Nothing lasts forever

Author – Tim

The three of us were on our way to college and we were in no rush as we had set off in plenty of time, we were chatting as we walked and kicking a football between us as we walked, I licked the ball quite hard as there was an open patch of land beside us and as I kicked the sole of my Reebok classic trainer struck the footpath hard, so hard the it started to detach the sole from the upper, it was flapping at the toe, my mates thought this was hugely funny and asked for a proper look. I put my foot up on a fence and Steve and Phil looked at the damaged sole, between them they pulled the sole hard and the ripping sounds told me all was not well, Phil handed me the sole, “ there you go mate – all in one piece” I put my foot down on the floor and all looked well but in reality I was standing in just a sock on that foot. We carried on to college with me limping a bit and the hope was that I could borrow a pair of trainers off someone when we got there, being size 8 I did not think it would be a problem. We were still in plenty of time so I went to the lost and found desk and showed the guy there my problem and the nearest thing he had to a solution was a size 9 white converse, ok laced up tightly it did fit but I still had 2 odd shoes for the day though I knew I would be the but of a few jokes it was better than walking round all day in my cartoon socks. I saw Steve and Phil several times during the day and we walked home together and I decided that one day they would be walking back from college or a lot further in their socks.

My sister

Author – a younger brother

It all started with my older sister who is in 11th grade. And me, her younger brother. I am in 8th grade. That day I was wearing a grey champion sweatshirt, black joggers, and white and black Air Jordan ones. We were on our phones when all of a sudden she asks me if I wanted to have a game of hockey. Me vs her. I did not have nothing really do so I said fine. We walked outside to get the puck and hockey sticks and right away she started showing off her hockey skills because she plays hockey. I play baseball, football, and baseball so I don’t really play hockey that much. I just stood there waiting for her to be finished. Then finally she said ready to loose. I said nah not today. We started playing and she scored on me first. Then she scored on me two more times. Then after that she said wanna make a bet. I said what’s the bet. She said if you win you get 50 bucks. I then asked what if I loose. She then replied if you loose you have to give me your right shoe. I asked for how long. She said however long I want. I was not about to chicken out so I accepted. We decided on first to 5 wins. We started playing and I scored 2 on her. Then she kept scoring and eventually won 5 to 2. After we put everything away she said give me your shoe. I said fine and bent down and untied my right air Jordan. I the slipped of my shoe revealing my white dri-fit Nike sock. I then handed her my shoe and we walked back in our house. When we got in the house she went to who room and opens the door. She then tossed my shoe in her room locked the door, and then went downstairs to the living room. The next day I woke up, got a shower, and got dressed. When I was putting on my air Jordan’s I realized I only had the left one. I then asked my sister for my shoe back but she said no, I get to keep it for as long as I want. I then slid on my left shoe and got on the bus. Right when I got on the bus everyone started looking at my right white dri-fit nike sock. I went to set down in my seat and I asked my sister long are you going to keep my shoe. She said I don’t know, besides you don’t need your shoe. I then replied yea I kind of do. She then got on her phone and so did I. When we got to school I got off the bus and walked like normal even though I was wearing a sock on my right foot. When I got to my locker everyone started asking me questions. I just told then the truth I lost my shoe in a bet with my sister. My parents did not really care if my sister took my shoe because they are crazy over her. I got my binder and walked to class. When I got to first period I could tell that the teacher saw my socked foot but I did not really care. My friend who sat next to me asked when is your sister going to give you your shoe back. I said probably never knowing her. We both laughed and went on with the day. When I went to second period I looked at the the bottom of my dri-fit Nike sock. The bottom was some what brown with was very dirty. There was even some people’s hairs on the bottom. I tried to pat off my sock so it could look a little better on the bottom but nothing really worked. After a few more classes it was lunch time. I ate lunch and then went out for recess. We played football and I scored two touch downs in one shoe. It made my sock dirty but at this point I don’t really care. We all went back in and finished the day and it was time to go home. When I got on the bus my sister asked how was your day with one shoe. I told her she was not funny and we both got on our phones. That bet happened 3 weeks ago and I still have not got my shoe back. And to make matters worse almost all my socks are white. I’m thinking of doing a 1 v 1 with her in basketball and if I win I get her right shoe which is a white converse high top. The only thing is it would be hard for me to play since I don’t have nothing but socks to wear on my right foot. Comment what I should do?

Shoe locked up

Author – A middle schooler

Today started off like any other school day. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and got on the bus. On the bus I sent my streaks on Snapchat and texted my girlfriend. When I got to school I walked into the auditorium and waited with everyone else to be dismissed to go to there locker. When we got dismissed I went to my locker, got my binder and went to my girlfriends locker. We hugged and I waited for her to get her things so we could go to class. We both have first block with each other. When we got there we sat down and started class we were working on our essays and trying to get them finished. My girlfriend sits in ground of me so I tapped her chair a little bit with my foot. At first she looked back at me and smiled. Then after a little while longer she looked down at my foot. I was wearing grey high top champion shoes that day. She then grabbed my ankle and pulled my my shoe revealing my white nike sock. She then looked back at me and then shoved my shoe in her desk. I really did not care because for one it’s just my shoe and secondly it’s my girlfriend. I crossed my socked foot on top of my shoed foot so my sock would not get dirty. At the end of class I got my things together got up and asked my girlfriend for my shoe back. She said no I’m gonna keep it for the whole day. I said ok. I walked out of the class with a shoe and a white sock on. I walked my girlfriend to her locker and she opened it and put my shoe in it. She then locked it and I walked her to her next class and then I went to my next class. I got there, sat down and looked at the bottom of my sock. It was already a little dirty with a few hairs on it. I then put my foot back down and then listened to the teacher. I did my work and then class was over. After a few more classes I went to lunch. I lunch while I sat to my girlfriend I told her my sock was getting very dirty. She laughed and said you will get it back at the end of the day. It will be fine. I said ok and went to my next class and the class after that. By that time my sock was really dirty and then I had to go to gym. In gym we played football and I just played it in one shoe. Then then end of the day rolled around and my girlfriend was nowhere to be found. Then I realized she had a early dismissal. I did not know her combination for her locker. And to make matters worse it was a Friday so I am stuck in one shoe for the whole weekend. I’ll write another story if something else happens.

Shoe fallen down a cliff

Author – Andrew86

Today me and a friend of mine decided to go for a walk on a little mount near home, we thought that some activity would be good for us after eating a lot during the Christmas days. It was a beautiful day, quite warm considering the wintertime. Going up to the top of the mount on the ground there were several leaves fallen during autumn, a little damp due to the dew and the rain that has fallen in recent days. At a certain point, the path became narrow and on the right there was a steep slope. In fact, there was a protective barrier along the path. Since the path was narrow, I walked ahead and my friend followed behind me. Suddenly my friend accidentally steps on my right foot and I lose my grey vans, exposing my black and grey striped sock. As if that was not enough, my friend hit my shoe and, not even having the time to react, the shoe flew down the cliff. My friend started laughing but it wasn’t a very funny situation for me. Retrieving the shoe was impossible! He found it amusing and he also took a couple of photo. Unfortunately, the way to go home was still so long, nearly an hour of walking. I had to walk with only one shoe and a sock that got completely wet along the way. Luckily there were not many people on the path, we only met a couple of tourists who looked curiously at my poor dirty sock.

Shoeless soccer player PT.2

Author – Shoelessguy7

The game was maybe 60 seconds from starting. Coach Alan said with a raised voice “Dylan, there you are! Quick, get to your position.” Dylan didn’t want anything to prevent him from getting in the game, so in a spit second decision he decided not to say anything about his predicament and made his way over to his position. The Referee blew his whistle and the game began. After a few minutes of play, Dylan had been up and down the field several times. He could see the tape on his left Adidas cleat was starting to detach, but he knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it, so he did his best to ignore it. One of Dylan’s team mates passed the ball over to him, but immediately afterwards one of his opponents was right next to him. The opposing player stepped on Dylan’s right cleat tearing some of the tape from top it. As he did this, Dylan briefly lost his balance giving his opponent the chance to steal the ball. After regaining his balance he turned around to see his opponent was already 15 yards down the field. Just ahead however were 3 defenders ready to steal the ball back. Dylan knew his team mates abilities so he decided to take a chance and headed toward his opponents goal instead. His confidence in his team mates was rewarded as they were able to get it back and the ball was then passed to Cody who dribbled the ball up to mid-field. Dylan noticed a weak point in the opposing team’s defense and raised his hand to try and grab Cody’s attention. Right at that moment at almost the same time, the tape on Dylan’s left cleat came all the way off and the tape on his right cleat ripped completely. All the sudden Dylan felt his cleats become very loose again. He looked down at his cleats as a natural reaction, and then almost jumped when he looked up to see Cody passing the ball directly toward him. While moving up to receive the ball Dylan ran right out of his cleats. Even so he received the ball cleanly and pushed down the field in socks. He maneuvered around a defending opponent and kicked the ball aiming for the upper right corner of the goal. The ball hit the bottom of the cross bar and slammed down at the back of the goal. The crowd cheered and roared for 10 seconds straight. Cody ran up to Dylan and gave him a strong high five. “How did you do that” Cody questioned. “You just scored a shoeless goal!” With a big smile on his face Dylan said, “who needs cleats, right?” “Show off,” Cody responded and gave Dylan a friendly shove with his shoulder. Dylan ran back to pick up his cleats, one in each hand, then headed back to the sideline where his coach was motioning him to come over. “What goal Dylan,” Coach Alan praised, “but what happened to your cleats?” Dylan finally was able to explain what had happened. “It could have been one of those 3” Coach Alan agreed, “but the question is what to do now? I guess I’ll have to sit you out the rest of the game.” “Please don’t do that coach” Dylan begged while slipping on his cleats. “Not after I was made part of the first team. Maybe I can sub in at goalie instead. I’ve played there before and won’t have to run around as much.” “Well I know you earned your promotion; after all I gave it to you,” answered Coach Alan. “Hey Brandon, come over here.” The goalie Brandon jogged over and agreed to swap. “Sure,” he said. “It gives me the chance to play another position.” “Alright, then go,” Coach Alan instructed. “Yes,” Dylan said with a silent victory motion and jogged over to the goalie’s position with his cleats again flopping off his feet. The 2 teams once again began kicking the ball up and down the field. A few times his opponents got close, but his defenders pushed them back each time. As he moved around his cleats slid on and off feet. There’s no way I can keep these on he thought, and then glanced around to see if anyone was looking in his direction. With no one seemingly focused on him, Dylan turned to face his goal then flicked his cleats over to the side of the goal post. He turned back to refocus on the game now defending his goal in socks. The game continued with both teams struggling back and forth. Dylan saved a few goals here and there but finally the game concluded with a score of 1 – 0. He was proud that his shoeless goal was the only score of the game. Dylan and his team ran from one side of the field to the other celebrating. He almost forgot that his cleats were still at the back of the goal so he ran back over to collect them. As he was walking off the field with his cleats in his left hand one of the opposing team’s players came up to him. It was the same boy that had shot him the menacing glance outside the locker room. “I guess it was pointless to take these. You were the only one to score a goal and you didn’t even need them.” The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out Dylan’s missing shoelaces. He tossed them on the ground then ran off before Dylan could respond. Seeing what had happened Cody walked up behind Dylan and said, “It figures it would be Jason. My cousin goes to his school and she says he tries to play dirty and is a big cheater.” Dylan picked up his laces, walked over and placed them in Cody’s hand. Cody gave Dylan a confused look, “aren’t you going to put these back in” he asked. “I don’t know” Dylan replied. “I kind of had a lot of fun without them, and well, like Jason said. I was the only one to score a goal and I didn’t even need them.” “Show off” Cody said again. Giving his friend another shove they both ran off to continue celebrating with the team.

Shoeless soccer player PT.1

Author – Shoelessguy7

“Dylan, go put your stuff in the locker room while I track down the registrar Mrs. Hess. Meet me back here in a few minutes” Alan instructed. “Alright” Dylan replied. On the way there he saw his team mates going outside to get warmed up. His friend Cody said “I almost thought you weren’t going to make it.” “Just in time” Dylan said with a relived voice. He opened the door to the empty boy’s locker room and put his bag down on one of the benches. The opposing teams always utilize the girl’s locker room right next door during game events.
Since the locker room was empty, Dylan pulled all of his equipment out of his bag too have it ready after getting checked in. As he exited the room, he walked past 3 of the opposing team’s players. They all were a bit bigger than him and one of them shot him a menacing glance as they crossed paths. Even still Dylan was not intimidated and hurried back to the registration room. He started to get a little worried and impatient as it took nearly 10 minutes before Coach Alan returned with Mrs. Hess. She looked him over, stamped the official roster book and said, “you’re good to go.” Dylan responded with “Thank you mam”, as he was instructed to say. Coach Alan than said that the previous game finished early and their game would begin very soon. “Hurry, get your stuff on then meet us on the main field” he told Dylan. Dylan ran back to the locker and began to get dressed. He took off his team shirt and put on his jersey, slid his slides off and stuffed them in his bag. He pulled on his chin guards and reached for his cleats when froze in shock. … His cleats were on the floor where he had left them, but now with no shoelaces in them. Wha? Who could of, he thought? None of his team mates would have done this, would they? But they were all outside already anyway he figured. Wait, he realized. Those 3 opposing team’s players that he had past just outside the locker room, could one of them have done this? Dylan checked some of the bags of his team mates that were next to his hoping to find his laces or perhaps a pair of sneakers that someone wore to the field that he could borrow the laces out of. Sadly he found neither when panic started to set in. After a minute or two of standing there like a statue he remembered that he needed to hurry. There was no choice but to slip on his now very loose cleats and hope for the best. He wasn’t 3 steps toward the door when his cleats began to flop off the back of his feet. Looking down at his laceless cleats he thought, this probably isn’t gonna work, but I have to give it try. Dylan set himself up as if he was about to kick the ball. As soon as he kicked his cleat flew right off his foot and hit the locker room door. He let out a discouraged sigh then kicked his other cleat to where the first one had gone. He walked over in his green socked feet to pick up his cleats when he spied his coach’s bag on the bench by the door. He thought for a second when an idea sparked in his head. Hey, maybe I can tape up my cleats. He quickly rushed over and searched the side pockets of the bag. He almost let out a cheer when his hand came across a roll of tape, but when he pulled it out he saw that the roll was almost empty. “Ok, ok” he said. “I just have to use it sparingly.” There was just enough tape to go around each of his cleats once. That will have to due he thought, and ran out to the field with his cleats somewhat secure on his feet.

Paco Martin

Author – Fred

Besides for my college experiences, i work after college every friday at an after school place for kids.
We basically spend about three quarters of an hour indoors with the kids reading or playing board games and then an hour playing soccer outside.
There are two brothers who come always dressed like Manhattan businessman, crisp white shirts, perfectly pressed trousers, always with Paco martin shoes. While some kids lounge around on the various chairs and beanbags these kids always sit stright, the knees at a 90 degrees angle … Even when they go to play soccer their shirts don’t seem to untuck – in fact now when it is dark outside when they ran around you can see the sheen of their shoes.

I occasionally walk around, telling the children to take their shoes off the chairs and beanbags, and occasionally, half as joke i pull off a shoe or sneaker and throw it a couple of yards on the carpeted floors. that way I’ve taken off virtually everyone’s shoes – that is besides for these two little dudes. Loads of kids anyway take off their shoes by themselves but these two princes are way too immaculate to remove their shoes in public.

I have very little disciplinary powers- the only thing i can do is tell a child not to come back – so i cannot insist they remove their shoes – and anyway they simply never do anything wrong. so i was at a loss what to do,

One day i saw an idea on the internet and i decided to try it. The next Friday i told the children that the indoor activity was a game called hot and cold, which they have to play blindfold. i asked for a volunteer and then chose these two brothers- mentioning their amazing behavior. they sat very properly when i described the idea of the game – that i blindfold them and they have to look for something based on temperature that i say, and then i blindfolded them. Once they were blindfolded i bent down and opened their shoes and took them off. they didn’t say a word. i hid their shoes really well, and then spun them round on my swivel chair, and they ended up taking a long time to find them. When they had them i told them not to put them on, so that i would remember that they had played already, and i started the next boys.
I did it again a couple of weeks later, and i innocently started by asking for a volunteer and mistakenly picking a child who had done it before. then i said that whoever has a turn should take off their shoes so that i can remember. In the end i had these kids in their socks quite a few times.