Classroom Catastrophe

Author – Aron

“Back in high school I had this teacher who always wore his loafers very loose, they slipped off when he walked and we could all see the light blue insides of his shoes as he walked. One time my friend and I thought it would be funny to make him go around in socks so he raised his hand and made the teacher come, then as the teacher was playing with his loafers when assisting my friend standing next to his table he took the chance and kicked my teacher’s shoes to my desk where I picked them up and threw them out the window. When he looked around for his shoes the teacher couldn’t find them so he got angry and asked the class who took his shoes. One of the girls said it was us who did it so the teacher made us both take off our shoes and give them to him. I reluctantly slipped off my worn and loose white Adidas sneakers and was left in black socks while my friend had to take off his new Reeboks, he was almost in tears as he undid his laces and slipped them off his feet. Anyway the teacher said that since he had no shoes to wear, he was going to wear ours, so he put on my left sneaker and my friend’s right sneaker, then took the other two shoes and put them under his desk before telling us to return to our seats. I could see my shoes the entire class and I felt my feet cold without my sneakers. At the end of the class we thought we could be getting our shoes back wen he asked us to look for his loafers and return them so we did. When we came back he put his shoes back on but he picked up both pairs of our shoes and left with them, saying that it was our punishment, so we had to go home in socks. 

The next day we came back and he gave us back our sneakers, I immediately took off the pair I was wearing and wore my Adidas sneakers because I had missed them, I wore those shoes everywhere and it was weird going without them.”


One response to “Classroom Catastrophe

  1. I wonder what type of socks the teacher was wearing. I bet it was quite the sight seeing him slip in and out of his loafers. I wouldn’t of been able to hold back, I would have snatched one of his shoes as well jus to see him panic in his thin dress socks; I’m assuming haha.


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