At the bar

Author – Sockboy

Some time ago I was in this bar with some friends having a drink and some fun. I was wearing my new sneakers that day. At some point in the evening one of them asked me, hey are those new sneakers on your feet? I said yes, you like them? And I showed them of a little. Then he said, I don’t know, are they real Nike’s or are they fake? I said, fake? no man they are real Nike’s. Then he said, let me see the label on the inside so I can see if they are not fake. The others laughed and said, yeah take your shoe off and let us see. I didn’t know what they were up to at that moment so I took my left sneaker off and showed them. The guy next to me grabbed it off my hand and said, let me see and started inspecting it. Then one said, you let us see the left one but what about the right one? I said, what about it? Well he said, maybe that is the fake one, you show us that one too. I felt something coming up but I thought, they’re my friends, what can happen? I was sitting on a barstool and my feet didn’t touch the floor so my white socks wouldn’t get dirty, I thought… I  took the right shoe off and showed that one to. In a moment that shoe was off my hands to and went around. Then one of them said, the drinks are almost empty, who’s turn is it to get some new? We were looking at eachother and then one guy said, it’s your turn, is it? I said yeah but I’m not going in socks. He said, you will have to because we are still inspecting your footwear and we are thirsty. I looked around the bar that was crowded and the floor but I couldn’t see if it was very dirty. I said come on guys, give me my shoes back, I’m wearing white socks. The guy on the other side of the table looked at me and said, I don’t care, just get us some drinks and they were all laughing. I looked around again and I saw I had to cross almost half the bar to get the drinks. Then I pulled myself together and said, okay, I get something to drink. I got up and went to the bartender and ordered the drinks. On my way there it felt like everybody was watching me but I didn’t care. When I got back with the drinks I couldn’t see this one guy who had my shoes and I asked, where is he? I was searching for my shoes at the same time, but I didn’t see them. Wheres my shoes, I said but everybody was laughing and then one of them said, I think he went out for a smoke. I said, with my shoes? This guy said, I don’t know. And they were laughing again. I sat down again to drink and wait for him to come back. After some minutes I said, guys where has he gone? One of them said, maybe he’s gone home. I was still in my socked feet and thought, this can’t be true. I tried to look through the window but I didn’t see him anywhere. The glasses were empty again and one of my friends said, let’s go somewhere else. I said, what about me? I can’t go anywhere like this. He said, I’m afraid you have to because he said he went to this other bar and wait there for us. I didn’t believe him at first but then they got up and said come on we’re leaving. There was nothing left for me to do but follow them. We had to walk about 2 miles to this other bar and when we got there this ‘missing’ friend sat there laughing with my sneakers on the table. He said, hey, I checked them and I believe now they are no fake’s. And they were laughing again. I took my shoes off the table and put them on again. We had a few more drinks and laughs and went home again…



Author – Briggs

I broke my leg at the beginning of summer and the cast they put on my leg went from my thigh and stopped at my ankle so I could but my shoe on so I just wore a sock on that foot .i got the cast of a week ago and for got to take my shoe so when we left I still only had one shoe to wear when I got up for school I went to my closet to get my shoe but it was gone it had been six weeks since I wore it.I walked down stairs and ask my mom if she knew where my shoe was she said no.We looked for it about 30mins she finally said don’t worry about it you haven’t wore a shoe in six weeks so just go like you are. So I’ve been going to school missing a shoe since I started school this year


shoes – Nike hi tops

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Burning Hunters Shoes

Author – Mark


After school Monday we was hanging out at Johnnies house messing around and wrestling. I tackled hunter and his shoe came off and Johnny grabbed it ran in the shop and came back out with a can of lighter fluid and told hunter if his foot touched the ground he would burn the shoe.

So I pushed hunter and Johnny set his shoe on fire. We tried to put it out but couldn’t get the shoe out it burned to a point he couldn’t wear it.

Hunter got so mad he said I don’t have another pair what am I supposed to do for shoes. Johnny said I guess wear one and hunter walked off mad.

The next morning hunter came in to school wear one shoe and said this isn’t funny Johnny you owe me a pair of shoes. Johnny just laughed and walked off Hunter said his mom and dad wouldn’t buy him new ones so he is running around missing a shoe.



Bet in a Bar

Author – AirMax

Me and some friends where playing pool in a bar where i got challenged for a game by a girl i didn’t know. I think she picked me because i suck at pool, but she was pretty cute, so i agreed. She then wanted me to bet some money, and i agreed, but only if she would bet her shoes.

She was wearing black low all stars with cute colourfull socks. She thought about it, and then agreed. I put my money on the table and asked her to do the same with her shoes.

First she didn’t want to take her shoes off for the game, but with some encouragement from me and my friends she put her shoes on top of my money and played the game in her socks. I did lose the game and my money, but seeing her play in her socks was worth it! She put her shoes back on and asked me if i wanted another game. I told her i would play again, with the same wager.

She didn’t want to bet her shoes again, but she wanted me to bet mine. I wasn’t planning on losing my shoes, but in the end i gave in to the peer pressure of my friends. So, i’ve put my shoes on the money and agreed to another game, me playing in socks this time.

I lost the game again, and all my friends cheered when the girl picked up my shoes and held them up for all to see. She stayed around me and my friends for a while, and she put my shoes back on the table. She played another game with a friend of mine and she won again, and then she decided it was time to leave. She thanked us for the games and walked off, leaving my shoes behind.

I thought i had a lucky break, but she turned around, looked straight at me, and told me she needed my shoes. I tried to buy my shoes back, but she first tried wearing my shoes with hers still on. She had small feet, her all stars fit in my nikes. My friends all laughed when this girl walked away in my shoes, but now i had no shoes anymore. My friends didn’t think this was a good enough reason to go home, i’ve spent half the night in my socks. We did meet the girl later that night, but she didn’t remember where my shoes were. She did think it was hilarious that i still had no shoes on.



Shoes in Mud

Author – Evan

About a week ago, I was walking with a friend to his house. We decided to take a shortcut by crossing over this fairly small trench with some water in it. As I was about to jump over it, my foot sank into the ground, so I flew out of my left shoe as I landed on the other side. As I landed, my right shoe fell off and rolled towards the water. My friend tossed me my right shoe for me to put on. Then he pointed at the deep mudhole where my left shoe had sunken into and was laughing at me at how deep my shoe was. He managed to pull it out, but I didnt put it on since some mud got on the inside and I didnt want to get my sock dirty. I wound up hopping the rest of the way while carrying my muddy shoe.



Author – RJ

This happened a few years ago.
Me and my friend were down on the beach and were just messing around. There weren’t many people around as it was out of season and pretty cold. I was wearing some Osiris Bronx and he had some some black Airwalks on.

My friend decided to start digging a hole so I helped and soon we had a pretty sizeable pit dug between us.

“Why don’t I bury you in it?” I suggested and he was well up for it, so he slid off his air walks and socks and jumped into the hole. I started pushing the sand in around his legs and soon he was stuck up above his knees. I took my opportunity and grabbed one of his Airwalks and dropped a bit of sand in them. He was like “No, stop” but could do nothing about it. I continued pushing san into his shoe until the top was just visible. By this point he had escaped the sand pit and pushed me out the way to start digging up his shoe. he emptied the sand out and put it back on.

“Now its your turn” he said and started digging the hole again. I knew he would get revenge and was intrigued to see what he would do. So, when the hole was big enough, I pulled off my bronx and black socks and jumped into the hole. He had gone a bit deeper this time so I was up to mid thigh when the hole was filled in. He then rounded on my Bronx, which I was in no position to protect, and grabbed one. He started digging another hole whilst I “struggled” to escape the sand. He then placed my Osiris into the hold and I couldn’t see the top of it. I started to panic a little as I didn’t want to not be able to find it again, but he started piling sand into the hole and my shoe, pushing it right up into the toe. He was smoothing the top of my Osiris’ grave by the time I was just getting out and I had no clue where exactly where my shoe was.

It took me about 15mins of digging whilst my friend just laughed as I struggled to find my shoe. Eventually I hit the top of it and dug it out, emptied the copious amounts of sand out of it and we headed off.

Part of me was pleased I found it, but I was excited I might not find it, anyhow, this was about 4 years ago, and I still find some sand in it every once in a while :p