I got warm and cold at the same time and in a second my shoes disappeared on the roof. Everybody was laughing and I just stood there shoeless. After a little while some of them tried to climb up the roof but that was not possible. I now had to walk home for about 20 minutes. First I felt embarrassed but after some time it felt almost comfy to walk in socks on the streets…

Office Mistake

Author – Shoeplayer

Some time ago a ‘little sockwalk’ took an unexpected turn, I never had thought could happen! I stayed very long at the office. When only my boss and another colleague where present, I sneaked to an empty bureau. We use it as a relaxation room. I was sure they wouldn’t come in, shortly before they went home. I left my shoes under a chair and sneaked back to the door. I heard them talking from a bureau. I quickly went to the end of the corridor and hid in the mens room. Ok, safe at first. Suddenly I heard footsteps and my boss asked through the closed door, if I were inside! I quickly answered and she said they would leave now. I should lock the door, when leaving. I answered ok and heard her going away. I waited until I couldn’t hear them anymore. They were gone and I left the restroom. It was a thrilling feeling to sneak around the empty office in stocking feet. I went to the door to the staircase and listened. Absolutely silent. I got into the staircase and sneaked two floors upstairs. Suddenly I heard voices! “Bye Mike! See you tomorrow!” Oh shit! They were still there! I heard them talking while waiting for the lift. “Why did you lock the door? Mike is still inside. He is in the restroom. He will not notice if anyone comes in. And he has a key”. WHAT??? I got panic! Before I could react, I heard them entering the elevator. OMG! I hurried down! Locked! The door was locked! Frantically I pushed and pulled! I was trapped! I was sweating! My face must have been deep red! Oh no! Not only my shoes were inside, but also my coat, cell phone and house key!!! It would be the humiliation of my life, but I had to get them, before they left the building! I hurried down in my socks and stopped at the front door! Gone! They were gone! Panic set in! Suddenly laughter behind me! I didn’t hear her coming! “Locked out???” she grinned. It was a girl, from another office, I sometimes met on the train. Oh nooo! I stammered something about …. “Just wanted to look at something!” “In your socks???” Still grinning! NO … yes … I didn’t know an answer! Suddenly she took her mobile out and asked if she could take a picture! “This is so funny”, she laughed! I screamed “NO” and hurried upstairs! Oh my god! I waited for a long time, before I realized there was no other way! I had to get home like this! My neighbour has a key to my apartment and I hoped she was home! I sneaked along parking cars, to get to the station. It was chilly and rainy and no one runs around like this! The station was crowded and I waited nearby. Finally I hurried to the station, getting a lot of funny comments! On the train I tried to hide my feet under the bench but it was useless! Finally I made it home. Luckily my neighbour was home and I just told her, I got locked out, while looking at my post-box. “I saw you coming home, from my kitchen window!” she laughed (caught …) The next day I was the first at the office. I waited at the staircase until my boss, who always is first, was coming. When she opened the door, I quickly followed her. I said hi, and hurried to get my shoes from the relaxation room. They were gone!!! My boss was in the tea kitchen and I scurried to my place. My coat …. gone as well!!! From the kitchen I heard my boss! “Mikey, the cleaners called me yesterday evening. They told me, someone had forgotten his coat …. and his shoes at the office! They took them to my bureau!” Grinning she looked around the door …. holding my shoes and coat! “Oh, and Michelle from the insurance office send me a picture of you … on your way home! I send it to your mail-account.”