A little swap

Author – InugamyBarghest

A ittle swap

It was in the summer of 2016, I had gone to the swimming pool, with some friends, one of them took his girlfriend too. She had some beautiful black Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers and they attracted me a lot. Time passed, the heat reached a Point to be unbearable, at that time my friends had gone swimming while I stayed to check if our belongings were still in place (yep, in that place they were stealing), at that time I used my flip flops, because the floor burned like the hell, suddenly approaches my friends girlfriend at full speed, because she was barefoot, she sits down and I keep looking, I look at her beautiful feet, and I say, the floor is very hot, to which she responds , it’s not easy when you do not have sandals, and I told her, because you do not have any, and she told me that the flip flops had been left in my friend’s house and the only thing she had to wear was her converse, I proposed that will borrow the her boyfriend, and she told me it was very difficult because he was 3 foot sizes bigger than her, I kept thinking about a curious thing, maybe it could work. I proposed borrowing my flip flops, she asked me, what size of feet are you? (I am a person with slightly small feet), 7 in man I said, she was surprised, I am also size 7! So she put on my flip flops, wow! your flip flops fit me perfectly she said , he liked my flip flpps so much that he asked me if he could stay for the day, and he dreamed it back to me, (at that moment he had it as hard as steel) I gladly accepted his request, but he asked me a question and I automatically asked him, hey If you will keep my flip flops, how the fuck do I go to my house?

She smiling, she says, if you want you can use my shoes, I know it will sound weird, but I do not want them to ruin my shoes so I ask you to use my socks. It was very hot, it was a dream come true, before continuing my day ” Normal “at the swimming pool with my friends, I went to a bathroom drawer that was nearby and I masturbate like never before.

Later we all had to go, my friend realized that his girlfriend was wearing my flip flops, but did not put much importance, I even found it funny, I quickly put her Converse and they felt very comfortable, I could even feel like the brand The toes printed on the sole were right on my fingers. Each one went home and I went all the way with a monstrous erection

One of the best experiences of my life … 🙂

Car service nightmare part 2

Author – Shoelover

Today I was in school and I didn’t have the car on me today so my mom dropped me off. I called up a different car service because I had a bad experience last time with a creepy driver who stole my sneakers. So I waited for the car to come and I got into the back seat, because I don’t want to experience the same situation like before. I wore my shiny white socks, blue jeans, new nikes, and a pink hoodie. I didn’t get a clear view of the driver because he wore sunglasses and a Boston Red Sox cap but I hoped he didn’t mind the smell of my sweaty socks when I took my sneakers off hehe. As he was driving, my sneakers were in the well below me and I lied down in the back seat. We stopped short and my sneakers slid from the well in front of me, under the seat in front of me, and ended up next to the driver. I was timid and slightly embarrassed of what to say so I decided that when I got out of the car I will ask him to pass my sneakers. So as I told the guy where to drop me off he said there’s a policy to pay before I get out. I heard his voice and it sounded so familiar. He took his sunglasses and cap off and turned to me and said, “Remember me?” I broke into a cold, because now I’m vulnerable in white socks and my new nikes are next to him in the well below. So I asked for my sneakers back from the other day and the ones that fell where you are. He said , “I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll give you the sneakers back but you have to pay me 150 bucks for them and the ride. I was in a state of shock and I said I don’t have that money on me, then he said “oh that’s too bad sweetheart, you know what, now I’ll have to take you on a joyride. So he revved up his car and sped through the streets while I was screaming. He stopped his car by a run down neighborhood , he got out of the car and I saw him wearing my other nikes from the other day, and he grabbed me by my feet and legs and said “get out of my car”. There I was stranded in a bad neighborhood with my shiny white socks, blue jeans, and a hot pink hoodie. I eventually found a bus back home, and all the people on the bus were snickering at me when I was scrunching or wriggling my socked feet. It was kind of embarrassing but I felt excited hehehe. Next time I’m taking an Uber and not some sketchy car service.

Car service nightmare

Author – shoelover

Whenever I have to take car service I usually take my sneakers off and prop my white socked feet on the dashboard. Tonight I had a creepy driver to take me to my destination. He asked me where I got my shoes and socks, and then I awkwardly answered where I got them. I quickly slipped my feet back into my Nikes because he was staring at them while we were at a red light. We then arrived to the destination, so I was just about to reach for my money and then I realized I didn’t have any money on me. I apologized to him for not having money and asked if I could pay him another way and he said no.  Then he locked the doors on me and said “ Actually you can pay me by giving me your nikes.” I said “no they’re my only shoes” but he said “Then I will have you arrested. So give them to me and I’ll let you go.” I quickly kicked them off and threw them to him. He unlocked the doors and I jumped out of the car and thought to myself that I will never see my sneakers again.

Library theif 

Author – Shoelover

One day I was in the library and I noticed this blonde girl stretched out on the couch in the library and she was completely passed out. She took off her black and purple Nikes and left them on the floor for someone like me to take. I waited to make a move but she kept tossing and turning. Then suddenly she got up and I thought my luck ran out. Thinking that she was going to put her sneakers back on and head to the bathroom, she didn’t! She walked in her white socks across the library floor and left her shoes behind. I was back in luck and I scored myself some purple and black Nikes.

Neighbours Nike’s

Author – Shoelover

I usually get along with all my neighbors but one day I bugged out when my 28year old lady neighbor decided to to let her dog poop on my lawn without picking it up. I was so pissed off that I found out where exactly she lived and I plotted my revenge. I noticed that every time she came back home after a morning jog or a late night run, she habitually left her sneakers on the doorstep of her house. So one night I waited for her to go back home and saw her take off her green nikes. I then waited until I saw the lights go out and then I made the run for her front doorstep and snagged her sneakers. I hope she learned a lesson not to let her dog poop on my property ever again.

Accidental arrest

Author – Unlucky Lad

Kev left school at sixteen and as soon as he could he left home. Now at nineteen he lives in a neighbouring town in a bedsit, working at a DIY store, pay isn’t good but he manages and importantly he has his independence. To save money he walks to work and frequently cuts through the local park as a short cut. 

One day whilst walking to work through the park he got stopped by a young man in his early twenties who asked what size where his shoes. Kev said they where a size 9 and asked him why? Do you fancy swapping shoes asked the man who was wearing a fairly new pair of Reebok classics, this puzzled Kev as his where an old pair of white Nikes which where well worn. The guy was quite insistent and seemed quite hurried, not to miss an opportunity and no money to buy a new pair Kev agreed. They sat on a bench and kicked off their shoes and swapped. The guy quickly put on Kevs trashed trainers, he said ‘cheers mate’ and ran off. Kev put on his newly acquired pair of trainers, they looked quite new except for the thin layer of mud around the soles, he could not believe his luck and continued his walk to work.

It was nearing the end of a long day at work. Regularly the store got shoplifters and today was no exception. He caught sight of a lad acting suspiciously in the tool section of the store and noticed him placing an expensive set of drill bits down the back of his jeans. He was slightly older but that didn’t deter Kev from stopping him if he attempted to leave without paying. He followed the suspected shoplifter to the exit doors, the lad looked back and seen Kev behind him and started to run, Kev gave chase and quickly rugby tackled the lad to the ground in the car park. After a struggle he took the lad back inside to the managers office. The manager phoned the police and they detained the lad until they arrived. A policeman arrived and arrested the lad, Kev was asked if he could go to the police station with them to make a statement and retrieve the stolen item. The manager said to just bring it back tomorrow and get off home after attending the police station. This suited Kev as the police station was on the way home meaning a shorter walk, he quickly went to the staff room, removed his overalls and put his coat on over his white T shirt and jeans and changed out of his work shoes into his newly acquired trainers. He had to get in the back of the police car with the shoplifter. The policeman couldn’t use his radio as there was a problem with police communications and computer equipment. Upon arrival at the station the gate was opened manually by another police officer. The PC got out of the car and spoke to the other officer, he then opened the car door and both Kev and the shoplifter got out. He said that he needed to go straight out again on an emergency and the other officer would take over. ‘Shoplifting at the DIY store’ he said to the other officer as he jumped back in his car and drove off.

‘Follow me’ said the new officer, Kev had never been in a police station before and was excited to see what happens inside. They went to a door that displayed ‘Custody Suite’ on a sign. Kev was told to wait outside in a holding area while the shoplifter continued through the door. Ten minutes later Kev was asked to follow the officer through the same door as the shoplifter previously. They walked to a counter, on the other side a police sergeant asked Kev if he knew why he was here, ‘Of course’ said Kev. He was asked to empty his pockets onto the counter and remove his coat and belt, it was a bit unusual thought Kev but assumed it was for security reasons. He was then told to remove his shoes so he could be searched, he kicked of his shoes and felt the cold floor through his socks, he obeyed an instruction to lean forward with hands on the counter while the officer did a pat down of his body including his socked feet. Kev said ‘It’s a bit over the top for just making a statement’ He put his shoes back on and was told he’d been arrested for shoplifting. ‘No, I work at the store and caught the other guy, I’m here to make a statement and take back the stolen goods’ said Kev ‘Ask the officer who brought us here’. He’s out on an emergency and our radios are down. We are having to manually book detainees in also as the computer system is down’ said the sergeant. ‘Ring the store and my boss will tell you who I am’ begged Kev. The sergeant tried, ‘no answer’ he said. The store was now closed. You’ll have to stay here until the arresting PC returns. ‘What’ said Kev, ‘I’ve never been arrested before’, ‘we don’t know that without a computer’ said the sergeant. He was taken to the cells, walking along the detention block corridor he could see shoes outside each cell door, he recognised the Adidas trainers the shoplifter had been wearing, further along he recognised another pair, a trashed pair of white Nikes, his Nikes he’d swapped earlier today. He was stopped outside an open cell and was told to remove his shoes, he did so, again feeling the cold floor as walked inside the cell in his socked feet and the door locked behind him. In the cell was a blue mat on the floor and a toilet. He sat on the mat and thought, what on earth has just happened, arrested and sat in a locked cell with all my belongings and shoes confiscated. He stared at his socked feet and began to find it all thrilling and exciting being detained in a police cell against his will. At least he’d be freed in the morning and perhaps he might get the day off work for his troubles. He smiled as he fell asleep.

The next morning he heard the cell door open, he’d not slept much by the excitement of being ‘locked up’. The officer told him to follow him back to the custody desk. He left the cell, his shoes where missing from outside so followed the officer in his socks to the desk noticing half the shoes that where outside cells where gone, presumably their owners had been released including the shoplifter as his shoes where gone also. But his old white Nikes where still there outside a locked cell. At the desk he anticipated an apology but it did not come. The sergeant said ‘As per police procedure all prisoners shoes are checked against any shoeprints found at any crime scene. He lifted up a clear plastic bag with evidence written on it and inside where Kevs trainers. Your shoes where found to match footprints at a dwelling where a serious incident occurred yesterday morning. You are therefore arrested on suspicion of burglary and serious assault. Take him back to the cells. The door locked behind him, he sat on the mat and stared at his shoeless feet only this time he wasn’t thrilled and excited about being locked up he was petrified.

Lost off stage

Author – Leon

I was interested in the story by Andrej about losing his ballet shoe during a dance performance and it reminded me of a similar incident when I was a member of a drama group. We were doing Shakespeares “Merchant of Venice” and I was playing a young servant. In one scene I had to run round and round the stage round the other actors. Our costumes were hired from a London company and it isn’t always possible to get exact fitting things. My Elizabethan court shoes were at least a size too big and although I had stuffed paper in the toes were still loose. 

One night, in front of about two hundred people, as I ran along the front of the stage, my left shoe came off and disappeared over the edge of the stage. There was no way I could get it back so I had to do the rest of the play with only a right shoe. The absence of a shoe was emphasized by the tights I was wearing. For the curtain call I abandoned  the right shoe as well! It is the only time that I have been seen with only one shoe by so many people at once.

Cheeky Lad

Author – Wunshu

A few years ago I was travelling by train through Europe. On a train in Italy the seats were arranged so that four people sat in two’s facing each other. I was sitting with two other people when, at one stop a fourth person sat opposite me. He was a guy in his late teens/ early twenties. I had my legs crossed at the knee and had mt right shoe half off and dangling on my toes. The guy opposite seemed to be enjoying seeing me moving my foot and swinging my shoe around. Then he moved his feet and hit my hanging shoe sending it falling and sliding across the floor. I was embarrassed and flushed. Then he got up and picked up my shoe, which had ended up in the aisle, and handed it back to me, at the same time having a good look at it. I took it from him but didn’t put it on. I uncrossed my legs and put the shoe on the floor next to my feet leaving my right foot in a pristine white sock. The guy obviously liked that and several times moved his foot and gently brushed the sole of my socked foot with his. I looked to see what he was wearing and he had dark brown loafers. After a while he slipped one shoe half off and played with it moving it from side to side all the time watching to see what my reaction was. I was getting pretty excited and worked up and started to get hard. Just as I was thinking of getting up and finding the toilet we pulled into a station and the young guy leaped up losing his shoe in the process. He picked it up and held it in his hand as he got off the train wearing one shoe. I watched him through the window and he waved his shoe at me! It was the most erotic train journey I’ve ever had!  


Author – Andrzej

On the anniversary of the naming of my school, there were performances of students. The oldest class played a short humorous art, and from my class, four girls and I were to perform the dance. (we all belong to the dance group). We had costumes – me, the only boy in our five, white shirt and trousers, girls – white blouses, skirts and tights. We also wore white ballet shoes. Our performance was very popular with the audience, but unfortunately, not everything was as it should be. Just in the world, during the dance I lost my right ballet shoe – and I had to finish the dance with one foot completely bare. And, of course, everyone in my school, teachers and other pupils, could saw me dancing with one shoe. I was very embarrassed.

6Tickle torture in a park

Author – Shoelover

One day I decided to go on a walk in a park and i was wearing a hoodie, blue jeans, and my  white Nikes.  I decided to take the quiet scenic route because it was such a beautiful day. Then out of the blue, a guy with a trench coat gagged me and tied me with what looked like rope. I screamed but no sound came out through the gag. in a panic I tried kicking, but it was no use, I was in a hogtied position with my ankles tied to my wrists.  I felt helpless thinking I was getting kidnapped until he ran his fingers up my leg and grabbed one of my sneakers and yanked it off my foot showing a clean white socked foot.  I was thinking oh no, he’s preventing me from running away. Then he grabbed for my other shoe and smelled the odor coming from the other shoe. I crinkled my socked feet as he started to tickle torture my soles up and down and then ran his finger on the arches of my feet. A woman farther away saw what was happening and yelled “What are you doing, get away from her” He then ran off carrying both of my sneakers in his hand.  I was then untied by the kind woman, called the police, but i never got my shoes back.  I had to walk home in my white socks that day.