Nothing lasts forever

Author – Tim

The three of us were on our way to college and we were in no rush as we had set off in plenty of time, we were chatting as we walked and kicking a football between us as we walked, I licked the ball quite hard as there was an open patch of land beside us and as I kicked the sole of my Reebok classic trainer struck the footpath hard, so hard the it started to detach the sole from the upper, it was flapping at the toe, my mates thought this was hugely funny and asked for a proper look. I put my foot up on a fence and Steve and Phil looked at the damaged sole, between them they pulled the sole hard and the ripping sounds told me all was not well, Phil handed me the sole, “ there you go mate – all in one piece” I put my foot down on the floor and all looked well but in reality I was standing in just a sock on that foot. We carried on to college with me limping a bit and the hope was that I could borrow a pair of trainers off someone when we got there, being size 8 I did not think it would be a problem. We were still in plenty of time so I went to the lost and found desk and showed the guy there my problem and the nearest thing he had to a solution was a size 9 white converse, ok laced up tightly it did fit but I still had 2 odd shoes for the day though I knew I would be the but of a few jokes it was better than walking round all day in my cartoon socks. I saw Steve and Phil several times during the day and we walked home together and I decided that one day they would be walking back from college or a lot further in their socks.

Stolen at the swimming pool

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

A few days had passed since I had swapped clothes with the stranger at the party and I gained a slightly worn pair of high top vans. It was a usual Friday and as is my custom I go to the local swimming pool for my exercise and I thought it would be a good idea to wear the vans. The pool was particularly busy this Friday which was unusual but it didn’t bother me too much. What did bother me was the group of loud and rowdy teens using the pool. I had hoped that they would leave shortly after I arrived but they stayed for a while (much to my annoyance). After my swim I went to leave and the group of teens followed me shortly afterwards. I was just about fully dressed I only had the shoes to put on when I heard one of the teens asking for his shoes. My guess is that one of his friends hid his shoes leaving him in his socks, I waited in my changing cubicle to see what would happen to the young lad and his friends said “why don’t you take them vans sticking out of that cubicle “. Before I could react the teen had grabbed the shoes and done a runner leaving me without any shoes. I was fuming but thought his shoes might be somewhere nearby. I looked high and low for them but to no avail so I had to leave the pool shoeless which annoyed me even more. Sadly I never seen the group after so I had managed to lose the pair of vans I swapped only a few days earlier.  Just my luck 2 pairs of shoes lost within a week.

Drunk swap

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

One weekend a mate of mine told me about a party that a friend of his was throwing and said that we should go to it. I thought too myself why not I could do with a night out. I asked my mate what kind of dress code the party was to which he told me it was casual, so I put on my favourite pair of jeans, a superdry t-shirt and hoodie , a pair of black sports socks and my blue Adidas copas lashed myself in aftershave and headed out for the party. When we arrived at the party it was well under way and full of drunken party guests. After a while I got properly drunk myself and ended up speaking to a guy  who was a similar size to myself wearing a dark blue hoodie, white t shirt and tracksuit bottoms and a pair of black and white checkered hi top vans. In my drunkenness I decided that I wanted to wear his clothes so I asked him if he was up for swapping clothes and shoes. To my surprise he agreed and with that we headed off to find somewhere to swap our stuff. As we started to undress he asked to get my boxer shorts too so I thought what the hell it would be fun, as I slipped myself into his clothes I got a great sense of joy knowing that someone else was wearing my clothes and shoes. We headed back through to the party to continue our drinking. As I mingled with the other partygoers I overheard the guy who was wearing my stuff speaking to someone who complimented him on his clothes to which he thanked them and told them that belonged to him. Upon hearing this I questioned him about getting my stuff back after the party was over to which he told me he was going to be keeping my stuff as he found them comfortable. He then proceeded to leave the party and take off like a bat out of hell up the road. I tried to catch him up but lost him shortly after leaving the house. I was fuming that I never got my stuff back but I slowly started feeling better as his clothes and shoes were quite good quality stuff so it’s not all bad. My mate then decided to head home so I left with him and crashed out in my bed in a drunken stupor still wearing this guys stuff. I awoke the next day feeling really hungover and surprised to see I was wearing, I then felt somewhat bittersweet about the previous night’s actions but decided to keep wearing his stuff as I was starting to quite like it.

Boat shoes

Author – Mike

I attended college in a town that was close to the sea, and I had a rich friend who would often throw parties at the yacht club. This happened at one of these parties. That day I was wearing my worn and loose Adidas Stan smiths with black no-show socks, I had been wearing those shoes for years and hardly ever took them off unless I had to.  The day was clear so I was outside, playing with my sneakers as I relaxed. This blonde guy comes up with a bunch of friends wearing a hot pair of navy blue Sperrys with white laces, I could tell that he had difficulty keeping them on his feet and his white no-show socks popped out of the loose boat shoes every time he took a step. The shoes looked pretty worn, the leather seemed old and the soles were all flat. I knew I had to have those shoes and the rest of the evening I just kept thinking of how I could get my feet into those worn boat shoes.
My chance came soon enough when the host started moving the party over to his yacht. Man, rich frat boys with their boats. The host was pretty protective of his yacht’s wooden flooring, so people had to take their shoes off and leave them at a designated area before boarding the yacht. The boat itself was pretty small, but blonde guy wanted to get on, so his friends and he stepped out of their shoes and left them on the pier before getting on the yacht. Now, with him on the boat and the worn Sperrys left unguarded, it was time for me to grab those shoes.
Looking around I saw that no one was nearby or watching the shoe area except me, so I slid off my sneakers and left them by the side, before slipping my feet into the loose shoes. I couldn’t believe my luck, they were so comfortable, just the right size and fit my feet perfectly. I went back to the clubhouse and took my new shoes off before hiding them in some bushes and going back to the deck to board the yacht. We had a couple drinks on board, played some games, bummed around, then got off when we got bored. As all of us left the yacht we went to put our shoes on and of course blonde guy’s boat shoes were nowhere to be found. He asked if anyone had seen his shoes but no one had seen me putting the boat shoes on, so he had no choice but to leave in his white socks. His socks were so nice that I was dreaming of them being in my sneakers… I offered to lend my shoes to him, saying that it was fine as I was in black socks and he accepted, saying that he really did not want to get his socks dirty. He stuck his feet into my sneakers and I got hot and cold at the same time just seeing someone else in my shoes. I reminded him to return my sneakers later and got them back just as he was leaving early. Said he had to get himself a new pair of shoes now before the shops closed and was pretty upset about losing his favorite pair of shoes. He did not manage to find where I had hidden the boat shoes and left in his white socks. The rest of the evening my sneakers had no chance of staying on my feet as I just kept thinking about the Sperrys I had hidden in the bushes.
As the sun set and more and more people started to drink, I knew it was time to leave, so I got my bag, said my goodbyes and left to retrieve my new shoes from the bushes. When the coast was clear, I took my sneakers off and put them in my bag, before stepping into the worn boat shoes. I probably should have tied them tighter before I left, the shoes kept slipping off my feet and clacking against the sidewalk as I made my way back home.

The estate

Author – Peter and Sam

Sam advertised his new Vans skate shoes size 43 for sale on line and soon got a text message showing interest, a couple of pics were exchanged and the lad agreed to buy them if Sam would deliver them a price of £30 was agreed, we were not busy so agreed to take them round that evening. When the text came through with the address it was on a local council estate, somewhere we would not normally go but Sam needed the cash and said he would go asking if I would go with him, why not would not take more than a couple of hours there and back. We found the address and knocked the door,  The lad we were expecting answered the door and let us in, asking us to take off our shoes as we came in.  He tried the Vans on and they were a good fit so he was happy to buy them and – surprisingly – he never tried to barter us down. Sam put the three crisp £10 motes in his pocket and we said our goodbyes and left slipping our shoes on at the door, We set off to walk back the first half hour or so would be through the estate. As we rounded a corner we were met by a group of 5 or 6, all younger than us, and we were forced to stop, as we did so three more lads on bikes rode up behind us to block our exit. As the group were stood round us the lad we had we had sold the Vans to who was called Naz arrived grinning. One lad asked if we lived there and we obviously said no telling them the area in which we did live. Another lad asked if we had paid the tax to pass through – what tax we asked, whatever we decide it is, lets start with easy stuff phones watches cash. Sam handed over the £30 from his pocket along with his phone and the lad gave it to Naz, obviously the whole thing had been a set up from the start. I handed over my £20 cash and my watch as I did not have a phone with me. The youngest lad, Ben, was told to check our pockets which he did very eagerly both our hoodies and trackies, he found nothing else worth taking. Not much of a haul lads is it, Naz said we should hand over our trainers too to make it worth the trouble. Ben crouched down and took my white Classics leaving me standing there in white no show socks. Sam took off his own trainers and handed them to Ben leaving him in his white sports socks. That’s about it lads not much else worth having, a lad at the back started chanting socks socks socks and soon everyone joined in. Naz was laughing loudly but said he did not want our socks he wanted our hoodies, the chant changed and Ben’s help was engaged to assist us, I was wearing a t shirt under the hoodie but Sam had just thrown the hoodie on last minute so he was stripped to the waist. The chant of socks socks socks started again and this time we knew there was only one way out, we took our socks off and stood there barefoot. You had better run guys while you can and ringing in our ears as we ran was the chant losers losers losers. We sure were.


Author – pretty schoolboy

I attended a British Public School and as such wore a very smart school uniform, white shirt, striped tie, charcoal grey trousers, black socks and formal lace up black shoes all finished off with a dark green blazer with the school badge on the breast pocket, we were supposed to wear a school cap up to the sixth form which I was in, being 16, after which you were exempt. I had had a very bad day and was hugely upset having broken up with Sue, my Girlfriend of 3 years, as she had been seen snogging the face off another lad. I needed space and ran off to the park where I found a quiet spot and let my feelings out, be fair I was crying my heart out, the half bottle of whiskey helped to calm me down. I had not even noticed it had started to get dark. After some time a lad came past kicking stones on the path, He was a local lad from the estate, I think, he was wearing navy track suit trousers with stripes up the sides and a black hoodie. His trackies were tucked into his white Nike socks and he was wearing black TNs. As he walked past he mumbled “you ok ?” I sniffed and mumbled “yeah not bad “  “you are not mate – what’s up ? “  I told him I was having a shit day and he said that shit happens. “you are one of those posh gits from the fancy school “ I said I was who gives a **** He asked if we always had to go round dressed up like a dogs dinner ?  Yeah I said – he chuckled and it was good to hear him laugh. I needed to hear a happy sound. He said I should chill and look more relaxed, he threw me his TNs and said here – put these on. I only ever wore trainers to play sport in so it would be cool to try them. I took off my formal shoes threw them over to him as he stood there in his white socks. They look daft with those socks mate you should put these on with them. Throw us your black socks and ill give you these, I did as he asked and stood there barefoot while he threw me his socks. I put on his nike socks and black TNs and he put on my thin black socks and formal shoes. We both agreed it felt good wearing each other’s shoes and socks and went for a walk. I tried to tuck my trousers into the socks but admitted it looked stupid and gave up. I offered him a swig of my whiskey and he drank some, I had another few swallows. Ive got a daft idea I said, what ? he asked we should swap the lot you wear my uniform and I wear your scally gear. Are you serious he asked ?  dead right I said – unbuttoning my white shirt and pulling it out of my trousers. That sounds like a laugh being all toffed up like a posh lad, pulling his hoodie, T shirt and vest off and throwing them to me. I took off my blazer shirt and tie off and hung them on a tree branch for him to take as he slid off his trackies. Are they uniform too he said pointing at my white trunks – yeah I said even got my name in them, Adam, I chuckled throwing him the pants. As I stood there in just his white socks I felt totally free, I could be anybody and all the troubles I had seemed to have melted away. I put on his thin blue cotton boxers then the rest of his gear taking care to tuck the trackie bottoms into the socks just right, but I wasn’t very good at it. He crouched down and did it for me and said “ I think you should call me Sebastian now I am all toffed up Adam” he struggled with the tie saying he had never worn one before so I pre tied it for him slipping it over his neck so he could just slide it up tight. The last thing we put back on was our shoes and his TNs felt great really bouncy and comfortable, we walked off in each other’s identities and Sebastian said “Hey the whiskey is still in the pocket, well whats left of it we should finish it off” When it had gone we threw the bottle in a bin and thought we should get some more and looked at our collective pool of cash, between us we only had 7 quid not exactly enough for whiskey but ok for some beers. “well Ive got no chance in this uniform – it’s a dead give away” I did not think I would get away with it either but there was a corner shop up the road and I thought we should give it a try – 10 minutes later I came out of the shop with a 6 pack of lager. We walked round for ages drinking the beer and chatting, lots of it about our different worlds. “ these shoes are not as comfy as my trainers Adam” said Sebastian pulling them off Id rather walk in my socks”  We walked for ages and I have never felt better about me or about life and I guess in a funny way Alun, as he was really called, and I had become firm friends. It was soon time to be heading back  and we needed  to change, Alun had enjoyed his evening as a toff -except for the shoes it was the first time ever he had worn a formal shirt and tie.– and I loved the freedom of being an anonymous scally lad, and you know much as there were differences between us much was the same as we stood there waiting to get our own clothes back Alun hairy with cropped blond  hair and me smooth and with long dark hair we could have been brothers, and as I dressed I felt the freedom I had enjoyed just melt away. One thing I do know I would be buying some similar gear very soon I felt especially the white socks and TNs.

The feathered theif

Author – Charlie’s friend

It was a warm spring day so I  had gone to the coast with my friends Josh and Charlie. We’d walked along the beach for a mile and headed up on to the cliff top. People where sat on the grass admiring the view so we decided to stop and rest. In the nearby car park was a burger van so I decided to get a drink and some chips leaving Josh and Charlie resting on the grass. When I returned Charlie had taken off his Adidas trainers and his shirt and was laying on his stomach sunbathing. As I was eating my chips I noticed the seagulls gathering so I threw a few chips away and they swarmed in to grab them. These seagulls where huge. More and more where gathering for the chance of a delicious fat drenched chip.
I had eaten enough and neither Josh or Charlie wanted any so I decided the seagulls could have them. I thought it would be more fun to throw the chips over Charlies bare back and watch the seagulls attack. No sooner as I had done it the seagulls swooped and Charlie jumped up and ran off, unfortunately all the chips landed by his trainers. The area was covered by a dozen or so seagulls scrambling for the chips. Charlie ran back to chase them, the seagulls grabbed the chips as they flew off. One seagull mistakenly grabbed a shoelace and flew off with one of Charlies Adidas trainers. Charlie chased after it in his socked feet but the seagull was away over the cliff edge along with his shoe. Me and Josh where creased up laughing along with several other people who seen his shoe flying through the air.
We went down to the beach to see if had dropped his trainer but we never found it. It wasn’t too bad walking along the beach but once back at the bus station Charlie was embarrassed missing a shoe for the journey home.