Out of character

Author – Sneaked666

Birthdays. Not a fan to be honest. It’s just a day, like any other, but ever so slightly more annoying. I hate being the centre of attention. I guess Birthdays at University were okay I suppose. University birthdays were an excuse to go out and get caned whatever night it was – not that we didn’t go out drinking most nights anyway.  It always felt better on Sundays; the bar shut earlier so you had to start earlier or drink quicker. Not that’s really a good thing. It kinda felt like a good thing at the time though. Sorry.

So yeah, it was my birthday. We had started right after lectures, pausing to grab some food, before ploughing on again. I guess I might have been what was traditionally called ‘ratted’. Caned. Soused. Legless. Mullered. Yeah we got one more in just before the bar shut. Had to finish that in 20 minutes, plus the half pint I had left. Things always seem a good idea at the time right? Like the time when I accidentally…

Oh, what sneakers was I wearing? Guess you didn’t what to know about the time when I accidentally… No, well okay, it wasn’t a great story anyway. I was wearing my DC Character. Limited edition I might add. That might explain why I was still wearing them even though they were beat. And I mean really beat.

Well that and the fact I had no money. The beer? Yeah money for that, but the soles were still attached and the lining, well, the lining was pretty much in one piece. If I keep telling myself that I might believe it. The leather was really creased though, and the creases had become darkened from the mud and grime of everyday life. My jeans weren’t much better – faded and with lots of holes. I guess they would be ‘on point’ right now.

But I’m talking too much about myself. I should get to know you better; your hopes and desires. Oh, you just want to know about my sneakers? Okay, maybe I’ll get to know you better another time. That would be nice.

We started walking back to the dorms. We went the indirect route by which I mean we took the direct route but not in a straight line. We were laughing and giggling in the warm summer evening wearing just tees. The earlier shower shower had left a faint sheen of moisture on the grass that gave it an otherworldly look as it bounced the photons of the harsh sodium lighting around.

“What the fu..!”

Maybe I should have been paying more attention to my friends rather than the grass. Or maybe they had decided that as I was so interested they would give me a closer look, and as they bundled me to the ground, that’s exactly what I had.

A nice lie down was probably just what I needed, although it would have been more peaceful without my mates piling in on top of me. I can’t say I was massively upset even when they started tickling me. Hands touching me all over, faces brushing past mine in the confusion. Other things brushing past other things in the chaos.

It was then, gasping for breath under the joint attack of four pairs of hands, I felt my sneakers being slipped off. That’s when I started saying ‘no’ a lot; my feet are the most ticklish part of my body. Unbearably so. My friends soon found this out from the merest touch on my white socked foot; I bucked so hard I threw one of my friendly assailants off. He was dazed for a second before the friend attacking my foot said ‘hold him down’. Two of them pushed my down flat into the damp grass while a third sat on my arse, holding my legs in an arm lock, pointing my feet skywards.

I could feel the ringleader’s fingers hovering over my feet as the wetness from the grass started to make my jeans damp. The wait was unbearable. Almost as unbearable when he started, on both feet. I buckled, squealed and drooled during the prolonged attack. Yes, you could say it was undignified. Not my best look for sure. Sadly not my worst…

“Okay we’re done!”

As soon as it had started it had stopped. I slowly pulled myself up, the front of my baggy jeans darker and pulled down slightly revealing my Quiksilver cotton boxers. My grey tee was similarly damp, but I was more taken by the strange smell in the air. They were all stood in front of me, grinning and laughing.

“Come on guys, where’s me shoes?” I said pathetically, half expecting my friend to be playing piggy in the middle with them seeing as we seemed to have regressed to eight year olds, but they just stood there.

It was about then I realised that the tickling was a distraction as they stepped aside to let me see my DC sneakers. My DC sneakers being consumed by flames! I went to get up in a vain attempt to save them but was quickly pushed back down again. The tongue was well alight and the laces had long since melted away. The toe box started to char and slowly twist upwards and the large DC logo on the side started to melt.

“They should have gone a long time ago – we thought this was the only safe option!”

“Aww guys, they’re the only pair I have.” I mumbled, a bit sad my favourite (only) sneakers were gone and wondering how I was going to afford a new pair.

“We know.”

That somehow made the betrayal worse.

“Can we tell him now?” They all agreed and one of them pulled a box from his rucksack and opened it. It was a brand new pair of Etnies Callicuts!

“Happy birthday dude! You really needed some new shoes so we got you some!”

The think my grin was probably from ear to ear. “Aww, best friends ever!” I slurred.

“Let’s go back to my dorm – I’ve got some lousy spirits!”

“Cool, can I have my Etnies please?” I giggled

“When we get to mine!”

And with that he closed the box and ran off across the grass to his dorm. I got up, cursing him, which is precisely when the remaining three friends reached into one of the holes in my jeans and pulled hard. The sound of shredding denim filled the air and I was thrown off my feet in a heap. They ran off whooping and laughing as I pulled myself up, admiring the dangling ragged remains of my Southpoles. My (ex) jeans were officially a health hazard for moving safely so I quickly shucked them off, before racing after them, my white socks getting wet on the grass.

Back at his dorm we did indeed drink suspect spirits and yes, we regretted it the next afternoon. The purveyor of the bargain booze said I could have a pair of his jeans but I couldn’t have them until I left. So I sat there in my boxers and tee wearing my new Etnies. Sockless of course; they were hanging over the back of a chair.

It was starting to get light when we finished talking and as the other three left I went to collect my new jeans. When we got to his room we were both exhausted; he kicked off his Adidas Samba and laid down on his bed, giggling. I sat down next to him and we chatted some more. It was that easy chat; the sort that requires no thought or effort.

When we awoke the next day we were spooning, and rather than awkwardly pulling apart at this unexpected turn of events we stayed there together. At first not moving, just making sure we were both awake I suppose. Finally, he pulled my arm over him and I didn’t complain. My new Etnies ended up in his room a lot more over the last week of term and the following year. I know, funny how things turn out isn’t it? Then it was the end of university and we were forced to go our separate ways, back to our home towns on opposite sides of the Country.

I sometimes wonder if he engineered the whole thing; a situation to remove my inhibitions, to get me out of character and into his bed. Not that it really matters, I’m glad he did.

But I gotta go, that’s his car now. It’s been really nice meeting you, we must do this again sometime. Maybe you can tell me one of your stories next time? I’d like that a lot.

Stormy high water

Author – Leo

I live in a small town on the south coast of England and work in a bigger town a few miles away. This winter we have been having a lot of severe storms coming in from the Atlantic. In my lunch time I like to go with a colleague down to the sea front when it’s rough and watch the sea breaking on the sea wall and shooting about eight feet into the air. The promenade gets covered with pebbles from the beach, plus the odd dead fish or crab. The popular thing to do is to go to the railings and wait for a big wave to come and as it breaks and shoots into the air you run for it. If you are quick you get away OK, but if you are too slow you get a soaking. This lunch time we had been lucky so far. The next wave crashed onto the sea wall; it was a very big one and we were a bit slow getting away. I stumbled on the loose pebbles and my loafer came off. I had the choice of retrieving it and getting soaked or leaving it and getting away dry. I left it, thinking that it might be alright, and I would just have a wet foot. When I was at a safe distance I stopped and turned in time to see my shoe swept away under the railings and over the edge of the promenade and into the boiling sea.
There was nothing I could do; my loafer had gone to a watery grave! We were due back at work in about ten minutes so I had no choice but to go with one shoe and one very soggy light blue sock. I managed to get into the office without being seen and spent the rest of the afternoon with no shoes on and my feet tucked under my desk.
When it was time to leave I waited, tidying my desk playing for time, until nearly everyone had gone, then left with my friend. By this time the shops would be closed and there was no chance of getting another pair of shoes until the weekend. Fortunately shoes were the one thing I was not short of; I had at least twelve pairs, plus some odd ones, at home. This loafer would be another one for the collection.
I went to the bus stop very cautiously with the one shoe on and got on the bus. This was a bit difficult because I knew that people on the bus could see my shoeless foot. There were a few smiles of sympathy which made me feel even worse. After I got off the bus the walk home was uneventful and I was pleased to be home.

Post script.  I teamed the odd left loafer up with an odd right one which was in my collection. They were almost identical and I wore them to work the next day. Perhaps later I will purposely lose one of them, when it is dry!, and give myself another thrill. 

My teacher

Author – A student

So today started off like a normal school day. I got up, got a shower, got dressed and then got on the bus. Today I was wearing a white sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and white high top Air Force Ones. When I got to my locker I got my binder and then went to talk with my friends in the hallway. Then at the last minute we all went to class. When I got to first period which was math I realized I did not have a pencil. I then asked the teacher if I could borrow a pencil and she said yes if I give a collateral. I asked what collateral. She then said I can borrow a pencil if I give her one of my shoes. I said fine and bent down and started to untie my right shoe. After that I then slipped off my right shoe revealing my white nike sock. I then could start to smell my shoe. I then handed her my shoe and she then placed it in her desk. I then sat down in my seat and started to work on my assignment. When class was over I asked my teacher if I could borrow her pencil for the rest of the day since none of my other teachers would let me borrow pencils. She said sure but your shoe stays here. I then walked out of the class room with one shoe and a sock. When I got to my next class the teacher asked me where my shoe was. I told him that my math teacher took it. He then just shook his head and then started to teach. Then after that class I went to my next class. After I walked in and sat down I took a glance at the bottom of my sock. It was slightly dirty but I did not really care. After class was over I went to lunch. All my friends asked where my shoe was and I told them that my math teacher took it for a pencil. They all laughed. After lunch I finished my last 4 classes and walked back into my math teachers room to get my shoe back. When I walked in I handed her the pencil and she then pulled out a shoe. But it was someone else’s shoe. Then she pulled out another and she said is this your shoe? I told her no it is a white high top. She said no there are no white high tops. I said well you better find my shoe. She said I don’t know where it went and she then said sorry. I then walked out of the classroom and got on the bus. I then looked at the bottom of my sock and it was full of dirt and hairs. Thanks to my teacher I have nothing to wear but socks on my right foot. Comment if this has happened to you guys.

My skate shoes stolen

Author – Jonathan

Well this story was supposed to have a happy ending, but unfortunately only the thief had a happy ending. It started with meeting another literal sneakerhead. You know the type that enjoys wearing other guys kicks. We met up and decided to hang out for the day. We met on the balcony of a local mall. I was wearing shorts and my Osiris NYC size 13 in trashed condition and he was wearing jeans and a pair of neon DCs sz 12 also in heavily used condition. Both of us were sockless. We decided to walk around the mall for a little bit, while checking out other guys in their kicks.

It was a nice hour or so before we decided to go eat at California kitchen. I had a Veggie pizza and soup while he ordered a pepperoni pizza and salad. We chatted for a while and got to really know each other.

We decided to leave out of Macys afterwards and took the escalator to the first floor and toward the exit. I inquired about us switching our kicks because I really wanted to put my feet in those DCs.

We switched kicks in my car, and while doing so the whole car stunk up that we had to open the windows.

afterwards we decided to drive over to an indoor mini golf course. You know the one that uses black light.

The DCs I had on were so radiant. It was awesome.

I saw this floor part that shined the same color of the kicks, so I took another picture there.

From that point on I knew I really wanted them. I had to find a way to be able to keep them.We decided to go out and grab a couple of drinks and after my 4th vodka and club soda I started to feel drowsy. He paid for my drinks and escorted me to my car. I am not sure what happened next because I must have passed out. I awoke to a note and barefoot.

Here is what the note said:
Hey John, I know you really wanted my DCs, however, I really wanted your Osiris. You passed out in your car and that was my chance to take both pairs. Don’t forget we did meet on a Steal my shoes story website. Ha-ha better luck next time.
Sincerely, the new owner of some sweet Osiris.
Well guess I learned my lesson and now I am an Osiris short…….

There’s a reason for laces

Author – Country Lad

The three of were spending a fairly aimless day wandering about and we found ourselves on an old deserted railway line and we were just kicking stones along the track. Phil gave the stone a particularly good kick and his right trainer flew off down the embankment. Stood there in his one remaining Reebok Classic and one white sock he had no choice but to scramble down the embankment to hunt for his other trainer. The embankment was full of rocks and brambles which made progress slow and painful. He asked if Pete of I would lend him a right shoe while he looked. Pete felt sorry for him, unlaced his right Nike trainer and threw it down leaving him standing in one grey trainer and one stripey sock. Phil kept searching but had no luck at all. He climbed back up the embankment in odd trainers feeling very sorry for himself, I guess it broke the mood of the day so we turned round to head for home Phil in one socked foot as he had given the trainer back to Pete, who was pleased as he had not enjoyed walking even a small distance in his socked foot. Phil kept moaning about having only one trainer and I said he was soft for complaining, Right said Phil if you think its so easy lend me your trainer and you walk in your sock – no better yet walk in both socks and give me both trainers I bet you darn’t. I’ve never refused a dare so I handed over my size 8 Air Max trainers and walked on in my grey sports socks. Phil tried to put on my right trainer but he was a size 10 so he had no chance so he just carried them. Only Phil had both his shoes on and I am sure that’s how he wanted it to stay.  We came off the old railway track to head home and were soon at the edge of some farm land with about half an hours walk home to go and being a country lad walking in my socks did not bother me. Phil was still moaning about being in one shoe and Pete suggested he should throw the remaining one away and stop moaning, You take yours off and I will yelled an exasperated Phil. Pete Took his shoes off laughing and we waited for Phil to throw his remaining shoe away, We started chanting “throw it” to further wind him up and after a few moments he did so by that time all three of us were in our socks and that’s how we stayed till we got close to home when Pete and I put our shoes back on leaving Phil to finish the journey in his white socks.

Lucky me…

Author – Takemyshoes65

So, here’s an unplanned story for you all. By unplanned, I mean that I’ve been writing up some true stories that have happened to me in my life and, whilst I’ve been doing this, what you’re about to read happened to me. So, as it’s rather fresh in my memory I thought I’d submit this before anything else. I work on a campus, in an office. I live about a 40 minute walk away and I don’t drive so I walk every day. As I reached campus, the sole of my boot came apart and I had no Idea what to do. I didn’t fancy another walk and this had happened to a colleague of mine before so I thought to hell with it, I’ll go in to the office and take the jokes. There isn’t much more to the story other than the fact that I live in a fairly rural area so my sock got absolutely caked in mud on the walk home and my toes were numb. Luckily for me, I get a kick out of this sort of thing so I wasn’t as frustrated as the normal person. However, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I’ve attached some photos of my rather embarrassing day for your pleasure.

College osiris

Author – Jonathan

Being the Brainiac type I was normally the first one people would seek out for homework or test help. In college this was normally appreciated because most of the kids would party on the weekends and some weeknights, but I would be in my dorm room studying, tutoring, or just watching TV. Underneath my bunkbed I had a chest and inside this chest was my sneaker collection. I never had any new kicks because ever since high school the kicks I owned used to belong to fellow students. Some I would buy off of them, others I would grab when I can. Always calculating the perfect opportunity to grab some kicks that would fit me. This was the end of the semester and Jacob my dorm mate asked if I wanted to go to a F the finals party. Names these kids come up with, ha.  Anyway, I said no because I was having difficulties understanding matrices and I needed to study. He said if I change my mind, he is going with another student he met with in motorcycle club. My roommate was always tinkering with cars and bikes and always coming back dirty as hell. I would have taken his kicks, but he wore size 9 New Balance and it always reminded me of my dad’s kicks and I am a SZ 12. So, there I was studying math when a knock came at the door. Jacob answered it and there stood the hottest guy I’ve seen in a long time. So, here is Benjamin I thought, I almost went back to my work when I looked down and saw him wearing a trashed pair of Osiris NYC in a grungy style. It piqued my interest and I told Jacob to hold up and that I would go to this party. Benjamin was a nice guy and actually owned his own motorcycle. Since there were three of us, we had to take my car to this party as I promised I would be the DD. We got there and the party was already underway. Benjamin headed straight to the kitchen to grab a drink and Jacob went outside to the back because he saw this girl he knew and wanted to talk to. It was a house with a backyard pool. Ah, living in Florida. The host was some drunk guy by the name of Tim. He placed a beer in my hand and told me he would show me around. I said sure cause I wanted to see where people could possibly leave their shoes. Tim told me that the third bedroom was for clothes and shoes for all the people swimming, bedroom two was a necktie room meaning if you see a necktie around the door. Do not enter as some fun is going on. The first bedroom was a pass out room, so Tim put it. If you are too drunk, you can pass out there. I thanked Tim and mingled my way around. I saw some guys wearing Nikes and a few wearing some Adidas Boost. I saw Jordan’s and a pair of Yeezys. Most looked too small and the ones that I did want I could not find a way to grab them. I kept thinking oh why oh why couldn’t these people go swimming. I went into bedroom three and I saw mostly girl shoes and 2 small pairs of Asics. Nothing to go gaga about. Jacob approached me at 3 am and asked if I’ve seen Benjamin. I told him that the last time I saw him was half an hour ago talking to some girl. Tim overheard and told Jacob and I that he was in the second bedroom with Marissa. I was like dam she was lucky. Jacob said that he was ready to go and if he could just sit in the car to wait. I was like okay sure. Twenty minutes passed and the living room was quiet, even the pool had only one person in it. People were either passed out or had left. I could hear through that bedroom door that more fun was still going on. So, I sat down on the couch. In the corner of the room I saw something familiar. A pair of Osiris NYC that I had eyed earlier. I was like hot dam here’s my chance. I found a bag and put them in. I went back to my car and Jacob was already passed out. I put the shoes in the trunk and went back to the house. I waited five minutes more when the bedroom door opened, and I saw Benjamin tiptoeing out of there. I was like hey let’s go we are leaving.He said yeah lets go fast cause I just slept with Tim’s girlfriend Traci.  I thought that was Marissa. I inquired.Yeah it was 2 hours ago. Anyway, let’s go.While he was talking to me, he searched around for his shoes.Hey buddy have you seen my shoes anywhere? At this point I was thrilled, and I wanted it to keep going so I said what were your shoes?It’s a pair of Osiris SZ 12 black and grey. I lied and said oh those were yours? I saw a guy wearing them when he left an hour ago.Are you F@#$%ing kidding me dude!! That’s the only pair I have with me at the dorms. After cursing for a minute, we left because we didn’t want to wake up anyone and I drove us back to the dorms.Jacob woke up from his sleep and we all got out of the car. Benjamin, did you forget something at the party? Asked Jacob.No dam it shut up Jacob some jackass stole my shoes. Benjamin was so pissed when he got on his bike to go to his dorm, he said f$%^ it and ripped his socks off his feet and threw them to the pavement. Why do I need socks if I don’t have any shoes to wear…. I am gonna live the life of a rebel!!!!   As he kicked the bike into motion, he screamed YIPPIE I KAY YEA!!!!  Shish, alcohol and kids don’t match. Luckily his stupid ass made it back safely to his dorm and I escorted Jacob back to the room. Ten minutes later I went out to retrieve my new pair of black socks. Two days later the semester ended, and I went on my merry way back home. Not only did I pass that math final but as a reward I got myself a new pair of preworn Osiris and socks. I never did see Benjamin again and Jacob graduated that year. But I will always have that memory. 
P.S. if anyone is interested in my stories please let me know, you can contact me through RJ.