Army Cadets – pt 2

Author – Shoeless Guy

As they began their descent from the hill Gary glanced back at the flagpole, the dangling boots swung in the breeze. Marty got well ahead of the others and as he approached camp he spotted a pair of black socked feet resting on top of the kit bags. “You fallen asleep Will?” he said. He walked nearer and realised the feet where tied together. Then he went down.
Gary said to the others “Where has Marty gone?”
“He was ahead of us” said Baz.
They halted their approach to camp and waited, Gary commanded Ross to move forward slowly to the right and Sean to the left. Ross could see the camp ahead, he spotted Will tied up on the ground and Marty being held by two of the sergeants with Nick talking to him.
“Where are my boots?” said Nick, Marty didn’t reply. “Tie him up and take his boots”
Sean saw Marty’s wrists being tied and thrown to the ground then his boots removed. He was so fixated watching Marty’s boot confiscation that he didn’t notice two Sergeants creep up from behind. They pushed him to the ground, Amrit wrapped his hand over Seans mouth as Ian tied his hands behind his back. They marched Sean towards the others. Sean tried to free himself from his binds but knew his fate, he saw Will and Marty bound on the floor, he knew he would shortly be losing his boots and joining them.
Ross watched and said “shit” as watched a tied up Sean placed on the ground and getting his boots removed. He turned to get up and his foot was grabbed, Kev had sneaked up on him, his grip on Ross’ boot was strong. He had no choice but to get out his army knife and rip the laces on his boot. His brown socked foot fell out of the boot and he ran off to warn his remaining team mates.
Nick demanded to know where their boots where, the tied up Corporals where not answering. Kev returned holding up a boot in his hand. Nick tried on the capture guys boots, they where all too small. He knew he couldn’t return to the main cadet camp without his boots or the flag.
Ross returned to Gary and Baz, they captured Will while we got the flag, Marty was ambushed walking back to camp and they grabbed Sean, they’re all tied up. I nearly got captured too but escaped unfortunately I lost a boot as he looked down at his socked foot. “This is getting out of hand” said Gary “We are supposed to capture the flag, not each other”.
“What we going to do with the prisoners” said Mike.
“We are going to wait until their mates attempt to rescue them” said Nick.
Gary knew he had to sacrifice himself to save the others. He walked into camp hands in air “Let my men go and you can have your boots and the flag” he said to Nick
“Where are the others” said Nick.
“Watching and waiting”
“Let my men go” Gary said again
Nick looked down at his now rather dirty socks then across to Gary’s booted feet. “Not until you give me your boots” he said.
“No deal” said Gary
“Take off your boots and your men can go”
Gary sat on the ground unlaced and removed his boots then threw them over to Nick. The Corporals where untied. Gary sat in his grey boot socks watching Nick putting on his boots. “God Damn it” said Nick “Is nobody else a size 11” he shouted as he threw Gary’s boots on top of the other confiscated footwear. The newly released corporals went to retrieve their boots but where stopped by the sergeants. “You’ll get your boots once we have ours” said Nick who told Gary to beckon his two remaining men to the camp. A few minutes later Baz and Ross walked into camp. Nick demanded they take their boots off or boot with Ross. They looked at their leader, Gary said “Just give them your boots” with a look of defeat on his face. They sat on the ground and removed them and threw their boots to Nick. The Corporals all stood together in their uniforms and socked feet. “Where are our boots and the flag” said Nick.
“Your boots are tied to the flag pole at the top of the hill” said Gary.
“How can we trust you” said Nick
“We’ll take you to them” said Gary “And you also have our boots as ransom”
Nick told Amrit to place all the Corporals boots in a sleeping bag and hide them in the trees. “Just in case they try and double cross us” he said.
“Before you hide our boots” said Gary “I want your men to take off their remaining boots and place them in another sleeping bag so we can hide them til we return, then we’re all shoeless and equal as we climb the hill, if not the flag remains hidden and no team wins”
Reluctantly Nick agreed to Gary’s demand and ordered his men to remove the boots off their right feet. Baz got a sleeping bag and one by one the sergeants placed their boots inside. They looked down at their feet, each had a clean right socked foot and a dirty left socked foot. Amrit disappeared in one direction and Baz in the other, after a few minutes they both returned empty handed.
Now all 12 cadets where in their army uniforms and stood in socks. “Where is the flag?” said Nick.
“The flag is in Will’s boots which we mistakenly left up with your boots” said Gary
The climb to the top was slow wearing just socks. They eventually reached the flagpole.
“What game are you playing Gary” said Nick as he looked up at the empty flagpole.
“They where definitely there” said Gary “I’m not playing any game, after all you have hidden our boots. We are on open land, any member of the public could of seen them and stole them”
“Great” said Nick “Thanks to you guys my boots have been stolen”
“Game over for both teams” said Gary. “The flag was in Will’s stolen boots, we’re all going to be gunged as neither team captured the flag”
As they sat a dogwalker appeared Nick looked at him and asked “Have you seen anyone carrying lots of boots”
The dog walker laughed as he looked at the 12 uniformed cadets sat in their socks and said “What sort of army do we have when our soldiers have their boots stolen” as his dog sniffed Nick’s socked feet.
The walk downhill was just as hard without boots, they arrived back at the Blue team’s camp. All the kit bags where missing. “Go get the sleeping bags with the boots in” said Gary to Amrit and Baz. They reappeared empty handed. “They’ve gone too” said Amrit. “Somebody has been watching us and taken everything” said Nick.
All 12 cadets walked back to the main camp, marching in their socked feet, no boots or kit bags. It had been decided that only the two team leaders would be gunged. Their men had suffered enough at their lack of leadership. The flag had not been in Will’s boots but in Gary’s jacket all the time, where it remained. He saw the disappointment on the 17 year old Nicks face, his last Cadet camp, no glory of winning. He’d had his revenge on Nick, without his boots all day. He was now prepared to share the humiliation in camp as joint loser.
Gary the Corporal and Nick the Sergeant where paraded through camp in uniform, no boots, their socks dirty and worn. They where tied to a tree and gunged with water, mud and the gunk from paint balls.
As they stood there tied to the tree, being covered in crap, Gary thought to himself, Who had been watching them? Who had their kit? Where where their boots? A lot of unanswered questions ran through his mind.
With no kit bags or boots, the rest of their stay in camp was going to be uncomfortable.


Author – MC

The next chapter continued from the story “Stealing Alex’s Birks”…

Driving home from the party was a challenge. Matt had never worn clogs before, and these Birkenstocks were very large. Alex wore them loose, and his feet were larger than Matt’s, so the clogs hung very loosely on his feet. The clog on his right foot moved around considerably as he pressed and released the pedal.
Matt’s car entered a section of woods with tight turns which wound through some steep hillsides. He hadnt considered how much he had to use his foot in this section of road, otherwise he might have put back on his boots. As he started down the hill, he pressed his toes to the brake and they slipped down out of position along the footbed.
A short gasp escaped from his lungs as Matt felt the clog slip partially off. He reapplied pressure, hoping to press his foot back into the clog, but the loose fit made it turn sideways on his foot. He applied the brake once again, and the shoe slipped off of the pedal and then off the end of his toes.
His socked foot groped for the shoe in a panic, but resulting the accident was already set in motion. By the time Matt had the presence of mind to use his foot shoeless, his car was already off the road. The car dove down a steep hill, unable to be stopped until it came to rest violently in the soft earth at the bottom of the hill face.
Matt awoke suddenly behind the wheel. He was shaken, but unhurt. Had he blacked out? As he gathered his thoughts about how to proceed, he realized his clog was still off. Looking to the floor, he spied the shoe and slipped his foot back into it. Opening the door cause it to hinge quickly with gravity. Matt stepped slowly out of the vehicle.
As he stood, he realized his mistake. The brown suede clogs sank slightly into the earth, slicking the outline of the shoes with soft mud. He took a few steps in place, realizing the mud was pulling on his shoes. It felt like his feet could accidentally slip out along the suede at any moment. Despite his distressed situation, he felt incredibly excited… aroused even. He immediately thought to change into his boots and save the newly stolen clogs any more ruination, but when he looked to the seat where he had placed them, they were gone. They must have gone out of the open window.
Matt turned and looked up the hill where his car had just slid off the road. It was pretty steep, but his best bet for getting help was to try and climb back up. The way was muddy and rocky. As he started, at times he felt he had a sure foothold, and others his feet sank into the earth or slipped out of position entirely. Matt worried about losing the clogs. Could he even make the climb in his socks?
Sure enough, one step with his right foot sank deeper than the others. The dry surface had given way to some sloppy, wet earth. Gripping with his toes, he tried to free the clog out of the mud, which he now felt closing in around his exposed ankle and even seeping into the shoe. His toes slipped off the raised toe bar in that fancy Birkenstock footbed.
Matt pulled desperately on the suede upper with the top of his foot, harder still as he felt the soft materiel slide down along the top of his foot. With one last tug, his foot came out of the shoe completely. He tried to put his foot back in where the shoe was, but all he could feel his toes touch was wet earth. He shuddered with excitement. He left the clog behind, under the earth. His blue sock was a bit stained with mud, but after that next step his foot sank shoeless into the muck and there was no more blue visible.
The hillside below the road was both steep and slippery. He struggled up the hill, for his hands and feet moved easily through the soft earth and gave no grip or footholds. The remaining left clog accumulated more and more mud as he moved, and started to feel heavy. In one step, his foot slipped through some soft mud and his foot slipped along the inside of the clog. He tried to grip his toes to catch the clog, but it was no use. He lost the shoe and looked back just in time to watch it roll down the hillside.
On the hillside, his toes were sunk deep into the muddy earth. He was tired from the struggle… and excited from losing his shoes… He wanted desperately to release all his tension…
Matt awoke suddenly in the driver’s seat of his car… which was in the driveway at his apartment. He looked down at Alex’s Birkenstocks, unsullied by mud and the suede was collapsed loosely on his feet. Time to head into the house. He opened the door and put his left foot out of the car… the clog slipped off and clapped on the concrete. He might need to adjust the straps a bit tighter… but where’s the fun in that?

The thief at the boardwalk

Author – CC

Before it gets too cold I decided to take one more evening to head to the boardwalk and take in one last breath of summer. Of course, it’s a little cooler now, so instead shorts and sandals I decided to wear jeans and a pair of comfortable clogs. I put on some plain gray ankle length socks too; I think it’s a really attractive combo. I thought about wearing them barefoot in case I decided to walk on the beach, but it’s easy enough to just take my socks off if I did.
The crowds that frequent a boardwalk in the summer were gone. There were a few people walking the boardwalk: couples and groups of teens, mostly. I was only really there to watch the sunset, so paid little attention to them as I walked leisurely along the end of the platform.
The wooden soles of my shoes dragged loudly along the boards. The sound is kind of soothing if you dont care about drawing attention to your footwear. I like to wear my clogs loosely sometimes; a lot of shoes fit tightly and are restrictive so I adjust the straps on this style to its loosest. They are a great deal more difficult to walk in this way, but I wasn’t exactly planning on going anywhere fast. That, perhaps, was ultimately my undoing.
They must have removed the benches on the boardwalk for the season, because I found nowhere to sit and watch the sunset. Instead I decided to stick my legs through the gap underneath the guard rail of the pier and sit on the boards, my legs hanging over the edge. The platform was maybe 7-9 feet above the beach below… I’m not certain. I knew my open backed clogs would dangle, but I’m pretty skilled with keeping them on the end of my toes, I was sure I would not drop one accidentally. Besides, I could always go to the sand below and retrieve it if I did.
I sat there for a short while, and the sun approached the horizon but did not yet touch the beginning of sunset. Gravity made the clogs slip down my feet slightly, and occasionally I allowed one to slip to my toes, but quickly I flexed my foot upward and the shoe would drop back into position. I didnt want to drop one carelessly and then miss the sunset while retrieving it.
Soon, I crossed my legs, which helped my clogs stay on, slightly. My attention drifted to a group of seagulls fighting over a scrap of food on the beach. Suddenly, I felt something brush my foot under my heel, between my foot and the clog. Immediately after, something began to pull downward very firmly on my shoe. In a quick glance, I was able to see what was going on: someone’s hand was gripping the heel of my clog!
Unfortunately, the foot that was being grabbed was also the leg crossed in front, meaning that my other leg was also being pulled backward towards the underside of the platform. Because of their position, I could not see who was trying to take my shoe! I should have called for help, but I was so shocked about what was happening, I didnt think to cry out.
I instinctually pulled away with my leg and foot, trying to wrest my clog free, but it was no good. The thief was also applying force downward, and the leather upper slipped down my foot to the end of my toes. Simultaneously, the rough movements in my legs was causing my other clog to slip out of position, and now it was dangling on my toes as well. I became very aroused.
The thief must have been enjoying this torment. As I kept trying to pull my shoe out of their hand, they must have noticed I was losing my other clog, and I felt a few fingers brush the other exposed heel… and then one finger rubbed the collar of that ankle sock down off of my heel. I shuddered and squirmed, trying to get them off of touching my feet, and my motion threw the dangling clog off of my toes. The thief tugged hard on other shoe, and I gave up the other clog as well.
I gasped and immediately stood up, pulling my socked feet away from my attacker. I looked over the edge, and saw no one, nor either of my clogs. I looked around to see if anyone had seen this incident, but I was mostly alone, with a few people walking in the distance in either direction. I ran along the boardwalk in my socks, one still bunched up under my heel, looking for someone, maybe a security guard, that could help me.
There were none, so I caught the attention of a nearby vendor who was closing shop. I explained that someone had stolen my shoes and asked him to call security. As he pulled out a mobile phone, I ran something like 400 feet to the closest ramp down to the beach.
Still in my socks, I ran across the sand to the place where I was sitting. There was nothing there. I saw no person under the platform in either direction. They had made a very quick getaway. In the opposite direction of the ramp, I found a single flip flop. Had it been lost by the thief?
I went back to the vendor, carrying the flip flop. He looked at the flip flop and said that if did belong to my attacker, the thief could have been a man or a woman, judging by size. I then realized the vendor sold swim suits and sandals. I looked down at my socks, loaded with sand from the beach. The vendor didnt have my size, so I bought a pair of leather rainbow sandals that were very much oversized. I took off the sandy socks and stowed them in my pocket after shaking out as much sand as I could.
After the security guard arrived, I described my clogs and what had happened, but it was clear there was nothing anyone could do. I thanked everyone and began making my way home, trying not to trip or lose a sandal. I turned and looked to the horizon. I missed the sunset.

Physical education lesson

Author – Lostshoeguy

Today at the physical training class, we had to run for 12 minutes without stopping in a small school stadium, during my run my sneaker flew off and I had to run in one sneaker and one sock, my sneaker were picked up by the girls sitting on the bench and started to laugh, initially I hoped, that they will steal or throw it somewhere, but they did not do it, on the contrary, some of them even decided to try it on, later the teacher noticed the lack of shoes on my leg and allowed me to wear it, in the end I got excited, and my classmates funny moment

Army cadets

Author – shoelossguy

It was the Army Cadets summer camp, the last for those aged 17, the maximum age for being a cadet. There was six 17 year olds, all sergeants. Traditionally the leavers compete in a game of ‘Capture the flag’ against another group. The winners would parade through camp with the flag and the losers marched around camp and tied to trees and gunged. Glory or total humiliation, it made the teams more determined to win as nobody wanted to lose.
The 17 year old Sergeants are the Red team, Nick the team leader, Jeff, Mike, Ian, Amrit and Kev. Their opponents in the Blue team are a group of 15 year old Corporals, Gary the team leader, Baz, Will, Ross, Marty and Sean.
The rules where to make camp half a mile apart at the bottom of a large hill which was covered in trees. They were not allowed to climb the hill until 5am as the flag would not be placed at the top until that time. All participants wore tracking devices strapped to their wrists to prevent them from cheating and climbing the hill early. Each group had one radio each for emergency use only.
They set off to make camp before it got dark wearing their traditional camouflage uniform, Nick confidently told his team the flag is theirs, no contest against 15 year olds. They’d set up camp, eat and get a good night’s sleep. They would all get six hours sleep with one hour on ‘watch’ each. Nick would take the first hour so he got six hours uninterrupted sleep. The Blue team leader, Gary, was determined to beat the Sergeants and watch them lose and be humiliated especially as he wanted revenge on Nick. Although Nick was a good cadet he was different at school, infact he had been a bully of which Gary suffered way back as a year eight pupil. Nick and his mates had taken Gary’s shoes and threw them onto a roof at lunchtime causing him to spend the afternoon in his socks and walk home shoeless. He hadn’t forgotten and this was the best opportunity to seek revenge.
The Blue team had set up their camp, they too where to eat and sleep with somebody on ‘watch’ but would be up and ready not at five but three. Gary had his plan in place.
Nick ended his watch and walked back to camp and woke Jeff from his slumber. As Jeff got out of his sleeping bag and put on his high laced black combat boots, Nick undid his laces and removed his boots revealing olive coloured army issue socks, he climbed into his sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep. This repeated all night with everyone.
At 03:00 the blue team awoke, cleared camp and where ready by 03:15 and set off, not up the hill but towards the red camp. By 03:40 they where outside the red team’s camp, they observed the guard and waited. At 04:00 he left for camp a few minutes later a rather sleepy Mike took over the watch. By 04:10 he had fallen asleep listening to the birds singing the dawn chorus. Mike never knew what hit him as four of the six corporals jumped on top off him, hand gagging him to stop alerting his Red team buddies. They came prepared, firstly he was gagged and his hands tied behind his back, his laces where undone and boots removed, his white socked feet tied together. They rolled him on his stomach and hogtied him. They stealthily approached the sleeping sergeants who where snoring and and with the birds singing they never heard the enemy grab their left boots, except Nick’s , Gary decided he was taking both his boots. By 04:20 they disappeared back into the trees carrying their enemies boots passing the tied up Mike who’s left boot was grabbed by Baz. At 04:45 they where back at their original camp position just as the red team awoke from their slumber.
The sleepy eyed sergeants where laughing and joking as they climbed out of their sleeping bags, Jeff went to grab his boots and said “Okay which of you jokers has taken my boot”
“Whoever it is has taken mine too” said Kev.
“Perhaps it’s a fox who likes boots” laughed Ian.
“He’s nicked both my boots” said Nick.
“It’ll be Mike having a laugh and where is he anyway” said Amrit as he noticed a missing boot too.
They all stood up walked towards Mike’s ‘watch’ position in their socked feet. They spotted him wriggling tied up on the ground with his white socked feet in the air.
“What the f**k!!!” shouted Nick. They quickly untied him and he explained he’d been ambushed by the Blue team.
At the Blue team camp they felt elated that they had successfuly stole the sergeants boots quite literally from under their noses. Gary told his corporals that rather than carry all their kit and the enemies boots up the hill, one person was to stay at camp with the kit whilst everyone else climbed the hill to capture the flag. They drew straws and Will got the short straw and was to remain at camp guarding the kit. Gary told the team “We shall take the sergeants boots with us just in case they ambush Will but we’ll need to take your boots too Will”
“If they capture you they can take your boots and at least one of them can attempt to climb the hill for the flag and we don’t know how far away they are”
Will was the tallest of the group, similar height as the 17 year old Sergeants. He unlaced his boots and pulled them off his feet, his thick black boot socks would keep his feet warm. He handed his size 9 black boots to Ross and told him not to lose them. It was 05:00 and the blue team began the hill climb carrying Will’s and the enemies boots.
The red team had packed up their camp and put on their right boots except Nick who had no boots. “Are we going to attempt to capture the flag” asked Ian to Nick
“Pointless, we’ll be too slow without boots” said Nick. “We shall head towards blue camp and see if they’ve abandoned our boots along the way”.
The Cadets marched in their camouflage uniforms limping wearing only one boot each, except Nick who gingerly walked behind in his olive coloured socks.
The blue team neared the top of the hill, the flag was in sight. They hid in the bushes just in case the half shod Red team where to ambush them. They circled the flag pole until it was safe to capture the flag. They jumped for joy as they lowered the flag. Gary folded the flag and placed it inside his jacket. “Now lads tie all the boots together to make a chain” he said. He fastened the first boot to the flag pole and raised them. All the boots where hanging from the pole, the top two boots where Nick’s, Gary was happy that he had his revenge on Nick, pleased that he was wandering around in his socks and hopefully embarrassed especially in charge of his peers.
Back at the Blue camp Will was asleep when the red team pounced on him. “Wheres our f***ing boots” shouted Nick.
“They took them with them” said Will. Nick looked down and noticed Wills socked feet.
“Where are your boots boy?”
“They took them too, Gary knew you’d come and didn’t want you taking them”
Nick told the others to tie him up, they where going to wait and ambush the Blue team and capture the flag from them.
“If the Corporals can play dirty then so can we” said Nick.
To be continued….

Trouble in the library

Author – Shoelossfan

It was a stormy summer afternoon in Colorado Springs as 16 year old Andr Pratt was currently at the library, currently seated at one of those cubicles block people from seeing what you’re doing from either side or in front of you. And at the moment Andr had his nose deep in a manga series he had taken off the shelves to read, Andr had short black hair and brown eyes that were partly teal and he was currently clad in a normal green tee-shirt, blue shorts and on his feet were a pair of white Hanes socks with gray on the toes and heels along with a pair of black Nike sneakers with brown laces.

Thanks to the closed in nature of the cubical Andr had failed to notice that someone was sitting down at the cubical opposite his, however someone was as it was one Andr’s classmates from school named Max. Max was a mostly normal kid with messy brown hair and always wore baggy cloths and a pair of gray air max sneakers, though he always had a secret fetish for losing or taking shoes from others and seeing them go about in their socked feet. And Max had noticed Andr as he sat down, and figured he would look under the cubicles to see what kind of shoes and socks Andr was wearing and if he was shoe playing, Sadly for Max he saw that Andr had both of his sneaker clad feet flat on the floor as he read his manga.

Though max wasn’t going to be deterred by this as he sat down at his cubical and set down his books, but left his bookbag open and leaning against the side of the wooden chair leg. After that Max opened one of his books to make everything look normal as he moved his sneaker clad feet towards Andr’s left foot, once at ether side of Andr’s sneaker Max quickly closed them together trapping Andr’s foot in place. Noticing this Andr tried to pull his foot back thinking he might have just got it caught on some kind of wire under the cubical, doing so however made Andr point the toe of his sneaker upwards making his sock clad foot slip out of the sneaker since Max had his feet holding onto the heel of Andr’s sneaker.

Soon enough Andr’s left white Hane’s sock with gray on the toes and heel was completely out of his shoe, allowing for Max to pull Andr’s shoe back towards him and quickly stuff it into his open bookbag. Andr meanwhile set down his manga and looked under the cubical but was too little too late as Max already stuffed Andr’s sneaker into his bag at this point. Wondering if someone grabbed and took it away to be hidden, since Andr had noticed a few of his friends at the library before he sat down, so Andr got up from his chair and started to search around figuring it was just a prank from his highschool mates, while Max got up and followed Andr with his bag in hand and phone out the record the sight, though doing his best to keep out of Andr’s line of sight.

After about an hour of searching around Andr went back to the cubical and gathered up his books and bookbag and headed to the book checkout, figuring it would be best to call his mom since it was still storming outside and he walked there that morning. Later when Andr’s mom came by the pick him up he explained what happened and his mom was a bit annoyed, telling him that he was going to just have to deal with being one shod for the next few days until his father got paid, making it a bit of a nervous car ride home for Andr as he looked out the window and sighed knowing he was going to be stuck with one sneaker and one socked foot for a while.

(to be continued?)

The interview

Author – shoeless guy

The job vacancy was in an old accountancy firm. The owner, Charles Smith, was an old guy in his sixties and old fashioned in his ways. He liked all his staff to be smartly dressed at work. One of his mottos was ‘Judge a man by the shoes he wears’. If he looked after his shoes he had pride that surely reflects in everything including his job. The vacancy was for an office junior, ideal for someone nearing the end of their studies but wanted experience in the workplace. Unlike other interviews that would be staggered throughout the day Mr Smith wanted all candidates to attend at the same time. He could inspect their footwear before interviewing them, quickly eliminating anyone by the standard of their shoes.
There where five potential candidates, all males in their early twenties. First to arrive was Jake, 23, he was 6ft with short dark hair wearing a grey suit and black loafers. The secretary took his details and his C.V. she then asked him for his shoes. “What!” he said. “Mr Smith likes to inspect would be employees shoes, it gives him an impression of their owners” said the secretary. He reluctantly slipped off his loafers and handed them over. He was then asked to go wait in the corridor until called for. He left the secretary’s office and sat down in the corridor feeling uncomfortable as people walked by seeing him in his black socks. As he waited he watched another man walk along the corridor and enter the secretary’s office. His name was Nick, 25, blond shoulder length hair wearing light grey trousers and white shirt with grey tie and laced brown shoes. He left the office wearing light grey trousers, white shirt with grey tie but no shoes, he displayed a pink blushing face as he sat down near to Jake in his striped grey and black socks. Matt walked along the corridor in his blue suit and brown Oxford Brogues, he was also 25 with short fair hair. He saw Jake and Nick sitting in their socks, he thought it rather odd seeing two men sat there shoeless as he walked in to see the secretary. After giving his details he asked the secretary why there was two men sat outside the office in their socks. “Waiting to be interviewed” she said. “I need you to give me your shoes too” she added. “No way” said Matt. She insisted he give up his shoes or there would be no interview. Eventually he gave in to her demand and undid his laces, removed his shoes, handed them over and was instructed to join the others in the corridor. He walked out of the office and the two guys stared at his grey socked feet as he sat next to them. People constantly passed, they tried to hide their shoeless feet as far under their seats as possible. Paul was fourth to arrive, 20 years old, 5ft 10ft he was wearing a charcoal grey suit with old black leather brogues. He too stared at the guys sat in their socks as he entered the office, they reminded him of his school days sat outside the headteachers office, punished by having his shoes confiscated. His memories where further reignited as he exited the secretary’s office without his shoes. He sat next to the other guys in his black socks feeling like a naughty schoolboy once again. Finally the last guy arrived, Greg was 21, he walked along the corridor in beige trousers, blue shirt and tie, grey jacket and black loafers with toggles. He looked at the other guys, stared at their socked feet and had laughed at them as he entered the office. “Hope he’s here for an interview, the smug bastard” said Jake. “He won’t be laughing when he joins us” said Matt.
Greg handed his CV over to the Secretary and asked who where the clowns outside without shoes. His smug face changed when he was told to join them after he hands over his shoes. He reluctantly removed his shoes, gave them to the Secretary and walked out, the others sat there now with smug faces as he walked past them, red faced, in his beige socks and sat next to Matt.
The secretary gathered all the shoes and took them into the managers office and neatly placed them on a side table ready for inspection by Mr Smith. After his inspection and reading of the candidates CV’s the interviews where about to commence.
Jake was called into Mr Smiths office first. He walked shoeless in his suit and was asked to take a seat, he glanced over at the desk displaying his and the others shoes. He sat on a chair in the middle of the room, he felt the interview went well, he was then asked to collect his shoes from the table, he had to discuss his footwear. He was then asked to place his shoes back on the table and return to the other candidates. He walked back to the corridor in his socks. He told the others he must of given a good interview as he kept his shoes meaning he had to go back in again later for a further interview and to collect his shoes. Next went Nick, he also returned shoeless after his interview. In Matt’s interview he was asked about his brogues, he told Mr Smith they where new for the interview as his other dress shoes where scruffy for an interview. He too was asked to put them back on the table, he left the room shoeless. Paul looked over at everyones shoes as he entered the interview room. Nearly all new, some scuffed but none as old and worn as his black leather brogues. He told Mr Smith he had never been interviewed in his socks before and joked that it was like being back in the Headteachers office for punishment. He too picked up his shoes and described them as being old but wouldn’t buy any until they dropped of his feet. Expensive when new and he was gonna get his money’s worth out of them. He was asked to put them on and leave. He was told they’d be in touch to let him know about the job. The others saw him leave, “Never mind” said Greg as he waited for his interview. Greg was finally summonsed into his interview. He walked in his beige socks and sat in the middle of the room. He felt the interview wasn’t great but after being asked to return to the others shoeless he felt he’d done better than Paul who had gone home.
“I must of done well as he’s kept my shoes too” gloated Greg as he sat back down in the corridor in his socked feet. Jake sat there thinking how on earth can grown men be sat shoeless in a corridor and happy knowing somebody has kept their shoes from them. The four men sat there watching everyone go by staring at their shoeless feet for over an hour. Eventually the secretary asked them all to return to Mr Smiths office. They all walked back into the office in their socked feet, their shoes where no longer on the table. After another half hour Mr Smith returned and announced the vacancy had been filled but not by any of them. He explained that Paul got the job because although his shoes where old and worn he looked after them and understood the value of money. He told Jake that loafers where for lazy people, Nick was told his brown shoes where unprofessional and scuffed, no effort to polish them because they’re brown. Matt’s Oxford Brogues would of been better in black and buying new instead of cleaning old shoes shows no effort. “Who on earth wheres toggles on their shoes” said Mr Smith to Greg “Not businesslike and loafers too” he continued. “You’ve wasted our time” said Greg “You could of told us this in our interviews”. Mr Smith replied “You wasted my time coming here without putting in any effort, I would suggest next time you go into an interview you try harder at dressing better and wear shoes that are appropriate for the job”.
“Where are our inappropriate shoes” said Matt. They where told to collect them from reception on their way out. The four men rode the lift in their socks and waited in reception for Mr Smiths secretary to bring them an hour later. They had spent most of the day in an office block shoeless and where still jobless when they left the building.

The next day – part 2

Author – Jman

Adam and Taylor has been called up to the bench in the front of the class for talking. The bench is where students go to take off their shoes when they break the rules as the school takes the shoes of those who break the rules and auctions them off to get needed things for the school. Having to sit on a bench and take off your shoes in front of everybody, sign them and put them on shelf was designed to be a gesture of humility. The shoes on the shelf above the bench were also intended to be a warning for those who would break the rules. Adam and Taylor then began to unlace their boots which took a while because work boots have lots of laces to untie. Eventually the boots came off exposing white dirty socks visible for everyone to see.

As the two sockfooted students returned to their seats, Lisa’s cell phone went off in class. Lisa was told to come up to the desk and turn in her cellphone. As Lisa went back to her seat, the teacher said, “Are you not forgetting something?” Lisa then went to the bench and took off her high healed shoes and placed them on the shelf. The teacher then called the number on the cell phone and Bonnie’s cell phone when off. Bonnie was called to the bench and was told to take off and turn in her ugg boots along with her cellphone.

Class ended and the students went into the hall for their next class. Several students were in sock feet making it clear to everyone that they were rule violators. It was now time for geography class. Doug and Luke did not have their homework and they knew it so they both turned in their shoes to the teacher. Luke had brown loafers and Doug had tan skate shoes. Each were wearing white socks that seemed in good condition. They figured that since they were going to lose their shoes that they would cooperate and surrender theirs to the school. At least they would not have to face having to go to the bench and take off their shoes in front of everybody.

During the latter part of class, while everyone was supposed to be working quietly on their homework, Jason, Wendy and Cindy were talking. The teacher had said nothing. The bell rang and the class was excused for lunch as the class was being let out the teacher said, “Jason, Wendy and Cindy, you can have a seat on the bench and turn in your shoes since you were talking.” Off came Jason’s brown deck shoes, Cindy’s white flats and Wendy’s brown flats. Jason, Wendy and Cindy were normally well behaved students but broke the rules to day and as such they dreaded having other students and all the teachers seeing them in their sock feet and the whole school knowing they got in trouble.

How will the rest of their day go?

Shoeless after school

Author – Evan

This is something that happened way back in high school. After classes were over, I was hanging out with two friends in the theater in the building for a little bit. I kicked off my shoes and hung out with them at the theater seats for a little bit. Maybe about 5-10 minutes later, my friend Michael starts pulling ,e by the arm to web design club. About an hour later, I left the club and went to the bathroom. And thats when I looked down and saw my white nike crew socks and realized that I forgot to put my shoes back on. I ran back to the theater to get them, but when I went inside, there was a whole bunch of people and stuff in the theater. I moved around all the people and things to where I was sitting earlier and saw that my shoes were gone. A couple of rows down, I saw someone tossing my right shoe up and down. I ran to him, showing my shoeless feet sawing that he had my shoe. He gave it back, but he didnt know where the other shoe was. About 30 minutes of me hopping around the school, I eventually hopped my way outside and saw my shoe tucked under a bush by the door

The next day

Author – Jman

It was the next day. In the school office they were taking pictures of the 32 pairs of shoes that students had to hand over to the school for breaking the rules. The pictures would be posted on line so students could see the shoes that were going to be auctioned off at the end of the week.

Students were heading to class and Jordan and Leah, who had lockers next to each other, were talking. Jordan reached into his school bag and realized he did not have his first hour book and a look of frustration came on his face. Leah noticed this and said “I can loan you mine since I don’t have this same class until later today.” Jordan said, “No, that’s okay, I’ll just give up my shoes [which were white and orange tennis shoes].” As Jordan walked to class he kept staring at his tennis shoes and then with a sigh entered the classroom knowing the fate that awaited him and his shoes. He decided not to make a fuss but sat down on the bench and took off his sneakers, “I forgot my book, here are my shoes,” he said. The teacher was impressed with his honesty and cooperation in this situation. “Thank you for being honest,” she said, “I really feel bad about taking your shoes from you.” Jordan chuckled, “Then don’t.” The teacher replied, “But I have to take them because rules are rules.” Jordan then signed his sneakers and put them on the shelf.

Kurt was walking into class just as the bell started ringing. “Kurt, before you go to your seat, go to the bench and take off your shoes.” Kurt replied, “But I was in the room when the bell rang,” The teacher replied, “You are to be in your seat when the bell rings. Shoes off now!” Kurt removed his white basketball shoes with the red stripes, signed them and placed them on the bench.

Then it was time to start class. The teacher did a pencil check to make sure that everyone had a pencil. Josh did not have his pencil that day and so the teacher demanded his shoes. He took of his white low top Addidas and gave them to the teacher. Josh decided to make the most out of losing his shoes and put his white socked feet on top of his desk which the teacher did not like.

The teacher went to Andy’s desk. Andy did not have a pencil. He took off his black skate shoes and said, “Here, take my shoes.” Devon, wearing red sneakers, also did not have a pencil, took off his shoes and said, “Here are mine as well.” They figured it was pointless to fight a losing battle.

Lance, Kyle and Austin also did not have a pencil. The teacher asked them to hold up their pencils or take off their shoes. They put up a fight but eventually their shoes came off as well.

Finally the lecture started yet Adam and Taylor felt the need to talk. The teacher told them that they could continues their conversation at the bench as they took off their shoes. Each of them were wearing work boots. Jokingly they said, “Are you really sure that you want our shoes.” The teacher replied, “No, I want you to follow the rules but since you don’t then I have to take your boots. Put them on the shelf.”

So far that is 41 pairs of shoes that have been handed over to the school. Will anyone have shoes left when this all done?