The prefects – pt5

Author – shoeless guy

The next day three13 year old pupils had their shoes confiscated and where ordered to sit on the floor and be quiet. No sooner had they sat down Steve was back with Shane, Ryan, Dave and Jimmy. They had deliberately been abusive. Steve left again as Ben told the four pals to remove their shoes. “Only when you’ve taken off yours and put them in the box” said Shane. “Not in front of these other pupils” whispered Ben. “Don’t worry about them” said Dave as we walked over to the younger pupils. “How much money have you got boys?” he said menacingly. Ben told the13 year olds to collect their shoes and leave. Which they did without hesitation. Jimmy said to Ben that he had just cost them some potential cash and wanted to know how much he had to compensate them. Ben reasserted his authority and told Jimmy and Dave that he was the Prefect now and he wasn’t going to let them extort money from anyone. “Take your shoes off Ben” said Shane “We kept our promise not to tell the teacher, now keep yours and take them off”. Ben kept his word and undid his laces and slipped his expensive leather shoes off his feet. “Nice pair of shoes” said Ryan who kicked off his own shoes and tried them on. They where too big for his feet so he gave them to Shane. He kicked off his shoes and put Ben’s leather brogues on. Shane and Ryans shoes where placed in the confiscation box by Ben. He then told Dave and Jimmy to remove their shoes and put them in the box. Shane sat on the floor wearing Bens shoes grinning at the shoeless Prefect. Ben felt uncomfortable in his grey ribbed socks and frustrated watching his nemisis wearing his shoes. “It was agreed to put my shoes in the box and not for you to wear them” said Ben even though he’d worn Shane’s trainers last night. It was nearing the end of the lunch period, Ben demanded his shoes. “Make me give you them” said Shane. Ben jumped off the desk, Ryan grabbed Ben’s socked foot and pulled him to the floor, Shane got on top of Ben and said “Try and take them off my feet” but he couldn’t as the others had pinned him down. In the scuffle Ben’s prefect badge had fallen off his jacket. Shane grabbed it as he stood up. Ben was still pinned to the floor as the door opened, it was a teacher coming to collect the box of shoes. He was early. “What’s going on here” he demanded to know. “Who’s the prefect?” Ben had no badge and on the floor without shoes. Shane looked at Ben and realised his dilemma, he quickly put the prefect badge on his jacket and proclaimed he was. The teacher had no reason to disbelieve him as he had a badge and was wearing shoes. “You need to have some discipline in here” he said as he looked at the four shoeless students sat in disarray on the floor. “I was about to tell them that their shoes would remain confiscated for the rest of the day and they can collect them in detention later” said Shane. The teacher stared at the four students and said “I’ll remember your faces for detention later”. He picked up the box and carried it out of the room.
Ben sat on the floor with his head in his hands as the other three demanded to know why their mate had just given them detention. “You let the teacher take our shoes” said Jimmy. “I had no choice you where all grappling on the floor when he entered”. They weren’t pleased having to spend another afternoon shoeless and getting detention again, Shane laughed at them. Ben stood up and demanded his shoes and badge back. “You heard what the teacher said, he is going to remember your face for detention and what will I wear as he has taken my shoes” said Shane “I’ll pretend to be you and you can be me”. He liked the idea of being a prefect as he told the others to hurry along in their socks and don’t be late for class or detention. Ben told Shane to wait behind after school so they could swap shoes after detention. “No” said Shane “I like your shoes, they’re quite comfortable and I’m not waiting around school unnecessarily so I’ll walk home in them seeing as I have no trainers, I might give you them back tomorrow”. He had a big smile on his face as he walked off. Ben stood in his grey socks watching his shoes disappear on someone elses feet along the corridor. He hoped that once again he wouldn’t be caught out in detention later. His second day of being a prefect and another afternoon of being shoeless. Not a great start to being a ‘school cop’.


The Prefects – PT.4

Author – shoeless guy

At lunchtime the new Prefects where issued with a camera and started patrolling the school grounds. Ben decided he would walk along with Steve unless they needed to take anyone to the Sin Bin. With the pupils unaware of the new prefects, Steve and Ben walked around unnoticed observing which pupils where most likely to create problems. Being their first day they just made a mental note of any troublemakers. They passed Dave and Jimmy who where with their mates, Ryan and Shane. Dave said “That’s the two arseholes who lost us our badges”. Ben stopped and said they only had themselves to blame. “Just forget it and so shall we” said Steve. Ben looked down at Shane’s feet, he was wearing a pair of blue New Balance trainers with a white ‘N’. “You need to change into your school shoes” said Ben. “Make me” replied Shane. Ben and Steve let it ride and walked away from the four 18 year olds, making a mental note of troublemakers. “Don’t think we’re going to have any problems with them two useless idiots” said Shane.
Lunchtime the next day, the two new Prefects wandered the grounds. They caught two 15 year olds fighting and where taking them to the ‘Sin bin’ when they passed the four 18 year olds. Shane shouted “Pick on someone your own size”. Ben stared at Shane then looked down at his feet. He got out the camera and photographed Shane. “You where warned about wearing those trainers yesterday, follow me” he said. Ryan told Shane to ignore him. Ben stared at Shane “You may be my age and height but don’t think I am afraid of you, choose to ignore me as your mate suggests and I shall ensure you’re in detention all week”. Shane went quiet as Ben moved his attention to Ryan. Another photo was taken “You can come too” said Ben, Ryan looked at the former prefects, Dave said “Just leave him alone, he’s done nothing wrong”
“He interfered just like you are now” said Ben who took a photograph of Dave then another of Jimmy. “I’ve done nothing” said Jimmy. “No but you can come along for the experience” replied Ben with a big smile on his face. The six detainees where soon to be parted from their shoes as they followed the new Prefects to the ‘sin bin’.
Inside the old gym hall, everyone was told to stand in a line. “Right everyone, take off your shoes” said Steve. One of the young boys said “Do we have to”. “Yes” said Steve as he explained the rules of the sin bin. The lad reluctantly removed his shoes revealing a big hole in his grey socks. They stood in their socked feet on the cold floor holding their shoes. Ben told the two fifteen year old’s to place their shoes in the confiscation box and go sit in opposite corners of the gym. He then said to Dave and Jimmy “You need to polish those scruffy shoes” as they placed them in the box. “If we see you wearing them again tomorrow unpolished you’ll be here again, now go and sit in the middle of the floor”. Ryan put his shoes in the box and was made to sit in another corner. Shane put his New Balance trainers in the box “Did I tell you to put them in there? That box is for confiscated shoes whilst in the Sin bin” said Steve “These however” holding up Shanes trainers “Will be confiscated all week and taken to the Head Teachers office, remember the rules Shane, no trainers to be worn with school uniform”. The 18 year old was made to go and sit in the remaining empty corner.
Steve left Ben in charge and went back outside. Ben walked up to Dave and Jimmy sitting quietly on the floor. “How are you enjoying your experience of the ‘Sin bin’? Must feel strange to be without shoes and being told what to do” He walked away smiling. Ben sat at the desk with the box containing the confiscated shoes and told Shane to come over. Shane ignored him. Ryan shouted “Go to him, he’s not your lapdog” Ben reminded Ryan of the sin bin rules and was told to be quiet and mind his own business. Ben didn’t like being ignored by Shane and Shane didn’t like being told what to do by Ben, there was a personality clash between them which wasn’t helped by Shane having his trainers confiscated all week. He was feeling humiliated sitting on the floor in his socks having his shoes taken away, he was 18 for crying out loud. Ben walked over to him “Don’t ignore me” he said “Do you have your school shoes”
“Yes” said Shane “Why?”
“I need to see them, ensure you have shoes to walk home in after school”
Shane opened his bag and pulled out a pair of black leather loafers. “Good” said Ben “I’ll take them for now” snatching them out of Shane’s hands. “No shoes allowed in the in Sin bin” Shane stood up and shouted “Give me back my f***ing shoes” Ben squared up to him and pointed at him. “Don’t swear or tell me what to do, I am in charge so sit down like a good boy”. Shane’s face went purple with anger, but he sat down and watched the Prefect take his shoes and place them in the box with the other confiscated footwear.
As the bell rung all the students stood up and padded in their socked feet over to Ben. He gave the two 15 year old pupils their shoes, they quickly put them on and left. Ben told the four 18 year old lads they where not getting their shoes and can retrieve them in detention after school. “Why? We’ve done nothing” said Jimmy. Ben told them “Everytime you and Dave enter the Sin bin you will always leave shoeless, detention everytime, as for you Ryan and Shane, besides talking and swearing which is a breach of the rules in here, you both need to understand I am in charge and you’ll do as I say” Ben could see Shane getting angry again “Remember also that any physical altercation means instant suspension from school and we don’t want that in our final year with important exams coming up, do we?” He smiled as the four frustrated friends walked out of the gym in their socked feet. Ben didn’t really like acting like a bully but he needed to assert his authority especially to Shane who he knew had taken an instant dislike to him. As he waited for the teacher to collect the box of confiscated shoes he looked at Shane’s trainers, he never wore New Balance before, always a Nike fan. They where his size, he unlaced his own shoes, took them off and put on the trainers. He walked around the gym thinking they where quite comfortable and they looked good too. As he got to the far end of the gym the teacher entered. He froze, ‘no trainers with school uniform’ he was worried he might get detention so hid behind some equipment. The teacher left with the box of shoes. Ben walked towards the empty desk. Not only was the box gone but his shoes where gone too. He’d left his shoes on the desk and the teacher must of placed them in the box with the 18 year old’s confiscated shoes.
‘What am I going to do’ he thought. ‘I can’t wear these trainers as I will get detention but if I take them off I’ll look like I have got detention and the only way to get my shoes back is to attend detention. It was a no win situation which ever way he looked at it. ‘Great way to start my first day as a Prefect’ he thought ‘Accidentally giving myself detention’. He had to get to his class, so he removed Shane’s trainers and put them in his bag. He also removed his Prefect badge, nobody would realise he was a new prefect and assume he was another student having his shoes confiscated and awaiting detention. He walked along the corridor in his socked feet feeling rather embarrassed.
At 4pm Ben headed for detention, the teacher and the four 18 year friends where already inside. If he was embarrassed being shoeless all afternoon it was nothing compared to entering a room and joining the guys he’d put in detention. He took a deep breath, knocked at the door and entered. The four guys where amazed as they stared at the shoeless prefect. The teacher told him to sit down, he walked to a desk and looked at the other guys grinning with amusement at his shoeless feet, Shane’s face was beaming with delight. The teacher temporarily left the room, Shane shouted “Does the teacher know your a Prefect? The big guy who took our shoes is now sat here without his, like a fallen Dictator!”. They all laughed at him, he was feeling rather embarrassed at the situation. Ben explained how he accidentally gave himself detention which made the other guys laugh even louder. He didn’t tell Shane he was wearing his trainers at the time. “We won’t tell the teacher you’re a prefect as long as we don’t end up in the Sin Bin again” said Jimmy. “Then behave yourselves and Steve won’t take you to the sin bin” said Ben.
Dave said “If we do end up in there and we give up our shoes, you will also put your shoes in the box too, if our shoes don’t come out at the end of lunchtime then neither do yours, otherwords no more detention”. Ben felt any authority he had was gone as he reluctantly agreed to their demands. ‘His only bit of comfort was he had Shane’s trainers in his bag and decided he was going to keep them and wear them every night until he had to give them back. They all sat in their socked feet until detention ended, they put on their shoes and went home.

Work Detention pt.3

Author – unlucky lad

Danny pleaded with the guard who pointed to the cell door “Parker -Remand, means you don’t go home”. Eddie and Tom, the two detained Guards where released from their cells, they picked up their footwear and walked past Danny in their socked feet. “Tell them it’s a mistake” said Danny gesturing with his cuffed hands. They shrugged their shoulders and smiled as they walked by. They where told to surrender to the Court Bailiff at 8am, don’t be late said their supervisor and you won’t be getting paid for the time you’re in detention. They glared back at Danny, no chance of them helping him now. They put their boots on, collected their property and left.
“I need to phone my boss and my girlfriend” said Danny “Nobody knows what’s happening to me” he cried. He was more concerned about his girlfriend as she struggled to believe he was accidentally locked up the other night, now spending the night in prison was more unbelievable.
A prison guard was carrying clear bags sealed with cable ties they had prisoners names on them, inside the bags where pairs of shoes, trainers and Danny’s size 10 Timberland work boots. He wasn’t the only one going to prison today. He was escorted to the prison van which had small cells, each the size of a broom cupboard with a seat. He climbed the steps in his socked feet and he was locked in a tiny cell for the journey to the prison. He just sat with his head in his hands staring at his socked feet for the whole journey.
Upon arrival at the prison all the new arrivals where shepherded into a reception room awaiting processing. The prisoners where of different ages and dress, men in suits, teenagers in tee shirts and sweat pants, only Danny was in work clothes. The only things in common they where all in socked feet and handcuffed. Danny was taken for processing, he was stripped of his clothes, searched, made to shower and given sweat shirt, pants and white socks, as he was only in one night he was refused shoes, it’s a waste of shoes for one night as they would be binned tomorrow” said the prison officer. He was escorted through the prison walking in his prison issue white socks, all the inmates staring at the newbie. Danny didn’t need shoes as he was too scared to leave his cell so went without food that night.
Next morning he was given his own clothes and boots back and taken back to the Courthouse in the prison van. Down in the cell area he was handed to the court bailliff and security guards. Eddie and Tom, the two guards also being punished had already surrendered themselves and where being processed into custody. Neither were wearing uniforms but casual clothes. Tom the 25 year old was in tee shirt and jeans, white Nike trainer’s with no show thin white socks which came off as he removed his trainers. He walked into his cell barefoot carrying his socks. “Shouldn’t of worn expensive trainers” shouted Danny “Anyone can steal them whilst your on the other side of that cell door” Tom turned and looked down at his trainers on the floor as the cell door slammed slammed shut. He sat in his cell putting his socks back on thinking his shoes where just inches away but nothing he could do if someone actually took them. Danny had given him something to worry about whilst he endured his confinement. Eddie had handed over his property and was escorted along the corridor to his cell, normally he locks people in the cells but today he was the prisoner and he knew what to expect in custody so dressed appropriately for his detention, he was wearing a thick sweater, grey jogger pants and green Adidas trainers. As he kicked off his trainers by his cell he had thick black socks on his feet. He knew the cell was going to be cold. Danny was still without his property so just needed to take off his boots and leave them by the door, he entered his cell and laid on the bench, eight hours to go.
He thought about his predicament, never broken the law, never arrested before, never convicted but managed to spend one night and nearly two days in a cell and spent another night in prison too. Never ever spent so much time in his work clothes without his boots.
At around 3pm Danny banged on his cell door, the guard opened it and he asked to use the toilet. He noticed more shoes outside the cells, more convicted prisoners awaiting transport he thought. The guard was missing when he left the toilet, so he waited outside his cell stretching his legs, then he bent down and quickly picked up the white Nikes and green Adidas trainers and swapped them with an old pair of scruffy black Reeboks and a dirty old pair of red Puma classics from further down the corridor. The guard came back and said “Forgot about you”
“Since my overnight stay the security hasn’t improved in this place” said Danny who was immediately locked Danny back in his cell. At 4pm the three detainees where advised that Judge McIntyre court case was overrunning and they would have to remain locked up indefinitely. Eddie complained he been in his cell for eight hours already but was told his punishment was for a day which has 24 hours in it. As they sat in their cells they could just about hear the noise of the prisoners being escorted off the premises to prison. Eventually at half five the cell doors where opened, Danny grabbed his boots and looked to see Eddie and Tom staring at the trainers outside their doors. “What the f***” said Tom “Wheres my trainers”
“Told you they could be nicked” said Danny with a big smile on his face. “They’re probably on their way to prison with new owners”
Eddie said “You have something to do with this?”
“I’ve been locked up too” said Danny with an even bigger smile, Eddie angrily threw the dirty Puma’s at Danny just as Judge McIntyre entered the corridor. The two shoeless security guards where still swearing at Danny as the Judge walked up behind them. “Have you two not learned anything from your day in the cells” asked the Judge “Put them back in the cells to cool down”. Danny was released by the judge. He watched the two guards being locked up as he put on his boots. Danny asked for his tools that had been left upstairs at the entrance, he was told to wait by the cell custody desk as the building would be locked and another guard would return with his stuff as his shift had finished. Whilst waiting Danny wiped Tom and Eddie names of the cell doors and picked up the controversial trainers off the floor and placed them in a cupboard behind the desk. He found a light switch and turned off the lights to the cell corridor and waited. Another security guard arrived with Danny’s tools and noticed the lights where out but could still see along the corridor and the floor was clear of shoes. “I’m sure my colleague said there was still prisoners in the cells”
“I’m the last prisoner” said Danny, everyone else has gone. The guard locked the entry doors to the cell block and escorted Danny out of the building. Eddie and Tom hadn’t realised yet but their day in the cells was definitely going to be for 24 hours. Tom was going to regret wearing a tee shirt and thin white socks.
Danny drove home hoping he still had a job and a girlfriend. Although the prison was frightening, he was buzzing from his ordeal, having been detained, boots confiscated, in his socks in a cell. Watching others forced to take off their shoes, knowing they where in the same predicament in adjacent cells. Perhaps he could try it again sometime.

Work Detention PT.2

Author – unlucky lad

After spending all night in a very small cell, Danny was cold, hungry and desperate for the toilet. He heard activity outside his cell so he starting kicking the door, banging and shouting. The cell door opened and a rather shocked security guard said “What you doing in there, you should of been transported to prison with the others yesterday”
“I need a toilet desperately” said Danny. The guard escorted him to the toilets, they had just been cleaned and the floor was wet, Danny didn’t care about his socks getting wet, he needed the toilet.
The guard locked him up again until he could identify Danny was looked like a prisoner without any I.D. or shoes. He was given coffee and biscuits, after another hour an apologetic senior court official released him from his detention. He was told a Judge would investigate the incident and he would be given an official apology by the court. He was taken upstairs still in his socks and was repatriated with his boots and other belongings. His phone was dead so he put his tools into his van and headed to his boss’s office. He got no sympathy from his boss who was in tears of laughter listening to Danny’s story of his overnight incarceration. “Remember you must wear your boots at work at all times” said his boss jokingly. He was given the day off but had to return to the Courthouse the next day and complete the job he failed to do yesterday.
The next day at the Courthouse no apology was given from the security guard as he escorted Danny to the room with the defective barrier. After an hour it was repaired and needed testing, Danny asked the guard to go through the barrier to test its sensitivity. The guard said to Danny that his cell ordeal was unfortunate. “Is that your attempt at an apology?” said Danny to the 25 year old guard. The guard didn’t reply as he walked through the metal detector, activating the alarm. The guard emptied his pockets and tried again, the alarm went off again.
“It must be your shoes” said Danny “Take them off”
“I’m the guard, don’t tell me to take my shoes off”
“You want the barrier to detect correctly for everyone’s safety” asked Danny.
“Yes” replied the guard. “Then wind your neck in and take your shoes off” said Danny.
The guard sat down and unlaced his shoes, took them off and placed them on the desk with all his other stuff. He walked through the barrier again, feeling uncomfortable in his socked feet, activating the alarm once more. “Are you sure you have nothing else metal on you?” said Danny.
Danny convinced the guard that the studs in his black denim style jeans had activated the alarm and needed him to remove his trousers. Reluctantly he took his trousers off and walked through again in his shirt, boxers and bright red football socks. Unbeknown to the guard Danny had been setting off the alarm remotely with his test kit. Danny placed all the guards belongings including his shoes and trousers into a tray and said “I’ll get your colleagues to xray your stuff to ensure every test has been done correctly”. Danny left the room but didn’t speak to anyone, he discreetly hid the tray under a counter out of sight and returned and informed the guard that his colleagues would scan his stuff and bring them to him shortly. The guard sat in his shirt, underwear and football socks and watched Danny pack away his tools . “I’ll remind your colleagues that your still waiting” he said as he left the room. He didn’t speak to anyone has he headed for the exit. ‘That’ll teach him to leave me without my boots the other day’ he thought to himself.
As he was about to leave he was stopped by a court Usher, “Glad I caught you, Judge McIntyre wants to publicly apologise in front of the court for your unauthorised detention”
The Usher asked the guards to look after Danny’s tools, but he had to remove his boots to return through the security barrier. The courtroom was full, after a short while Danny asked an official what was happening “The Judge wants to reprimand both guards responsible for your detention but it appears one has lost his uniform”. The two guards appeared, one red faced as he walked into the dock in white shirt, boxers and red football socks. The courtroom filled with laughter, the shoes and trouser less guard’s face went as red as his socks. Danny enjoyed watching the guards discomfort. Everyone stood up as the Judge appeared. The Judge asked the security guard why he had no trousers and shoes, he immediately pointed to Danny and said he’d taken them. Danny explained why he’d done it and the court adjourned until the guard retrieved his trousers and shoes.
An hour later back in the courtroom, Danny stood at the stand and Judge McIntyre apologised for the events that lead him to being locked up overnight. But then said “I understand your frustration with the guards but I cannot allow you to dish out your own justice and holding the court in contempt. Go and join the guards in the dock. ‘Great’ thought Danny as he walked across the courtroom, ‘Now I’m going to be told off in front of the court’. The Judge told the two security guards that their lack of professionalism and disregard for public welfare was of serious concern and brought the Courthouse into disrepute. “Therefore to learn from your incompetence I am going to give you the same experience as this young man endured and be detained in the court cells for one day. As we are halfway through today you will be immediately taken into custody then released to return tomorrow morning to the cells and be summoned back here tomorrow afternoon to see if you have learnt from your mistakes”. The two guards looked at each other in astonishment, we are guards not prisoners. Danny stood next to them with a big smirk on his face. The Judge noticed Danny’s amusement and said “Do you find this all a joke young man”
“No your Honour” said Danny, now with a stoney face like a child being told off at school.
“A warning for your actions this morning would of sufficed after your unintended detention. However I feel your contempt in this courtroom deserves further punishment. I therefore subject you to the same punishment as those stood next to you, fail to surrender to the court bailliff tomorrow morning and you will be arrested, that goes for all three of you” said Judge McIntyre. “Take them down” he said. Danny’s jaw dropped as he was placed in handcuffs along with the two guards as they where escorted to the cells.
The guard who had locked up Danny had his property confiscated, although he was a tall muscular 28 year old man he had tears in his eyes as he removed his boots. He placed them next to a cell door and said to his colleague locking him up, “One hour ago, I was the jailer and now I’m the prisoner”. He was emotional as he walked into the cell in his socked feet. “Sorry Eddie” said the new guard as he locked him in and chalked ‘Jackson – Daytime Only’ on the cell door. Danny still handcuffed watched the younger guard stripped of his property, red eyed with tears, he too took off his shoes revealing his red football socks again and was placed in the adjacent cell. “Just relax Tom, it’ll be over sooner than you think” said the guard sympathetically as he locked his colleague in the cell. ‘Mason – Daytime only’ was chalked on his door.
“Your turn” said the guard abruptly to Danny as he removed the handcuffs, he was told to empty his pockets, remove his belt and jacket. “Now take your boots off” the guard demanded. “Calm down” said Danny.
“You caused me to have to lock up my work mates” said the guard “So shut up and take your f***ing boots off”
Danny pulled off his boots and placed them next to his cell door. “Do you think I want to be here” said Danny. “Shut the f*** up” said the guard as he pushed him into the cell. Danny stumbled in his socked feet as the door behind him locked. The guard chalked on the cell door ‘Parker – Remand’
Danny could feel the cold from the stone floor penetrate his socks, he climbed onto the bench and laid down. ‘Shit’ he thought ‘My boss won’t be happy, I should be on another job now, gonna be difficult explaining I’m locked up again and tomorrow’. Several hours passed as he laid there staring at his socked feet then the ceiling then his socks again, he really wanted to be out.
Finally the cell door opened “Great” he said “Get me outta here”
Stood outside the cell was a different guard, “Wheres my boots” said Danny.
“Prisoner’s go shoeless in the prison transport vehicle” said the guard.
“What has that got to do with me” said Danny.
“Your going to prison” said the guard “Paperwork says Danny Parker on remand – Return to court next day” The prison guard slapped handcuffs on his wrists.
“I was put in the cells by the judge for contempt I’m not a criminal, I can’t go to prison” shouted Danny.

Work detention

Author – unlucky lad

30 years old Danny is a 6ft blond electronics technician and some of his work involved security barriers, mostly the type in shops and supermarkets for detecting shoplifters. Others included airports and buildings.
This particular day Danny was sent to a Courthouse where an airport style security screen was defective. It was in a side room away from the main entrance where any person who activated the main security barrier would be directed for further security checks.
Even though Danny was there to repair the secondary barrier he like everyone else had to go through the main entrance security. His tools and jacket went through the xray screener and Danny walked through the barrier activating the alarm, it was assumed his steel toe capped Timberland boots had sounded the alarm. He was told to take off his work boots and walk through the barrier again in his socks, again activating the alarm. He was asked to follow security to the side room where a further search would be conducted. He put his boots back on and grabbed his tools and jacket and followed the security guard. In the side room the security guard explained to Danny that the barrier was broken and a thorough search was required. Danny thought he’d humour the guard and let him search him then tell him it was unnecessary as he was the repairman. He was asked to empty all his belongings on to a tray including his phone. He told to take off his boots again and everything including his tools and jacket went next door for further screening. The security guard came back empty handed, Danny explained who he was, the guard was unamused. “You could of explained first instead of wasting my time” he said. Spitefuly he still frisked Danny thoroughly aswell as his socked feet. He was told to sit and wait for his belongings and boots to be returned. The guard left the room leaving Danny sitting in his work shirt, trousers and socks. After 10 minutes Danny decided to go find the guard as he needed to start work on the repair. He left the room through the same door as the guard earlier and found himself in a corridor the door locked behind him. He couldn’t return so followed the corridor, his only way out was down some concrete stairs, the steps where cold on Danny ‘s socked feet. He ended up at basement level and managed to exit the stair well into another corridor. A guard spotted Danny stood in his socks and said “What you doing out”. Danny puzzled by his reaction tried to explain “I was searched and a guard took my stuff and left me”
“Come with me” said the guard. They proceeded through another locked door into a hallway with shoes on the floor.
“In here” the guard gestured Danny into a room, Danny walked in and the door slammed behind him it was actually a detention cell. He banged on the old solid cell door, tried kicking it with his socked feet. It was a small cell 8ft x 6ft with concrete walls and no windows. It was used for defendants who had either been found guilty or remanded in custody by the courts. Danny assumed he’d been mistaken as a prisoner being shoeless and the guard placed him in a cell, the mistake would be rectified and he’ll be out of the cell shortly. It was cold in the cell and the concrete floor on his shoeless feet didn’t help. He sat on the bench and waited then fell asleep.
The guard that locked him up had gone to investigate but had been distracted and forgot. The security room guard had finished his shift and Danny ‘s belongings including his boots remained in the scanner room remaining undetected due to the equipment and room not being used for the rest of the day.
At 6pm the remaining prisoners in the cells where transported to prison. All cells have prisoners names chalked on the door and their confiscated shoes outside the cell door.
Danny’s cell had no name or shoes outside and it was naturally assumed it was an empty cell especially as the unlucky occupant was asleep inside.
Danny woke up about 8pm, he didn’t know the time as his watch was with all his stuff upstairs, he was cold and hungry, the cell was in darkness, he banged on the door in his socked feet. Unbeknown to him the building was empty and he was going to be there all night.

5th grade maths class

Author – Fifth grade maths teacher

I teach math to a few classes, I always have the fifth grade from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30.

I don’t want to start the year off a negative note, so I ignore latecoming to class the first few weeks, then, after a few weeks, I choose a boy who continually comes late to class and tell him to give me his shoes, and I tell all the boys that from that point on anyone who comes late will have to forfeit his shoes. I generally return them at the end of lesson, but if a boy comes late often I normally keep them until the end of the schoolday.

This year I announced one Thursday the rule, while making a boy hand over his shoes. The next morning – Friday – only three boys came on time for the lesson, all the rest came over ten minutes late. I told them to hand over their shoes, and then at the end of class I refused to return the shoes. If the boys were surprised they didn’t show it, they filed out quite happily in their socks. I then refused to return the shoes at the end of the day, in fact I went out to watch the boys leaving the grounds in their socks – I found it quite thrilling actually.

The principal phoned me that night, it seems like a couple of parents had been in touch, when he heard that the whole story he made clear that he stood fully behind me.

On Monday the principal waited with me in the room at the beginning of the lesson, a good number of boys came on time, most were wearing diiferent shoes or sneakers, or at least crocs, but three were in their socks, and reclaimed their shoes, but another eleven came late. All were wearing shoes, and the principal make them take off the second pair of shoes, and bring both pairs to his office.

He returned to the classroom a few minutes later, and told all the boys to follow him to the nearby park, where he allowed the shod boys to play games, and told the unshod boys to collect the garbage. He also made clear that if they come on time to clas for the next couple of days they will get their shoes back on the Wednesday, otherwise there will be more serious consequences.

The interview

Author – shoeless guy

The job vacancy was in an old accountancy firm. The owner, Charles Smith, was an old guy in his sixties and old fashioned in his ways. He liked all his staff to be smartly dressed at work. One of his mottos was ‘Judge a man by the shoes he wears’. If he looked after his shoes he had pride that surely reflects in everything including his job. The vacancy was for an office junior, ideal for someone nearing the end of their studies but wanted experience in the workplace. Unlike other interviews that would be staggered throughout the day Mr Smith wanted all candidates to attend at the same time. He could inspect their footwear before interviewing them, quickly eliminating anyone by the standard of their shoes.
There where five potential candidates, all males in their early twenties. First to arrive was Jake, 23, he was 6ft with short dark hair wearing a grey suit and black loafers. The secretary took his details and his C.V. she then asked him for his shoes. “What!” he said. “Mr Smith likes to inspect would be employees shoes, it gives him an impression of their owners” said the secretary. He reluctantly slipped off his loafers and handed them over. He was then asked to go wait in the corridor until called for. He left the secretary’s office and sat down in the corridor feeling uncomfortable as people walked by seeing him in his black socks. As he waited he watched another man walk along the corridor and enter the secretary’s office. His name was Nick, 25, blond shoulder length hair wearing light grey trousers and white shirt with grey tie and laced brown shoes. He left the office wearing light grey trousers, white shirt with grey tie but no shoes, he displayed a pink blushing face as he sat down near to Jake in his striped grey and black socks. Matt walked along the corridor in his blue suit and brown Oxford Brogues, he was also 25 with short fair hair. He saw Jake and Nick sitting in their socks, he thought it rather odd seeing two men sat there shoeless as he walked in to see the secretary. After giving his details he asked the secretary why there was two men sat outside the office in their socks. “Waiting to be interviewed” she said. “I need you to give me your shoes too” she added. “No way” said Matt. She insisted he give up his shoes or there would be no interview. Eventually he gave in to her demand and undid his laces, removed his shoes, handed them over and was instructed to join the others in the corridor. He walked out of the office and the two guys stared at his grey socked feet as he sat next to them. People constantly passed, they tried to hide their shoeless feet as far under their seats as possible. Paul was fourth to arrive, 20 years old, 5ft 10ft he was wearing a charcoal grey suit with old black leather brogues. He too stared at the guys sat in their socks as he entered the office, they reminded him of his school days sat outside the headteachers office, punished by having his shoes confiscated. His memories where further reignited as he exited the secretary’s office without his shoes. He sat next to the other guys in his black socks feeling like a naughty schoolboy once again. Finally the last guy arrived, Greg was 21, he walked along the corridor in beige trousers, blue shirt and tie, grey jacket and black loafers with toggles. He looked at the other guys, stared at their socked feet and had laughed at them as he entered the office. “Hope he’s here for an interview, the smug bastard” said Jake. “He won’t be laughing when he joins us” said Matt.
Greg handed his CV over to the Secretary and asked who where the clowns outside without shoes. His smug face changed when he was told to join them after he hands over his shoes. He reluctantly removed his shoes, gave them to the Secretary and walked out, the others sat there now with smug faces as he walked past them, red faced, in his beige socks and sat next to Matt.
The secretary gathered all the shoes and took them into the managers office and neatly placed them on a side table ready for inspection by Mr Smith. After his inspection and reading of the candidates CV’s the interviews where about to commence.
Jake was called into Mr Smiths office first. He walked shoeless in his suit and was asked to take a seat, he glanced over at the desk displaying his and the others shoes. He sat on a chair in the middle of the room, he felt the interview went well, he was then asked to collect his shoes from the table, he had to discuss his footwear. He was then asked to place his shoes back on the table and return to the other candidates. He walked back to the corridor in his socks. He told the others he must of given a good interview as he kept his shoes meaning he had to go back in again later for a further interview and to collect his shoes. Next went Nick, he also returned shoeless after his interview. In Matt’s interview he was asked about his brogues, he told Mr Smith they where new for the interview as his other dress shoes where scruffy for an interview. He too was asked to put them back on the table, he left the room shoeless. Paul looked over at everyones shoes as he entered the interview room. Nearly all new, some scuffed but none as old and worn as his black leather brogues. He told Mr Smith he had never been interviewed in his socks before and joked that it was like being back in the Headteachers office for punishment. He too picked up his shoes and described them as being old but wouldn’t buy any until they dropped of his feet. Expensive when new and he was gonna get his money’s worth out of them. He was asked to put them on and leave. He was told they’d be in touch to let him know about the job. The others saw him leave, “Never mind” said Greg as he waited for his interview. Greg was finally summonsed into his interview. He walked in his beige socks and sat in the middle of the room. He felt the interview wasn’t great but after being asked to return to the others shoeless he felt he’d done better than Paul who had gone home.
“I must of done well as he’s kept my shoes too” gloated Greg as he sat back down in the corridor in his socked feet. Jake sat there thinking how on earth can grown men be sat shoeless in a corridor and happy knowing somebody has kept their shoes from them. The four men sat there watching everyone go by staring at their shoeless feet for over an hour. Eventually the secretary asked them all to return to Mr Smiths office. They all walked back into the office in their socked feet, their shoes where no longer on the table. After another half hour Mr Smith returned and announced the vacancy had been filled but not by any of them. He explained that Paul got the job because although his shoes where old and worn he looked after them and understood the value of money. He told Jake that loafers where for lazy people, Nick was told his brown shoes where unprofessional and scuffed, no effort to polish them because they’re brown. Matt’s Oxford Brogues would of been better in black and buying new instead of cleaning old shoes shows no effort. “Who on earth wheres toggles on their shoes” said Mr Smith to Greg “Not businesslike and loafers too” he continued. “You’ve wasted our time” said Greg “You could of told us this in our interviews”. Mr Smith replied “You wasted my time coming here without putting in any effort, I would suggest next time you go into an interview you try harder at dressing better and wear shoes that are appropriate for the job”.
“Where are our inappropriate shoes” said Matt. They where told to collect them from reception on their way out. The four men rode the lift in their socks and waited in reception for Mr Smiths secretary to bring them an hour later. They had spent most of the day in an office block shoeless and where still jobless when they left the building.