At a store

Author – Luke

A few days ago I went to a shoe shop to buy new shoes for school, I was wearing a pair of worn and loose white Nike sneakers with white socks and my shoes’ black insoles were all torn so you could see the white rubber part underneath, anyways, my shoes kept slipping off my feet as I walked around the store and eventually I found a pair of shoes I wanted and sat down on a bench to try them on so I slipped off my sneakers, enjoying the feel of the torn insoles as my feet ran over them. Unfortunately they were a little too large so I went to put them back but since the store was quite empty I didn’t wear my shoes out of laziness and went back to the rack in my white socks, but by the time I came back this guy was looking at my shoes like he wanted to put them on. I thought it would be exciting if he took off his own shoes and wore mine, so I just stood there in my socks behind a shelf and looked. He slipped off his loafers and put my shoes on, then he sat down and started adjusting the laces and slipping my shoes on and off. Anyway his loafers were just unattended there and I wanted to try them on but before I could do that he got up, wearing my sneakers, then he picked up his own loafers and started going to the exit. I thought oh no he’s got my shoes, so I ran up to him, still in my white socks, and asked for my shoes back. He denied that the shoes he was wearing were mine so I asked for his loafers, at that point he looked at me and put his loafers on the floor but he took off my shoes and put his back on so I thought I could have my shoes back, I reached for them but I think he was angry and he kicked them far away and then someone else walked past and kicked them again and I had to run around looking for them before I could wear my shoes. I couldn’t find my right sneaker but my left shoe was far under a shelf and I couldn’t get it out from there so I ended up leaving in my socks without buying anything.


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