Day of Reckoning

Author – Jman

It was the day of reckoning.  The forfeited shoes of the band students who did not have a pencil for a surprise pencil inspection where about to be auctioned off and the students where about to see their former shoes become the property of someone else.  Although students with shoes in the auction cannot bid in the auction, they must still attend the auction to see their shoes auctioned off.

As the students filed in the assembly room, they took a look at the various shoes that would be sold that day.  The gavel went down and the first pair of shoes up for bids was Todd’s low top purple tennis shoes with white stripes.  Todd was kind of a class clown but had a good heart.  He was not thrilled about losing his shoes but he knew he deserved it.  The shoes were kind of worn but were unique and would be a good addition to a sneaker collection and they sold for $65.

Next were Craig’s school shoes.  They were just plain solid black leather school shoes, nothing fancy.  But Craig was arrogant and looked down on people and often bought other peoples’ shoes in previous auctions and so allot of people wanted to buy his shoes.  People would buy the shoes of someone they did not like or a very popular student and keep the shoes as “trophy.”  This is what happened with Craig’s shoes as they went for $165.   Mike’s brown skate shoes were then sold to his former girlfriend for $105.  Another case of people bidding on shoes to get back at a former owner.  Mike came from another school and thought he was better than everybody else.

Gregg’s work boots were the next to go under the hammer.  They were a good pair of boots that would have been good for outdoors and allot of students wanted a good pair of boots.   The boots sold for $70.  Greg took losing his boots in stride just like he did with everything else in life.

The auction went on and the band members’ shoes continued to be sold to the highest bidder.  Next to be sold were Jared’s shoes.  Jared had two pairs of shoes the auction today.  The pair of sneakers that he lost in band class and and a pair of brown deck shoes that he lost for wearing them on the gym floor.  He had also lost a pair of deck shoes earlier for wearing them on the gym floor.  Jared was basically a good guy who just does not pay attention to things and he loses shoes because of it.   Kenny bought Jared’s deck shoes for $35 as he always wanted a pair but could not a get a good deal on them.

Other shoes auctioned that day included some ugg boots lost by some girls who broke the rules and left the school for lunch. 

The auction concluded and students were eager to try on the new shoes they had purchased hoping they would not end up losing them for breaking the rules.

Saturday club

Author – Jaime

It was the weekend and I was supposed to meet my friends at the shopping mall but I had left my smartphone in my school bag in my locker. Fortunately our school had a Saturday club for those who’d underachieved or had not done homework during the week. So I went into the school to get my bag, it felt strange walking along the deserted hallway. I retrieved my bag and headed for the exit but got stopped by a teacher who demanded to know why I was not in class. I explained but he didn’t believe me, he looked through my bag. He asked why I was carrying school books if I’m not here for Saturday club. Disbelieving me he assumed I had taken advantage of leaving an unsupervised class after registration. He demanded I follow him or I’d be in detention everyday next week. We entered a classroom with younger kids inside, he told me to take a seat and get my books out. I protested and he said he would go check the register but he didn’t trust me so he demanded my shoes to stop me leaving again. He wasn’t leaving to go check if I didn’t obey meaning I would be here all day, I was embarrassed taking off my shoes infront of the whole class. I gave him my Nikes leaving me standing in my black socks. I sat down to hide my shoeless feet as he left the room taking my sneakers with him.
The younger kids found it amusing that a 17 year old was sat in their class without shoes. My best buddy phoned and I had to explain that I was delayed because I was stuck in school on a Saturday morning and couldn’t leave because my shoes had been confiscated.

Lock down shoe loss

Author – Unlucky lad

After four weeks of lockdown I decided to buy some new trainers to encourage myself to go out and exercise rather than staying inside on my computer constantly. A few days later my new Nikes arrived, it was a warm spring day so I wore shorts and a new pair of white Nike crew socks with my new black VaporMax trainers, they felt and looked good on my feet. Leaving the house I observed the rules and kept a 2m distance from everyone.
After jogging the mile to the park I had plenty of time to exercise and return home within the allowed time outdoors. I stopped for a breather and noticed some of my college mates kicking a football on the grass. It was good to see them. “Nice trainers” said Mark. “Thanks” I said as Jamie asked if I wanted to play football but I did not want to spoil my new Nikes. I reminded them of no social gatherings during the lockdown, Chris laughed and said they where ordered to go home earlier but returned once the police had gone. We talked as they passed the ball to each other. Ten minutes later several policemen appeared “You where warned earlier to not play football and go home” said a copper. Jamie replied sarcastically “What you gonna do take away our ball”. The policeman was not amused especially when my mates laughed. The copper replied “no but we’ll be taking your shoes”. The laughing stopped. Billy looked down at his Reebok classics and said “No way are you taking my trainers”. The copper replied “We have whatever power it takes to clear the streets, even if that means taking your shoes to make you go home”. Billy said he would go straight home now but not doing so earlier meant he couldn’t be trusted, failing to surrender his shoes would mean he would be arrested. I said I had just arrived but the copper disbelieved me and demanded my trainers too.
Jamie and Mark kicked off their trainers leaving them standing in black football socks, Billy and Chris refused but the threat of handcuffs soon had them standing in their socked feet too. The copper who had just taken my details said “Take your shoes off son”. I looked at my new Nikes, I sighed in disbelief but with the fear of getting arrested I carefully took them off, as you do with new shoes. We where ordered to step away from our trainers by 2 metres to allow them to be taken by the police. As we stood in the middle of the park in our socked feet we where lectured on the lockdown rules and seriousness of the virus. To our embarrassment the police presence had brought onlookers to stare at us standing in our socks but they quickly departed with the threat of losing their own shoes. “You can collect your trainers from the police station once the lockdown ends” said another copper. “That could be months without our shoes” said Chris. We where told the longer we stay at home the sooner it would be over. We where ordered to go home leaving our shoes where we left them on the grass. Not only had I lost my brand new trainers which I had worn for less than one hour but my brand new white crew socks where covered in grass stains. It was going to be an embarrassingly uncomfortable walk home shoeless.

You don’t gain by lying

Author – the real loser

I’m in a British Grammar school with proper uniform, including a black blazer with the school crest of the pocket, black trousers, and grey shirt, tie and socks.
One day, as I was about to leave the a classroom, I started having difficulty opening the door. After banging around for a few minutes, I realised that there were boys on the other side, and one of them told a kid called Neville to call Mrs. Warren – the deputy headmistress. After a minute the door gave way and there were a bunch of fifth formers there, and they led round a corner in the corridor. Within a second they had wrestled me onto the floor and pulled off my shoes. They told me that when Mrs. Warren comes I should deny that I was ever locked in the room, and say I knew nothing about it. I realised that they had set the whole thing up to get little Neville in trouble. Not being interested in losing my shoes, I agreed to their plan, although I felt a bit guilty. They gave me my shoes back, and ran to my next lesson.

A short while later I was called out of the next class to Mrs. Warren. I denied the whole story, saying that I had no problem opening the door, when she turned on the video, and showed me myself in the classroom, and then outside with the bullies. She then told me to give her my shoes. Shoe confiscation is not usually used a punishment in school, but she said that she wanted to teach me that you don’t gain by lying. She told me also to bring my sports kit and took my sneakers. I went back to lesson feeling very incongruous with my black suit and solid grey socks. It didn’t help me much, but I found out that the bullies were suspeneded withput their shoes too.

I went home in socks, feeling very conspicuous, and to my horror, my parents, sticklers for rules wouldn’t let me wear any toher shoes either..

The next day we were called into assembly, and told that school has ended indefinitely, and we should take our sports kits and books … so here I am stuck indefinitely without shoes. I tried calling the school office a couple of itmes when my mother wasn’t around but I have n’t been able to get through….

It’s turned in a really uncomfortable and humiliating experience.

Shoeless worker

Author – Pete

After losing my job and girlfriend within the same week I decided to travel looking for adventure and work along the way.  With no money I hitched rides as I headed east. My last ride dropped me off at a rest stop off the interstate where I grabbed a coffee and sandwich from the gas station.
Standing at the roadside a police cruiser pulled up, the officer said I matched the description of a someone involved in a home invasion nearby. Whilst investigating the crime I had to be detained to stop me leaving town, he handcuffed me and took me to the police office. After emptying my pockets I was told to take off my sneakers. I looked down at my worn red Air Jordans,  “Why?” I asked. “No shoes allowed in the jail cells” he replied. “You can’t lock me up I’ve done nothing wrong” I protested. He drew his taser gun and said “Take them off”.
“Hey man, your making a mistake” I said as I pulled off my sneaks.
I was taken in my white crew socked feet to a jail cell where i was locked inside. After an hour my initial fear subsided, it was a new experience to add to my adventure, a story to impress the girls, I’d served time in jail ‘how cool’ I thought as I layed in that cell staring at my socked feet.
Two hours later my incarceration was over, they’d caught the real home invader. My property was returned but was told my sneakers had gone off to the lab for shoe print analysis. After expecting them back immediately I was told they’d be back next day if the lab wasn’t busy. “What am I supposed to do without shoes” I said. He suggested I buy another pair and collect my sneakers later. I didnt want to lose my Jordans and with very little money I told him it wasn’t an option and I wanted my sneakers now.
He suggested that his brother could give me a bed for the night while waiting for my shoes to be returned. It was that or spending the night in that cold cell. I took up his offer. I could feel the heat from the black top as I  walked to his car in my socked feet. Half an hour later we arrived at a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. The officers brother used it for his eBay business importing all sorts of junk from China and selling it online. The barn was a mini Amazon warehouse without any workers.
After a meal and a good night’s sleep I asked the guy if he could take me back into town so I could collect my sneakers. He said he was too busy and his brother would return with my shoes. He suggested I could help him out in the barn packing boxes. It was the least I could do seeing as he had fed me and given me a bed for the night. He didn’t offer me any footwear so I just stood in my socks packing boxes, several hours passed when I heard a vehicle pull up outside. I was expecting to see the police officer with my sneaks but it was a courier collecting all the parcels I had made. I wanted to get a ride into town but was dissuaded, “He might not have them and you could end up sleeping on the street shoeless” said the officers brother. He said I  could stay another night if his brother doesnt return. I stood in my socked feet watching the courier drive away.
The next day the guy insisted I pack boxes again. After several hours of working in my socked feet again I insisted he call his brother to come and get me. He refused telling me his brother was a busy guy and he’d return my shoes when he gets them. After another day I demanded to leave, “Nobody stopping you” he said knowing I wouldn’t get very far without shoes. I looked at his feet, stealing his Timberland boots wasn’t an option, smaller than my size 11 feet and I didn’t want to spend another minute in that jail cell for theft.
I had been stuck on the farm a week when eventually the police officer arrived with my sneakers. I put them on, it was like walking on air after being shoeless for so long.
He gave me a ride back to the rest stop, he was full of apologies and excuses. An hour later I was in a truck heading east on the Interstate. Not quite the adventure I’d been expecting so far, locked up then working in socked feet for a week without any pay. I soon put it behind me as my travels continued.
Three months later I was returning home, the truck driver said he had a drop to make, we pulled off the highway onto a farm. It was the same farm. As the truck got unloaded I went inside the barn, a young guy was packing boxes. I looked down at his feet. He was shoeless.

Stranded at the wrong school

Author – Socked lad

A heating problem meant no school. As mum left for work she gave me a school blazer to try on for size. It had belonged to her friends son who had outgrown it, he went to a rival school so the school badge on it would need replacing. I found a tie in the pocket and put that on too, it gave me an idea, I thought it would be fun to wander around the rival school at lunchtime wearing the blazer and tie.
I got off the bus near the school gates and entered. I nervously wandered around but nobody noticed me amongst the other kids as we where all dressed the same. If anyone stopped me I’d just give a false name and leave. I then went inside, the corridors where deserted as I curiously walked around comparing the school to mine. The afternoon bell had rung, everyone entered as I left heading for the school gate. I got stopped by a teacher who demanded to know why I was leaving. I told her I had a dentist appointment but she did not believe me as I had no appointment card or permit for leaving school. She took me inside the corridor where I  gave her a false name. As I was about to leave she told me to take off my shoes, “What” I replied. I was told it was to stop me from attempting to leave school again and I will get them back in detention.
I’ve never had my shoes confiscated so I felt nervous taking them off and watching the teacher disappear with them. Stranded in socked feet in a strange school scared me but excited me too, especially not knowing where my shoes had been taken.
I could not leave without my shoes, mum couldn’t afford to replace them and I would be embarrassed to hell getting on a bus shoeless. So I wandered in my socked feet looking for somewhere to hide until detention. Then I found the library, so I  pretended I had a free period to study. As I sat at a desk near the exit a blond haired lad entered, he sat with his back to me, I watched him shoe play with his black loafers before eventually kicking them off his feet completely. He began flirting with two girls who where sat at the other side of the library, he walked over to them in his gray socked feet leaving his shoes behind. I casually walked over to his size 9 black loafers and slipped my feet into them, thankfully they fitted. I quickly left and headed along the corridor to the exit, “Where do you think your going” asked another teacher as I opened the exit door. I tried the dentist excuse again but failed and yet again watched as the teacher took the shoes from my feet.
“Where are my fucking shoes” I heard a voice shout as I returned to the library, the blond lad was searching for his footwear. I said that after I had gone to my locker shoeless I had spotted a teacher carrying our shoes, he claimed they’d been abandoned in here and we can get them back in detention. It was a pretty lame lie but he bought it as he stormed out of the library in his gray socked feet.
I remained in the library until detention, now I just needed to find where it was to be held. I followed another boy in socked feet to detention. The blond lad entered, I felt guilty, he had been to lessons in his socks and now punished with detention to get his lost shoes back.
It was a bad idea coming here after getting an unexpected day off school. Instead of playing games at home I’m stuck shoeless in detention in another school!

The pencil inspection

Author – Jman

In band class everyone was required to have a pencil in his folder so students could write down things the teacher wanted put in the music.  For the most part people did not bring a pencil to band class because they kept their pencils in their school bags and put the bags in their locker before going into the band room.  One day the teacher noticed several people not taking notes and she decided to do a pencil inspection.  Everyone was required to hold up their pencil to make sure that everyone had one.

The roll was called: Katherine, Nancy, Cindy: So far everyone had pencils.  The teacher came to Todd and asked him to show his pencil.  “I don’t have one, sorry,” he said.  The teacher looked at him in silence and started to point to the floor.  “I suppose I have to give you my shoes,” he said.  “You supposed right,”  the teacher said, “You are in violation of school rules by being unprepared for class.”  “No problem,”  Todd said as he took off his purple low top Pumas and brought them forward.  Now Todd stood there in his black socks taking it in stride that he lost his shoes.  Todd wore these shoes everywhere he went and they were his trademark.  The teacher was frustrated when he wore them for a class picture because they stood out too much and she was really glad to be able to confiscate them and they would sell for a high price at the auction.

Brian was next and he had a pencil.  Next the teacher came to David and Donald.  They did not have pencils and were told to remove their shoes.  With  a frustrating sigh took off their school shoes revealing black socks.  They went up and put their shoes in the box at the front of the room.  Next came Paula and she had a pencil.  Angel did not and had to give up her Mary Janes.  The teacher continued to go down the line and those without pencils came forward in procession to surrender their shoes.

All the time Craig was watching the unfortunate ones who had lost their shoes.  Next, the teacher came to Craig and he held up a pen.  The teacher said, “Pens are not acceptable because you don’t write on music with a pen.  Shoes please! ”  Craig replied, “You should have been more specific that a pen was not allowed” and therefore he should not have to give up his shoes.  The teacher replied, “Pencil means pencil.  Shoes off now!”  Craig took off his brown casual school shoes.  Greg was next to him and did not have a pencil and knowing what was going to happen had already begun to unlace his tan work boots revealing grey crew socks.  He accepted his fate and took the boots to the front of the room and said “Bye bye boots” knowing the next time he would see them, they would become the property of someone else.

After a while the teacher came to Jared.  He had no pencil and had to give up his brown deck shoes.  He really did not want to do this because he had already lost two pairs of shoes for walking on the gym floor with street shoes and now another pair was gone and he just sat there in his white socked feet.  Next to him was Jason.  He had a pen but no pencil.  He held up the pen hoping that perhaps he would not hear the dreaded, “Shoes off!” and not lose the tan deck shoes that he saved up for and wanted so much.  But no such luck.  His shoes would be going on the auction block as well.

When all was done 17 out of 30 students had lost their shoes.  As some of those who lost their shoes were the popular students, the shoes are expected to go at a good prince at the next shoe auction.