Stolen sneakers at school

Author – Kevin

“I wore my favourite pair of white Nike running shoes to school once with white socks. They were almost new and I treated them like normal sneakers and tied them really loose and wore them everywhere since it was my only pair of sneakers. We had class in a studio room that day so I had to take my sneakers off at the door which felt weird since I liked playing with my sneakers during class, slipping them on and off. I wanted to wear my shoes for a while so I came back out to go to the restroom, looked around for my sneakers but I couldn’t find them. At the end of class I thought I’d definitely get my new shoes back because one person can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, so I waited for everyone to wear their shoes, but all that was left was a pair of flip flops, one of which was broken. my shoes no where to be found. I had to go home in socks, without my Nike  sneakers.

Funny thing is that a day later, i went for class there in black socks since we could only wear sneakers to school  and I found my shoes at the door, but someone had ruined them, they were still quite clean but the laces had broken and the cloth inside the sneakers had tears in them and I was really upset, but at least I got my shoes back.


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