Late night walk in the park

Author – JayAlex

I went for a walk on a wet night during the fall to a nearby park that was having some construction done. That night I decided to wear some cheaper hiking shoes I haven’t really worn before. They were decently comfortable, but I’ve also gone through multiple pairs of these decently quick due to them being cheap. My walk was pretty normal until I got to the park. The park had lots of exposed mud due to machine movement and new areas being paved. Being the curious person I am, I walked along some of the muddy areas beside the trail, at best it kept the shape of the tread on my shoes and at worst it didn’t react at all to being stepped on. I continued on like this until I saw a larger mound of dirt and an area that would be made a paved trail soon. Right at the edge of the soon to be new trail was another muddy area. I tested it with my right foot and it was much softer than the other areas. I pressed down and my foot kept going down, soon the top of my shoe was covered in mud. After realizing that I may have went a little too deep, it was too late. I pulled my right foot back up, my shoe trapped in sticky muck, revealing my white socked foot. I tried to get my foot back into my stuck hiker, but I only made it worse by getting mud on the inside… I just accepted that it was a lost cause and stepped down on it to bury it deeper into the mud. Looking down at the dirty shoe on my left foot and muddy white sock on my right foot, I turned around and went home. I felt excited by my loss. I still have that left shoe as a bit of a reminder of that fun night.

Don’t mess with the concrete guys

Author – Debbie Keds

Back in the 1970’s, my god mother Beverly had some guys enlarge the concrete patio around her swimming pool by pouring additional concrete. During the process, Beverly got into an argument with the guys about how they were doing the work. Fortunately, everything worked out fine with the work; however, Beverly had left an older pair of Sears Jeepers Sneakers near her back door. She found them filled with concrete that had dried solid like a rock. It was hilarious!

The Prefects pt.7 – The Visitors

Author – Shoeless Guy

Gavin, Milo and I had to attend the local school to continue our engineering course due to equipment failure in our college workshop. It was an opportunity for our college to create a link with the school for sharing facilities. We had to be on our best behaviour, ambassadors for the college, anything less would be frowned upon. Upon arrival we signed in at reception and then went to the school’s workshop where we had to put on our PPE, personal protection equipment, basically overalls, high visibility jackets, hard hat and steel toe capped boots.
At lunchtime me and Gavin decided to have a cigarette, Milo didn’t smoke but would meet up afterwards. The college has a designated smoking area for adult aged students and staff but not here so we found a quiet area of the school grounds to go and have a smoke. A prefect called Steve appeared and told us smoking was prohibited. He took a photo of both of us. “What’s with the camera?” I asked. “We photograph anyone who breaks school rules, come with me” he said. “And if we don’t? ” said Gavin. “That’s what the photos are for, you can be traced” he replied. We expected to be shown off the premises to continue smoking but he took us inside the school building. We followed him into an old gym hall where several school kids and an older lad where sat on the floor shoeless. Ben explained we where in the Sin Bin where rulebreakers are punished. I told them we are just visitors to the school and unaware of the rules. “By signing the visitors book you agreed to the rules, also in reception is a large sign ‘No Smoking anywhere on the school premises” said the prefect. On a desk was a box of shoes, I guessed they belonged to those sat on the floor, I knew what was coming but I was determined not end up in my socks. “Take off your boots” said the prefect. “No f***ing way” I said and told them that I was nearly 20 and I’m not being treat like them kids. Steve said “Accept the punishment now and no further action would be taken”. Gavin reminded me of not bringing the college into disrepute. I felt frustrated at being punished for something that is acceptable at our college. I reluctantly took off my boots as the younger pupils watched, my warm black socked feet immediately felt the cold floor. I watched Gavin take off his boots, at 19 I was totally embarrassing surrendering my boots to school kids. They where put in the box with the other confiscated shoes. We where ordered to sit at the back of the gym. We walked in our socks passing the school kids nearly half our age, they laughed when the prefect shouted “Even the big boys have their shoes taken too”.
We sat on the floor “This is f***ing embarrassing” said Gavin. He was interrupted by Ben who warned us about using bad language and told us to be quiet or we’d get detention. I laughed at our situation, punished by school kids who where now threatening us with detention, I told the prefect how draconian this punishment was much to the amusement of the older boy sat on the floor. Gavin advised that I should be quiet and not to ignore their threats as they had succeeded so far in punishing us. So I sat quietly staring at my socked feet. The bell rung, we stood up and walked to the desk. The young pupils where given a stern warning and then handed their shoes back. The guy called Shane didn’t get his shoes, Ben took great pleasure denying the lad his footwear. He looked very unhappy walking out in his black socks. Me and Gavin demanded our boots but where denied them and told to collect them in detention. “I’m not 10 years old and most certainly not doing detention” I said. Regardless of my age I was told I won’t be getting them back until I had and was reminded of what our college expected of us. Gavin looked at me with shrugged shoulders, we reluctantly agreed to attend but we needed our boots for the workshop. We had our Nike trainers in our bags but had to hand them over in exchange for our boots. We quickly put on our boots and rushed to the workshop. Milo asked where we went at lunchtime, he laughed loudly when told that our boots had been confiscated and where made to sit on a cold floor in our socks. I struggled to concentrate throughout the afternoon as I was anxious about losing my expensive trainers and unhappy at having to attend detention to get them back. Gavin said at least we had something on our feet unlike the 18 year old who had to spend the afternoon in his socks.
We hoped to blag our way out of detention, just get our trainers and leave. Milo waited outside while me and Gavin entered the room. “We’ve come to collect our trainers” said Gavin. “Really!” said the teacher. He told us to sit at some desks. “Boots!” shouted the teacher. “What about them” I said. “Take them off, you deserve further detention for thinking I’m stupid to just give you your shoes and let you leave”. Me and Gavin just smiled at each other knowing we won’t be here tomorrow. “You already have our trainers” I said. “Now I want your boots too, take them off” he demanded. As we removed our boots we could see Milo laughing through the door window, we placed them on the desk, for the second time today we where in our socks. As the teacher took our work boots he too spotted Milo laughing. The teacher opened the door and stared at him “I’m just waiting for my mates” said Milo. Wearing his overalls, high viz jacket and hard hat the teacher knew he was with us. “Would you like to come in” asked the teacher. Milo declined saying he preferred to stand in the corridor but the teacher insisted. He walked in and stood by the teachers desk. Aged 20 and 6ft 6 inches tall sporting a beard he looked more like a worker coming to fix a pipe than a student. The teacher demanded he take off his boots. “Why I’ve done nothing wrong” said Milo. “I don’t take kindly to students laughing at others’ misfortune, now take off your boots” said the teacher. Milo’s face went red with embarrassment as we all watched him take off his size 11 work boots, he handed them to the teacher who placed them with our boots inside a cupboard, he removed our trainers, locking the cupboard again. Milo went to sit down next to us when the teacher said “I thought you preferred the corridor” His face went red again as the teacher sent him out to the corridor to stand in his socked feet. Everyone laughed including me.
“Are these your trainers” asked the teacher. “Yes” I replied. He told us we can collect them after detention tomorrow. I told him we wouldn’t be here to which he replied we’d have to make the effort as uncollected footwear would be donated to the school raffle, our expensive trainers would make great prizes.
The teacher said that Ben the Prefect would be supervising detention as he had to attend a meeting but would be back later to return our confiscated footwear. He walked out carrying both mine and Gavins trainers. “Your blagging sucks Gavin” I said “Not only are we doing detention but we have neither our trainers or boots” as we sat again with the school kids in our socks.

Getting new shoe Stolen

Author – Evan

My friends have made it a running joke at this point to always steal one of my shoes whenever I get a new pair. Well it happened once again. I was hanging out with two friends at the mall, pretty much window shopping. I was wearing some black and blue nike shoes. We sat down at a bench near one of the exits to chill out before we kept going. Then out of nowhere, one of them grabbed my left foot and tried to pull my left shoe off. Since its a hi top shoe, he couldnt pull it off right away. He pulled with such force that I fell off the bench and onto the floor, and he dragged me a few feet trying to take off my shoe. After like 5 minutes of him not being able to get it off, he wrapped his arms around my foot so I couldnt move it, and just untied my shoe and managed to yank it off my foot. He immediately ran out the nearest exit with my left shoe. ME and my other friend couldnt find him for a good 30 minutes. He met up with him at the food court, but he said he hid my shoe and wouldnt give it back to me. Had to spend the rest of our time without my left shoe in my white sock

Jacked by Santa

Author – Unlucky Lad

It was early December and the three 15 year old pals had been watching the usual vlogs on You Tube. “We can do one of those overnight challenges” said Bryn. “Where?” said Stan. “The out of town shopping centre” replied Nick. They agreed to get the bus on Friday, tell their parents they’d be stopping over at one another’s houses and hide until the centre closed and have some fun.
They arrived in the shopping centre and looked around for somewhere to hide. They decided a children’s play area would be ideal but kids where still playing and they’d have to wait til it emptied. They wandered around and noticed Santa’s Grotto “We’ll have some fun in there later” said Bryn. An hour later they heard an announcement telling shoppers the place was closing. They went and hid in the play area. A short while later the place was quiet, Bryn switched on his Go Pro and they started exploring. Now that the place was empty and quiet their trainers could be heard squeaking on the polished floor. So they walked slowly to Santa’s Grotto. When they arrived they could hear voices so hid behind Santa’s sleigh. “Perhaps a guard heard our shoes squeaking” whispered Nick. The voices disappeared and the boys decided to take off their trainers, they could run around and slide on the floor in their socks and nobody would hear them. The only thing was they would have to carry their shoes. “Let’s hide them in Santa’s sleigh, there’s lots of empty ‘present’ boxes. Bryn took off his black Nike Air Max trainers, Stan his Adidas and Nick removed his Nikes. They hid them in one of the boxes at the back of the sleigh. They found it fun running and sliding around the empty shopping centre in their socked feet. Nick found it amusing looking at shoes through a shop window whilst he stood with none on his feet. At midnight they heard workmen enter with machinery. They decided to go and hide in the play area. The work went on throughout the night whilst they where stuck shoeless inside a tubular slide. Nick said he found it thrilling knowing their shoes where at the other end of the shopping centre and they couldn’t get to them. Bryn said “What if someone actually finds our shoes and takes them”. The thought of losing their shoes sent a hot and cold flush of excitement through them all. They all eventually fell asleep inside the slide. They where awoken by a kid climbing inside the slide. It was the next morning and the centre had re-opened. The kids parents stared as the three shoeless teenagers climbed out of the slide. They wandered down the mall towards Santa’s Grotto, the place wasn’t too busy but it made their stocking feet more noticeable to the morning shoppers. They hoped their shoes where still in the sleigh. They arrived at the Grotto to see a queue of parents with kids waiting for Santa to arrive. His sleigh was missing, then Bryn looked up, the sleigh was hanging 25ft in the air attached to plastic reindeer. They had no choice but to go to the security office and admit they had been there all night and to ask for their shoes to be retrieved from the flying reindeer and sleigh. Their explanation was greeted with loud laughter from a guy who leaned over the counter and stared at their shoeless feet to confirm their story. “Sorry guys but those workman and their equipment won’t be back until January to remove the Christmas decorations” He laughed again at the shoeless trio as they turned to leave. “Looks like Santa’s one horse open sleigh will be looking after your trainers for Christmas and don’t forget to hang your stockings up” he laughed as he stared again at their stocking feet as he started singing ‘Jingle Bells’. They walked through the shopping centre, faces as red as Santa’s outfit, their embarrassment was to get worse as they now had to get the bus home in their socks as they couldn’t ring their parents to come and get them as they would not only have to explain being in a shopping centre all night but having their trainers jacked by Father Christmas too.

Merry Christmas.