Loose Shoes on a bus

Author – Aron

One time I was on a bus wearing purple socks and white Adidas sneakers which i tied very loose. I like slipping in and out of them whenever I could because they were very comfortable and it turned me on. I was sitting down on the bus and slipped my shoes off and started to play with them as usual, but then this lady came on and sat behind me. It was to be the last time I wore those sneakers and took them off. I think she was unhappy that I had my sneakers off so she let fly and kicked them down the rows of seats and I was left in my socks. I got up and started looking for my sneakers but then the bus stopped and I saw someone kicking my left sneaker out of the bus, and then someone else getting off kicked my right one. I panicked and immediately alighted but I couldn’t find my sneakers, so I looked around and I saw someone putting my shoes on, leaving his own shoes next to his bag. I ran up to him and said they were my shoes, but he said that why not we swap shoes so he let me try on his navy blue vans, but I liked my shoes just fine so I said no. I think he really wanted my shoes and he didn’t want to take them off but then I said that I would call the cops so he grabbed his own shoes and bag and ran off. I ended up going back in socks.


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