Cinema shoes

Author – Bush123

The Cinema I used to go to had a gap under the seat in front which got smaller the further back the row was. We got there late to see a film and had to sit near the back. I still played around with my converse but thought I would not touch the girl in front. Wrong! I took my right shoe off and left it under the seat in front to remove a bit of popcorn from my sock but when i felt for it again it was gone. I panicked a while then thought it maybe just out of reach so I tried to fish around with my left shoe half on my foot. I then felt something firm pushing my foot and a second later I was shoeless! She was then messing about nearher own feet and I was sure she was putting my shoes on! (I have quite small feet) I spent the movie shoeless and nervous but excited. When the lights came up I waited to see what happened but they just sat there for ages. My girlfriend wanted to go so I had to ask if she had seen my shoes. She said oh yes I thought I felt something! And then grabbed both my shoes from her bag and handed them to me. I wish they had just got up and gone straight after the movie and took my shoes. Maybe another time. 😊

Video about a boy losing shoes

Author – Alex

Here is an european short film about a boy losing his shoes that I want to share. Hope you like it!

Plot: In a shoe shop, a young boy named Milan receives a new pair of fashionable trainers. Once at home, Milan can hardly wait to wear them, it is then the mother asks Milan to go buy some bread for dinner. The boy doesn’t miss the opportunity and immediately puts on his new gleaming trainers to show them off in front of other boys. On his way to the bakery, there are a lot of construction works, which are a real danger for his new flawless white shoes. Despite this, he manages not to get them dirty. For coming back home, Milan decides to take the bus but unfortunately, he gets the wrong route and he ends in a completely unknown zone. There, Milan meets a gang of wild boys, who will try to snatch his shoes, so Milan runs away in order to save and keep his shoes on. Will the boy be forced to walk back home in his socks

Shoe golf

Author – Shoegolfer

When i first heard of shoegolf, i knew this is the best game the world has ever seen. Many of you might agree.
The rules are really simple: The players agree on a goal, or a hole. This can be about anything, a lamppost, a wall, a busstop and so on, even one of your mates will do. Then the rules are similar to golf but instead of a ball, you use one of the shoes you’re wearing.
The shoe has to be kicked, not thrown and the one who hits the target in the least amount of kicks wins.
Sometimes it may be possible to make a hole in one, but a bigger distance to the target makes the game more fun. The shoe the furthest from the target is kicked first, the amount of kicks to the target decides who wins.
The game can be played about anywhere, at any time and with any number of people but it helps to be drunk or really bored before starting.
A perfect time to play shoe golf is when walking back from the bar at a saturday night. Most games i played were in a setting like this, walking home slightly drunk.
This game does claim a shoe every now and then, it’s not without any risk. But this makes the game even better.
The worst time was when we were in a group of 4, and only one of us had a complete pair of shoes when we came home.
One of my shoes, a white Nike shoe, ended up in a canal, next to my mate’s shoe who lost it just before 😛 Later his girlfriend managed to lose her shoe by landing it on a balcony, my girlfriend’s shoes survived. Only one other time i kicked my black Adidas Superstar over a fence i couldn’t climb and had to leave it behind. But i seen shoes get stuck in trees, kicked on rooftops or over bridges and some shoes were just gone as in never found again after kicking.

Uncle Henry pt2

Author – Speedy

First, a bit of background.

My Dad and Mom were divorced by the time i was born, in fact i use my Mom’s family name.
Dad has one older boy from another previous marriage, and he has twin boys about twenty months younger than me from a third wife, Maggie. I go to Dad on weekend’s sometimes – often with James – and i find Maggie a really pleasant and generous person.
Mr. Henry is dad’s brother, but as i use a different name, most people don’t realize the connection between us.

So Dad’s older boy, Will, was getting married, and James and i were invited. Problem is i had priceless little to wear. in the end mom bought me a grey blazer and a matching tie, which i was wearing with a white shirt and my school trousers and shoes. By way of comparison, Maggie’s twin boys were outfitted in white Tuxedo’s and trousers, bow ties, and gorgeous party shoes.
their shoes:

So there we are by the wedding. They had rented a pub, so there was a bar with unlimited drinks, all sorts of cocktails and spiked punches and who knows what. As the evening went along a couple of people became rowdy, and the bar staff politely escorted them outside. One person started screaming racist slurs at people around them, but the staff very capably handled it. There was also a DJ with various dances going on etc…

Upstairs there was a “bridal suite” which had one way glass looking over the pub, and opened on a balcony, which then led down wide sweeping stairs to the middle of the pub, next to the dance floor. At the right moment Will had come down with his bride, having signed the registar’s book in the suite. There was a banister about five feet high round the stairway, with a lower railing. So James and i, along with Maggie’s boys were running up the stairs and sliding down the banister , climbing over the end and using it as a pole, and then running back up.
One time as i come down, my uncle Mr. Henry was at the bottom. He was giggling like a small child and clearly under the influence of way too much alcohol, and as I approached, he put down his glass on the end of the banister, and he grabbed my foot, opened the velcro straps and pulled off my shoe, and then reached out for the other one.
Before i knew was what happening a small crowd had gathered, with Mr. Henry announcing between giggles, “This is what we do to Speedy in school.”
He then lifted a cake of a raised stand and placed my shoes there, for all to see.
In the meantime i was stuck on my perch, because the only way down was over the end of banister, and his glass was there. Meanwhile Maggie’s twins had come flying behind me with James, and their weight was on me, while a crowd had gathered round.
Next thing i knew, the video guy saw a commotion and came along. He asked what was going on, and when he heard, he promptly suggested to Mr. Henry to put my shoes on my feet and take them off a second time for the camera. Mr. Henry complied, but in his drunken state it took him a few times to get them on my feet. the vidoegrapher reached in and tightened them, while Mr. Henry started again opening the velcro and taking them off. he announced again “This is what we do to Speedy in school.” and then said “In fact they are in perfect condiitons, because speedy never gets to wear them!” He reached to put them back on the cakestand and announced “In fact they are so new and clean that the teacher even puts them on his desk”
He proceeded to take the shoes off maggie’s boys, – their laces were long open, – briefly commenting on their nice new shoes. They also started giggling, i think they had a little bit of alcohol too. James school shoes were next.
Then he reached for my socks “in fact Speedy actually does sports barefoot.” Thankfully someone moved his glass so i was able to get down before that happened.
Meanwhile everyone around started asking questions. “Do you really have to take your shoes off in school?” “don’t you have trainers for sports?” etc… [i do have trainers, but if you lose your shoes they don’t let you wear trainers either]

Eventually Mr. Henry decided he is taking our shoes to his car, to give to the principal in the morning. the whole crowd followed him, so next i knew he was outside. followed by four boys, me in black socks, James in grey socks, both totally mortified, while maggie’s twins, who looked like little angel’s with white tuxedos trousers and white socked feet were giggling away. outside numerous people had retched so we had dance round the puddles, and tried also to keep as close as possible to our shoes.
After a few tries he manged to press the remote to his car, and put all the shoes inside, but before he managed to lock it James and i took out our shoes. “It won’t help boys, you have anyway got a couple of shoeless days ahead, i bet you will come late tomorrow, and i’m sure you haven’t done your homework.”

We wandered back inside, both wishing the floor would swallow us up, while maggie’s boys straggled in their socks.
Just then James’s Dad turned up to take us home. On the way to his car we walked past Mr. Henry who was still standing near his car cackling like a hyena.

I slept over in james’s house, thankfully his father wtoe us a late note and explained abput the homework, or we would have lost our shoes for the next two days.

Uncle Henry

Author – Speedy

Hi, I’m speedy, who James mentioned in his recent post about Joseph’s come-uppance.

Shoe confiscation is common in school. In reality I wouldn’t care so much, i actually prefer walking in my socks, but with everyone around me in shoes, plus the embarrassment, and using the bathrooms, and the cafeteria etc… it isn’t really the best idea. BTW James gave the wrong shoes for me, i wear the remi pace shoe. It is a very solid shoe. Here’s the link.

The school actually has a list of approved shoes, and they are all quite solid, unflexible style.
Recently my mom bought me a new pair, they really looked quite sturdy. Of course I manged to lose them on my first day wearing them, – my crime was failing to bring the proper writing supplies, and our form master, Mr. Slade was really excited. “What do we have here? New shoes?” he put them on his desk for all to see, so of course everyone who entered the classroom saw them. And who came in next but my uncle, Mr. Henry. Mr. Slade happily told him that they were mine. Quite embarrassing, but stay tuned for the next, far more embarassing sequel …

Joseph gets his come uppence

Author – James

In pur school, shoe confiscation is used for what we we refer to as the three cardinal sins, not doing homework, running in the corridor, and forgetting your school tie.
The uniform is a dark red jumper with a gray or white shirt, and grey trousers, and socks are supposed to be solid color, so most boys wear grey socks too. Our form master normally turns a blind eye about the uniform, but he expects homework to be done.

One day my friend Speedy – he is really called Stephen Paul, but we all call him Speedy – hadn’t followed the lesson,, we had been playing around passing notes etc.. That night we asked Joseph, the real class brain box if he would help us out, but he refused, condescendingly telling us that if we messed around in class we deserved to ahev to lose our shoes the next day.
The next morning speedy realised that he wasn’t wearing his tie. We approached Joseph duting the first break and asked him to help out, but again he refused. Immediately after break was maths, and of course speedy and i lost our shoes and were left in our grey socks. I didn’t care too much, i would spend recess in the library with enough other boys in socks, but for Speedy it was a different story. Since our form master Mr. slade now noticed his tie he was not to get his shoes back until the end of the following day, which would mean going home in socks, and doing P. E. in socks the next day. Also Speedy eats the school lunches, and with all the pushing and mess in the school cafeteria you cannot really go there in your socks.
At lunchtime i shared my sandwiches with speedy, and Joseph smugly came over to us. “Next time pay attention in class,” he said smugly.
Although he didn’t realise it Speedy’s uncle, Mr. Henry, who teaches A level math had noticed him, and he came over to us afterwards and asked us what was going on. Speedy told him the whole story.

We spent the remaning breaks in the library, and then i walked speedy home. Poor kid, he was really embarrased, and his Mom didn’t cut him any slack either.

The next day we had P.E. in the playing field and the boys who had lost their shoes had to participate barefoot. I had lost my shoes again, and there were three of us without shoes or socks.

Speedy phoned me that night and told me that his uncle is going to come to our class, and take care of Joseph. “listen,” he told me “When he asks you for your shoes, let him take them, he promised me it will work out in the end.”

A couple of days later Mr. Slade announced a math quiz, quiz, qith Mr. Henry, speedy’s uncle presiding. He went round asking questions, giving out points, and keeping track on a piece of paper. After a couple of rounds he started offering the boys a risk, either get double points if you know a harder question, or risk losing points. The cleverer boys went for it, with of course Joseph in the lead.
After a few more rounds he made a list on the white board of the boys with the most points, Joseph was getting more and more ahead, speedy was also there, and six or seven other boys. A couple of boys risked losing points and were off the list, while he kept on offering double and triple points with other boys moving forward with leaps and bounds. Mr. Henry made sure to announce that brain box Joseph hadn’t yet missed a question.

Abouf 45 minutes before the next break Mr. henry told everyone to take off their shoes and put their shoes on their desks. He then said that if we answer a quesion correctly we can put on a shoe, and whoever has two shoes can go out to break. Sounded good.

He continued the quiz, and a few boys had a shoe on, when he came to me. he pffered me a hard question, for which i could get two shoes, or risk having my shoes thrown out the window. as per instructions i chose the hard question. He asked me and i didn;t know. He turned round to look at the whiteboard, where joseph was clearly in the lead. “OK, Joseph, do you know the answer?” Joseph answered correctly, and he told Joseph to throw my shoes out the window. The same thing repeated itsefl with Speedy. He told Speedy and me to stand by the window in our socks, since we were playing any more. No one else took up his offer of hard questions.

Then it was Joseph’s turn. “So brainbox,” Mr. Henry said. “Here’s my offer for you. If you answer correctly you get your shoes and triple points, if you gat it wrong, you give me your shoes for 48 hours and you fetch the shoes you threw out the window. ” Joseph smugly agreed.
Mr. Henry turned round to the whiteboard and drew a picture of a traffic cone, complete with a square bottom, and an opening at the top. he proceeded to indicate all the various measurements. “Could you please tell me the complete volume?”

Of course Joseph had no way of answering. Mr. Henry walked over to his desk. To everyone’s surprise Joseph hald on to his shoes. Mr. Slade also went over to his desk but Joseph was holding his shoes tight. short of physical force the teachers would not be able to take his shoes. “It’s totally unfair” he said.
“You didn’t say that when i offered to double and triple your points” Mr. Henry countered. Joseph said a couple of toher things that he shouldn;t have said.

The teachers returned to the front of the room. “Joseph, pleae come here with your chair” Mr. slade said to him. To our surprise Joseph picked uo his shoes with one hand and his chair with the other and came to the teachers desk.
“Put your chair on the desk” Mr. Henry commanded. Joseph did as told, and when he was told to climb up and sit on the chair he did so, all the while holding his shoes. After a minute Mr. Henry grabbed the shoes from underneath and yanked. As the chair started mving, joseph ahd no choice but to leave go.
Then Mr. Henry called Speedy over. “Speedy come here, please.” Speedy came. “Would you like to remove Mr. Arrogant’s grey socks please.” With Mr. Slade holding the chair, and Mr. Henry Joseph’s feet, speedy pulled his socks off in seconds. Mr. Slade promptly said that he was taking the sheos and socks to the principal, and he told Joseph to come with him. they returned a few minutes later with our shoes.

Speedy and I walked behind Joseph on the way home, watching him in his toes. The next few days he was in socks in school, and he did P.E. in his toes – while Mr. Slade let everyone else wear their shoes.

A week later, when he received his shoes back, a few boys wrestled him to the floor and took them away again, so he spent quite a long time qithout them.

I have inserted links to our various shoes


Speedy’s :

Joseph”s goody goody lace ups:

Friends mum steals my shoes

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

This happened to me back when I was in high school so it was a few years ago

I went to visit my friend dennis who lived a mile or so away on a small farm. I had decided to walk as the weather was pretty good and it wasn’t far too his house, since he lived on a farm I wore a pair of slightly worn out Adidas sambas as not to wreck any of my good shoes. After I got to Dennis’s house he suggested that we could go outside and wander around his family’s farm but noticed I only had a pair of trainers on. He thought it would be best if I got a pair of wellie boots as where we were planning on going was through a swampy part, I said I couldn’t be bothered going back to my house to get my wellies so dennis asked what shoe size I wore, I told him I wore size 4 which was a bit of a problem as he wore size 7. He then remembered that his mum wore size 4 and I could borrow her pair. We went to look for his mums pair but couldn’t find them then Dennis remembered that his mum was out working on the farm and probably had them on so we went and found his mum on her way back to the house and asked her if she would let me borrow her wellies. “if I give your friend my wellies what am I going to wear, I’ll need them to get back to the house”, I said she could wear my sambas to get back then when me and Dennis were done outside I could get them back when I go back home. She reluctantly agreed and we swapped footwear then me and Dennis went on our way. A while later we go back to the house to play some games on his PlayStation and I take off his mums wellies. After a little while it’s time for me to head back home and when I go to find my friends mum I notice she is still wearing my shoes so I ask for them back but she tells me that she likes them as they are very comfy on her feet, I ask her several times but she keeps telling me no so I have no choice but to walk back home with no shoes on which is rather embarrassing but I couldn’t help but feeling a little bit turned on by my friends mum wearing my shoes as she was quite good looking.