Bet in a Bar

Author – AirMax

Me and some friends where playing pool in a bar where i got challenged for a game by a girl i didn’t know. I think she picked me because i suck at pool, but she was pretty cute, so i agreed. She then wanted me to bet some money, and i agreed, but only if she would bet her shoes.

She was wearing black low all stars with cute colourfull socks. She thought about it, and then agreed. I put my money on the table and asked her to do the same with her shoes.

First she didn’t want to take her shoes off for the game, but with some encouragement from me and my friends she put her shoes on top of my money and played the game in her socks. I did lose the game and my money, but seeing her play in her socks was worth it! She put her shoes back on and asked me if i wanted another game. I told her i would play again, with the same wager.

She didn’t want to bet her shoes again, but she wanted me to bet mine. I wasn’t planning on losing my shoes, but in the end i gave in to the peer pressure of my friends. So, i’ve put my shoes on the money and agreed to another game, me playing in socks this time.

I lost the game again, and all my friends cheered when the girl picked up my shoes and held them up for all to see. She stayed around me and my friends for a while, and she put my shoes back on the table. She played another game with a friend of mine and she won again, and then she decided it was time to leave. She thanked us for the games and walked off, leaving my shoes behind.

I thought i had a lucky break, but she turned around, looked straight at me, and told me she needed my shoes. I tried to buy my shoes back, but she first tried wearing my shoes with hers still on. She had small feet, her all stars fit in my nikes. My friends all laughed when this girl walked away in my shoes, but now i had no shoes anymore. My friends didn’t think this was a good enough reason to go home, i’ve spent half the night in my socks. We did meet the girl later that night, but she didn’t remember where my shoes were. She did think it was hilarious that i still had no shoes on.




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