Women and my Shoes

Author – Metza D


It was a Friday like any other Friday. I went to the mall with a friend and looked at shoes in the Finish Line shoe store. I found a pair of black, pink, green and blue Jordans that were on sale that I had my eye on for some time. So I tried them on and fell in love with the slight femininity of the shoes and the softness of the inside of the shoes as it rubbed against my ankles. So I bought them and waited for Monday to roll around so I could show them off at school.
I wore my new shoes into school very boldly and saw people looking at the eye-catching colors. Not a comment was actually received until 5th period when a girl I sat next to that enjoyed playing footsie with me on a regular basis kicked my leg under the table. She had definitely noticed my new shoes and she liked them as she continued to rub her sparkly silver Uggs against them and causing my new shoes to become scuffed. My member became erect as I hid it with my arm. I nudged back at her foot, she retaliated by stomping on my beautiful new shoes with her sexy silver Uggs. The shoeplay continued between us until the teacher prompted us to pay attention. Slight sadness ensued in me as I knew our daily footsie was over. Until she randomly put her cute booted feet onto my lap. I took her right boot off and threw it onto the floor below me. She pretended as though nothing happened, so I swept the boot underneath myself with my feet and slid off right shoe and slid on the silver sequined Ugg boot and put my foot up on her lap. She looked down and laughed and smiled at me then drug my shoe over to herself and put it on using only her foot. Causing the new leather to wrinkle as her foot struggled to get into the shoe. She then threw her mismatched shoes back up onto my lap and started giggling. The lunch bell rang and she said “Do you think I could borrow your shoes for P.E? They’re so pretty and all I have are my Uggs.” “Sure thing.” I said as I slid off my left shoe and handed it to her. She took off her other boot and handed it to me. I put it on and stood up and began to walk out of class with her in front of me, wearing my Jordans. I watched intently as her feet popped out of the back of them with every step as they were too big for her. We went our separate ways and I headed toward lunch wearing these cute Uggs that were slightly too small but incredibly cute.

I caught up with the girl later after she had P.E and we exchanged shoes again. “Thank you so much! I just wish I could keep them!” she giggled as she put her pink-socked-feet into her Uggs. As I slid on my Jordans I saw that the toebox leather had been permanently wrinkled. I said nothing as I continued to slide the shoes on and felt that they were still warm and a bit damp from the sweat she had managed to build up during P.E. I was overcome with joy as this was my fantasy come true and I said goodbye to her and headed off toward 8th period. I walked in and sat in my desk, admiring the feel of the girl’s sweat against my ankles. The girl in the desk next to me looked down at my feet and stared for a few seconds. I looked over to her, awaiting her comment. As she stared she said, “Those are some pretty shoes you got there, can I touch them? Can I smell them?”. A little bit befuddled I didn’t say anything but laughed as I thought she was joking. She got up out of her chair and came over to touch my shoes that were on my feet underneath my desk. I heard her inhale as she stuck her head close to smell them and mumbled something under her breath as she stood up and walked back to her desk. She sat down and turned toward me as she threw feet over the side of the desk. She was wearing yoga pants and tall furry boots that went to mid calf. She looked me square in the eyes and said “let me try them on”. I put my feet in her lap and allowed the very hot girl to take the shoes off of my feet and watch as she slid off her boots. She put on my shoes one at a time and put her feet on the ground and stood up and said “these fit me REALLY well, can I keep them?” she asked inquisitively. I laughed and shot a joke at her as I stared at her beautifully shaped ass and legs that led down to the sexy shoes that really did fit her well. I looked at the boots laying on the floor and asked jokingly “well do I get your boots then?”. She glared back at me and said cutely “Nope, I just want your shoes for the rest of the day, I’ll bring them back tomorrow!”. “Well, you do look super cute in them, I guess I can let you borrow them for the night!”. “Cool, thanks a lot. They’re too pretty to pass up trying to borrow them from you” she said as she winked at me and stuffed her boots into her backpack. I stared at her mismatched blue and pink ankle socks inside of my colorful Jordans all class with a raging boner. I sat there shoeless for 45 minutes but couldn’t have been happier to see the beauty wearing MY shoes and performing shoeplay all class long. The bell rang as she stood up and walked out of the class wearing my shoes, into the hallway she went and I lost sight of her in the crowd of people. I walked to my locker and grabbed my spare pair of shoes and put them on and went home.

Tuesday morning came before I knew it and I headed off to school. I ran into the girl that borrowed my shoes and asked if she had them for me. She said that she had been exploring the woods behind her house and stepped into some deep mud and they were sucked off of her feet and she couldn’t find them. I pretended to be disappointed but that was all I ever wanted to hear. My brand new shoes had been lost in some very deep mud by a very hot girl. That’s ok with me.


– Metza D


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