Swapping trainers while walking

Author – NickNike

It was a hot summer day and had been out walking with my mate all day. We were 3 hours from the end of our walk and stopped for a drink. My mate was complaining that his feet hurt and that his trainers were rubbing his feet. After a bit of discussion, I offered if he wanted to try mine on and see if they were more comfortable. Very quick he agreed and immediately took his white reebok exofit hitops off and put them on the picnic bench in front of me!. I could smell the sweet damp smell already coming off them!.

I took off my airmax90 and handed them to him, he was also wearing trainer socks so he took them off and handed too me, clearly hinting that we were swaping socks too… off came my black crew socks and I gave them to him. We quickly put on each others socks and trainers and then started back our walk home.

Eventually we arrived back at the car, got in and started driving home. I pulled up outside his house and after saying goodbye he got out and went in. He had clearly forgotten to swap trainers and socks back, I wasn’t going to remind him so drove off still wearing his reebok.

When I got home took them off and had to have a nice smell of the damp socks and hitops. I kept wearing them during the week. He teat me midweek and thanked me for letting me wear my airmax and said we should swap back next time we met which was going to be the following weekend. I was very happy to keep his until then!

Drunk swap

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

One weekend a mate of mine told me about a party that a friend of his was throwing and said that we should go to it. I thought too myself why not I could do with a night out. I asked my mate what kind of dress code the party was to which he told me it was casual, so I put on my favourite pair of jeans, a superdry t-shirt and hoodie , a pair of black sports socks and my blue Adidas copas lashed myself in aftershave and headed out for the party. When we arrived at the party it was well under way and full of drunken party guests. After a while I got properly drunk myself and ended up speaking to a guy  who was a similar size to myself wearing a dark blue hoodie, white t shirt and tracksuit bottoms and a pair of black and white checkered hi top vans. In my drunkenness I decided that I wanted to wear his clothes so I asked him if he was up for swapping clothes and shoes. To my surprise he agreed and with that we headed off to find somewhere to swap our stuff. As we started to undress he asked to get my boxer shorts too so I thought what the hell it would be fun, as I slipped myself into his clothes I got a great sense of joy knowing that someone else was wearing my clothes and shoes. We headed back through to the party to continue our drinking. As I mingled with the other partygoers I overheard the guy who was wearing my stuff speaking to someone who complimented him on his clothes to which he thanked them and told them that belonged to him. Upon hearing this I questioned him about getting my stuff back after the party was over to which he told me he was going to be keeping my stuff as he found them comfortable. He then proceeded to leave the party and take off like a bat out of hell up the road. I tried to catch him up but lost him shortly after leaving the house. I was fuming that I never got my stuff back but I slowly started feeling better as his clothes and shoes were quite good quality stuff so it’s not all bad. My mate then decided to head home so I left with him and crashed out in my bed in a drunken stupor still wearing this guys stuff. I awoke the next day feeling really hungover and surprised to see I was wearing, I then felt somewhat bittersweet about the previous night’s actions but decided to keep wearing his stuff as I was starting to quite like it.


Author – pretty schoolboy

I attended a British Public School and as such wore a very smart school uniform, white shirt, striped tie, charcoal grey trousers, black socks and formal lace up black shoes all finished off with a dark green blazer with the school badge on the breast pocket, we were supposed to wear a school cap up to the sixth form which I was in, being 16, after which you were exempt. I had had a very bad day and was hugely upset having broken up with Sue, my Girlfriend of 3 years, as she had been seen snogging the face off another lad. I needed space and ran off to the park where I found a quiet spot and let my feelings out, be fair I was crying my heart out, the half bottle of whiskey helped to calm me down. I had not even noticed it had started to get dark. After some time a lad came past kicking stones on the path, He was a local lad from the estate, I think, he was wearing navy track suit trousers with stripes up the sides and a black hoodie. His trackies were tucked into his white Nike socks and he was wearing black TNs. As he walked past he mumbled “you ok ?” I sniffed and mumbled “yeah not bad “  “you are not mate – what’s up ? “  I told him I was having a shit day and he said that shit happens. “you are one of those posh gits from the fancy school “ I said I was who gives a **** He asked if we always had to go round dressed up like a dogs dinner ?  Yeah I said – he chuckled and it was good to hear him laugh. I needed to hear a happy sound. He said I should chill and look more relaxed, he threw me his TNs and said here – put these on. I only ever wore trainers to play sport in so it would be cool to try them. I took off my formal shoes threw them over to him as he stood there in his white socks. They look daft with those socks mate you should put these on with them. Throw us your black socks and ill give you these, I did as he asked and stood there barefoot while he threw me his socks. I put on his nike socks and black TNs and he put on my thin black socks and formal shoes. We both agreed it felt good wearing each other’s shoes and socks and went for a walk. I tried to tuck my trousers into the socks but admitted it looked stupid and gave up. I offered him a swig of my whiskey and he drank some, I had another few swallows. Ive got a daft idea I said, what ? he asked we should swap the lot you wear my uniform and I wear your scally gear. Are you serious he asked ?  dead right I said – unbuttoning my white shirt and pulling it out of my trousers. That sounds like a laugh being all toffed up like a posh lad, pulling his hoodie, T shirt and vest off and throwing them to me. I took off my blazer shirt and tie off and hung them on a tree branch for him to take as he slid off his trackies. Are they uniform too he said pointing at my white trunks – yeah I said even got my name in them, Adam, I chuckled throwing him the pants. As I stood there in just his white socks I felt totally free, I could be anybody and all the troubles I had seemed to have melted away. I put on his thin blue cotton boxers then the rest of his gear taking care to tuck the trackie bottoms into the socks just right, but I wasn’t very good at it. He crouched down and did it for me and said “ I think you should call me Sebastian now I am all toffed up Adam” he struggled with the tie saying he had never worn one before so I pre tied it for him slipping it over his neck so he could just slide it up tight. The last thing we put back on was our shoes and his TNs felt great really bouncy and comfortable, we walked off in each other’s identities and Sebastian said “Hey the whiskey is still in the pocket, well whats left of it we should finish it off” When it had gone we threw the bottle in a bin and thought we should get some more and looked at our collective pool of cash, between us we only had 7 quid not exactly enough for whiskey but ok for some beers. “well Ive got no chance in this uniform – it’s a dead give away” I did not think I would get away with it either but there was a corner shop up the road and I thought we should give it a try – 10 minutes later I came out of the shop with a 6 pack of lager. We walked round for ages drinking the beer and chatting, lots of it about our different worlds. “ these shoes are not as comfy as my trainers Adam” said Sebastian pulling them off Id rather walk in my socks”  We walked for ages and I have never felt better about me or about life and I guess in a funny way Alun, as he was really called, and I had become firm friends. It was soon time to be heading back  and we needed  to change, Alun had enjoyed his evening as a toff -except for the shoes it was the first time ever he had worn a formal shirt and tie.– and I loved the freedom of being an anonymous scally lad, and you know much as there were differences between us much was the same as we stood there waiting to get our own clothes back Alun hairy with cropped blond  hair and me smooth and with long dark hair we could have been brothers, and as I dressed I felt the freedom I had enjoyed just melt away. One thing I do know I would be buying some similar gear very soon I felt especially the white socks and TNs.

My skate shoes stolen

Author – Jonathan

Well this story was supposed to have a happy ending, but unfortunately only the thief had a happy ending. It started with meeting another literal sneakerhead. You know the type that enjoys wearing other guys kicks. We met up and decided to hang out for the day. We met on the balcony of a local mall. I was wearing shorts and my Osiris NYC size 13 in trashed condition and he was wearing jeans and a pair of neon DCs sz 12 also in heavily used condition. Both of us were sockless. We decided to walk around the mall for a little bit, while checking out other guys in their kicks.

It was a nice hour or so before we decided to go eat at California kitchen. I had a Veggie pizza and soup while he ordered a pepperoni pizza and salad. We chatted for a while and got to really know each other.

We decided to leave out of Macys afterwards and took the escalator to the first floor and toward the exit. I inquired about us switching our kicks because I really wanted to put my feet in those DCs.

We switched kicks in my car, and while doing so the whole car stunk up that we had to open the windows.

afterwards we decided to drive over to an indoor mini golf course. You know the one that uses black light.

The DCs I had on were so radiant. It was awesome.

I saw this floor part that shined the same color of the kicks, so I took another picture there.

From that point on I knew I really wanted them. I had to find a way to be able to keep them.We decided to go out and grab a couple of drinks and after my 4th vodka and club soda I started to feel drowsy. He paid for my drinks and escorted me to my car. I am not sure what happened next because I must have passed out. I awoke to a note and barefoot.

Here is what the note said:
Hey John, I know you really wanted my DCs, however, I really wanted your Osiris. You passed out in your car and that was my chance to take both pairs. Don’t forget we did meet on a Steal my shoes story website. Ha-ha better luck next time.
Sincerely, the new owner of some sweet Osiris.
Well guess I learned my lesson and now I am an Osiris short…….

Trying on my sister’s friends shoes

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One day my sister had two of her friends staying over for the weekend and when they came in they were wearing a pair of converse hi rise and a pair of Nike court royals, when I saw their shoes I just knew I had to find a way to try them on. As the weekend went on they never really left the house so I knew my chances were getting slim until they decided to go outside wandering about the local forest. I thought to myself this is my chance as they would have to wear Wellington boots as the forest was very muddy. They left the house and I was on my own to try their shoes, I started with the converses which were a size 5 which was too small for me. I then moved on too the nikes which were size 8 and they fitted perfectly to my delight so I wore them about the house for a while then put them back to where I found them as not to raise any suspicion to having worn them. When they got back they were none the wiser which meant I was successful in my sneaky wearing of their shoes which I was delighted with

Wearing woman’s boots

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One night I was out enjoying a few drinks at my local pub when an attractive woman came in through the door, I immediately took a liking to her and so I proceeded to talk to her and buy her a few drinks. The night came to an end and the pub started closing up so I offered to walk her home, she agreed and we headed of into the night. A short while later we get to her place and she tells me she is uninterested in sleeping with me but offers me her couch to crash on for the night for being nice to her in the pub, I reluctantly agree and proceed to make myself comfortable. As I’m doing so I noticed she had kicked off her knee high boots (I’m unsure what brand/make they were) before going to her bed, I started thinking to myself about trying them on for a laugh but thought she might be unimpressed with me for doing so. I decided to wait for a short period of time for her to fall asleep before putting on her boots. Once she was asleep I slipped my feet into her boots and they were the most comfortable boots I had ever worn so I kept them on while I drifted off to sleep. After a few hours I awoke before her and realized I still had her boots on so I thought I better sneak out incase she had caught me wearing them so I put my own shoes back on and slipped out quietly. To this day she never knew I wore her boots (one of the best things I have done in terms of shoe swapping)

Swapping shoes and clothes

Author – lovetoshoeswap

Once day during the summer I was feeling quite bored so I decided to ask a friend of mine from a nearby village to come over to my house to hang out. After a while of wandering around the village we found an empty unused building so we went around the back of it to chat and mess about out of sight .I noticed my friend was wearing a pair of Nike blazers low tops , a black tracksuit top and a white t shirt which I really wanted to wear so I asked him if he wanted to swap clothes with me ,he agreed and we swapped jumpers and t shirts ,I then asked him what shoe size he wore, he said he was a size 8 which to my delight was the same size as me so I asked if I could wear his shoes as well. He was a bit reluctant at first but thought if we were wearing each other’s jumpers and t shirts then what would it matter if we swapped shoes as well. As I slipped on his shoes and he put on my Adidas samba I got the biggest boner ever. After a while my friend had to go so we swapped our clothes back but I asked to keep his shoes as they were really comfy, he agreed to let me keep them for a while.

Stories from college

Author – Ash

I was at the college library studying one day and playing with my worn and loose Adidas Stan Smiths with light grey socks. I wore those sneakers pretty much everywhere as they were really comfortable. I had my sneakers off when I got a call on my phone from my colleague at the part time job I work at. Talking isn’t allowed in the library so I had to go outside to take the call. Not wanting the guy to wait, I dashed out of the library, leaving my shoes under the table. It was a lengthy call as he had messed something up and needed help fixing the issue, and by the end my feet were getting cold and I couldn’t wait to get back into my sneakers. My socks were getting dirty so I walked quickly back in and sat down at the desk. My feet groped around for my sneakers but couldn’t find them so I looked under the table and found that my shoes had been stolen. I didn’t even know who took my sneakers and I checked with the library front desk if anyone had turned in a pair of sneakers but I couldn’t get my shoes back and had to walk home in my socks. Hope whoever took my shoes enjoys wearing them I guess.

Another story with the same pair of shoes before I lost them: there’s this lounge near the science building at college for the science students to use, but it’s a shoes-off lounge so all shoes had to be removed at the door and left outside. Again I was wearing my loose Stan smiths which at the time were still fairly new, but with light blue socks this time. I slid the sneakers off my feet and left them outside the lounge. That day happened to have a test for most of the sophomore science class, so there were lots of people in the lounge and many pairs of shoes outside. As it was time to go to the test, all these people got up together and went to leave. I was one of the last few to leave and went I got out I saw someone putting my shoes on. My size 9 Stan smiths were the ones with the padded tongue, navy blue heel patch, but there’s also a version without the padded tongue. This guy probably mixed our shoes up in the chaos and the only Stan smiths left outside were the same size but without the padded tongue. As I was running late for the test I had no choice but to put these shoes on. I could feel the imprint of the guy’s feet in the insoles and they were pretty worn, but still wearable. The shoes themselves were laced and tied tight and difficult to slip on and off, and I had a bad time in the test just thinking about my sneakers and how I was unable to play with these ones I was wearing. After the test I went back to the lounge to study and again I had to take my shoes off at the door. After a while I got up to go to the bathroom and when I looked for my shoes, I saw my original pair left at the door. I was so relieved and immediately stuck my feet into them. Not wanting to lose my sneakers again especially since I may not get them back, when I got back to the lounge I got a plastic bag from my backpack and put my shoes in it, and kept them in my backpack after that.

Unlucky swap

Author – NikeAirMax

Last week I was visiting a friend of mine. We used to hang out all the time but since he moved away weer don’t see eachother a lot. We are both about the same size a and we both own a lot of shoes. Most of the same type, the Nike air Max 90’s. Since we both wear the same size we have always been swapping shoes for a while to try them out. Nothing really bizarre, but swapping shoes for guys is not really common practice. When he lived closer we each had a number of pairs we kept track of, but we never were really sure which shoes officially belonged to who, i always had a pair of his and likewise. Then he moved away and we no longer could swap shoes so we each picked or favourite pairs and now only had our own shoes to wear.

We did stay in touch but didn’t visit eachother a while lot and only swapped a pair on our first visit until last week . I came to his place by public transit because there would be some drinking involved. Somehow I kind of forgot to put on my best nikes, i was wearing an old pair of adidas shoes when I got to his place. As you might expect, he was wearing Nike air Max 90’s and he noticed my old superstars (black ones with the white stripes). One thing led to another and soon I was wearing his brand Nikes.

He didn’t want to wear my adidas, so he picked up another pair of his nikes and we left my shoes at his place as we went out. First we went to pick up a friend of his and had a blast in his town. We didn’t even drink that much, but time flies when you’re having fun so it got about that late that we had to leave for my friends house and get me to a bus. The thing was that I could get on a bus that got me to the station right down the street ,so we could have another round if we skipped the trip to his place. We all decided this would be the best plan. I did think of my adidas shoes at his place, but didn’t mention it. I wouldn’t mind wearing his nikes for a while. We had another round and when it was time to leave ,both guys walked me to my busstop. A of a sudden my friend notices I was still wearing his brand new Nikes and he said I couldn’t take them home. I wasn’t worried, i would put on his pair and be fine. But it turned out the shoes on his feet weren’t his own to start with, they belonged to another friend he swapped his shoes with.

There was no more time to go back for my own shoes, the only thing that remained was me going home in my socks if he was serious about getting his shoes back. At the busstop it really seemed he was. I really tried to make it end in another way, but as the bus came rolling in, he still wanted his shoes back. So the only thing left to do was to take his shoes off and now enter the bus in a pair of white socks. I felt really awkward without shoes but as time progressed it turned me on more and more.

Now looking back i might do everything in the same way again if I had the chance. My adidas shoes are still at his place, I’ll have them back the next time we meet.