Shoe store mis-hap

​ author – Lucylex

I was shoe shopping the other day in a retail store. I’m wearing my red high top chucks, the laces are torn and there so loose they minds well be slip on tennis shoes. I’m wearing creme trouser socks and I’m jus browsing from isle to isle in the shoe section. I hadn’t found anything I liked yet and it was very crowded. I was playing with one of my shoes while I was looking at stuff to buy. Slipping in and out of my shoe. If anyone was watching it was definitely a sock show. I finally found a pair of boots I liked and I kicked my chucks off and slipped on the boots. They were very comfy but a bit to small. I slipped back out of them and put them back on the shelf. I kept browsing in my socks, no one was in the isle I was in currently and I wasn’t worried about my shoes. I kept walking and decided to go to the next isle. This kept on for a few more isles untill i didn’t find many shoes I liked. Still in my socks it was time to go back to the isle I had left my shoes in. When I got back there my shoes were gone. No where to be found or seen. I went up front and the women at the check out desk said she didn’t see any chucks in any isle but urged me to check the lost and found.. Still nothing. Here I was in a busy retail store with out my shoes. I felt very embarrassed and i caught many interested glances at my stocking feet. I ended up leaving and walking out in my socks. Never found my chucks again but I think someone stole them when they saw me walk away from them. 


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