My skate shoes stolen

Author – Jonathan

Well this story was supposed to have a happy ending, but unfortunately only the thief had a happy ending. It started with meeting another literal sneakerhead. You know the type that enjoys wearing other guys kicks. We met up and decided to hang out for the day. We met on the balcony of a local mall. I was wearing shorts and my Osiris NYC size 13 in trashed condition and he was wearing jeans and a pair of neon DCs sz 12 also in heavily used condition. Both of us were sockless. We decided to walk around the mall for a little bit, while checking out other guys in their kicks.

It was a nice hour or so before we decided to go eat at California kitchen. I had a Veggie pizza and soup while he ordered a pepperoni pizza and salad. We chatted for a while and got to really know each other.

We decided to leave out of Macys afterwards and took the escalator to the first floor and toward the exit. I inquired about us switching our kicks because I really wanted to put my feet in those DCs.

We switched kicks in my car, and while doing so the whole car stunk up that we had to open the windows.

afterwards we decided to drive over to an indoor mini golf course. You know the one that uses black light.

The DCs I had on were so radiant. It was awesome.

I saw this floor part that shined the same color of the kicks, so I took another picture there.

From that point on I knew I really wanted them. I had to find a way to be able to keep them.We decided to go out and grab a couple of drinks and after my 4th vodka and club soda I started to feel drowsy. He paid for my drinks and escorted me to my car. I am not sure what happened next because I must have passed out. I awoke to a note and barefoot.

Here is what the note said:
Hey John, I know you really wanted my DCs, however, I really wanted your Osiris. You passed out in your car and that was my chance to take both pairs. Don’t forget we did meet on a Steal my shoes story website. Ha-ha better luck next time.
Sincerely, the new owner of some sweet Osiris.
Well guess I learned my lesson and now I am an Osiris short…….

Vanishing Vans

Author – Roger

A very long day at work, having started with leaving home at 6am and by 8pm I was at last heading home on the bus, in this case a rattly old single decker. There were half a dozen people on the bus so I sat at the back where there was no one around. I kicked off my Vans stretched out and after a while I dozed off, eventually the rattling of the bus woke me up and a jerky stop woke me up fully, looking out of the window I realised to my dismay that I had passed my stop and I was in the next small town 2 miles from home .Looking round for my shoes I realised they had vanished, I looked under all the seats but there was no sign of them, someone must have crept up and stolen them. At the next bus stop I got up ran to the front of the bus and dived off before the driver could check my ticket, so there I was 2 miles from home in my socks. There were no shops open of course at this time there was little option but to walk. 2 miles does not sound too far its only 40 minutes or so normally but I have never had to do it without shoes on. At the start it was easy as I was at the side of a road with good footpaths but part way along the footpath ended so I was waking at the edge of the actual road which was much stonier and I had to watch out for glass in the road. A few people noticed I was in socks and beeped their horns adding to my lack of pleasure. By the time I got home there were holes in my dark grey socks and they were fit for the bin. Not a good day.

First time in one shoe

Author – Takemyshoes65

So, this is the story of the first time I lost my shoes. The library at my university has no cameras so you really need to be careful with your stuff. One day, I was tucked in to one of the pods and writing my assignment. As usual, I kicked off my shoes and tucked them under the desk. Being a shoe swiper myself, I’m pretty aware of my surroundings but these desks are slightly different than what I’m used to as they’re completely blocked off and the divider is a lot taller. However, underneath there is a gap on either side of the divider that people can reach through. I was wearing Size 8 Vans at the time, low cut.After an hour or so of studying, I had a class so I reached for my shoes, with my feet, and I couldn’t feel one of them. Instant panic went through my nerves and I pushed my chair back to confirm my horror. One shoe. I was angry at myself because I thought I was untouchable but low and behold, someone managed to swipe my shoe. I have to be honest, I was also very excited and turned on but I was sweating with panic. I packed up my stuff and headed to the door, trying desperately to avoid being seen. Yes I got a few funny looks but it wasn’t too bad. The worst part came when I went to the toilet, because I was really needing to go. I walked in and immediately stood in a puddle of what I assume was pee. I felt sick to be honest.I didn’t bother telling the staff because that would be a tad hypocritical of myself. As I mentioned earlier, I had a class. I really had to go because we had reading Quizzes that counted as coursework. I slipped in a few minutes late to avoid people and sit near the back. I think a few people saw me but no one has mentioned it so far.Afterwards I headed home. Luckily I got a lift from my girlfriend. Thankfully no one I know saw me but I nevertheless was utterly embarrassed. As I said, this isn’t the only time this has happened, although it’s the only time someone has stolen a shoe, and quite frankly I love it. The photos below are real. I took them because, despite my panic, It was a dream come true.

What a fool

Author – Stupid lad

It was the day after my 19th Birthday and my mates wanted to take me into town for a drink to celebrate my Birthday as it was Thursday evening. I had got from my Girlfriend a pair of Timberland boots size 10 which I had wanted for ages and because I was keen to wear them every chance I got as I could not wear them for work as I was supposed to wear black more formal shoes. We had a great night out and visited several clubs and as I was wasted I crashed at a mates house. I had to be up well early so as to be able to get home to change to go to work. The main road where the bus route ran was only a few minutes away in the car so I reckoned it was not too far to walk. It was 7am and the streets were quiet and I was enjoying the walk, though it was further than I had though. Three lads were coming towards me and they were jostling each other and joking about. The blond lad blocked my path and his mates crowded in close – “its breakfast time and you are buying” he said, trying to keep my voice steady I said I only had a few ponds and some change, “that’s Ok mate” he said in a friendly tone, “I am sure you have a phone and a wallet we can use” a second lad piped up “if there is a bank card we can go to the cash machine too that will get us breakfast”. They walked me up a road on our right where there was a petrol station with a cashpoint outside, taking my wallet they took out my bank card they slotted it in the machine and said “pin” I cant remember it I said I never use the card I sad but they were not having it, I felt something cold and hard on the back of my neck –“ lets try again pin” “please I begged don’t hurt me” the only answer I got was PIN. I reluctantly typed it in and the machine gave back my card and then the £200 cash, “thank you” they said as they pocketed the cash along with my wallet and phone and they marched me off from the well lit forecourt into darker back streets, One lad who had not spoken before said, in a really bored voice “ I want your hoodie” “I can’t man I said – ive nowt on under it” Between them they pulled my hoodie over my head. The first lad who could hardly stop laughing asked what size the Timberlands were “10 I said almost crying “ Lets see if they fit me he said kicking off his tatty trainers and standing there in his dirty white socks – come on he yelled my socks are getting wet – off came the new boots – “thanks he said a perfect fit”. One lad started pulling at my jeans belt and it was soon undone. The older blond lad said “that’s enough lads let the poor sod go hees had enough and I took my signal to un like heck from the scene. Many years ago I had learned on nights out to always stick a £10 note down my sock for emergencies and I fished it out enabling me to finally catch the bus home. The driver eyed me up as I got on but he finally let me board. The journey home was un eventful and I finally showered and changed for work, and I was about on time. Saving a few pounds by not getting a cab home – fool.

My amazing boyfriend

Author – a girlfriend

This all starts off with my amazing boyfriend. He puts up with me everyday l. Today in school he was wearing a red sweatshirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. In first block he sets diagonal from me. When the teacher wasn’t looking I reached back and grabbed his right foot. I then pulled of his right boot revealing his white Hanes sock with grey toes and heel. I then shoved it in my desk and thats how it stayed for the rest of class. When class was over he asked can I have my boot back. I said no I’m going to keep it. He said ok it’s fine and walked to his next class. I then walked to my locker and locked his boot inside it. I really did not want to give his boot back because I liked to see him in one shoe. Halfway through the day he told me that his sock was getting very dirty. I told him to let me see and he lifted up his right foot. His sock was really dirty with a few hairs on it. I laughed and went to my next class. After a few more classes it was the end of the day. When he came up to me to walk me out he asked for his boot back. I then asked if can I can keep your boot. He the said well my boots are my only shoes so if I let you keep it I would be in one shoe. I then said that’s why I want to keep it, I like you in one shoe. He then said really? I said yea, can I please keep it. He said ok you can have my boot. He then said Well Looks like now I someone who wears one shoe and a sock. I said you look better that way. He smiled and I then put his boot in my backpack and we walked out of the school. From that point on he only wears a left boot and a sock. My dream has come true. It’s been 3 weeks since that has happened and it has been great. He lives on a farm and hates it when he walked in hay because it gets all over the bottom of his sock. I can’t say he loves being in one shoe but he likes that it makes me happy. I hope he never needs his boot back because I threw it in the trash lol.

No noisy footwear allowed

Author – Jman

Bradley was was on his way to the library to do some studying. The library has a policy that no noisy footwear is allowed and must be removed upon entering the library. The library has hard wood floors and boots and shoes make too much noise.

Bradley walked past the circulation desk where Shelly was on duty. As he walked by Shelly said to him, “You have to take off your boots.” “Why?” asked Bradly. Shelly replied, “They make too much noise and library rules say noisy footwear must come off. Either you take off your boots or you have to leave.” Bradley did not want to take off his boots for fear something might happen to them. “Take off your boots or leave,” Shelly said once again. Bradley needed to do research and realized he had no choice but to remove his prize black cowboy boots. He took them off revealing white socks with grey heals and toes. “I can take those for you, ” Shelly said. Bradley handed her his boots and she placed them behind the desk.

Bradley then entered the reading area in his sock feet and did his research. Another student was in the library and she said, “I see you are in your socks too.” “Yea, the girl at the counter took my boots because they were making too much noise,” said Bradley. The girl replied, “Yes, I had to turn in my clogs also. But it’s okay because I like how my sock feet feel on the wooden floors.” Bradley did have to admit to himself that the wooden floors felt good on his shoeless feet.

Bradley had then finished his research and was ready to leave the library. He went to the desk to get his boots but Shelly was no longer working there but another gentleman. Bradley told the gentleman that he was leaving and wanted to pick up his cowboy boots. “What boots?” the gentleman asked. “The lady that was working here told me I had to my cowboy boots off because they made too much noise and to give them to her for safe keeping.” The man at the desk said, “I’m sorry but there are no boots back here and I don’t know who was working when you walked in. I don’t know what to tell you.” Bradley then left the library in his socks trying to figure out what happened to his boots.

A long walk home

Author – Sambas Lad

Me and a mate had been out with mates in town and the time sort of passed without us noticing, my mate, Steve, looked at his watch and nudged me, yelling “we will have to rush to catch that last bus I don’t fancy the 5 miles walk home if we miss it”. W raced through town Steve’s size 10 Dr Martens thudding on the pavement, as we rounded the last corner we were just in time to see our bus puling away into the distance. Oh hell that means we are walking and so we set off with little entheusiasm.
It was not long before we were out of the town and walking down country lanes, we were both rather nervous of hitch hiking and kept our hands in our pockets. After 10 or so minutes a car pulled up and three lads piled out, leaving one in the driver’s seat. They seemed quite friendly and asked where we were heading and we told them, “that’s a long walk “ one lad said and it seemed to set them all off giggling, anyway, the older lad said, he was about 17 and a bit scruffy, “what have you got that is worth having ? wallets phones come on hand them over”. The group were crowding round in a threatening manner so we did as we were told thinking it would get rid of them. One lad asked Steve what size his DMs were, 10s replied Steve, Hand them over now, said the lad gripping Steve’s arm forcing him to bend over. Steve bent down and slowly unlaced his boots, still reluctant to take them off. “NOW” yelled the lad right in Steve’s face, the other lads were laughing at Steve’s plight as he handed over the boots standing there at the side of the road in his white footie socks. I had scruffy size 7 Sambas on so I guessed I was safe.
Two lads turned to me yelling “come on idiot get those trainers off”, I handed over my Sambas quickly leaving me in red sports socks. We were both frightened that the lads would want to continue this game but were saved by the bell when the lad in the car’s mobile rang and he beeped the horn to hurry them along, they all piled in the car with the parting comment “enjoy your walk “
Steve and I looked at each other and set off walking the lane in the direction of home. Our socks soon became muddy as we walked along and the road was not the most comfortable surface to be walking without our shoes. It was over an hour before we got to the outskirts of our village and though we were now on smoother pavements there were more streetlights and the risk of being seen was much greater. There was not much traffic and for a while we were not seen as we headed to Steve’s house – the plan was to borrow a pair of his brother’s shoes to get me home in.
As we turned into Steve’s estate a small group of lads were hanging about all a couple of years younger than us. When they saw our muddy socked feet they asked what happened and we told them and they could not stop laughing. We ran off to Steve’s house and I borrowed a pair of his brother’s shoes to go home, first throwing my trashed socks in the rubbish bin.
A night we will both remember for all the wrong reasons.