September Update

Hey Guys.

Sorry I have been quiet for a while,  Ive been really busy and wanted a few stories to build up.

I have changed how the site works… it makes it a lot easier and quicker for me which means faster updates for you 🙂 but… it does mean its not as clear as before.  I cant find a way in free WordPress (any help greatly received) to display posts by category without using .org and im on .com.  So I have done my best 😀

So now, you will see the categories down the Right hand side of every page. and in there you will be faced with a big list of all the stories in that category. But in the recent stories underneath, you will see a list of of recent stories (amazingly :p).  If people think I should just include all the story titles here then I will.

Keep sending in your stories 🙂

Till next time



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