Unlucky woman in Starbucks

Author – Jay

I was at a Starbucks getting my coffee yesterday morning and I decided to take a seat while I waited. I noticed a younger women in her mid to late 20s on her phone seated not to far away. I took notice of her exposed stocking foot hanging off the tall chair she was sitting in. Cute reinforced toes on her stockings and she was wearing jeans and very comfy attire which I found even more cute considering she was wearing stockings and clogs πŸ™‚ anyways I noticed that she had only slipped out of one of her clogs and she still had the other on. I guess maybe her foot was hurting or she was letting her sweaty foot air out for everyone to see. Her other shoe was on the floor under the table a bit out of her sight and reach. I’m guessing someone else was watching her show as well because a man in a leather black jacket literally walked by, crouched down very discreetly, reached under her chair and slid her errant shoe right out from under her with out her even noticing. The man picked it up and walked out the store just like that. She had NO CLUE her clog just got nicked. Other people around had kind of saw what had happened but wasn’t sure what to make of it. People thought it was a prank or something because there was giggling from people and more people took notice of her shoeless state lol. I was getting super excited waiting for her to notice. Finally a few minutes went by and she went to slide her precious stocking foot back in to her clog when she realized it was GONE! lol. The look of panic set in so hard on her face. She scanned the floor thinking it got kicked around. She looked around EVERYWHERE and people were just staring at her patting around the Starbucks in one shoe lol. It was the greatest moment I had ever seen. Someone finally stopped her and asked if she was ok when she said she was missing her shoe. Someone told her they saw a man reach under her table and take it and thought it was supposed to be joke. She lost it and basically couldn’t do anything about the situation. Standing there awkwardly all dressed up but missing one of her precious clogs πŸ™‚ it was the cutest sight. She ended up leaving the Starbucks one shod.


Night out

Author – shoeplayer

one night i was out with some friends at the bars and dance-clubs. because we live outside of town, one of us was driving. it was about 2 am, when my friends wanted to go home. i didn’t, so they left without me and i would take the train home. only a few minutes after they left i noticed, that i had forgotten my coat in the trunk of my friends car. oh shit! it was a cold night and a look in my purse showed me, that i hadn’t enough money for a cab. i even left my cell phone in my coat. i ran out, hoping to catch them. i didn’t find them! now i just wanted to get home and i scampered as fast as possible to the train station. i had loose loafers on my feet, so running wasn’t easy. at the station i got the next shock. i had to wait more than 1 hour, before my train departs! it was cold and windy at the station, so i couldn’t wait there. i left the station and ran down a main road, to warm up a little. i was relieved, when i saw an open front door of a multi-story building. i sneaked inside and closed the door. it was about 3 o’clock and the house was deathly quiet. behind the stairs was a gap, where i crouched down. a perfect place to wait. it was warm and i couldn’t be seen unless someone would look behind the stairs. after a while i got boring and left my hiding place. i wanted to explore the house a little. my loafers were clacking, so i slipped them off. i sneaked back to the gap behind the stairs to drop them there, but feeling a little thrilling, i placed them directly at the front door. then i sneaked up the stairs in my stocking feet in the dark. the house had six floors and when i reached the top floor, the lights in the stairwell suddenly were switched on! i had quiet a shock and stopped breathing! i heard footsteps and then the front door was opened. someone was leaving the house. then it was silent again and i waited until the lights switched off. i hurried down to find my shoes … were gone!!! in panic i looked around … and found them. through the glass of the front door i saw them! the person who left the house just dropped them outside on the sidewalk. relieved i hurried to the door, to quickly collect my shoes. locked!!! oh no, the door was locked! desperately i tried the handle again and again. first then i realized, that not only my shoes were locked outside, but that i was locked in … with no way out! i was trapped! i couldn’t ring at any door for help. how would i explain that?! trembling and sweating i sneaked back under the stairs. i had to wait until someone else left the house, hoping he wouldn’t lock the door. from time to time i sneaked to the front door to see, if my shoes still were outside. after an eternity i heard that someone opened the front door with his key and the lights were switched on. i crouched in the furthest corner behind the stairs! i heard two guys joking about my shoes! i only partly understood what they said.
“… he he, … long night out”,
“… home in his stocking feet”,
laughingly, i heard them disappear in one of the apartments. first when the lights switched off again, i dared to leave my hiding place … and got the shock of my life! i couldn’t see my shoes through the glass door! panic-stricken i tried the handle. this time i could open the door. frantically i looked around for my shoes. they were gone! the guys had taken them! behind me i heard the front door closing. there was no way back into the house. i looked at my watch. it was past 5 o’clock. more people were on the streets. shivering from the cold night and my humiliation i tried to find a way out! i didn’t dare to look at the people i passed! i just hoped nobody would take a picture or film me with his cell phone! it happened! someone obviously had his fun, filming me … and putting it online!


New year’s Eve

Author – John Salt

I’d been looking forward to a romantic New Year’s Eve with the girlfriend for a long time. We had booked a suite in a London hotel, where we were due to attend a champagne party in the ballroom.

The big day finally arrived, and after checking in we went up to our room to shower and change – she now wearing a beautiful black shift dress & heels, whilst I wore a grey suit and brand new black brogues.

It was still only 8:00pm and we thought it too early to join the party. Luckily the hotel had provided a bottle of champagne on ice as part of the package. As I opened the bottle the girlfriend commented how romantic I was to have arranged such a lovely evening. I’d never considered myself remotely romantic, but in an attempt to enter into the spirit of things I replied “If I were really a true romantic, I would be drinking champagne from my lady’s shoe. Sadly I’m not!”

I sat beside her on the sofa and prepared to pour the champagne into two glasses. She, however, suddenly stood and announced “Well … I am romantic, even if you’re not! And drinking champagne from a your lady’s shoe sounds very romantic! But if you don’t want to … we’ll just have to change things round a little …”

She stood, smiling, then knelt down beside my legs. She pulled my right leg towards her and began to unlace my right shoe. I couldn’t believe it – “You can’t be serious!”

“I am. Seriously romantic!” she answered as she slipped my shoe from my black socked foot. I really didn’t believe she would actually do it, but she did … pouring champagne into my rather expensive right shoe and taking a sip – “Cheers!”

She rejoined me on the sofa – she giggling and taking occasional sips from the shoe whilst I drank rather more conventionally from a glass. We chatted and laughed and time rolled on. She looked at her watch – “Come on. It’s 9:45. Time to join the party.”

“Darling, you just destroyed my shoe! I’ve only brought this one pair. I can’t go like this!”

She tugged my arm, helping me stand – “Yes you can. Come on Cinderella – you can go exactly like this!” I protested, but she continued to tug me towards the door. I could see was determined and refusal was useless. I could also see she was strangely excited.

Arm in arm we headed down to the ballroom via corridors, lifts and the hotel lobby … my single shoe making the usual tapping noise as we crossed it’s marble floor – in contrast to my silent right socked foot …

The night was yet young – and I was destined to spend the final hours of 2018 and first of 2019 as Cinderella …

Shoe stolen at school

Author – Nicole

Okay so this happened when I was walking to the canteen for lunch and the way I had gone I had to go outside and then around the building and back into the canteen, the door leading outside was a one-way glass door with a push bar in the middle and also had a small lip just in front of the door. at the time I was wearing some flats with nylons just normal schoolgirl stuff and completely in a world of my own as I went to step through through this glass door and in my haste my foot hit the small lip at the bottom of the door causing me to trip over it and stumble through the door falling into some railings outside, and as you might have expected I lost my shoe during this.

Normally that would be fine just get my shoe and go on with my day but not so simple as my shoe had dropped behind the lip behind the door, which had by now shut itself…yaaay for me! So my though process was that if I went around the building to get my shoe then by the time I get to my shoe someone might have taken it by then, so to avoid that I thought I’d wait by the door to see if someone could open the door for me so I could get my shoe. solid plan I thought but it all came apart when some little snob from the year or two below me came past with his friends and saw my flat on the floor he saw me and looked back and fourth between me and my shoe, I asked him if he could open the door so I could get my shoe but noooo he had better ideas as he picked it up and his friends were telling him to take it he waved my shoe in my face by the glass taunting me saying if I wanted it why not come get it etc. They were staring at my foot literally laughing I dare say had his friends not been there he probably would have given it back but I guess the peer pressure got to him as his friends egged him on that they should take my shoe, which is exactly what they did they picked up my flat and continued walking down the hallway laughing and giggling whilst I shouted at them through the door and that’s the end of the first time someone stole my shoe, I didn’t know who they were or where they went even with teachers help I never got it back 😦

Getting new shoe Stolen

Author – Evan

My friends have made it a running joke at this point to always steal one of my shoes whenever I get a new pair. Well it happened once again. I was hanging out with two friends at the mall, pretty much window shopping. I was wearing some black and blue nike shoes. We sat down at a bench near one of the exits to chill out before we kept going. Then out of nowhere, one of them grabbed my left foot and tried to pull my left shoe off. Since its a hi top shoe, he couldnt pull it off right away. He pulled with such force that I fell off the bench and onto the floor, and he dragged me a few feet trying to take off my shoe. After like 5 minutes of him not being able to get it off, he wrapped his arms around my foot so I couldnt move it, and just untied my shoe and managed to yank it off my foot. He immediately ran out the nearest exit with my left shoe. ME and my other friend couldnt find him for a good 30 minutes. He met up with him at the food court, but he said he hid my shoe and wouldnt give it back to me. Had to spend the rest of our time without my left shoe in my white sock

Rooftop robbery

Author – Charles

Three workman had climbed up onto a roof to repair it when they noticed their ladder was gone. They spotted a homeless guy placing it on the floor next to their truck. “Put that ladder back” they shouted. “Give me some money” he said. They threatened to call the police but couldn’t as they had left their phones in the truck. After an hour they where still stuck on the roof as the homeless guy sat drinking alcohol on the hood of their truck. They eventually relented and offered him money when they get down. “Throw the money down first” he shouted to them. “Money is too light, it will blow away, put the ladder back and we’ll give you some money” He told them to put the money in something heavy but they said they had nothing heavy. “Yes you have, put the money in a boot and throw it down. The youngest workman took off a boot and he tucked a $10 bill in the lacing. He then threw his boot down to the ground. The homeless guy picked up the boot and removed the bill. “Is that it” he said demanding more. They decided to give him another $10 and told the younger workman to take off his other boot. “I’m not throwing another down he might steal my boots”. Another removed a boot, placed a bill in the lacing and threw it down. The homeless guy still wasn’t happy and wanted more, they where stranded on the roof and he had the ladder and two odd boots. They where in no position to argue and the last fully shod worker reluctantly removed one of his boots. Two $10 bills where tucked into the lace and he threw his boot at the homeless guy. “That’s better” said the guy as he put all four bills in his pocket. His attention turned to the three odd boots which he had placed on the hood of the truck. Winter was coming and his sneakers where old and worn, so he took off his left sneaker and started trying on each workman’s boot. One of the stranded workers shouted “Put the god damn ladder back and don’t put your foot in our boots”. The homeless guy ignored them and tried each boot as the three workman looked on helpless. He lifted up a black boot and shouted up “I want to try on the other boot” as if he was asking a worker in a shoe shop. The younger workman said “Now he wants my boots”. The guy shouted up “Make sure it comes down with money in it”. The workmen thought he would deliberately demand each of their remaining boots separately wanting more money every time. They where determined not to give him any more or the opportunity so they took off their remaining boots and through them down without any money. “Wheres my money” he said. “We ain’t giving you anymore and we have no more boots to throw down even if we wanted to”. The workmen watched on helplessly in their socked feet as the guy tried on their boots. He kept on the young workman’s boots and placed the other two pairs in his plastic bags aswell as his old sneakers. “Put the ladder back up” a workman shouted but the guy lifted his hand in the air and gave the finger. He walked off with their money and boots.
It was reported in the local newspaper next day that three workmen where rescued after spending six hours stranded on a roof shoeless after being robbed of money and their footwear.

Duped by fake policeman

Author – Adidas boy

It was the summer holidays and me and my mate Glen had been climbing trees in the park our other pal Leo stood and watched as he didn’t want to scuff his new Nike Air Max trainers. We had been sat on a branch when we heard a crack, suddenly the branch gave way and we landed on ground. Fortunately we weren’t very high up and landed In a flowerbed. Leo said the park keeper is coming so we hid behind a bush. We watched as he removed the broken branch and said “bloody kids I’ll be glad when they’re back at school”. We sneaked off over to the other side of the park and sat at a bench. My Adidas Sambas and Glens Puma trainers had mud on them from falling into the flower bed. We weren’t too bothered as they weren’t new unlike Leo’s Nikes. As we sat there two men approached and claimed to be undercover police officers. They flashed their I.D. but we wouldn’t know what a police officers badge looked like. We where accused of damaging park property and like any 14 year olds we denied it. “You match the description given by the park keeper” said the policeman. They said they found footprints in the flowerbeds and needed to see our shoes. We lifted up our feet and showed the soles of our trainers. They claimed they matched but the photos weren’t very good and would need to take our shoes to the crime scene. We stood up to follow and we’re told to sit back down. We don’t want you contaminating the scene they said. Take off your trainers and we’ll go and check them against the actual footprints. Leo said he’d done nothing wrong as his Nikes were clean but the policeman said he didnt want anyone leaving as we could be arrested. Being 14 we did what the policeman told us. We removed our trainers and handed them over. As we were all wearing white socks we put our feet on the bench to not dirty them. The policemen said not to move from the bench and they would be back. We watched the two policemen walk off with our shoes. We sat there worried what our parents would think. We sat on the bench in our socks with all the other kids staring at us. It was getting late and the policemen still hadn’t returned when the park keeper appeared. “Have you seen the policemen that you called as they have our shoes” said Leo. The park keeper said he hadn’t called the police. He looked at our shoeless feet and said this happened yesterday with some older boys, they claimed some policeman took their shoes too. We had to leave the park as it was getting dark, it didn’t take long for our white socks to get dirty on the long walk home. Leo said his mum had thrown away his old trainers and he had nothing else to wear for the rest of the school holidays.