Escape house pt.5

Author – Irsocks

Alex was the last to come out into the main room in the house. He noticed that he was not the only one who had lost something. He noticed Evan standing in one Vans sneaker and one sock. He smiled realizing that Evan had came into the house that way. RJ stood shoeless in his. socks. Jon stood in one sock and one bare foot. None of them were happy to have beat each room. They didn’t feel so bad about themselves when they saw Alex walking toward them bare foot with no shoes or socks. They were ready to leave and get their lost footwear back. Now that all of them were there, they could finish this. RJ read the card, “Congratulations on defeating the rooms. You solved the clues. Now as you leave this place, to get back what you have lost, you must leave in this order. Place your keys in the locks in this order and your items will be waiting for you on the other side”. They were no longer in the mood for more riddles or clues. They wanted to collect their footwear and go home. This had been a bad idea. They wanted to deliver a beat down to whomever sent them the free invite. They were determined to get out and get their stuff. They decided that it did not matter in what order they got out; they were going to get their footwear regardless. They placed their keys in the locks and turned them. A door slid open near them and they walked out. Evan screamed, “WAIT!”, but it was too late. The door slid shut behind them. They were outside on the front porch. Their sneakers and socks were nowhere to be found. They beat on the door demanding their stuff be returned. No one responded. There were no windows they could break out to get back in the house. They had no choice but to leave shoeless and sockless. What an experience. They asked Evan why he screamed wait. He said he had an idea as to the order the card was talking about. He moved everyone in order as to what they had lost… Evan one shoe, RJ both shoes, Jon both shoes and a sock, and Alex both shoes and both socks. As they walked home, Evan was the only one with a grin on his face. He was already use to walking with only one shoe since they always took his sneaker. Now they knew how he felt. What a sight it was to see four guys walking down the street each of them missing something. There was one guy with one sneaker, another in only socks, still another in one sock and one bare foot, and one guy with two bare feet.

Escape house pt.4

Author – Irsocks

Alex’s room looked like a playroom. There was a giant ball pit with hundreds of black balls in it. There was a scanner on the wall also. The card on the table read, ‘Find the ball with the logo of the company that makes superstars. This was going to be hard seeing as all the balls looked the same until Alex noticed one ball with a big gold star in a square on it. He quickly grabbed it and placed it in front of the scanner on the wall. He heard a buzzer sound and the words try again. Alex knew it couldn’t have been that easy, but he had to try it. He jumped into the ball pit and dug through the balls one after another. It seemed like forever before he found the only ball that was white. It had the Adidas symbol on it. Duh, he said to himself because he realized he was wearing black and white Adidas superstars. Alex wore his superstars extra loose today. He was so focused on finding the ball that he didn’t realize that his sneakers had come off until he got out of the ball pit and looked down to see his white heel and toe black Adidas no show socks. There was no way he was going to leave his sneakers behind. He placed the ball on the floor and jumped back into the ball pit to find his sneakers. After having no luck finding them, he dug his way back out of the ball pit. To his horror he could see his bare feet. He could not believe he had lost both his sneakers and his socks. Alex didn’t even try to go back into the ball pit. He was ready to leave. He scanned the ball and a slot opened on the wall revealing a key. He got the key and used it to open a door and walked through it glad that he had won but mad that he had lost his sneakers and socks…

Escape house pt.3

Author – Irsocks

Jon’s room had an extra large screen and keyboard on the wall and a table in the corner with a card that said, “Enter the tagline, slogan, or catchphrase of the company you are wearing”. Jon was a little disappointed that his room was too easy. He typed in ‘Just Do It’ because he was dressed head to toe in Nike apparel. The wall slid back revealing another room with 10 Nike TN sneakers next to a platform and a step stool with a card that read, ‘Spell out the company logo that is a swoosh’. There were not letters or anything else in the room. This wasn’t as easy as Jon thought it would be. After getting on the step stool to see if there were any markers or anything else in the room, Jon noticed that there was a diagram on the platform. He would have to spell out Nike using the sneakers. He used all 10 of the sneakers, but nothing happened. He got on the step stool again to look at the diagram and realized that he was two sneakers short. He looked down at his red and black TNs. He reluctantly slipped them off revealing his black and red Elite socks. After placing his sneakers on the diagram, the platform flipped over catching his sock in the process ripping it from his foot. This could not be happening Jon thought to himself. Not only were his sneakers gone so was his sock. He looked down at his one Elite sock-covered foot and his one bare foot. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. His excitement to do an escape room quickly faded away. He was mad. He noticed the key on the floor and picked it up. He used the key to open the door and walked out…

Escape house pt.2

Author – Irsocks

RJ was amazed to see an extra large scales-of-justice in his room. There was a table in the corner with a letter on it. The letter said to solve the word clue to find the key. The clue read, “Washington can be found here, one can be sued here, and depending on the spelling it can be artwork or something vividly expressed. When they are placed together, they cover and protect. Place them on the scales to balance it out, one on the left, and the other on the right. RJ knew immediately that it was his DC Court Graffiks. He slipped them off and placed them on the scales. Once it balanced out, a slot next to the scales opened and a lever slid out. RJ grabbed his sneakers only to see the lever disappear into the wall. He placed his sneakers back on the scales and the lever slid out again. He pulled the lever and before he could react, the scales-of-justice with his sneakers dropped into the floor and another slot opened in the wall revealing a key. He couldn’t believe he had lost both his sneakers. He looked down at his white DC crew socks with black heels and toes. He wiggled his toes to make sure he was not dreaming. He grabbed the key and put it in the slot on the wall. He walked out sneaker-less in his sock feet angry at having lost his sneakers…

Escape house pt.1

Author – Irsocks

Jon, Alex, and RJ were excited about the Escape House. Evan not so much. That is why they had to convince him by taking his left sneaker. He hopped in behind them in one blue and black low top Vans sneaker and one white sock with blue stripe and orange heel and toe. Jon returned his sneaker. After receiving the instructions and rules, they each went into a room. In Evan’s room there was a square on the floor, a small table in the corner, and a picture on the wall. Evan read the card on the table, “This has a soul but is not alive, stepped on constantly but never depressed, and in one form can transport a family”. Evan couldn’t believe how easy this was going to be. He stepped on the square, his sneaker was scanned, the picture slid back revealing a key, and a slot on the wall opened. When Evan stepped off the square, the picture slid back and the slot closed. This wasn’t going to be so easy after all. He had no choice but to slip off his sneaker. He placed his sneaker on the square and the picture slid back and the slot opened again. Evan retrieved the key, but did not know how he would get out without leaving his sneaker. Evan thought he could come back for his sneaker later. He glanced over at his sneaker and then put the key into the slot. A door in the wall opened, and he stepped through. As the door slid shut, Evan gave a farewell glance to his sneaker in the middle of the room…

New to the bench

Author – Jman

Andrew started giggling in class and the teacher summoned him to the bench in the front of the classroom. (When students break the rules, they have to give up their shoes and forfeit them over to the school. Offenders are summoned to a bench in the front of the classroom where they have to sit down and take off their shoes and put their shoes in a black box marked “shoe jail.” When the “shoe jail” is full, the forfeited shoes are auctioned off and the proceeds go for school supplies.) Andrew took his seat on the bench and took of his white converse all stars revealing plain white socks. He then held what were about to be his former shoes within nose range of the teacher and placed them in the black box. The teacher said to him, “How many pairs is this?” “Four,” Andrew replied. The sock-footed student then made his way back to his seat.

When class was over Caleb came up to Andrew and said, “You seem to lose your shoes allot.” “It’s fun,” Andrew replied, “the first time I lost my shoes I was somewhat upset but once I lost them, I liked spending the rest of the day in my socks and I wanted to repeat that experience. Besides I can always afford to buy new shoes. You should try losing your shoes sometime.” Caleb was not sure about this. Andrew said to him, “Why don’t we both come to class late together tomorrow.” Caleb was still not sure about this but Andrew convinced him to go along with losing his shoes.

The next morning Andrew came to school with white low top tennis shoes with a green stripe. These shoes were somewhat worn but still in good condition. Caleb came to school wearing brown deck shoes. When the bell rang Andrew and Caleb stayed behind. Two minutes after the bell Andrew and Caleb proceeded to class. Caleb looked down at his shoes and sighed knowing the fate that awaited his shoes once he walked into the classroom. As Andrew and Caleb walked into the classroom, the teacher said, “Nice that you could join us boys, have a seat on the bench. Andrew, you show Caleb what to do.” Andrew sat down and took off his tennis shoes revealing white socks with a green line across the toes. Caleb took of his shoes, revealing blackish-brown socks. Both of them put their shoes in the “shoe jail” and headed to their seats. Andrew was content to lose his shoes once again and Caleb actually liked the experience of losing his shoes and wanted to do it again.

It was a couple days later in class and Caleb and Andrew where throwing a history book at each other. Eventually, their friend Daniel got involved in the action. Daniel was someone that was easily swayed by others. Caleb, Andrew and Daniel were summoned to the bench. All three took of their shoes and placed them in the box. Caleb and Andrew then welcomed Daniel into the “shoe losing” club. All three looked forward to losing their shoes again.

They took my shoe

Author – Rick

This was back when I was in the 7th grade. We had what we called the snack shack a place we could buy snacks and hang out. On that particular morning I got to school early and went to the snack shack to wait on friends. I was the only one there. when a couple of guys I didn’t know came in and sit down. After about 10 mins. They walked over to me and said give use your left shoe. I said what they repeated it. I ask why? One of the guys said because we ask nicely. I started untying my left shoe and slide it off and one of them picked it up. They walked out the door with my left shoe leaving me sitting wearing my right black DC and a white no show sock on my left foot. I just sit there looking at my sock foot I didn’t believe they just took my left shoe. A few mins. My friends got there and of course, ask me why I was wearing one shoe. I told them two guys took it. They didn’t believe me. They thought I wore one shoe to school. The bell rang and I had to go to class, so I took my right shoe off I thought that was better. I walked down the hall in my socks and one of the teachers stopped me and said you have to wear shoes. I explained what happen she said then you have one wear it. I went back to my locker and put my right shoe on and went to class and spent the day wearing one shoe. I got home and explained what happen. The reply was you took your shoe off and gave it away well it will be Friday before I have money this was Monday. I spend the week missing my left shoe I never seen those guys again I think they came from a nearby private school.