The Prefects

Author – Shoeless Guy

During lunch breaks, the school grounds are monitored by Prefects rather than teachers. Prefects are senior students with good attendance, behaviour and grades. They are there to police the school grounds and take unruly students to the Sin Bin, basically this is the old disused gym. This works well as it allows discipline in the school grounds without interaction from teachers.
Prefects carry a digital camera and any disobedient students are photographed, if they refuse to go to the Sin Bin then their mugshot would be emailed to all teachers, students would be easily identified and given detention automatically.
In order to maintain control in the ‘Sin Bin’ the prefects have authority to confiscate shoes and students must sit on the floor quietly for the duration of confinement. When lunchbreak ends their shoes are returned and no further punishment is undertaken. This quick lunchtime punishment works with most students as failure to comply with Prefects or ‘Sin Bin’ rules results in students not given their shoes back and have to go to class in their socked feet. This also means automatic detention as retrieval of confiscated shoes can only be done in detention after school which is supervised by teachers. The whole procedure is well organised and lends authority to the Prefects to maintain discipline in the school grounds.
This works providing the Prefects can to be trusted.
There are two 18 year old Prefects called Jimmy and David who use their positions to their advantage. Jimmy would patrol the grounds and pick his prey. Then escort them to the Sin Bin and Dave would take their shoes and hold them to ransom.
One particular day Jimmy overheard a 16 year old student named Jason mention he had £100 and after school he was off into town to buy new trainers. Jimmy approached Jason and accused him of threatening another student, Jason obviously denied it but once his photo had been taken he had no choice but to follow the rules and go with Jimmy to the Sin Bin where he was handed over to David.
“Take off your shoes and give them to me” said David
“I’ve done nothing wrong ” said Jason.
“SHOES OFF NOW ” shouted David. Jason reluctantly crouched down, undid his laces and removed his black shoes and handed them to the Prefect.
“Go sit in the middle of the floor and remain silent” said David. Jason walked in his grey socked feet past three other younger shoeless students already seated cross legged on the floor. He sat silently as he watched another two students enter the Sin Bin and stripped of their shoes. Eventually the school bell rung and everyone stood up and went over to David to collect their shoes. A 14 year old was denied his shoes, David claimed he had been unruly upon arrival at the sin bin, he left in his socks upset that he now had detention after school. Jason was the last to collect his shoes, David refused to hand them over also claiming he had been unruly.
“We can come to some arrangement for you to get your shoes back” said David
“What do you mean” said Jason
“How much money to get your shoes back?”
“You blackmailing me?”
“Give me £10 now, you can have your shoes, no money means no shoes and detention tonight”
Jason really wanted to go buy new trainers after school and didn’t want detention or the embarrassment of walking around school in his socks all afternoon. He handed over £10 and David gave Jason his shoes. “Nice doing business” said David.
The next day in the school grounds Jason got into an argument with his best pal Andy, they’d fallen out over an online game they had played the night before. Fists where about to fly when Jimmy the Prefect appeared, “now guys” he said. “Fighting is not allowed” He got out his camera and started to take photos of the two pals. Andy ran off, Jimmy told Jason he had to go with him to the ‘Sin bin’. “Not again” said Jason
At the sin bin David had just confiscated a 17 year old students shoes when Jimmy walked in with Jason. “You again!” said David, smiling with hope that more money could be gained. Jason handed over his shoes for the second time in two days and sat on the floor.
The bell went and everyone retrieved their shoes except Jason and the 17 year old named Billy, who where told to wait until everyone else had left. David was about to ask the same question as yesterday when Jason said “Look I have no money today so just give me my shoes” David was disappointed.
“No money! No shoes!”
“I’ve told you, you idiot I’ve got no money ”
“Then off to class you go in your socks” said David “Enjoy detention”
Jason stormed off walking along the corridor in his stocking feet, he entered the classroom and Andy was at his desk and laughed at his pal.
“Haha wheres your shoes” he said loudly so the whole class stared at his shoeless feet. “No online gaming tonight seeing as you’ll be in detention” he said.
Andy told Jason that he should of ran away like him when the Prefect appeared.
During the lesson Andy was still laughing at his pals dilemma when the teacher beckoned him to his desk at the front of the classroom. The teacher turned his computer monitor towards Andy and asked “Is that you?” Andy said it was him. “The email says you absconded from a prefect after fighting”. He hadn’t realised that Jimmy managed to photograph him before he ran off. The teacher said “You know the rules, hand over your shoes. You can get them back in detention”. Andy took off his shoes and handed them to the teacher. The teacher placed his confiscated footwear on the shelf behind his desk. A red faced Andy did the walk of shame in his socks back to his desk, the class where sniggering and Jason had a huge smug grin on his face.
With their shared embarrassment the two pals rekindled their friendship as they walked shoeless together to detention.
In detention with Jason and Andy was Billy the 17 year old from the sin bin. Still in his socks he told the two pals he was refused his shoes because he wouldn’t give David his cigarettes. After leaving detention the three students vowed to get revenge on the two Prefects.


Shoeless Salesman part 2

Author – Shoeless guy

A few weeks into my new job working for the local Council Tax Office I was required to visit homes who’d failed to return their yearly declaration form. I had been dropped off in a certain area of town with a list of houses to visit, I had to get the forms completed or leave a card if nobody was at home. I would be collected later by my colleague. After several visits, leaving mostly cards, a door was opened by a casually dressed man. I explained who I was, he invited me in to complete the form. He asked me to remove my shoes and follow him to the kitchen where he was making coffee. I undid the laces of my black brogue shoes, removed them and padded in my grey socks to his kitchen. It seemed strange but thrilling walking around a strangers house in my socks. As we completed the form I felt like we had met before, he left me to finish my coffee. He returned wearing a suit, black socks but no shoes. “Need to leave for work” he said with a big grin. I followed him to the front door and he proceeded to put his feet into my shoes.
“Excuse me, but they are my shoes your putting on” I said.
“No, they are most definitely mine” he said with an even bigger grin on his face. “I recognised you when I opened the front door and seen your shoes.. er.. my shoes”
The penny dropped as I remembered him, the fair haired salesman who’s shoes I’d stolen and now he was stealing them back.
He pushed me out the door in my socks. “I can’t return to the office shoeless” I said. “Am I bothered” he shouted, “You made me and my colleague walk a mile in our socks after stealing our shoes, it was embarrassing, see how you like it”. He demanded I return that evening with the stolen loafers or he’d report me to my employer.
I was too embarrassed to visit any more houses in my stocking feet so I waited for my ride back to the office, the salesman walked past wearing the shoes I’d arrived in. “Have a nice day” he said staring at my shoeless feet.
My colleague arrived and couldn’t stop laughing at my predicament “Wheres your shoes dude” he kept saying as he drove me home to replace my missing footwear. I told him some guy mugged me for my shoes. He promised to keep quiet and spare my embarrassment if I bought him a pint on pay day. I had no choice but to wear the stolen loafers, I put my Nike trainer’s in my back pack knowing I’d be returning home without the black slip on shoes.
After work I walked to the salesman’s house as I had just enough money for the bus ride home afterwards. I hoped nobody would answer the door and I’d just leave the shoes on the doorstep but the door opened, both the salesmen where stood there. “He’s returning my shoes but has the cheek to still be wearing them” said the rightful owner. “I needed to wear them for work” I said with a red face. “In here now and get them off your feet” said the dark haired salesman. I stepped inside and took the shoes off and handed them over and said I was sorry. As I attempted to leave the door was closed and locked. They insisted that I let them practice their new product sales techniques on me. I was marched reluctantly to the sitting room in my suit and socks, two hours later they decided to let me leave. I stood on the doorstep and removed my Nike trainer’s from my back pack and put them on. I was about to leave when the dark haired salesman asked for a donation for charity. “Sorry I only have enough for the bus home” I said naively. He smiled and said “The charity will appreciate your donation” as he looked down at my feet and said “Nice trainers”
It was a long walk to the bus stop, my feet where cold, everyone stared at me as I quickly got on the bus. I felt less uneasy as I hid my grey socked feet from view. I reflected on the day, Karma had well and truly bit me on the arse. Not once but twice in one day I had been left shoeless. Now I had no trainers but worse I had no shoes for work tomorrow.

Lost to Penelope

Author – shoelossfan

(This takes place after Homework shoes)

After a long day of walking around sockfooted in school, Alex was walking to Mrs. Parker’s classroom after grabbing his backpack to get his sneakers back. As he walks across the 7th grade area, Alex happened to run into a familiar redhead leaning on a locker next to the door to miss parkers classroom, of course it was none other than Penelope who quickly exclaimed in an excited greeting. “Hey Alex!”

“ah hey there Penelope….” Alex responded in a nervous manner as he stopped in front of the door, noticing Penelope looking down at his black socked feet with red on the toes and heels before asking. “Let me guess: are you heading back to Ms. Parker’s room to get your sneakers back?”

“Yeah luckily I was able to stay out of trouble for the rest of the school day.” Alex said a bit nervous while he sighed a bit before he continued. “I just hope she doesn’t come up with some stupid reason to keep them as they’re the only shoes I have right now.”

“Hehe…..I hope so too. Though you never know with Ms. Parker.” Penelope smiled as she said that making Alex worry as he entered the classroom.

— [two minutes later.] —

After about two minutes Alex walked out of the classroom with his black reebok sneakers with brown laces back on his feet with alex turning over to look at Penelope who glanced down at his now sneaker clad feet before asking. “So now that you have your sneakers back you want to walk home together?”

“You mean like we have been doing every day since we met.” Alex chuckled as he replied while Penelope giggled as she stopped leaning on the locker, with the pair started to walk towards the hallway out of the 7th grade area.

“So Alex since this is the end of your first week of school, how are you enjoying it so far?” Penelope asked with a huge grin on her face while Alex sighed a bit before he answered. “To be fair I have enjoyed it, along with being happy to have made some many new friends already, although…I still don’t like that I lose my shoes with these rules.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.”, Penelope said while she giggled. “You just need to stop forgetting your homework, or your books.”

“Look today was a onetime thing because I left my social study’s book in my locker overnight.” Alex said annoyed while crossing his arms, before he admitted. “Though I have to still get used to these stupid heavy text books.”

“I’m just joking with you. I know you love your sneakers too much to forget your assignments that easily.” Penelope Giggled while she and Alex stepped out of the 7th grade area and started down the hallway that ran along the auditorium with a good number of their fellow classmates.

“yeah…at least it’s not as bad as what happened during second period on Wednesday.” Alex said with a slight sigh while looking down at his reebok sneakers while Penelope asked. “That reminds me how are things between you and that Samantha girl?”

“Huh? Oh were doing fine. She had some fun with me during second and third period after asking what happened to my sneaks.” Alex admitted with a blush that he did his best to keep hidden from Penelope who just snickered as she commented. “It’s good to see that your making best friend aside from myself.”

“Yeah I guess…it could be seen that way.” Alex said with a bit of worry in his voice since he couldn’t help but think of Samantha as something a little bit more. As he and Penelope continued to chat about some school things while making their way out of the school.

— [about four minutes later outside the school.] —

As the pair exited the school through one of the two sets of double doors that made the front entrance to the school, with Penelope stating. “Well whatever the case is I’m just happy that you have another friend to hang out with when you’re not with me or Natalie.”

“I guess, I just well…wish she wasn’t so interested in my Shoes.” Alex said with a nervous look on his face while grabbing ahold of his backpack strap since he worried his back pack was coming loose, with Penelope taking a second to glance at Alex’s reeboks before stating. “To be fair, those are some nice sneakers.”

“Ugh not you too…I’m going to have to go shoe shopping this weekend at this rate…” Alex responded with a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose after removing his glasses, with the two of them of them turning and walking on the sidewalk alongside the school’s parking lot towards the street.

“Hey. That was a complement.”, Penelope said with a huge smile. “You’re not thinking that I’d actually steal your shoes, aren’t you?”

“not really though I hope I don’t lose these before i get some other pairs of shoes my size…” Alex stated with a sigh while looking down at his sneaker clad feet while walking with Penelope.

“You know, since those shoes mean a lot to you, how about going around in just your socks?”, Penelope suggested with a smile, making Alex look at her quite shocked by the suggestion as he stated quite angry. “Are you mad!? It’s bad enough that Megan does that with stockings, but I would never see myself out of the house without my shoes, except at school but still.”

“Yeah well if you did lose them, you’d still have to walk in your socks regardless since their your only pair other than that one red and black sneaker.” Penelope explained with of a smirk before she continued. “And besides, you’re not the only kid in school who’d be in socks. Take that Brianna girl for instance. She could care less about walking around in her socks.”

Alex however just sighed while the cross the street once they reached it, before Alex stated with a upset tone. “yeah well she’s a bit of a weird loner, besides I don’t really like to go around in socks, it just doesn’t feel right.”

“Well Maybe if you give it more of a chance you would grow to like it.” Penelope stated with a chuckle while Alex rolled his eyes and reminded her. “ugh yeah well did you forget that I spent all day in socks.”

“huh good point, also I am still a bit sorry that you lost one of your special sneakers the other day.” Penelope replied with Alex sighing before he admitted “it’s alright…besides it could have been worst…”

“Oh, How’s that?” Penelope asked before Alex remarked. “well I could have lost both shoes on Wednesday and had to walk home in my socks.”

“oh of course, it is a good thing you haven’t lost the remaining sneaker.” Penelope giggled slightly while Alex sighed. “well that’s because I kept it in my closet at home…where I also have the trainer Natalie gave me after our first art period together.”

“Natalie gave you her trainer, I didn’t know that?”, Penelope asked, a bit surprised. ” though that sure was nice of her.”

“well she saw that i was admiring it a bit while drawing it for this week assignment in miss Allen’s class.” Alex replied while taking a second to look at Penelope’s converse clad feet, since she was stepping out of them slightly while walking making him ask. “Say don’t you think you should tie those tighter so you don’t lose them?”

“Oh! These? I guess I should”, Penelope said as she stopped to tie the laces of her converse a bit tighter, however while she did shoe she glanced over at Alex’s sneakers since he was standing on her left side and noticed that his right sneaker had its lace come undone, though Alex didn’t notice as he was glancing over at Penelope’s blue converse sneakers asking her. “those look pretty worn, how long have you had them?”

“Oh, these? I’ve had these converses since the holidays, although I’m pretty hard on them.” Penelope said as she finished tying her shoes, while just sighed and shook his head before Penelope asked with a bit of a smile coming across her face when she looked back at Alex’s right reebok sneaker. “Say Alex mind if I try something as your right sneakers a bit untied?”

“Huh…great guess I didn’t tie it tight enough.” Alex replied with a groan before he sighed asked a bit concerned. “um like what?”

“don’t freak out I just want to check something out.” Penelope shot back with a grin as she quickly lifted up Alex’s right leg slightly off the ground, making Alex grab ahold of a nearby mailbox to balance himself. And suddenly without warning Penelope slipped off Alex’s loose right reebok sneaker before standing up with a smile on her face.

“Ah hey! Alex shouted in surprise as he quickly backed slightly away from Penelope in surprise as he did his best to hid his black sock with red on the toes and heel behind his left still sneaker clad foot while keeping his hand on the mail back to keep balance since he didn’t want to dirty his sock.

“Come on. Don’t be shy! You have cute socks!” Penelope smiled as she kept Alex’s shoe in hand while getting her backpack off.

“We…well that’s because I like them too…. but give me my shoe back please.” Alex asked with a worried look as he held his hand out towards Penelope as she leaned forward to try to look at Alex’s socked foot while holding her backpack by its arm strap

“I’ll give it back in a sec. I just want to check something.” Penelope said as she looked closely at his socks with a bit of a blush, while Alex did his best to keep his socked foot hidden from Penelope while he said quite nervous since there were still school mates passing them. “Please just hurry up…”

“So….why are you so foot shy in the first place?”, Penelope asked still admiring Alex’s cute little hidden socked foot.

“Honestly I’m not sure, maybe all that time with my ex has made it rub off on me.” Alex replied in a nervous manner as he noticed that Penelope had then zipped open her back pack and put his right sneaker inside it before closing up the bag, before starting to put it back onto her back.

“Ooooh….so your ex was foot shy too?”, Penelope remarked with a giggle. “How cute! ”

“Yeah so please give me my shoe back.” Alex asked again knowing that she put it into her bag already but Penelope just smiled before she replied with a giggle. “Nope I’m going to hold onto it for the weekend to help get you off this foot shyness, after all your socks are too cute to keep hidden.”

“Just my luck….” Alex sighed while hearing that, while looking down at his one shod state.

“Don’t worry about it! In fact, if it makes you feel better, you can hold onto one of mines too!”, Penelope said as she Used her left foot to step down the heel of her right converse sneaker, making herself step out of it before she leaned forward to pick up the shoe and handed it towards Alex.

“Ah…thanks I guess…” Alex said. Long a bit sad but blushed as he took Penelope’s shoe in hand and looked down at her cute white bobby sock clad right foot commenting. “By the way you have cute socks too.”

“Awwww! Thank you!” Penelope said, blushing a little bit herself, with Alex soon asking while a bit of nervous manner as he moved his right black socked foot with red on the toes and heels out from behind his still sneaker clad foot. “Your welcome…so should we continue home?”

“Sure!”, Penelope simply answered while she smiled at Alex, As the pair continued on their walk home together, soon splitting up at the normal spot as they said their good byes and continued to their respective homes, with Alex wondering what he was going to do this weekend now that he was one shod.

(To be continued….)

Risky sharing of my location

Author – Shoelost

This is my view of the incident, where my shoes were stolen. I was taking a rest on a wall and posted the location on youtube – to see what will happen.

After a while a guy cames along and stares at my business shoes. I turned on my camera to film, whatever will happen.

The guy came back, checked if I was sleeping and used the opportunity and stole both of my shoes. He even filmed my feet in socks and walks away, sending me the film, which is already posted. I was humiliated and had to walk in socks. He later throws the shoes under a bench, where I found them after an hour. So I was lucky in the end…

Wonder if I should do this kind of location sharing again?

(write to for further questions)

Taxi hell

Author – Shoeless guy

It had been a long day in the office in central London when me and two of my work colleagues, Mike and Nick decided to have a few beers before getting the tube home. The bar was quiet at first as we sat
there in our shirt and ties and dark grey suits with black lace up shoes except Mike who was wearing dark tan brogues. One pint lead to another until the cash ran out and we’d tried using contactless but
the barman said the machines where down. At this point it was decided to grab a cab, we all lived in the same block of flats in a town south of London so one cab was easier than the tube in our inebriated state.

We flagged down a black cab and jumped in. Traffic was heavy and after half an hour we hadn’t travelled far, so we decided to get out and use the tube. Mike asked the cab driver to pull over and asked to pay using contact less. “Sorry guys” said the driver “machine is down, cash only I’m afraid”.
“We have no cash” explained Mike “Can you find an ATM machine”. The driver continued passing loads of ATM’s on our original route obviously wanting to take us home. After an hour the traffic got lighter
and the fare got larger as he pulled over to a bank. Mike got out and tried several machines with no luck, he jumped back in and as the door closed the locks where activated. I’ll need collateral against payment before continuing explained the driver. “Like what?” asked Nick. “Jewellery, watches or phone” said the driver. In an arrogant manner Nick told the driver that these items are far too expensive to pay a dismal taxi fare. This enraged the driver into thinking we where arrogant overpaid ‘suits’. “You’re not leaving this cab until I’m paid” said the driver. I asked if we could try a supermarket and buy something to get
‘cashback’ at the checkout, we also needed the toilet too. The driver deliberately took some very long routes and eventually arrived at a supermarket on the outskirts of the city. He again asked for collateral,
Nick refused again, the driver, now annoyed said to Nick “To stop you doing a runner after getting out of my taxi, give me your shoes, it’s the only way your getting out”.

“What the..” said Nick. “SHOES!!! now”
shouted the driver. Nick reluctantly undid his laces and removed his shoes revealing his black socks, he just managed to squeeze his shoes through the money hatch in the cabs partition. The driver looked at
them and threw them in the front passenger footwell. “Not enough” said the driver, he looked at me and said “Take off your shoes too” I looked down at my feet,
“hurry up and give me your shoes posh
boy” he said. I undid my laces and took off my shoes and passed them through the hatch that Nick’s shoes went. The driver stared at my shoes and threw them next to Nick’s. “Hey be careful with my shoes
you pratt” I said. The driver just glared at me as I sat helpless in my socks. Mike shouted at the driver “Can we get out now for crying out loud, I need a piss”
“Not until you give me your shoes too” said the driver. Mike stared at mine and Nick’s shoeless feet and realised he too was going to be in his socks before leaving the taxi. He undid his laces, slipped off his tan brogues and proceeded to place his shoes through the hatch reluctantly handing them to the driver. “Nice expensive shoes” as he threw them next to ours. We sat in our suits and socks awaiting our release.

The doors unlocked and we headed into the supermarket shoeless. Customers stared as we looked for the toilet, who wouldn’t stare at three men in suits padding around the shopfloor in their socks. After the toilet we headed for the drinks section, if we each bought water we could get cash back to pay the taxi fare and get our shoes back. I scanned my water at the self service till to avoid standing with embarrassment In my socks in the normal queue. I could feel the blood drain when my debit card was
not accepted, the shop assistant came over and said ‘Sorry sir, there is a bank failure nationwide and no card transactions are being authorised “. Nick and Mike quickly realised too, we headed back outside hoping the taxi was still there, it was, we said nothing to the driver until we got back in the cab. Nick arrogantly asked for his shoes, “Have you got the taxi fare” asked the driver. “Yes” said Nick.

The driver said he would pull over soon and hand back our shoes. It seemed like the journey took longer than necessary, we where like mobile prisoners locked in the vehicle without shoes to prevent us fleeing if we where to escape our confinement. He eventually pulled over below an overpass where a group of homeless people where sheltering on the opposite side of the road and asked for payment, we looked at
each other, stared at our socked feet and Mike said ‘I am really sorry but we still haven’t got the cash”.

The driver began picking up our shoes from the footwell when Nick’s arrogance resurfaced “Give us our bloody shoes now and release us” “I was going to do just that you arrogant lying piece of shit, when you went into the supermarket I heard on the radio about the bank payment fault and took pity until you lied” said the driver. “Now I want a watch or jewellery to pay this high taxi fare and then I will release you and your shoes”. Mike was wearing an inexpensive watch but still cost more than the fare, he handed it through the same hatch that our shoes disappeared through. “Give us back our shoes and take us home” said Nick. “Your arrogance is unbelievable” said the driver. “First you want releasing then taking home, make up your mind you shit, those people sheltering over there have more respect than you’ll ever have” he said. The driver picked up Nick’s shoes “I’ll keep my promise, I’ll release your shoes then you” The driver opened the front passenger door window looked at Nick’s shoes then threw them out the window landing on the ground beside the cab. Nick demanded to be let out to retrieve his shoes. “All in good time you shit” said the driver he then picked up my black shoes, smiled and threw them out the window. “You bastard” I shouted trapped sitting there in my socks. He finally picked up Mike’s tan brogues “These are lovely expensive shoes, do you think the homeless people will appreciate them more than you” he threw them out the window too. “I promised I’d release your shoes now to release you three from my cab”

He pulled away, with us still in the cab and at the same time sounding his horn to alert the homeless guys of our pile of shoes. One hundred yards up the street he stopped the
taxi and released us from our confinement (as promised) and we legged back down the street in our suits and socks. It was a race against time, the homeless versus the shoeless, who would get to our shoes first?

Shoes stolen by stranger

Author – Steve Stone

I post shoeplay videos at youtube for some time.

YouTube video

Last week an fan of my video came to cologne to see it live. I sit on a wall and took a rest. I posted where I am. Because the day was realy hard, I nearly fall alseep wainting, when I suddenly feel someone touching my shoes and although I tried to avoid it, I felt my shoes being pulled of my feet. First the right, then the left shoe.

Within seconds my feet were exposed and was sitting on the wall in my socks. The guy took my shoes, put them into a bag and walked away. I still was in shock ..left behind in my thin blue socks. He even filmed it and send the video to me to make the humilation complete..

I had to pass a lot of people walking without shoes on my way back… contact me if you want to steal my shoes as well or if you want more details.

One shoe at the movies

Author – Evan

Yesterday I was hanging out with one of my friends. We decided to go see Incredibles 2 together. I sat at the end of one row while he sat in an adjacent seat in the row in front of me. I kept propping my feet up on the seat in front of me on and off throughout the movie. By the time the movie was over, my friend got up and as he walked past the seat my feet were on, he grabbed my left shoe and quickly bolted out of the theater with it. I wouldve went after him immediately, but there was a good amount of people in front of me so it took awhile. I was one of the last people to leave the theater when I bumped into an usher who looked down and saw I was missing a shoe. “Lost your shoe there bud?” I just told him sorta and ran off to catch up with my friend. By the time I got outside, my friend was backing up his car and shouted out of his window, “See ya tomorrow.” He was waving my shoe at me before throwing back into his car and driving off. Had to walk back home in one shoe and my white sock.