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Converse camping capers

Author – Jonathan

So, I do not like cocky guys. Nothing like a guy being a jerk in everything he does. This past weekend I decided to go camping. It is a campground far from civilization but had a few amenities such as porty potties and 3 showers. I brought with me a nice large tent and a few pairs of kicks, Nikes, Osiris, and a pair of DCs. Not too many people around me and nice peace and quiet. That was until this jackass in one of those big pickups came roaring in, reving up his engine. I exited my tent to see what all the ruckus was. My initial anger left when he got out of his truck, a young guy with dirty blond hair exited wearing from top to bottom, an AC/DC shirt, blue jeans, and teal Converse. Out of the passenger side his girlfriend and a mean looking dog exited. They decided to set up camp not too far from me. Here is where things got worse. Not only would the dog bark at everything but this guy had the nerve to tell people it was his dogs vacation too. Day 2 arrived and 2 of the 3 showers went down for maintenance. The notice said that from 8 am until 5 Pm only one shower would be operational and to conserve the hot water appropriately. I saw no line so I gathered my things up for a shower and started walking there. While I was walking this guy sped around me and reached the shower ahead of me. (Strike 1). He proceeded to jump in the shower, leaving his clothes behind including the converse. Did he take five minutes, ten? No he took 15 minutes. He got out and when I went in the water was freezing. I was like what the hell and get this, he then said as he finished getting dressed, oh yeah I used all the hot water. (Strike 2). Later on that evening he decided he would get into a big yelling match with his girlfriend over the dog eating the last piece of steak. Apparently the girlfriend was suppose to be watching the dog while the food was being cooked. That did not happen and as some meat was done including the last steak and placed on the prep table, that dog managed to get a hold of it. Later that night he was in a drunken stuper still comp!aining about his lost steak. The final straw was when he took the last roll of toilet paper out of the porty potties to clean up a spill. I did not know at the time and well I had to use the restroom. I’ll let you figure out what happened but needless to say that was (strike 3). Ever since he got out of his car, I noticed how sweet his Converse looked and in my favorite color. Ever since stike 3 I decided I am going to pay him back by taking them. Day 3 All 3 showers we’re back up and running and I took my shower early. I kept my eye on when he was going to go. He went at noon and I was not too far behind him with my shower bag. 2 showers we’re in use including the one this guy was in. On the changing bench was a ladies bra, flip flops, shorts, pink and orange towel, a changing bag, and sunglasses. So obviously the one shower was being used by a woman. Also on the changing bench was a black shower bag, undershirt, jeans, and that is all I saw at the time. I was like dam, where the heck did his shoes go. I realized quickly that it was hidden underneath his jeans and bag. So while that guy was taking his hot shower, I put my new kicks into my bag and booked it. I had time before he got out to head back to my tent and carefully check out my new Converse. They were a little small compared to what I normally wear and it was obvious that he wore them sockless. I also saw doodling on them and his name “Tony”. These look so sweet. So here I am waiting to see what would happen, out of nervousness and excitement. He came out pissed to high hell. Yelling to everyone who took my shoes?!!! Most people camping nearby just shrugged or ignored him completely. Tony went back to his camp and asked his girlfriend if she knew anything. Apparently this was all he had and after cursing for half an hour he decided he had enough and started packing. An hour later they all got back in their truck and left….. If I had known that is all it would have taken I would have done it sooner. So there I was relaxing in my tent, peace and quiet again with my new sexy Converse for another few days. Thanks “Tony” I’ll take good care of “MY” new shoes. 🙂

Delivered, given and taken

Author – Irsocks

The boss sent me on a run to pick up a package from a business partner at the courtyard near the mall. I had on my black and white Adidas Cloud Foam City sneakers with Adidas ankle socks. As I waited, a young guy wearing some black and white Nike Tanjuns came up and sat at the bench across from me. As I read a story on wheresmysneaks.wordpress.com, I glanced up to see him playing with his sneakers slipping them on and off showing his white Nike socks with black heels. Eventually he slipped his whole foot out of one of them revealing the black toe of his sock. I smiled and looked back at my phone. I eventually looked back up to find that he had laid down on the bench and was now swinging his legs back and forth. His sneakers didn’t have a chance of staying on. The left one slid off followed by the right one. Both of his sneakers were now on the ground, one turned on its side. He didn’t bother to put them back on. He just let his sock feet be free for all to see.
After a few minutes, I looked back at my phone because someone was coming. A guy walked by and kicked one of the Tanjuns with his red and black New Balance foot sending it far off. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I looked back at the guy then at his sock feet then down at the one remaining sneaker. The guy on the bench never even looked up. After a few minutes the guy came back through again this time kicking the other sneaker as he went by until it too was out of sight. Now there were two socked feet and no sneakers. I thought for sure the guy would notice, but he did not. What I noticed after a few minutes was the same guy that had stolen the sneakers coming back. This time he sat down on the bench next to mine. He was no longer wearing his red and black New Balance sneakers. He was wearing the young guy’s Tanjuns. He started playing with the sneakers slipping them on and off.
Finally after what seemed like hours, the young guy sat up and stretched his legs revealing his sock soles. He looked around for his sneakers which was now on the other guy’s feet. The other guy must have been brave or stupid because he did not leave. The young guy panicked when he couldn’t find his sneakers. An officer happened to walk by, and the young guy told him someone had stolen his sneakers. He pointed our way. The officer approached us and asked us if we had seen what happened. The other guy was not going to tell the truth, and I thought I was safe being that my sneakers were Adidas instead of Nikes. The young guy told the officer that our shoes looked like his, and that he didn’t know which one had did it. I could have told the officer what happened, but I wanted to see how it would play out. The officer rounded us up and took us to the security building. He told me and the other guy to remove our sneakers. Once again I could have told him what happened, but again I thought I was safe seeing as my sneakers were Adidas. We took off our sneakers and handed them to the officer who took them in the back with the young guy. I was now embarrassed being in just my socks. The other guy didn’t seem to mind because he stretched out. Eventually the young guy came out still in his socks and sat down. He gave us a mean look.
After a while, another officer came through the front door. He asked us why we were in the building shoeless. The young guy explained the situation. The officer went in the back and came back laughing. He told us we had been robbed because no one was in the back room and there was no other officer in the area. Sure enough the back room was empty. I couldn’t believe I was shoeless and that I would have to go home in my socks. I regretted not saying anything before. The officer took our statements and sent us on our way. Not only was I shoeless in public in my socks, I had to tell my boss that I did not get his package.
The next morning my boss called me into his office. I didn’t tell him the whole story, but I had to tell him there was no package. I knew I was fired. He got on the phone and made a call. I couldn’t believe I had delivered my sneakers and given them away so that they could be taken. Well after the boss got off the phone, he said that the business partner had an emergency and could not make it. He said it was okay. I was relieved. As I turned to walk out of the office, my boss told me that I had nice sneakers. I turned and looked down at my black, blue and white Vans. I was about to say thanks when I looked up to see my Adidas sneakers on his feet which he had put upon the desk. I know they were mine because there was a part of the sole missing. I didn’t know if he was talking about my Vans on my feet or my Adidas on his feet.

Uncle Henry

Author – Speedy

Hi, I’m speedy, who James mentioned in his recent post about Joseph’s come-uppance.

Shoe confiscation is common in school. In reality I wouldn’t care so much, i actually prefer walking in my socks, but with everyone around me in shoes, plus the embarrassment, and using the bathrooms, and the cafeteria etc… it isn’t really the best idea. BTW James gave the wrong shoes for me, i wear the remi pace shoe. It is a very solid shoe. Here’s the link.


The school actually has a list of approved shoes, and they are all quite solid, unflexible style.
Recently my mom bought me a new pair, they really looked quite sturdy. Of course I manged to lose them on my first day wearing them, – my crime was failing to bring the proper writing supplies, and our form master, Mr. Slade was really excited. “What do we have here? New shoes?” he put them on his desk for all to see, so of course everyone who entered the classroom saw them. And who came in next but my uncle, Mr. Henry. Mr. Slade happily told him that they were mine. Quite embarrassing, but stay tuned for the next, far more embarassing sequel …

Me in your Story, Shoplifter – Apprentice

Author – Mickey

I like the story of the shoplifters shoes being taken so I’ve written another ‘Me in your stories’.

Shoplifters shoes -The Apprentice

I started a new job as an apprentice on a building site, it was good wearing my hard hat, high viz jacket and my new black Timberland work boots. I looked the part even though I was new and just learning. I was concious of pranks being made on new apprentices and kept my wits about me, much to the dismay of others.
At lunchtime some of the guys decided to go to the shop for a sandwich, I was asked to come along. In the van Dave asked if I had ever stolen anything before. I acted cool and said ‘Always when at school’ but really I hadn’t. ‘As an initiation I want you to steal me a sandwich from that shop’ he said. ‘If you don’t then we’ll have to start some initiations on the building site which will be far worse than stealing a sandwich ‘ he said menacingly. ‘You could lose them nice boots too’ said Harry. Acting the big man I said ‘ Nobody is getting my boots’ I got out of the van thinking I’ll just buy his sandwich when Harry said ‘Empty your pockets we can’t have you pretending to steal’. I put my money on the dashboard. ‘Shit’ I thought, I really do have to steal a bloody sandwich.
I entered the shop and went to the chiller and picked up two sandwiches and quickly putting one of them in my pocket. I wandered around before going to the till. The shopkeeper asked for payment and I said I have left my money in the van and would just go and get it. I headed for the door when another guy stopped me. He asked me to empty my pockets. I gave him the stolen sandwich as I apologised. He walked me back to counter and pointed at a sign. My face drained as I read it ‘Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes’. ‘Take them off’ said one of them. I tried to explain I’d been set up but they still demanded my boots. ‘Police or your boots, your choice’ said the other shopkeeper. Some kids in the shop started laughing as I sat on the floor to unlace my Timberlands. They stopped laughing when the shopkeeper took sweets out of their pockets and they where soon relieved of their footwear too. He placed the school shoes on the shelf and was trying to make space for my size 10 boots. The school kids left in their socked feet as I stood in my socks pleading for my boots back. ‘If you have been set up, go get the guy and we’ll see what we can do’ said one of them.
I walked out of the shop, Dave and Harry where laughing in the van. Then they drove off leaving me stranded in the street, stood in high viz jacket and jeans tucked into my bright red football socks, no boots and no money. If the high viz jacket didn’t make me noticeable then the red socks did as everyone stared at my shoeless feet. After a few minutes the van returned with my so called workmates still laughing. I asked Dave to return to the shop with me to explain the prank or they will call the police. He refused at first as he wanted everyone on the building site to see me without my boots and that he was the victor in the prank. Then he reluctantly agreed leaving Harry in the van. He was laughing at my red socks as we walked, he reminded me of what I’d said earlier ‘Nobody’s getting my boots’.
‘Here’s the guy who set me up’ I said to the shopkeeper. Dave explained that he was the instigator of the prank and offered to pay for the sandwich and not to call the police. ‘We won’t call the police unless you refuse to cooperate. Dave looked puzzled, the shopkeeper said ‘You told him to steal, the stolen sandwich was for you so technically your the thief’. Dave could see where this was going as he looked down at his own boots, worrying that he was about to be relieved of them. ‘I’ve stolen nothing’ he said. Dave was a tough guy but not as big as the two shopkeepers who where now surrounding him. ‘Boots or the police, your choice’ they said. Dave could see the smirk on my face as he sat on the floor to unlace his black DeWalt boots. His jeans where tucked into thick grey boot socks. The shopkeeper picked up Dave’s boots and placed them on the shelf next to my Timberlands. I smiled at my sock footed workmate, revenge was sweet, he now had no boots and I was to get mine back. I asked for my boots. ‘No’ said the shopkeeper ‘You could of said no to your workmate but you didn’t and stole anyway, so we’re keeping your boots too’.
As we where about to leave without our footwear Harry appeared. He looked at Dave and burst out laughing ‘Where’s your boots man’. Dave’s face went pink with embarrassment. The shopkeeper looked through some printed video stills in a folder named ‘The one’s that got away’. He recognised Harry in one of the photos. The shopkeeper showed the photo to Harry. ‘That’s you stealing beer last week’, Harry denied it was him. ‘You’re wearing the same clothes and those distinctive Caterpillar boots too, which we’ll be taking’ said the shopkeeper. Harry tried to leave but his path was blocked. ‘Boots off now’ demanded the shopkeeper. It was Harry ‘s turn to sit on the floor and remove his boots. The shopkeeper quickly grabbed the Caterpillar boots and put them on the counter. Harry stood up revealing black socks on his feet. There was no space for anymore boots on the shelf so he threw Harry’s boots into an empty trolley cage instead and then took mine and Dave boots off the shelf and threw them in too. He then padlocked the cage with our boots inside. ‘We’re going to make an exception to the rules, as you stole from us one week ago we’re going to keep your boots locked in this cage for one week’. Dave said that we needed our boots for work. The shopkeepers where unsympathetic as we watched them push the locked cage with our boots inside to the stockroom.
All three of us left the shop in our socked feet, Dave expected me to return to work without my boots and not for his prank to backfire so badly for him and Harry to be shoeless too. Losing my boots was a price worth paying to see my workmates getting their boots confiscated and seeing their socked feet.


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The complaint

Author – Brogue Boy

I had a great job, Sales Rep for a paint manufacturer, driving around various retailers selling and giving after sales care and meeting new people all the time. I always wore a smart suit and smart shoes. One particular day a store manager asked if I could deal with a complaint about our paint. I agreed and contacted their customer and arranged a home visit.
The address was in central London in a residential tower block. I struggled through traffic I was late and couldn’t find a parking space. I eventually parked the car on yellow lines several streets away. The customer lived on the 12th floor, the lift said ‘out of order’. Before climbing the stairs I decided to phone and apologise for being late only to realise in my rush I’d left my mobile phone in the car. Eventually I reached the address and rung the doorbell. The door was opened by a middle aged woman who looked me up and down and said “You’re late”. I apologised as I entered the flat. In the hallway she looked down at my feet “shoes” she said. I looked down at my tan leather Oxford Brogues. “Take them off, I’ve had new carpets laid throughout” she said unpolitely. She was going to be hard work I thought. It was her home so I did what I was told and took off my shoes leaving them in the hallway. I followed her to the lounge in my black socked feet where she showed me the freshly painted walls. “The colour is not what is on the tin” she said. I explained the various reasons that could cause this to happen from lighting to wall textures but she wasn’t having any of it demanding a refund and decorating costs. She wasn’t happy with what she was hearing as most complainers do. Needing to return to the car before getting a parking ticket I said I would speak to my boss upon my return to the office. “I want it resolving now” she demanded. I explained that I had left my phone in the car and she rudely replied “How convenient” She said I could use her landline in the kitchen. The kitchen floor was cold against my socked feet as she left me to make my call. She returned and I told her my boss was out of the office but I assured her I would deal with her complaint. “You’re not leaving until I get a refund” she said. I said I needed to go and reassured her I would sort it. I walked to the hallway to discover my shoes where missing. “Where are my shoes?” I asked.
“Sort out my refund now and you’ll get your shoes back” she said.
After hiding my shoes I was beginning to think she was mentally unstable, I just wanted to leave, “Please give me my shoes” I said politely. “No” she shouted. I opened the front door and left in my socks. “Come back with my refund and you’ll get your shoes back” she shouted. The staircase was busy due to the broken lift, as I walked down in my grey suit and black socks, residents stared at my unshod feet as they are the first thing they could see as they climbed the stairs. After leaving the building I struggled to remember where i had parked the car, I eventually arrived back in the street where I had left it. My sense of relief at being able to hide my shoeless feet inside the car was short lived as it was no longer parked on the yellow lines. It was now on the back of a tow truck and being driven away. In an unfamiliar part of London, no shoes, no car, I then realised my wallet was also in the car. It felt like everyone was staring as I walked the pavement in my socked feet, when asking for directions to the tube station I could tell they wanted to ask about my shoes or lack of them but where too polite to ask.
Eventually arriving at the tube station I had just enough loose change to buy a ticket and carefully used the escalator and not snag my socks on it. The tube was busy and it was hard work having to avoid other passengers standing on my feet. My embarrassing shoeless journey on public transport finally ended as I arrived home. I phoned my boss who was unamused and unsympathetic as he demanded I had to pay for the cars recovery. Feeling pretty pissed off I told him he needed to visit the complainant but advised him to go by tube after my experience with parking. Needless to say I did not mention the shoe etiquette.