Burning Hunters Shoes

Author – Mark


After school Monday we was hanging out at Johnnies house messing around and wrestling. I tackled hunter and his shoe came off and Johnny grabbed it ran in the shop and came back out with a can of lighter fluid and told hunter if his foot touched the ground he would burn the shoe.

So I pushed hunter and Johnny set his shoe on fire. We tried to put it out but couldn’t get the shoe out it burned to a point he couldn’t wear it.

Hunter got so mad he said I don’t have another pair what am I supposed to do for shoes. Johnny said I guess wear one and hunter walked off mad.

The next morning hunter came in to school wear one shoe and said this isn’t funny Johnny you owe me a pair of shoes. Johnny just laughed and walked off Hunter said his mom and dad wouldn’t buy him new ones so he is running around missing a shoe.




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