Food Court Blues

Author – Joey

Back when I was first getting into shoe playing and feeling comfortable about Doing it in public, I had a crazy experience one time when I was at the mall. I would go to the food court to study a lot of the times with friends and we would get food and help each other with homework. On this particular day I went alone and say in off to the side a bit toward the back of the food court. I sat there doing some homework and as I did I dipped in and out of my loose shoes. I love to wear dress shoes or boat shoes with thin socks and leave them unlaced so I can slip in an out . Some of my Freinds tease me and take my shoes at school because they are so loose. But On this day in the food court i sat getting the thrill of playing with my shoes in public and wondering who was watching me. I always wondered about other people looking for shoe players out there. So anyways so I got a little to excited and slipped my shoes completely off. Soon my shoes had gotten a bit under the table and I couldn’t quite reach them. It was the middle of the day and although it was busy, the mall wasn’t to busy and I was sitting in the back of the food court around a lot of empty tables. I sat there excited in my thin white socks lol I stopped working on my paper for a split second and started putting my work in my back pack. I looked around and saw a few people sitting down and a couple people walking past shops shopping. No one looking at me or At least what it seemed like . I got up out of my seat and thought about looking under the deep table for my shoes and looked down at my grayed white socks. I was even more excited now and was getting hungry and new I wanted to hit one of the food places in the food court, I decided to play a game and see if I could walk to the McDonalds and get my food and get back to my table all in my socks while leaving my shoes at the table . This excited me to the max and i started to walk down the food court. It wasn’t to busy but I still caught some glares from people staring at my stocking feet. I had made it half way down the food court when I stepped in something wet and noticed someone had dropped punch because my sock turned yellow and it was sticky . I couldn’t believe it but I knew I was to far to turn back. I stood in the line while a young girl stared at my damp socks . I waited a bit longer and started to look back now at the table every couple of minutes and realized I couldn’t even see it from where I was . I got a bit nervous and as soon as I got my food started to power walk over there . As I got closer i couldn’t believe I saw two men going to sit at the exact table I was sitting at . Literally all the tables were free around them and the one they pick was the one I was sitting at. I started to blush because I was super embarrassed and did not know how I was gonna go up to them and ask to search for my shoes under the table, not to mention in my stained sticky socks. I instantly new I had made a mistake by trying this. I held off for a few minutes and waited at a near by table and hoped I could just wait it and they could get up and I could just go back over there. I waited for about 20 or 30 minutes which was also a mistake because before I knew it one of the men’s feet tipped one of my shoes sitting lingering under the table and realized there was a pair of loafers there. I saw the men look under the table and one of them picked up the shoes. at this point my heart dropped and I new I had to go over there so I rushed over and as I got there they were both getting up, one of them holding my loafers. They saw me walk up in my white socks and I asked them politely for my shoes and the man said he didn’t know what I was talking about and that they were his spare shoes he had brought with him. I tryed to tell him they were mine and practically begged but they walked off and he stuffed my shoes in his back pack. I couldn’t believe it . I stood there in stained white socks in the middle of the food court. It was a very embarrassing day to say the least.


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