The shoeless wonder

Author – Evan

Me and a friend of mine were walking to a grocery store to pick up a few things a few mornings ago. When you get close to the store, you have to go down this incline. To the left of that incline was a car wash among other stores. While we were walking down the incline, my friend steps on the back of my right foot, making me fall out of my right shoe with me and my shoe rolling down the side of the incline. I stopped at the edge, but my shoe rolled of the edge and landed into the parking lot of the car wash, which was about maybe 5 feet down. “Way to lose your shoe again,” my friend said as he ran down the incline. I got up, and looked down off the edge to see that my friend was already in the parking lot, picking up my shoe. I immediately ran down the incline and met with my friend, who I noticed no longer had my shoe.
“What’d you do with my shoe dude?”
“Don’t worry about it now. Lets go get what we came for,” my friend said as we both walked towards the grocery store which was across from the parking lot. I decided to hop towards the store when I saw a friend of mine who worked there. He noticed my shoeless foot. “Bro where’s your shoe,” he tells me as we both walk into the store to buy like 3 things. After we left the store, I went and asked my friend “Dude seriously, wheres my shoe?”
“oh you’ll get it back later. Let’s keep walking.”
We were basically walking around town, passing nearby stores, neighborhoods, and whatnot. A couple of people would see me and give me odd stares at my white socked foot as I would alternate between walking and hopping. After about an hour, my friend says “I should head back.” Before he walks away, I grab him by the arm while standing on one foot with my socked foot in the air. “Not without my shoe you arent.” He pulls his arm away from me, and I lost my balance and fell to the ground, keeping my socked foot still in the air. “Nah its fun seeing you be the shoeless wonder. Its entertaining seeing you without your shoe all the time.” Before I could get up, my friend started walking away. “I got things to take care of today, we’ll hang out later. See ya you shoeless wonder.” He left me on the ground and I still didnt get my right shoe back. Wound up having to walk back home in one shoe…again


Round of golf

Author – John salt

I’d recently taken up golf – and have since spent many humiliating hours hacking and slicing errant balls into the rough. I think the girlfriend sensed my increasing frustration.

She is relatively non-sporting and had certainly never shown the slightest interest in my new hobby – until this morning. I was watching golfing videos on youtube – hints and tips on improving your game – while she read a magazine beside me. One particular video appeared to capture her attention – a golfing professional was explaining a practise technique for driving balls straighter and farther – by getting more weight onto the trailing leg (the right leg for right-handers). By transferring more weight onto the right leg, he said the back swing would be more stable and enable the player to drive ‘through the ball’. To assist in learning this weight transfer, the golf pro had made himself asymmetric – he had removed his right shoe.

The girlfriend returned her gaze to the magazine, pretending to read for a couple of minutes – then suddenly asked “Are you playing golf today?”

“I thought I might go to the driving range for a couple of hours practice, if you don’t mind?”

“Why should I mind? In fact I might come with you since it’s a nice day … I could be your caddie!”

This was certainly a turnaround – her expressing enthusiasm for a few hours of watching me slice golf balls … but what the heck – it was certainly an improvement on her usual indifference. We loaded my clubs into the car and headed off.

It was a weekday morning so the range was mostly deserted. It consisted of two fairways, two putting greens and a bar. I changed into my brown Windsor golf shoes and signed in before rejoining her – Lisa – beside the 1st tee.

She watched intently as I addressed the ball, swung – and sent it skittering all of 70 yards … “Damn!”

She adopted a supportive tone – “That wasn’t so bad! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll improve …”

We set off towards the ball towing the trolley that carried bag and clubs. The green was still some 250 yards away, so this next shot would again require an impossible (for me) power shot. This time I fired it a little further, but hooked it slightly right and almost off the fairway. Again we set off towards the ball.

“Did you learn any good tips from those videos this morning?” she enquired in a slightly curious tone. I replied “Plenty – but watching and doing are entirely different things!”

She continued, affecting innocence – “Anything in particular?”

“No – nothing in particular. Just try to keep my head steady and drive through the ball.”

“Well, there is one thing you could try …”

I stared at her. Was she really now offering golfing tips! I decided to humour her – “What’s that?”

“The man in one of the videos said putting more weight onto your right leg would help your swing. Why don’t you try that? And he said you would find it easier if you removed your right shoe …”

“Did he really?! Sounds unlikely to me.”

She stepped closer – an excited, determined expression on her face – “Yes – he did. You won’t know unless you try. Try it!”

With that, and before I could protest further, she knelt down beside me and unlaced my right shoe … slowly slipping it off to reveal a vibrantly coloured red sock with dark blue heel and toes. She stood up again clutching the shoe and smiling broadly – “How does that feel, Cinderella?”

“It feels like I’m missing a shoe!” Luckily the grass was dry, but I could feel its soft spongy texture quite acutely beneath my right socked foot as I approached the ball for my 3rd shot. I concentrated, now consciously shifting my weight onto my right leg and down to the ground via my blue tipped toes … swinging the club backwards then smoothly arcing through the ball for one of the best shots I’d ever made … a perfect straight line and a single bounce onto the green!

I was amazed – though whether it really had anything to do with my missed right shoe was open to question. Lisa clapped and seemed genuinely excited – and there was little doubt what she attributed the miracle shot to – “Perfect! Didn’t I tell you!” She held up my shoe – “You won’t be needing this again!”

For a moment I thought she was about to throw my shoe away, but she contented herself by stowing it deep within the golf bag. She pulled the trolley and set off for the green, calling “Come on, Cinders!”

I two putted for a very respectable 1 over par. Lisa looked on and took several photographs – including the one below.

Over the next 90 minutes we played 5 more holes – with me in full Cinderella flow and Lisa beaming alongside. After a while the initial self-consciousness of parading my right socked foot disappeared to the point where I was almost oblivious to it, and I had to admit – I was certainly a lot more consistent without the shoe.

Eventually we arrived back at the clubhouse where a few other golfers, male and female, mingled about. Lisa suggested we have a drink in the bar to celebrate my improved form. “Certainly!” I replied – “But can I have my shoe back first!”

She walked up and kissed me on the cheek, whispering in my ear – “No. Because I like you just as you are, Cinderella!”

I was bemused, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been. The clues had been there all along, starting with her ill concealed interest in that golf video. And it wasn’t the golf that had sparked her interest …

“You like me wearing one shoe ….?”

“Yes – it’s so sexy!”

She took my hand and guided me towards the bar.

The End.

Dressing room mishap

Author – shoelover

One day I was walking in the mall changing in a dressing room, now you can peek under each dressing room to see people’s shoes, socked feet, etc. This particular day I was wearing jeans with white socks and adidas ultraboosts. I went into one of the rooms to change and I kicked off my shoes, peeled off my socks and tucked them in my shoes, and started changing into the other clothes. My sneakers were right by the door of the room and I heard footsteps outside. I didn’t think much of it but then I heard a person pacing back and forth in front of my door. Then I saw a hand reach down to the floor and snagged my sneakers!! I was in a panic because my socks were also in my shoes!! I ran out barefoot trying to chase the thief but I didn’t see anyone in sight! I’m my embarrassment I walked back to the car and drove barefoot. It was pretty exciting and embarrassing but I find it so much fun when someone tries to steal my sneakers. If you want to steal my shoes email me at

Cinema shoes

Author – Bush123

The Cinema I used to go to had a gap under the seat in front which got smaller the further back the row was. We got there late to see a film and had to sit near the back. I still played around with my converse but thought I would not touch the girl in front. Wrong! I took my right shoe off and left it under the seat in front to remove a bit of popcorn from my sock but when i felt for it again it was gone. I panicked a while then thought it maybe just out of reach so I tried to fish around with my left shoe half on my foot. I then felt something firm pushing my foot and a second later I was shoeless! She was then messing about nearher own feet and I was sure she was putting my shoes on! (I have quite small feet) I spent the movie shoeless and nervous but excited. When the lights came up I waited to see what happened but they just sat there for ages. My girlfriend wanted to go so I had to ask if she had seen my shoes. She said oh yes I thought I felt something! And then grabbed both my shoes from her bag and handed them to me. I wish they had just got up and gone straight after the movie and took my shoes. Maybe another time. 😊

Dream lost

Author – Shoelossfan

For starters this happened in a recent dream I had last night so not everything is remembered to the best of my ability.

So in the dream I was walking into a movie theater to meet up with two friends i have made on my new autism group (I recently joined on RL), as we were meeting up to go to the movies and just enjoy ourselves with a good film. After greeting one another and getting our tickets along with refreshments we head into the theater and start to settle in.

The opening trailers started to play and I was getting relaxed in my seat although a little bored by some of the ads so I start to slip off on my right blue Nike sneaker and start to dangle my shoe in the air while resting my right leg on the right knee, completely exposing my black socked sole with a blue heel. After a minute or two a better ad came on and during it my shoe slipped free from my blue socked toes and fell to the floor, though I didn’t hear it hit the ground because it was a loud scene.

Knowing my right socked foot was completely exposed and a little nervous I brought my foot down and started to hide it behind my left foot, though the girl who was sitting on my left side must had seen the shoe by her foot or something as when I looked over to her feet just as the movie was about the start I saw that she had trapped my shoe under her chair with her sneaker clad feet between me and it. I was a little embarrassed but tried to keep my cool and rubbed my socked foot against my still shod one in a bit of nervousness.


As the film continued to slowly started to play with my left sneaker since for whatever reason my left foot is looser in my shoes than my right, and I think the girl saw me doing this as she looked down and giggled since my left blue socked heel was a little exposed.

But around the midway point when there was some boring scene, I felt something start to tug on my left sneaker which I had slipped my foot back into though the heel was crushed down. and what I saw was the girls black right sneaker clad foot was pulling my foot towards her, thinking she just wanted to be playful I played along and let her pull my foot, though while she did I felt my left shoe slip off.

At this point I was really nervous since I didn’t know wat to do, but with one good tug she pulled my left sneaker off completely and set it beside my other sneaker, leaving me in my black sock feet’s with blue toes and heels and incredibly embarrassed as I rubbed my feet together.


Later as the credits rolled and the lights came the guy of the group Nate said he had to get up to use the bathroom and left me and the girl alone to wait for the end of credits scene. While I sat there ignoring all the names that worked on the feature I turned to the girl and whispered to her. “Say can I have my shoes back?”

“I don’t know do you want them back?” The girl whispered back with a little tease in her tone as I was completely red hearing that, But I soon said to her in a worried tone. “Please my mom will get really upset if I don’t have them.”

At which point he girl just smiled and slipped the left shoe back towards me using her feet, but not before taking out a not from her bag and putting it inside the sole of the shoe, which I only noticed when I started to put the shoe back on and find her number inside, I blushed but then my heart sank as I saw her pick up my right shoe by the laces and hear her say to me. “by the way I’m Emily and you really have some cute socks, I think you should show them off more.”

“Ah well thanks.” I blushed feeling completely crushed on as I watched the girl zip up her tote bag before she got up to leave leaving me one shod as my dream ended and I woke up.

Delivery boy fun

Author – Charlie

I work as a delivery boy for a pizza place in a pretty large city and I use my bike to deliver. For the most part it’s really fun and pretty easy going. There was one busy Friday night though that I’ll never forget. It was almost the end of my shift and I was working late that night. It was almost 2am and I had one last delivery to an apartment building in somewhat a seedy part of town. I deliver all over and I really wasn’t worried about it as I’m used to some of the more bad parts of the city from living here for so long. When I was pulling up to the building I noticed the front doors to the complex were closed and locked shut. I had to get buzzed in and I didn’t know the number of the person I was delivering to, only the apartment number inside on the 3rd floor. Usually I would call the store back and ask them for the number but since this was my last delivery for the night the store closed shortly after I left to take this pizza so I wouldn’t be able to get anyone on the phone even if I called. I looked around the side of the building walking my bike around and clacking in my loose loafers. I noticed a fire door someone was taking trash out of and after they went back in and before the door closed I caught it and started to walk in. I wasnt exactly sure if the main doors were locked for the night or if I could get in or out of those from the inside and I wasn’t sure if I let this fire door close I would be able to get out this way with out setting an alarm off so I tried to find something to prop the door open while I ran to the 3rd floor to drop this pizza off. Sadly there was nothing and I hated the fact of leaving my bike out in the open by a door that looked like it was somewhat frequently used. I really shouldn’t have worried so much but I did and I thought well since I’m already leaving my bike here and I’m only gonna be a few minutes, let me slip one of my loafers off and leave it propped in the door to keep it from closing all the way. I had a really bad feeling but the pizza was getting cold the more I stood there and thought about it. Finally my socked foot just slid out of my leather loafer and before I thought about it anymore my stocking foot was touching the cold concrete and I left my errant shoe in the door way. I walked inside the building and it was dead quiet and the sound of my other loafer clacking was making some noise so I slipped that one off to and left it a corner by the fire door for safe keeping. Now fully in my white stocking feet I patted around the hard floors looking for the elevator. I could not find one and came across the stair well that I took up. As I was walking up and got to the 3rd floor I heard a door below me open from the second floor and some girls voices. I was worried they were going down to the ground level and exiting the building by the fire door I just came into and left my shoes and bike at! I quickly rushed tip toeing in my stocking feet to the door of the person I was delivering the pizza to. I rang the door bell so quick and waited for them to come. Finally an older man answered and got a kick out of his delivery boy showing up in his socks! I was so embarrassed I really didn’t know what to say. He chuckled and gave me an extra tip because he thought I lost my shoes somewhere or got mugged for them. I didn’t explain much only because I needed to get back down stairs. After he closed the door I practically sprinted in my socks to the stair well almost slipping on the slippery concrete floor just to bolt down those stairs and get back to my shoes and bike. I finally reached the bottom floor only to find the 3 girls I heard in the stair well at the fire door looking at my bike and shoe in the door. My heart dropped and one of them saw me coming down the hall way approaching them. I’m not sure if they saw me in my socks or if they just weren’t sure who I was and knew they looked up to something but as soon as the others saw me they all started laughing. I started to power walk a bit faster down the hallway toward them when I heard one say, “hurry pick those shoes up and grab the bike”! I was really scared now and started to walk faster. One of the girls unwedged the loafer keeping the fire door open while the other picked up my loafer they had noticed in the corner by the door I left unattended. The 3rd one was already outside on my bike and before I could I get close enough to stop them they hurried out the door laughing and cracking up saying “looks like these are ours now” holding my shoes and “finders keepers loser!”. My heart dropped and I couldn’t believe I was really getting mugged for my bike and my shoes. I sprinted towards the door they just went through and when my socked feet touched the warm summer pavement the door behind me closed and locked shut and there was no sign of those girls. They must’ve sprinted somewhere with my shoes and bike! I never saw those girls or my belongings again and had a long walk home in my socks.

Me in your Stories – the Subway

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

original story subway by evan

One day me and a few friends decided to head into town so we had to take the subway in for a change. I was wearing my favorite pair of Reebok classics which happened to be a little too big for me as they kept sliding off my feet as I was walking. The subway was shaking quite a lot more that usual which caused one of my shoes to come off my feet, I hadn’t noticed it come off as I was too busy talking to my friends but I happened to notice my other shoe come off but didn’t know how it came off as the subway was rather crowded today.since I had no shoes I went looking through the other subway cars when a random guy happened to offer me his shoes which were a pair of Adidas superstars ,at first I wasn’t sure but decided to try them on, they were quite comfy but a little too big so I told him to keep his shoes . as me and my friends left they mocked me for having no shoes on I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to my shoes.