Me In Your Story -Shoplifters-I.T. Guy

Author – Jimbo
I’m 25 and work in I.T. I had to visit a shop to fix their office PC. I decided to walk to the shop it wasn’t too far away. It was busy when I arrived, as I waited I noticed a shelf of shoes behind the counter. The thought of getting my shoes put on that shelf excited me. I introduced myself to Bart the shopkeeper. I asked about the shoes. “Our thieves leave shoeless and we display their footwear to deter others” he said. I replied enthusiasticly “Wow that’s an experience I’d be unsure about”. He sensed my keen curiosity “Give me your shoes” he said offering me the experience, albeit temporarily. I looked down at my tan brogues and could not resist his offer, I quickly took them off before changing my mind. Giving my shoes to a total stranger leaving me in socks in a public space was overwhelming. As he took my shoes a customer entered and I got embarrassed. I was treat no different to a shoplifter as he placed them on the shelf, “You can have them back tomorrow” he said. A flush of excitement and fear hit me, he was in control, he had my shoes and wasn’t giving them back. I was shoeless and there was nothing I could do about it.
I blushed as the customer looked me up and down in my suit and socked feet before leaving the store. Bart asked “Enjoying it?”. Nervously I replied “Yes but I need my shoes when I leave”. He said “No, no, no, you wanted the experience, you get them back tomorrow like anyone else”. The grin on his face just proved of his enjoyment of taking shoes from others.
Then he laughed “I’ll keep them until you fix my PC” he said. Breathing a sigh of relief I said “It’s a deal”.
I went to the office to fix his computer. Whilst working shoeless I soon realised I needed a part for the PC. I didn’t want to enter the busy shop in my socked feet but I needed Barts attention. My socks became damp as customers trod rain into the shop. I stared at the confiscated footwear, seeing my shoes amongst them gave me a bigger thrill than when I had first arrived. Eventually the shop emptied of customers. “Have you fixed my PC” asked Bart. I told him I needed my shoes so I can go get a part to fix it. A large grin appeared on his face as he looked down at my socked feet and said “The deal was I keep your shoes until you fix my PC”. I said “It’s raining”. He tapped the leather uppers of my confiscated shoes and said. “Now you’ll have the full experience of leaving without your shoes”.


School detention and my mom

Author – Neil

In our school – it seems like we are the only one, detentions are done without shoes. It doesn’t really matter too much, as a general rule detentions are done in the library, which is carpeted and has a good amount of chairs and beanbags etc.. Detention depends a bit on the teacher, it can be not bad, when the teacher lets read and turns a blind eye to talking, or it can be more strict, but it is far from the end of the world.
Problem is my mom. She’s a real toughy, and when i have detention she won’t let me wear my shoes at home either … so basically i am stuck for the evening …. no going out, playing ball etc …

On Wednesdays Mr. Parker takes detention. he is a really strict teacher, – in fact he is a bit of a beast – and he also teaches our class the last period.

One Wednesday recently my friends asked me if i want to join them in detention. A classmate called Jeremiah was in detention and Mr. Parker really had it in for him. The boys told me that last time Mr. parker had threatened to force him to wear a diaper ….

I was a bit embarrassed to tell my friends about my mom, so i went along with it, and we all stayed out after break for a quarter of an hour.
We entered the room together, and mr. parker was furious. “Go to your seats and put your feet on your desks now,” he yelled at us. [normally we don’t take our shoes till later]
He came over to my seat first, opened the velcro strap of each shoe and pulled off my shoe. I started swinging my feet down the side of the desk, so he walked back to my place and picked up my grey socked feet, banging them down on the wooden desk top. He put my shoes on his desk, and then proceeded to the other three boys and took off their shoes.
He went back to look at the register and saw that Jeremiah and a couple of other boys were also in detention. Jeremiah was first, with mr. parker opening his laces and pulling off his shoes. Then he picked up the poor kids socked foor and started yelling again, “I don’t believe it” and calling him all sorts of names. Poor kid. – He was wearing two pairs of socks. the teacher made him take them off, and then told him to keep his feet raised and not put them down directly on the desk. He confiscated another boys socks too – they were not solid black, grey blue or white – the school regualtions.
I couldn’t help not look around and giggle. David feet were really white, while Jeremiah’s where very very with pinky-red soles. a couple of boys laughed more openly only earning a shoe removal and detention. After he found another boy’s colorful socks he told everyone else to take off their shoes and stand at the back of the room in their socks – earning yet another two detentions.
Eventually one the barefoot boys asked if he can put his feet down. The teacher told him to take his chair to the back of the room, and then sit at his place as if he had a chair. Poor kid – i think that it was an even more painful position. Then he just told them to all stand at the back of the room.

when it came to detention, to my amazement i saw my step bro Ryan – his father is married to my mom, He is a really good kid, so i don’t know how he got there, But poor kid when he took off his shoes the toes and heel of his socks were green. I think anyone else would have ignored it, but Mr. parker told him to remove them and told him that he would have to go home without them.
Mr. Parker then announced that detention will be in gym, off we went to stand on the freezing cold floor with nothing to do.
Soon Mr. Parker told Jeremiah to bring him his schoolbag. Mr. Parker started rummaging inside, first he found a peanut butter sandwich, he started making fun of the poor kid, telling him that if he would eat his food he would behave better etc… then he found what he was looking for – jeremiah’s sneakers, which he promptly confiscated. I noticed poor Ryan’s face going white.

When detetnion was over we realised that the door from the gym to school was already locked. Great. Now we would have to go all the was round in our socks. Eventually we re entered the building and fetched our things from the library. Mr. parker told all the barefoot boys to leave thair footwear.

Ryen asked me about wearing his sneakers. i told him to walk down the block before he put them on.

Whenwe came homewe found my mum waiting in the car for us, she wanted us to go shopping with her. We got in the car, and dad was about to drive when mom stopped him, “one second” she said “i need your shoes, neil”
OMG, i couldn’t believe she would make me go shopping in socks.
With no choice i stretched out my feet to the front of the car, and she took off my shoes. Ryan followed suit – [told you that he’s a goody goody.]

Our first stop was the optician. I’m sure she noticed my grey socks but she didn;t say anything, Then we went to try on trousers. Here the sales lady started measuring us and poking around my feet, and she commented on our socks. Later we met a couple ofkids form school, and they snickered at us. all in all it was an embarassing and humiliating experience – And poor ryan still has another day ahead of him.

Ted and the prefects

Author – Ted

My name is Ted, 16 years old, 6ft with blond hair. My looks make me more suited to the beach than school. I liked being casual, shorts, t-shirt, vans with white socks but at school I dressed correctly and smartly, trousers, blazer, white shirt with school tie and black brogues which where always polished.
My family circumstances changed and I had to move from a private school to the local school. It was a culture shock but I still kept my standards which reflected in my work and behaviour. It didn’t take long to get the respect of the teachers as my grades where good.
One lunchtime I spotted a boy getting picked on by an older pupil. I intervened as I don’t like bullying. The younger pupil ran away but caused me to have an altercation with the bully. We ended up fighting on the grass only to be stopped by a Prefect. His name was Steve, older than me but smartly dressed unlike most of the pupils here. I told him I had been defending a boy from this bully but as he had ran off I had no proof to defend my actions.
Both me and the bully called Henry where photographed by the Prefect who then ordered us to follow him inside the building. We entered an old gym hall. Inside was another Prefect named Ben, he was sitting on a desk with an empty box beside him. “Two newbies” he said. I asked why I was here. “You’re here to be punished for fighting” said the prefect called Steve. I again tried to explain but was told that there was no excuse for fighting. “All pupils brought here lose their lunchtime liberty” said Ben. Any disobedience means automatic detention.
“Take off your shoes” said Steve. “Why” said Henry. He didn’t like the explanation and said “You want to control us by taking our shoes, no fucking way”. He stormed out of the gym leaving me alone with the two Prefects. “He’ll regret what he’s done” said Ben who stared down at my feet. He again demanded my shoes, I wanted to follow Henry out the door, I was innocent but couldn’t prove it. I decided to just accept my punishment, losing my shoes and my freedom for an hour wasn’t too much of an hardship, was it? “Shoes, take them off” demanded Steve. The floor looked dirty so I stood on one leg like a Flamingo, unlaced my shiny black Brogue and removed it and handed it to Ben. I put my dark blue socked foot on the cold dirty floor and raised my other foot repeating my actions and handed over my right shoe. Holding both my shoes, Ben admired them and complimented my choice of footwear as they where the same as his and the other prefects shoes, smart polished black Brogues. The only difference was they still had theirs on their feet. Ben placed my shoes in the box on the desk and told me to sit down. I looked around the empty hall, there where no chairs. “Sit on the floor” said Ben. I told him I had not sat on a floor since I was a small kid and most certainly not sitting on this cold floor getting my trousers dirty. “They’ll match your muddy blazer” said Ben. My left arm was covered in mud and I had grass stains on my white shirt also, my pristine uniform was no more but I still refused the indignity of sitting on the dirty floor. “Obey the rules and sit” said Ben “Or you don’t get your shoes back”. Henry had been right, my shoes where now being held to ransom and I had allowed it to happen. I should of left with him, they have my shoes and there was nothing I could. I sat on the cold floor like a shoeless beggar. Steve left the room, I tried talking to Ben again pathetically begging him to give me back my shoes and letting me leave but he just kept telling me to shut up. Steve returned with two more boys, I watched as their shoes got confiscated, their black socks turning grey from the dusty floor. I felt even more humiliated, no difference between me ‘innocent’ and them ‘guilty’ we where all shoeless, which made us the same, like prisoners in a jail cell. After watching several more pupils arrive and have their shoes taken. I realised all the confiscated shoes had been placed in the box on top of my clean polished shoes. The bell rung and I watched everyone retrieve their shoes and leave, Ben refused to give me my shoes. Apparently I had been disobedient by not remaining silent and refusing to sit on the floor. “You can collect your shoes in detention” he said rather smugly. I felt colour drain from my face “I’ve never had detention before” I said. Then I realised not only was I getting detention but I was going to spend the afternoon shoeless “I can’t go to lessons without my shoes” I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. “I’ve done nothing wrong” I pleaded. He just smiled and took away my shoes.
I walked along the corridor, students staring at my socked feet. In my few weeks at the school I had seen students walking shoeless in socks and thought ‘losers’ now here I was ‘the loser’ walking to class with shoeless feet. I arrived at my first lesson of the afternoon, I could see the look of disappointment on the teachers face. I quickly sat down wishing a hole would appear and swallow me. At 4pm I walked to the detention room my dark blue socks looked worn and dirty. I reached the door it was locked, I had to wait in the busy corridor shoeless, might aswell of had a sign above my head saying ‘bad boy’ as it was obvious why I was stood there in my socked feet. Other boys appeared and waited, all shoeless. The creator of my humiliation, Henry, was walking along the corridor. It pleased me to see he had no shoes on his feet. He stood next to me, he told me he wasn’t a bully and he was trying to stop the boy from bullying his younger brother. I had come along and intervened and he’d got angry. I was actually the instigator and not him I had been guilty all along. He felt as aggrieved as me in the Sin Bin and that’s why he left, unfortunately he was identified by his photo in an email. His teacher immediately confiscated his shoes in front of the whole class. I felt bad for the guy. I looked at my reflection in the window, muddy blazer, grassed stained shirt, dirty trousers and socks and my blond hair had been messed up since the lunchtime fight. From a smart well groomed pupil in the morning to scuffy shoeless tramp in the afternoon, my humility was complete. Henry and me became good friends getting up to mischief and spent many lunchtimes sitting on the sin bin floor shoeless.

Can’t pay

Author – James

So I was at the shop, in the middle of town, it was very sunny newrly 6pm. I went to buy some food from the local restaurant with my two friends.

We hadn’t tonnes to eat, but then it happened, my two friends left me… left me to pay for everything, I couldn’t afford it! I tried to sneak off myself but I was caught by the manager, he wouldn’t let me go until I paid.

I explained I hadn’t no money, he noticed my converse, he made me take them off and that they’d would be payment, Jen quickly kicked me out of his restaurant in my socks!

I was a 5 mile walk from home…

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Shoplifters Shoes – Father and Son

Author – Unlucky Lad

Theft had been reduced significantly since taking shoes from the shoplifters but some still tried. A 17 year old failed to steal vodka. He was made to remove his Asics trainers leaving him stood in his white socks, being underage for alcohol he was told an adult was needed to resolve the issue before he could retrieve his shoes. The lad was embarrassed as he passed several customers in his socked feet as he left the store.
Moments later the lad returned with his dad, “Nobody steals my son’s shoes” shouted his father demanding their return. The teenager always looked up to his dad, his hero, always sorting out his problems, here he was getting his shoes back. Bart told the irate father that his son stole from them. “You lost no vodka so why should my son lose his shoes” said the dad. Bart informed him that stolen items must be paid for before giving back the shoes. “No” said the dad. “Then we keep his shoes” said Bart. The dad looked at his disappointed son standing in his socks. “I’ll pay for the bloody vodka” he said. His son looked pleased to be getting his shoes back. “You can pay but you can’t have it as it is for your underage son” said Bart. Rather than pay for nothing the dad claimed his son doesn’t drink and he was getting it for him. “So your responsible for the theft” asked Bart. The dad was stuck for an answer, saying ‘no’ and he’d be paying only for his sons shoes to be returned, but saying ‘yes’ then he’d also get the vodka which he didn’t really want but he had to pay either way. “Yes” said the father . Bart said he’d have to call the police. “No police” said the dad.
“Then hand over your shoes or we will call the police” said Bart as he pointed to the sign “Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes”
The father felt embarrassed, his strategy for retrieving his sons shoes had backfired and he was now surrendering his own shoes in front of his son and other customers. He took off his Nike trainer’s giving them to the shopkeeper who placed them next to the son’s confiscated footwear. The dad demanded to pay immediately to get their shoes back. “No” said Bart “You have to do the ‘shoeless walk of shame’ out of our shop, that’s just one of the reasons why we take your shoes, you can pay and collect your shoes tomorrow when you pay £100 for the vodka”
“£100” shouted the dad “I don’t have that much money to pay”
“Well he shouldn’t of stolen expensive vodka. If you don’t pay then you don’t get the vodka and we get to keep your shoes.
Father and son did the ‘shoeless walk of shame’. The son embarrassed to be leaving again without his trainers and the father embarrassed leaving in socked feet in their own neighbourhood and not having enough money to pay and retrieve their confiscated shoes and the vodka that he really didn’t want.

Me in your stories – Prefects

Author – Mickey

Another story I’ve put myself in. Hope the original author doesn’t mind.

The Prefects
My name is Kyle Steel and just started my first teaching job at the boys school with my university buddy Rick Johnson. We really aren’t much older than some of the pupils which sometimes made it difficult to maintain order in the classroom. Rick often had issues with some pupils and he sometimes clashed with them. One lunchtime Rick spotted two of his pupils outside an old gym, he demanded to know why they weren’t writing lines as per his punishment. Another pupil explained that he was a Prefect and the boys were being punished for misbehaving, Rick demanded to know what punishment they are getting and insisted on entering the so called ‘Sin Bin’. He was very persistent and eventually the Prefect relented and would allow us in if we followed their rules. As we where about to enter my phone rang, It was my girlfriend making sure I’d be home on time as we were going out for a meal. Everyone had already entered the gym when I came off the phone. As I entered I asked where my colleague was and as I walked towards him I was told to stop and return to the desk. I told the Prefects that I was a teacher and should be spoken to more politely to which I was reminded that in here we agreed that we’d follow their rules and I was no longer a teacher. At this point I was told to take off my shoes. “What” I said and looked at Rick noticing he was sat in socked feet on the floor. Red faced he said we had agreed to the rules. “Everyone attending the Sin Bin has their shoes confiscated” said the Prefect. I noticed everyone except me and the Prefects where shoeless. I could feel myself getting embarrassed but excited at the same time as I was again told to take off my shoes. I looked down at my feet “You want my shoes” I said. “Yes you agreed to follow our rules so take them off” demanded the Prefect. So I took them off with everyone watching as my warm feet touched the cold floor. As I gave my plain black Nikes to the pupil he told me that trainers where not allowed and should be permanently confiscated. Wow I thought, never did I think as an adult I would be getting my shoes confiscated. I walked across the cold floor in my socks to sit with my colleague as all the shoeless kids watched. I was very excited but embarrassed too. I remembered my school days when I would kick other kids to deliberately get my shoes confiscated. I was even more thrilled watching Rick ‘s discomfort as he sat on the floor in his socked feet, he was very strict with rules and having agreed to follow Sin Bin rules he had to obey them and give up his shoes reluctantly like everyone else.
As we sat there our boss entered, to save further embarrassment we hid out of sight behind some old gym equipment. We waited until everyone had left then approached the desk. Our shoes where missing. Rick demanded to know where they where. The Head confiscated them explained the Prefect. Rick wasn’t impressed and demanded they take off their shoes and give them to us. We again where treat like schoolboys stood in our socks and reminded of their authority whilst inside their ‘Sin Bin’. My excitement of having my shoes confiscated disappeared as I realised the fact that I would have to attend class shoeless. Rick again accepting the rules stormed out in a temper as I followed. Halfway along the corridor Rick stopped and waited for the Prefects to leave the Sin Bin. As we stood shoeless in the busy corridor pupils where staring out our unshod feet as they passed. Eventually the Prefects left the gym hall and Rick stopped them and demanded them to take off their shoes. Reluctantly they did, we tried them on but unfortunately they where too small for our large feet. They demanded them back but Rick told them he was confiscating their shoes for the rest of the day, I could smell the warm leather as Rick cradled both pairs of shoes in his arm. The boys, rather disgruntled walked along the corridor in socked feet to class. We had no choice but to visit our boss the Head Teacher. As we entered he looked down at our shoeless feet and asked Rick why he are carrying shoes. Rick explained that we had been duped by the Prefects in the Sin Bin so we had taken away their shoes as punishment. The Head was not impressed and for the second time today we where told off like naughty schoolboys, this time in our boss’s office in socked feet. He refused to give us our shoes as they where trainers but told to give the Prefects back theirs. And again like naughty boys he insisted we attend detention to receive back our footwear. Rick wasn’t impressed that our boss kept our shoes and he was determined to not give the Prefects back their shoes. He took their shoes with him as we both headed to our classrooms in stocking feet. I was getting nervous and embarrassed as I entered my class without my shoes and also how do I explain to my girlfriend I had my shoes confiscated and would be late home because I had detention to get them back and I am a teacher.

The Prefects – Pt. 9

Author – Shoelossfan

The bell rung, the pupils where officially told their shoes where confiscated until detention. “F***ing great” said Ryan as he and Shane walked away in their socks. Noah and Ricky where upset too, their efforts of getting out writing lines had backfired big time, they too where now shoeless with detention too.
Having waited until the pupils had gone, the teachers walked up to the desk. “Where are our shoes?” demanded Mr. Johnson. “The head teacher confiscated them thinking they where pupils trainers” said Ben. Mr. Johnson felt annoyed believing the Prefects had intentionally allowed this to happen. “We cannot take lessons in our socks” said Mr. Steel. Mr. Johnson demanded that the Prefects give them their shoes to wear. They refused reminding both teachers they where still in the Sin bin. Both teachers, angry and embarrassed stormed out into the corridor in their socked feet.
As they headed along the corridor Ben and Steve where ambushed by the shoeless teachers. With roles reversed the teachers again demanded the boys’ shoes. “They won’t fit you” replied Ben, “and we’ve broken no rules”. Mr. Johnson said “You just have, you’re disobeying a teacher”.
“What!” said Ben, “Refusing to give you my shoes is punishable by giving you my shoes, seems more like I’m being mugged”.
Reluctantly the two 18 year olds removed their black leather brogues in the busy corridor. The teachers immediately tried putting their cold feet into the warm shoes without success. “Told you they wouldn’t fit, I checked your shoe size earlier when I confiscated your shoes Sir” said a smug Ben rather loudly bringing more attention to the teachers’ shoeless predicament in the busy corridor.
“Can we have our shoes back?” asked Steve.
“No” replied Mr. Johnson “I’ll be keeping them”
“You’re stealing our shoes” said Ben “I’ll report you”
“Don’t get clever with me boy, theft is to take something and not give it back. To take something and give it back later is confiscation”
Ben and Steve where told to collect their shoes from Mr. Johnson at home time. They walked away in their grey ribbed socks to class, although Ben had suffered this indignity many times, Steve hadn’t since becoming a prefect and was feeling rather embarrassed going to lessons in his socks.
Both teachers had no choice but to visit the Head teacher’s office. “Why are you carrying your shoes” asked the head as he looked down at their shoeless feet. The situation was explained with great embarrassment. The Head wasn’t impressed, “You had no right meddling in the Sin Bin and if we lose the respect of the Prefects then we’ll have to police the school grounds at lunchtime ourselves”. He told them to give the Prefects back their shoes and apologize. The young teachers where told that their trainers will remain confiscated making an example of both of them to staff and pupils that inappropriate footwear will not be tolerated. You can attend tonight’s detention where you’ll have your shoes returned”.
As they left Mr. Johnson said ”If the Head thinks I’m going to apologize and give the prefects their shoes whilst I’m without mine then he can think again. He took the prefects shoes and headed to his classroom. Mr. Steel found it surreal, walking around school in his socks, shoes confiscated and awaiting detention and he was a teacher. Both teachers walked to their classrooms wondering how their pupils would react to them being in socked feet.