Lost loafer in walmart

Author – lucy lex

I may have posted a story similar to this one in the past but it happens quite often when I go out to department stores. I went to Walmart to try on some shoes and play in my socks. I love slipping out of my shoes in the most embarrassing socks and leaving my loafers behind in a very visible place and coming back to them after walking the store to see if they are still where I left them. That particular day I was wearing very thin pink stocking socks. You could visibly see my sweet toes through them and it was a huge adrenaline rush just wandering around away from my shoes in just my shiny thin sheer pink socks. After a while of walking around away from the shoe section and getting all types of stares and comments, I decided to go back to my shoes. Luckily for me they were still in the same place. I wasn’t satisfied and decided to get a bit more daring. This time I put my shoes on and walked to a more busier part of the shoe section and slipped my loafers off in the busiest isle I could find. There was so much foot traffic my shoes were practically getting stepped on and ran over by carts from people coming and going. It was so thrilling seeing others just tear up my shoes because they were in the way. I stayed pretty close to my shoes for a few minutes and here 2 girls and there mother not to far from me just watching me. I’m pretty sure they saw me take my shoes off and I made a point to leave the isle with out my shoes to see what would happen. I went to the next isle over and listened carefully. They giggled and laughed about me just leaving my shoes behind in the middle of the isle and browsing in my stocking feet. I stopped listening and kept browsing a little while longer. I saw one of the girls and her mother leave the isle but the other stayed behind sitting on a bench where you would typically try on shoes. I went back to the isle where I left my shoes and realized only one of my loafers were still there!? I went over to it quickly and also realized the one that was there had been stripped of its laces. I frantically panicked and looked around the isle for my other shoe and laces. There was nothing to be found. Meanwhile the one girl who stayed behind was watching my frantic predicament and couldn’t help but giggling. I scoured that shoe section and never found my shoe. Walking around with my loose loafer making noise every time my socked heel popped out from taking steps. I finally asked the girl and she denied ever seeing my shoes. She said she had no idea what I was talking about and told me to ask customer service. I asked them and they said nothing was turned in… after searching for almost an hour and patting around in my thin socks, it was time for me to leave. At this point my socks had gotten filthy from the department store floors and I was just so shocked I had actually gotten my shoe stolen and had no leads on where it went. I waited in the parking lot after walking out and getting stared at by almost everyone who walked by me. A lot of girls who were employed by Walmart laughed at my socks to. I waited in the parking lot for the 2 girls and her mother to see if I could see any of them physically holding my shoe. When they finally came out I still didn’t see any of them with my shoe. They probably hid it in the store very well before they left. I went home shoe less than day..


Exiled barefoot

Author – Exiled barefoot

We had a really funny story.

Our form master was a major history geek, and one day he organised a major oral history test with the school principal and one of his friends – some professor of history in a college somewhere.

Before the test someone suggested an idea, that if you don’t know the answer to the question you can made something up that sounds intelligent, and say something that more or less fits, and at least you won’t sound stupid.
A few boys answered wrong answers and then it was my turn. he asked me what happened in whichever year it was – maybe 1812, or something like that – and I wasn’t sure, so I said that the Czar of Russia exiled Prince Peter barefoot. The class tittered, since the formmaster the previous year had been a Mr. Peters, whom we nicknamed Prince Peter, and he often slipped his shoes off during lessons.

The principal and formmaster went outside with the professor, and a minute late they came back into class by themselves.
The formmaster told me to come up to the front, which has a rasied dais. then he told me to bring a chair, and to put it on his desk. I listened and then he told me to climb up and sit on the chair.
At this stage i hesitated as I wasn’t sure what was going on, and the formmaster screamed at me “listen to what I say” I looked at his face and I saw that he was really really livid, so I climbed up and sat on the chair.
The Principal then took my feet and bent them back towards the seat of the chair. he was quite rough and hurt me a bit. then the formamaster undid my laces, and pulled off my shoes. I could hardly beleive what was going on, i was in total shock, but before I could even think abut what was happening, I felt my trouser leg being moved up, a finger in my grey socks, and then my socks too were removed.
Then they told me to come down and stand bareffoot net to the classroom door. I looked at my shoes, simple lace up school shoes with two seams coming down to the front, with my grey ribbed socks inside, and I looked down at my feet and i had to make an effort not to cry.
They then called on another boy – an afro American called Jason – who had made the class titter with his answer. He climbed up, and the principal noticed he was wearing sneakers – which the school doesn’t allow. The formmaster took off his shoes and socks too, and told him to stand next to me.
The Principal then told everyone to take off their shoes and put on their desks. He found two more pairs of snaekers, which he brought to the front, telling those boys too to stand next to us in their socks. Another three boys whom he felt had embarrased the class he told to take off their socks and put inside the shoes on the teachers desk.
By this time the bell had rung for recess and he told everyone else to go outside to recess, leaving their shoes on thier desks. I couldn’t help wonder what someone would think were they to come in to the room at this satge, a pair of shoes on most the desks, and another seven pairs on the teachers desks’ six with socks inside/
He then paraded us seven – six of us barefoot, and one in socks – to the secretary’s office. it was recess so it was quite embarrasing, as everyone saw us.
In the office he told us that we suspenped from the school for a week, for the next week after that we would not be allowed to wear our shoes in school. He told the secretary to call all our parents.

That night we were all in touch with SMS and we agreed we would go to a shopping mall the next day which had indoor bowling. I didn’t have another pair of shoes, nor did most of the guys, and Jason who had been wearing his sneakers,
hs mother refused to let him wear his school shoes.
we came to the mall, and then one of the security guys saw us, mostly in our uniform gray socks, and he was really suspicious. they took us upstairs, made us go through metal detectors, checked the two pairs of shoes that we had. We explained thta we had been suspended shoeless for a week because we didn’t know the answers in an oral test. In the end he called the school to confrim, and it ended up making the school bad name. The shopping mall guys then decided that we couldn’t go bowling, so we just spent the day in the shops.

I only received my shoes back two weeks later, by which time i had become quite comfortable without them, and i had to get used them again.

After they gave all the shoes back the principal one day did a random shoes check, and Jason was wearing sneakers again. He took all the sneakers away, and he made the boys walk a couple of blocks in their socks. he kept Jason’s shoes, so of course the next day Jason turned up with his school shoes, and the principal toook those as well, and he ended spending another week in his socks, but i don’t think he even cared any more at that stage.

Unfairly blamed

Author – RR

When i was teenager in an all male school i was fighting ith a friend in an empty classroom, it was reallly half joking half fighting and i wrestled him to the floor, and sat myself down on top of him.
Another friend of ours walked past and saw a good oppurtunity, so he bent down and pulled off this guy’s shoes and throws them out the window into the schoolyard.
Suddenly one of the teachers turned up, and saw this fellow lying on the floor without his shoes, with me on top. As soon as i saw her i stood up and so did my friend, and he sees his feet. She asked him what happened and he said that someone had pulled off his shoes and thrown them out the window.
Then she told me to take off my shoes, so i started to explain that i hadn’t takne his off and she says to me “I”ll believe if i have time”. she made me go outdoors in my socks and fetch his shoes.
I brought his shoes upstaris, then she tells me to put them on his feet, it was really uncomfrtable, but eh sat down and i had to open his velcro straps, and put them on and close them.
I was sure that she would then give me back my shoes, but then she walked off carrying them.
I had no choice but to spend the rest of the day in my socks and then i had to walk home in my socks. My parents were really annoyed wih me, they basically felt that i desrved the punishment for fighting with this guy.
she gave the shoes to the headmaster, and he gave them the next day, but in the meantime he found who had really taken the shoes, and he called him in and took away his shoes, and made clean up the schoolyard in his socks. That gy was sure that i was the one who had told the headmaster and after that he beat me up a couple iin school and threw my shoes accross the schoolyard or out of windows.

Locked up shoeless

Author – Shoeless guy

The three pals had been hitching across America for two weeks on their month long vacation. They where heading west on Route 66, their last ride, an old gentleman in an even older car had dropped them off at a crossroads off the main highway. There wasn’t a lot of traffic and the day was getting old and the three 25 year olds where getting hungry. After half an hour a police car pulled up and asked them why and where they where going. Jack had answered the officers questions while Andy and Jake stared at the dark clouds heading in their direction. “It will be dark soon and there is a storm heading this way” said the officer. Jack asked if there was a motel nearby. “No and there is not a lot of traffic on this route” said the police officer. “I’d be failing in my duty of care to leave you here, get in the car and I’ll take you to the police office where you can stay the night” he said. They placed their bags in the car trunk and clambered into the back seat. After 30 minutes they pulled up outside an old single storey building that had a small sign saying Sheriff. The officer got out and left the three young men in the car and entered the building. They tried letting themselves out but couldn’t as the rear seating area was enclosed by caging and no release locks on the door. “Feel like we are prisoners” said Jake’ they laughed. The office returned to the vehicle and opened the door and let them out. They grabbed their bags from the trunk and followed the officer through the front door of the Sheriff’s Office. “You can sleep in the jailhouse tonight, the cells already have a prisoner so we’ll need to take your valuables and possessions for safe keeping. If he finds out you’re not genuine prisoners it could be awkward so you’ll need to pretend you are, even to the officers whilst your in there”. “I’m not sure about this” said Andy feeling uncomfortable about being in a cell. “You’ll be fine, just keep your heads down and morning will be here before you know it” said the officer. They went to the desk which said ‘processing’ they emptied their pockets and placed their valuables including their cell phones into their bags and handed the bags to the officer who placed them in a room behind the desk. The officer filled out some paperwork and asked the guys to sign. “Disclaimers” said the officer. They followed the officer down a corridor into another large room with old fashioned style jail cells that looked like cages, like in an old western movie.
Andy and Jake entered one jail cell and Jack had another cell to himself. They stood inside the cells and the officer locked the doors, the feeling of being locked inside a jail cell without escape was overwhelming. One last thing said the officer “Take off your shoes”. “What!” shouted Jack. “Prisoners are not allowed shoes in the cells” said the officer. “We are not really…” said Jack stopping himself mid sentence remembering what he was told earlier. “Take off your shoes” repeated the officer. Andy and Jake undid their laces and handed their athletic shoes through the bars of the cell leaving their socked feet touching the cold stone floor. Jack just stared at the officer in defiance. “I’ll be back to deal with you” said the officer as he left with Andy and Jakes Nike’s. The office returned “Are you going to hand over your shoes or do I have to use this” said the officer whilst pointing a taser gun at Jack. “you’re not having my shoes” said Jack. He warned Jack again and told him to lie on the floor and place his hands behind his back. Andy shouted at Jack ‘Just do as he says Jack’ we don’t want to cause any trouble Officer” “Get on the floor” shouted the officer and this time Jack obeyed. He layed face down and placed his hands behind his back, the cell door opened and the officer knelt down and placed handcuffs on Jacks wrists. He then got out a set of ankle cuffs and placed one end around Jacks left ankle and threaded the other end half way up the cage bars and pulled which lifted Jacks ankle in the air he then locked the other cuff around Jacks right ankle. This left Jack handcuffed on the floor with his feet up in the air. The officer proceeded to remove Jacks Reebok shoes leaving a pair of damp smelly black socked feet dangling from chains. The officer left the cell locking the door. He said to Jack “If you had just complied like your friends you would not be in your predicament. If your a good boy I’ll let you down” He left carrying Jacks Reebok athletic shoes.
In the next cell to Jack, the real prisoner started laughing, he was about 35 years old and drunk. “Are you stupid” he said to Jack. Jack said nothing as he laid handcuffed with his feet dangling from the cell bars. The drunk prisoner could reach through the bars and grabbed Jack and pulled him over towards him. “Have you any cigarettes as he tried searching through Jacks pockets. “Let go of him, they took all our stuff” shouted Andy at the drunk guy. The drunk grabbed Jacks dangling feet and shouted “ticklish”. “Get off my feet” shouted Jack as he started giggling like a child. After five minutes the drunk got bored and let go of Jacks feet and laid down in his cell and fell asleep.
Another five minutes passed and the officer returned, he opened Jacks cell and entered, he removed the cuffs from Jacks ankles and let his legs fall to the floor, he left the cell and locked it. He told Jack to stand up and walk backwards towards the cell door where he released Jacks handcuffs through the cell door. When the night duty officer gets here you’ll get some food.
They sat in the cell whispering in order to not awake the drunk in the next cell. “I want to leave” said Jack, “This wasn’t a good idea, I cannot believe we are in jail without our cell phones and shoes, tortured by a jailer and my feet abused by a drunk” The door opened and a teenager was escorted to the adjoining cell to the drunk. The officer removed his cuffs and shoes and locked the cell. The teenager lifted his gray socked feet off the cold floor and placed them on the bench and put his head between his knees and sobbed. The new officer carried the redundant cuffs and teenagers shoes towards the doorway when Jake shouted to him “We need to leave, we made a mistake coming here, can we have our bags and shoes back so we can phone a cab and leave”. The new officer just laughed “Yeah, everyone makes a mistake coming to this hotel you’re prisoners god damn it” and proceeded to leave. They looked at each and feared that things were not quite what they seemed.
They fell asleep without food.

Alternative ending ‘A’

The next morning they woke up to the sound of a cell door being opened by another officer, not their cell doors but the drunk next to Jack. “Wake up Jones, it’s time to leave” as the officer threw Jones’ boots on the floor next to him. He woke up and pulled his boots on and mumbled “cannot believe i’m here again” as he followed the officer out. The guys where fully awake and hungry, “we’ll be out shortly” said Andy “We’ll get some food and hitch a lift back to the highway”. The officer returned carrying a pair of shoes, not any of the guys shoes but the teenagers, his cell was opened and the teen put on his shoes and followed the officer out. They where left alone for 30 minutes when the officer returned not carrying their shoes but coffee, he handed them through the cell bars. “Drink these guys” he said, “We need to leave” said Jake. “Prisoners don’t decide when to leave” said the officer “Your paperwork is incomplete, we need to wait for Officer Burke to come on duty to sort it out. “How long” said Jack. “Late afternoon” said the officer. “We’re not real prisoners” shouted the guys. “Yeah yeah, that’s what they all say” said the officer as he left them in their locked cells shoeless and desperate to leave. Six hours later a familiar face appeared carrying their athletic shoes, Officer Burke opened the cell doors and gave them to the guys to put on. “Sorry guys, I had a long night, overslept and totally forgot about your overnight stay. I apologise to you for the brutal behaviour chaining your feet up in the cell but I couldn’t let you speak to me like that near other prisoners, my mistake for not confiscating your shoes before entering the cells”. They where given their bags back and Officer Burke gave them a ride back to the highway. They sat on the side of the road bewildered at what had just happened over the last 24 hours. Now they where in the same position as a day earlier, no traffic, dusk approaching but they took their chances hitching than spending another night at the hospitality of the local police department.

Alternative ending ‘B’

The next morning they woke up to the sound of a cell door opening, more prisoners entering another cell, shoeless but no cuffs, two men in their early twenties. The drunk woke up, “Where am I” he said. Jack told him he’s in jail. “What” said the now sober drunk. “Do you not remember tickling my feet, you where quite drunk” said Jack. “I don’t remember anything after being offered a bed for the night from a police officer who gave me a bottle of water after missing my bus yesterday, I don’t drink alcohol” he said. The teenager in the next cell mentioned that an officer pulled over and accused him of breaking a store window and arrested him, “He wouldn’t let me contact my parents and brought me here, took away my cell phone and shoes and locked me up”. The new guys in the end cell looked horrified after listening to everyones stories for being incarcarated including Jack, Jake and Andy’s explanation. “We where told to accompany the officer here as we looked similar to a description of some felons who are wanted for jumping bail. He said we’re not arrested but need to keep us in a cell until our identification could be verified, they took our cell phones and shoes for safety”. Jack said “How on earth can seven men be duped into handing over their possessions and allowing their shoes to be confiscated and being locked up against their will”. They all started banging on the cell bars demanding to be let out. In walked an officer who told them they would be leaving shortly but not with their liberty!

Which ending do you prefer?

Threatened for my sneakers

Author – Shoelover

So I was taking the train last night and I was wearing shiny Nike’s that seemed to have bright reflectors on the sneakers’ design so they catch your eye from a distance. I was walking home by myself and I encountered a guy that was a few inches taller than me wearing all black and he said that if I don’t hand over my sneakers I’ll get beat up. So I handed over my sneakers and he pushed me to the ground and he ran off with my shiny new sneakers. I had to walk through my neighborhood back home in my white socks.😓

Shoes stolen at school

Author – Martin

I have had my shoes taken or stolen plenty of times. Most of these were when I was in high school. Our school uniform consisted of a white button up shirt and navy shorts, with an optional tie. We were required to wear white socks and black shoes. A lot of the boys wore black skate shoes.

It was my third day at school the first time my shoes were taken. It was a lunch break and I was on my own, walking through the outdoor area. I am always quite neatly presented, and had my nice clean shirt tucked in to my shorts as per school rules. I was wearing a pair of black Globe shoes with my white crew length socks.

I was considering where to have lunch when I felt a hard pull on my backpack. I was yanked backwards into a taller guy. He was in a group of four older boys at the school. They had a more scruffy appearance – their shirts were definitely not tucked in.

“Hey, new kid. Look at you, all nice and tidy”, one of them taunted.
“He’s got his shirt tucked in and everything”, said another.
“It would be a shame if he got all dirty!” exclaimed another. The group all laughed.

Suddenly, I was pulled backwards much harder by my backpack. I felt a hard push from behind, and I fell to the dirt. I was held down on the ground and I felt each of my shoes being pulled off my feet. The boys were laughing. I heard one of them say “let’s throw him in the bin!”.

I felt myself being lifted up to my feet. I was pushed forwards towards a tall green wheelie bin. I was stumbling across the ground as I was being pushed closer. I felt myself being lifted up and was dropped head first into the bin. I heard the lid slam down after me, and the boys laughing. I stayed quiet amongst the rubbish, and I heard the boys laughter fade away into the distance.

After a few minutes, I knew that I needed to get out of the bin. I pushed against one of the sides. I felt the bin tip, and it hit the ground on it’s side. I slowly slid out of the bin and stood up. I must have looked quite a sight – my shirt was all dirty and pulled out, and my shorts were stained. The bottoms of my white socks were dirty from the ground.

I looked around for my shoes, but I could not see them. I started walking across the dirt and grass in my socks looking for any sign of them. After walking around for about 10 minutes, I found my shoes inside another bin. I was relieved, as I knew that my white socks were getting dirtier and dirtier. I quickly slipped my shoes on to my socked feet and raced away to class, hoping that I would not run into those guys again.

Leaving my shoes behind

Author – Shoelover

So I was walking around my college’s library and I decided to be really daring and leave my sneakers behind. I saw a few people around but one guy had his phone out and it looked like he was either taking pictures of me or videotaping. I gave him some shoeplay and some white socked foot action as a tease. I decided to take it to the next step by leaving my sneakers vacant. I was so curious if he would take them or someone else. I walked around to different parts of the library and when I came back they were still there. So I put them back on and walked closer to a table that had people nearby. I slid them off and rolled them over to the same guy. He didn’t notice them at first but I watched from a distance. I finally saw him stare at my nikes and he quickly stuffed them in his backpack. Then he started to leave, I got a little horny but scared that he would leave with my shoes so I stopped him and said ‘You have my shoes’! He refused to give them back and said maybe you should buy a pair of sneakers, your socks will get dirty. I was in a complete state of shock and I had to take the train back home in my white socks. It was very embarrassing but what would you guys do if I left my sneakers by your bag?😊🙈